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tv   News 5 at 6pm  ABC  October 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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. it's that time of year. it seems mother nature cannot make up her mind. >> one day we're seeing temperatures in the 70s, the next we have temperatures in the 50s w. halloween upon us it is looking like it will be a chilly night. let's check in with chief meteorologist mark johnson. should parents bring out an extra lay we are them for the kids? >> dress them in two or three costumes i'm thinking, just to keep them warm. if they get too warm you can take off the ghoul costume and reveal the princess. follow temperatures gone up into the mid-50s and now they're beginning to slide down. already 47 degrees in ashtabula and youngstown. we're approaching the upper 40s for most other areas, and i think we will be there within at least an hour and a half to two hours. clouds are hanging out. it will be a mainly cloudy sky through the evening but notice there is no worry about any rain. one more time with the dancing mummy, then i promise it is
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52, 48 at 8:00 p.m., and that will be our low for the night. you are in the 40s. make sure the kids are warm and of course make sure they look both ways before crossing the street and parents, always check the candy before you let the kids dig in. we don't want them harmed in any way. dancing mummy, we will see you next year. back to rob and danita. thou they apparently want to look at e-mails of one of my staff, and biall means they should look at them. and i >> hillary clinton is going on the offensive over her e-mails calling out federal investigators during a campaign stop at kent state university. with just a week left until election day, she is hitting the campaign trail hard hear in ohio. >> news 5's dhomonique ricks has more. >> reporter: she just finished speaking to large crowd on the campus where she took on the latest controversy to hit her campaign yet again. over the weekend the fbi
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her top advisers, huma abedin. that computer belongs to anthony weiner. the fbi director sent a letter saying there may be e-mails related to clinton e-mail investigation on that computer but the letter didn't elaborate. tonight the justice department announced it will dedicate all the e-mails. clinton said she welcomes the investigation. >> i am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at may e-mails for the last year. there is no case here. >> clinton started her day in cleveland. you see her day here at angie's soul cafe. while there she took time to take pictures with the patrons. now she is on her way to
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the day campaigning in michigan where he continued on criticizing her juice a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. >> hillary is the one who sent and received classified information on an insecure server, putting the safety of the american people under threat. >> as of right now neither candidate has any morale lees scheduled ahead of election day but with the race so close they morale lee before next tuesday. rob. >> now to a political battle in the courtroom. the democratic party of ohio is stuck republican party of ohio over claims of election in particular days. coring to the lawsuit leaders of the democratic party are accusing the state's republican party of voter suppression in citing a recent bloomberg article. a senior official told that reporter there are three
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polls. >> rob, after trump's claims of election rigging and fears of hacking nearly all of the state's election officials have asked for protection help. a senior official with the department of homeland security says they are going to help state and local governments test their systems ahead of election day. those tests would include finding vulnerabilities with the polling machines and strengthening security around voter registration systems. if you work in the city of cleveland your take-home pay city residents will be deciding next week whether you should pay an additional half% in income tax. john kosich joins us now. john, that's on top of the 2% those who work in the city already pay. >> that's right. that 2.5% would join nine other cities with an income tax that high. only youngstown at 2.75% is higher. it is issue 32. the money is needed to avoid cuts in services and layoffs. the jump from 2% to 2.5% would be the city's first hinge 35
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making $50,000 an extra $250 a year. would it generate an additional $83 million a year which the city says is needed to offset state cuts over the last five years, cuts that they've been dancing around with smoke and mirrors. >> we've been robbing peter to pay ball. we've been pulling rabbits out of hats. we would have a budget year where certain positions would be unfilled and we would have carry-over, but we've pushed that as far as we outside of the city and therefore do not after vote on the income tax that they will have to pay. john kosich, news 5. the calm before the storm w. today beg an off day for both the indians and the cubs to take a break heading into the final stretch of the world series. >> it might be quiet around gateway plaza now. that will not be the case 24 hours from now when fans start filling up the seats inside
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the field getting a workout ahead of tomorrow night's game, giving them a chance to get loose a bit after their trip back from chicago. >> the team flew back to cleveland in the middle of the night after their 3-2 loss to the cubs. even with two games left now the tribe gets home field advantage to try to close out this series and bring home this championship. >> with our 3-2 lead over the cubs it is pretty hard to not at least think about the possibility of a championship parade. we ask them what the plans are. one city councilman we spoke to today said they haven't started talking about any celebrations yet but says the city learned a few things after the cavaliers parade this summer. some of those things like having barricades up along the parade route and a more straight line route but city officials say they're just focusing on the team getting the win first above all else. that's understandable. >> to avoid cleveland sports
