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tv   News 5 at 11pm  ABC  October 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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president nominee by -- mike pence tonight he's playing schedule -- skated off the runway at laguardia. the plane -- the pilot slammed on the brakes and people could smell burning rubber. everyone was evacuated through the back of the plane. donald trump was at a rally in geneva ohio as the news broke about his >> i just spoke to mike pence he is fine he got out everybody is fine. everybody is fine. >> mike pence tweeted just hours ago thinking the first responders and promising to be back on the campaign trail tomorrow. >> i am rob powers live from chicago were less than 24 hours the indians battle the cubs to reclaim the lead in the world
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i will show you how cleveland is represented here in the windy city in just a bit. first let's go back inside to cleveland. worries over we can both and intimidation at the polls and even possible hacking with less than two weeks to go until election day officials are doing everything in their power to be sure there is an sabotaged. tonight there is concern over something voters are doing that could but the whole election megan hickey is on the scene tonight. these voters want to be sure their boats are making a difference but there's a lot of question about how they do it. >> reporter: it's called vote swapping and there is already an app for. we looked into why ohio voters are becoming prime targets. it is a virtual handshake doing voters in different states that is putting some ohioans on edge. >> i do not agree with it. i think it is wrong.
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sign up online are on their smart phones like you to vote for each other's candidates in their respective states to their boats can make an impact. >> it sounds like somebody is manipulating the system. [indiscernible-papers rustling] political analyst tom sutton tells me that it is a practice that stands up in court. >> if it is a one-on-one transaction involving just two people that is an expression of speech not an illegal act. >> reporter: third party supporters to do not want to jeopardize the name party elections in their swing state like ohio. >> if you are in ohio and he did not like trump or clinton we have people that want to talk to you that feel the same way. >> reporter: their site launch last week and expects to hit 10,000 users before election day. the secretary of state's office tells me it is legal and as long as money is not involved
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>> reporter: it may cost concerns voter fraud is relatively rare. without just 31 cases of fraud and more than 1 billion ballots cast to see her. -- this year. tim kaine campaigned in the brain -- and lorain today. actually got to cleveland last night and went to game two of the world series. he said while he is with the al central now. >> it will feel like it is us against the world tomorrow but this is pretty good. we agree with the 100%. indians manager terry francona said he does not expect too many people to be cheering for the tribe at wrigley field tomorrow but we know my coanchor rob powers will be because he is live in chicago. you won't be alone.
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the series is even. chicago is the home of the cubs and also the home of transplanted clevelanders so even on the road the indians are not alone. the gang is all here in chicago mike conferences go, jason commentary, harry, jake, and elwood that do not fly the w just yet. we can understand a clevelander . cleveland. that's how we were raised. it's always been us against everybody else. >> reporter: nevermind it's just down the street from the cubs home ballpark dictator to a cleveland clientele. they fly a different banner here. they know that cleveland is number one. >> it's where my family and my friends are from.
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>> you can't take cleveland out of the boy. that is for sure. it is something that will never change. i will go to my grave as a cleveland fan. reporter >> the tribe can rest assured even on the road fans root root for the home team even as far away from home. coming up in sports hakeem dervish will join us with more of what happened earlier today with batting practice -- >> glad to see cleveland fans everywhere. how is the weather looking for game three tomorrow? >> things will get very very interesting in chicago for game three. we have temperatures in the 40s just like here in cleveland we have cloudy skies beginning to break up.