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night the cavs announced their game will start an hour earlier. tip-off was scheduled for 7:00 but now that will happen at 6:00. after the cavs game the team is going to hold a watch party there on the big screen over center court. >> with both the indians and the cavs playing tomorrow night cleveland police are putting out a reminder there will be no parking near gateway plaza. no parking. starting at noon tomorrow on street parking and the q will avenue, carnegie avenue and east ninth street. the restrictions will be inesque until 2:00 in the morning for both nights of game six and game seven of the world series, if we go to game seven. the gates at progressive field will open at 6:00 for both games. >> looks like we're walking an gain. a nerve-racking moment that can railings any family when a loved one with a debilitating condition wanders away from home and may not know where they are. but a local law enforcement
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can help bring those loved ones home. paul kiska shows us how operation life saver works. >> reporter: that beeping sound you hear could help you locate a missing loved one. the lorain county sheriff's department announced operation life saver today with a doctor's referral they will give wrist band transmitters like this to families whose loved one has severe autism or dementia. if a police can use receivers like this. the receivers after range of one to two miles. >> if you shout to them and things of that order, they don't answer to that. so with these transmitters on, we can track them down that way. and pebble save their lives. >> the devices cost $4,000 but were paid for by local lapse in clubs. the sheriff told me these
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that has alzheimer's or dementia. my mother-in-law had it so i know how devastating some of these diseases condition. >> reporter: devices could prove valuable because the northeast ohio amber alert system does not issue amber alerts for autism. the criteria are, under 18 years old, not a runaway, in immediate danger, and police need a detailed description of the child and abductor. eerie and huron counties will also be reporting from the sheriff's department, paul kiska, news 5 j. as the calm moves in and the heat turns up, some who rely on government assistance are being left out in the cold. still ahead at 6:00, our exclusive investigation into the "heap" program. plus, he is accused of killing at least four ohio women, but it could be more than year before shawn grate faces a jury. one more burst of warm air, and i'm telling you, it's going
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i will tell you how long they
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killer facing the death penalty as prosecutors say he is responsible for the deaths of at least fur ohio women. >> he continues to set in jail on a $8 million bond as we learn he won't stand trial for another year. in a pretrial hearing in ashland county a judge set the start of shawn grate's trial for november of next year. he is facing the death penalty after a woman who he is accused of kidnapping was able to call 911 and killing two women whose bodies were found in other counties. he is facing charges for the two bodies inside the home where he was arrested. firefighters in stark county trying to figure tout cause of a fire that destroyed this furniture store. shortly after midnight sunday flames started shooting out of dorothy's designer and fine furniture in perry township. investigators say that fire started in the back of the building, caused much of to the collapse. the owner tells news 5 a lot of the furniture was lost in that fire.
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months ago. all right, the stinky mystery has been solved. who is behind a big pile of manure outside a democratic campaign office? the warren county sheriff says they have arrested a 47-year- old cincinnati area man for leaving the pile over the weekend. deputies were able to track him down after the headquarters installed cameras after the same incident happened in 2012. he was charged with criminal mischief. lorain police are hoping people. take a close look. who they say took off with $150 0e in cash from a bank. according to investigators the couple tricked the bank teller at the northwest bank branch on pearl avenue into making change and then they took off with the money. police ask anyone who may recognize these two to give them a call. thousands of people across northeast ohio need help paying their utility bill. but our investigators found
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assistance program. >> jonathan wall hash an important eye opening report about "heap." >> reporter: the home energy assistance program, known as heap, federally funded and fillerred down into states. some people needing to use the program found obstacles. i interviewed people from counties in our area who qualify for assistance who desperately need the help but found themselves frustrated with just trying to get in touch with local heap helpers. to get appointments or to renew applications. at their witts end they called me. i tested that practice. you are going to see hidden camera video of employees who are supposed to be helping those in need and what they told us. it is a process that some are calling broken. >> i told them it was nearly impossible to get through and they said, yeah, we know.
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know? >> they know. and that's their response. we know. >> reporter: tonight at 11:00 hear the response of one agency to our questions and people's problems, and i avenue got to tell you what i heard was surprising and had people in our newsroom shaking their heads in disbelief. this all comes as the winter crisis program kicks into high gear tomorrow. my special reporting a gain is tonight at 11:00 only on news 5. i'm on your side veggor jonathan walsh. up on halloween, zorro. would i hated was my costume under a winter jacket. >> maybe a fall jacket, or maybe a double princess dress. >> it doesn't fit any more so i'm in the clear. >> he had to give that one up. >> cool but not cold.
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in fact, four years ago halloween was postponed due to hurricane sandy. we had to have trick or treat on november 1st. snow october 32nd? >> yeah, october 32nd. a pleasant sunset coming into downtown cleveland. high, thin clouds. you can see them filling in. we had some sunshine earlier. it is going to be a overcast during the overnight tonight. but all in all the good news, dry. nothing scary out there weather- wise. you've just got those cool temperatures but it's october 31st. we expect that. medina has dropped to 49. look at ravenna. 47 ashtabula to youngstown. 51 in canton, 51 also in mansfield. we've got 52 here in cleveland, a dew point at 32 degrees.
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difference between the air temperature and the dew point temperature. dry air, 49% humidity. southeast winds 9 miles per hour. so winds aren't really going to be a factor impacting the kids gathering the candy. 55 our high, average 57. rainfall, zero, nothing. we are watching the warm front begin to approach, and i will show it to you here. here's the warm front. it comes in overnight. so tomorrow we're actually going to see temperatures after midn the 50s by sunrise, and then we surge as the warm front pushes north. we get a nice little breezy 75 degree temperature rolling in just in time for the ball game tomorrow night. i call at tribe summer. when you get that warm surge in, in late okay, early november. 48 tonight with rising temperatures. that 48 right around midnight. rising temperatures into the lower to middle 50s by sunrise.
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75, sunshine, a few clouds. warm and breezy. it gets even better. gets even better. game sir, i mean, look at these temperatures. i'm feeling good about this. a windian summer. 65 at 10:00. these are incredible temperatures for early november. akron tonight 47, partly cloudy. 75 tomorrow, lots of suns tuesday 75, mid-70s on wednesday. let's wrap it up, tribe. thursday, rain likely, 62. and then here you have it. friday cooler, not bad saturday. browns sunday 58. so we will be in the 50s during that ball game. should be dry monday middle 50s. but notice october we average .02 of an inch of snow normally during the month of october. we've had zero flakes fall this month anywhere in northern ohio.
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give it another two weeks. >> except for the flake in the studio, but it didn't fall outside. just one in the studio. >> i'm year-round, baby, i'm year-round. >> i'm thinking mother nature is a tribe fan. >> i'm thinking so, too. >> no scarf tomorrow. >> that's what i'm thinking. >> we're not bundling up like this. >> we won't see you on tuesday. >> we won't see you tomorrow. >> the indians with a chance to win a championship soil. let's hear from terry francona about why he is happy to play at progressive field instead of chicago. it may or may not be the reason you think.
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out their series with the cubs clast night but they will have another chance tomorrow night in game six here in cleveland. many disappoint that they're not celebrating right now, there is some silver lining. thanks to yesterday's loss in chicago the indians have a chance to win the world series in front of their home crowd something, that has not been done in 96 years. but right now the focus is not on where they win but on that
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there are no guarantees in sports and it wasn't long ago the cavs came back from a 3-1 deficit to win a title. in no way shape or form do the tribe see this as a done deal but coming back home does give them a bit of advantage. >> when you are on on the road it's you against the world. the biggest thing of whawcialtion you are the home team you hit last so you goat use your bullpen differently and and that is why so many good teams have better records at home. >> the tribe looking for one win and so are the browns. the teams in completely different circumstances. the indians looking to went all and the browns looking to win. after falling to the new york jets yesterday the browns remain winless on the year dropping to 0-8 on the season. once again it was a tale of two halves with browns leading 20-7 at the half but then going on
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browns couldn't play a complete game but the team says they will keep fighting. >> what we've got do is put a full game together, offense, defense, and special teams. we haven't been able to do that yet. and it's something that we're going continue to work on and work through. >> in basketball the cavs and lebron james becoming the first player in franchise history to win eastern conference player of the week in the opening week. he is no stranger he has won the award 54 times. the cavs kicked off their season with three straight wins with the king averaging near a triple double with 21 points, 8.3 rebounds and 10 assists per game. of course they're going to be very good neighbors tomorrow and move their game up a little bit ago gains the rock. it will start at 6:00 p.m. >> everybody is working together in this so the fans have the best experience possible. >> let's go tribe. i think we're a little bittner view, but remember, we took two
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at vawnted wrigley field. we can do this. >> mark has spoken. >> terrific weather again tomorrow. >> mid-70s. it's warming right back up. i have a good feeling. >> that's because they don't want dave to give me another heater. have a good one.
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tonight, breaking news. the fbi pouring through those newly discovered e-mails right now. what we can now report. hillary clinton saying there is no case here. the fbi director now in the hot seat, why did he go public before the fbi even looked at the e-mails themselves? and tonight, donald trump on the attack. also this evening, the bomb the u.s. the emergency declared. calm under pressure. the 911 call just released tonight from that nightclub in orlando. the shooter and the very calm fbi negotiator who was trying to save other lives. the father on trial tonight, his somebody dying in their hot car. this evening, the wife takes the stand. and what she says about her husband. and up in flames. the new condo completion, the inferno, and the race to clear


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