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will be strong out of the southwest to the northeast they will see wind gusts between 15 and 30 miles per hour during the ball game. that will favor home run hitters tomorrow. he will be in the 60s for the entire ballgame. let's go tribe get the win. only on five tonight and local family calls police about these halloween decorations. take a look. that next-door neighbor they have been fighting with actually put their name on a tombstone in his front yard. the family told news 5 investigator joe pagonakis what makes this even scarier is that the man who put up the tombstone is a uniontown police officer. >> reporter: for most of us halloween decorations are just a way to acknowledge the
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neighbors decorations have her and her family living on edge. it's a case she has taken to the sheriff's department. >> i felt instant fear and intimidation and harassment. >> reporter: she's talking about these halloween decorations in front of her neighbors home including this tombstone that has the o'briant same inscribed on it. she said that it is the final straw over a six-year battle with her neighbor that has them at odds. >> who puts their neighbor's especially neighbors they have not gone along with. . she is and more fear because her neighbor is a uniontown police officer and carries a gun. she contacted the uniontown police chief and he responded immediately calling his officer and telling him to take down the tombstone. she appreciates the police chief taking action. >> i did not want my kids to see it so i'm happy that that happened. i'm not happy that we have to be fearful. >> reporter: she says a day
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reads i told you i was sick. we try to reach her neighbor for comment that we were unsuccessful. >> are we supposed to feel safe at the policeman around us? i feel like about -- i am a prisoner my home. >> reporter: they are reviewing the case. o'brien says she hopes her neighbor faces some formal charges. reporting here and akron i am news 5 investigator joe pagonakis. it is hard to believe this but as the parma city school board approves its fiscal recovery plan a it loses its brand-new leader. president lynn halloran resign tonight on the weeks after she was sworn in after the last president said down. all these changes as the school board deals with a multimillion dollar deficit. it calls for cuts and staff in other areas over the next two years to balance the budget.
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for now. today i was honored to be the mistress of ceremonies for the child advocacy center luncheon celebrating 40 years and i have the opportunity to talk with the keynote speaker survivor amanda berry. today it was obvious amanda is happy and strong and wants to get help to others. >> if you know somebody is there for keep going until you see the end of the line. if you don't have people there to support you and know they are on your side and fighting for you feel like you are alone. >> she is still fighting. the mission is to empower individuals and educate the community and advocate for justice to end domestic violence and child abuse. i remember just being like this is what i have to do. i became numb.
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us cannot simply imagine yet it happens everywhere including in cleveland. bringing in millions of dollars every single year we had the opportunity to speak exclusively to some of the victims of human trafficking tonight their chilling stories of how they got trapped and felt they were never get out. we are live in chicago game three starter josh tomlin's biggest supporter is here
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it is known as the world's oldest profession. you know the name. prostitute, tramp, call girl, hooker. most of those people are victims of human trafficking we them about the underground world. ohio ranks fifth in the nation for human trafficking victims recruited young in most cases between the ages of 12 and 14 and as -- experts tell me if the case goes missing there is a 75% chance they will come face-to-face with the human trafficker within 48 hours. >> what did i do? what did i do to deserve to be in this
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more than two decades ago. >> i remember thinking i was going to die. >> reporter: a five-year-old girl traps, traumatized, tormented, building memories of horror for a lifetime. >> my mind shut down because i could not comprehend the moment that i was in. >> reporter: mimi had a secret. a chilling secret. >> inside i wanted to tell someone but i knew that i could not. >> reporter: it stayed in the >> every weekend would be the same thing. like clockwork. >> reporter: a game of dominoes in the back of a convenience store. >> whenever he lost it was a loss for me as well. >> reporter: what exactly did your father do to you? >> besides take away the innocence of a five-year-old girl?
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and i tried to pretend it does not affect me. >> -- >> reporter: but it did and still does. it started with her father and then her brothers by the time she was 10 years old mimi was being sold and exchanged by her family to complete strangers for a couple hundred bucks the session. >> they were all my uncle but really they were not my uncle. >> reporter: whenever her father lost a game daddy's little girl payment. report them -- mimi was trafficked by her family. annette by a pimp. how many times were you raped? >> i can't even tell you. >> reporter: annette spent a lot of her time on the streets being sold. >> i did it for years. the same pattern. >> reporter: at any point in
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enough? >> every day. every day. there's not a day. >> reporter: like old victims mimi and annette were trapped. and industry raking in millions and millions of dollars each year. >> city to city, hotel to hotel, happening everyday. >> reporter: me deputy john morgan. them up. he knows their world inside and out and says things are getting worse. >> people do not see what these people see. >> reporter: the underground world of human trafficking runs like a bizarre corporation. on top the ceo this is the pimp. right underneath what we would call the cfo this is a woman known on the streets as the
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to describe the first lady of the pimp world. while there is no doubt that man run and create this industry these women help run the operation collect money and keep the women in line. >> it is different when a woman is beating a woman. >> i struggle with accepting myself for who i am. >> reporter: who is she really? the role she played -- >> did you ever >> reporter: to do help to run the operation? >> she was running these girls. >> reporter: in a world where you could be a victim in a criminal all-in-one that's what she found herself posting ads recruiting customers escorting women wiring money and administering discipline. she spent 17 months behind bars for her role. >> i felt so dirty and ashamed.
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was going to be doing forever. >> reporter: victims scarred from the inside out. >> injures them in traumatizes them in such a basic way that they do not see themselves as a victim. they see themselves as harmed in a way that nobody is going to love them. >> reporter: trauma so deep it works as a barrier to getting out. >> we fight really hard to get them out of it and make sure that they stay out of it. >> reporter: the traffickers continue to walk most victims want to forget about it which does not keep them off the street. >> a lot of people think that when you come from human trafficking or come from abuse and the situation is done that as it. that is the end of the book. it's a happy ending. it is not. >> reporter: mimi is not healed and never will be. >> to this day i still wrestle
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has moved on -- >> to this day i still struggle with abandonment. >> reporter: her past remains with their. >> to this day i cannot hug a guy without thinking that they will hurt me. >> reporter: for many of these women and in some cases men they say the dark is their enemy. mimi tells me she's still have to sleep with a light on making it even more difficult to arrest the perps the entire industry has transitioned to sites like it is hard to track and nearly impossible to trace. weather-wise as we said earlier today we will continue to see these things coming off the lake. sprinkles and very light rain showers. lorain and erie county down to downtown cleveland much into
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there are still a few sprinkles out there we will transition and toward sunrise but there will still be a threat for sprinkles through the overnight hours with me in the cloudy skies. tomorrow we should get dry enough air in here quickly to bring out quite a bit of sunshine for the afternoon. current temperatures 45 norwalk to elyria, 43 in ravenna, 42 in youngstown, the warm spot 50 degrees and downtown cleveland. winds are still sustained anywhere from 5 to 10 to 12 miles per hour. breezy conditions continue across the area. 39 degrees dew point humidity is near 70% in westwind at six miles per hour sustained at hopkins there is the 49 degrees temperature. let's show you what is coming our way.
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with clouds during the day. it will be a great day to get outside with highs in the 50s. then a surge of warm air. here is the cool air ohio and chicago. this warm air will search north just in time for your weekend. we will watch the high overhead 50s and a warm front coming in for saturday that is the warmest day of the weekend with highs lower and middle 70s saturday's game in chicago should be warm as well with 43 degrees tonight cloudy skies and sprinkles here and there mainly dry 50s with some sunshine let's do 57 tomorrow. it is seasonable and dry and mild for akron canton 56 falling temps to the 50s for
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will be mild 62 degrees. >> ? don't stop believing ? don't quit your day job. >> you see that this is what i do and i am not anchoring. i perform in the community. >> the song stylings of danita harris. >> that was at the domestic violence luncheon today we were >> so how much did you make by singing. >> none by singing. [laughter] >> they were raising money for a good cause. >> can you believe that? >> i am just the pipped to her gladys knight. when we come back we will talk sports. we will get the latest on
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>> i think her attitude last night was tremendous. i wanted the guy to just fly around for a while. i thought it was pretty cool. winning is hard especially against these guys. >> just keep flying over chicago >> let's check in with a came. >> reporter: hello from the corner of cargo -- carnegie to the corner of clark in madison
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for josh tomlin pitching will be special because his dad will be here. just last week he was in the hospital. in august jerry tomlin was forced to have emergency surgery because of a rare condition he was injured and paralyzed from the chest down. despite all of that he remains strong josh's postseason starts from rehab center in dallas. friday night he will be in the stands to share on his son. >> it means a lot he has not been to a game in quite a while
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forward to but we get to experience the world series together and that's pretty name. >> it is fun playing behind him. when you play behind somebody that you know cares so much about his teammates and wants to do good. we need to enjoy it but we also need to go out there and relax and not get complacent. we need to play the game. it is an honor to >> indeed he will enjoy that moment his father will be here for the biggest game in his life. josh tomlin knows how to get on base. six for 12 in his career. josh tomlin has that going for him. >> terry francona said he's thinking about playing carlos santana in left field. they want to keep his bat in the lineup. is he rolling the dice throwing a guy in out so that has outplayed outsold.
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sure but you have to keep the bat in the lineup and he looked pretty good workout. if he makes a mistake just pull him out. let's send it back to you. we will be back right after
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will [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody. thank you. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. welcome one and all.


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