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tv   News 5 at 5pm  ABC  November 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> one game ahead of them. >> i think we can do with it kluber on the mound and our big three in the bullpen. >> an entire city behind them. >> cleveland is coming up. it's our time. >> we're going give everything we have. >> for the last time this season -- >> we're going win. it's meant to go game seven. >> it's time to play ball. >> you learn from your mistakes and move on quickly. >> win one for the land. >> i'm proud of this city. i'm proud of this team. i'm glad in to championship rally. we have one more shot to get this right. in just three hours it is what some believe are the two greatest words in sports. game seven. >> that's right. sunday morning indians fans were feeling pretty good. the tribe had a 3-1 lead in the world series. it's been pretty rough since. the series now tied at 3-3. air tracker 5 live over progressive field. that's where one way or another, the series is going
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field advantage. and coach terry francona saved the best for last with corey kluber starting tonight, as fans feeling pretty good. >> we're feeling so good we spent rob powers and danita harris back out to progressive field for another day of live team coverage as we count down to the first pitch. guys, the cubs have been watching a lot of rocky movies lately, trying to pretend they're the underdogs of series. >> reporter: they can try to pretend but hey, we all know that the cubs are a big market star studded team, no doubt about that. it is our indians would actually fought their way to this point with one arm tied behind their back. >> the underdog in every series. the tribe has pulled through after losing several key players along the way all season long. first one of the indians' big
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sending surgeries. danny salazar started only five times because of elbow and forearm injuries, then a hamstring injury made carlos carrasco miss an entire month, only to come back and fracture a bone in his hand. >> not to forget trevor bauer's bloody finger saga. >> we are still standing. under any other manager, ended a lesser team. >> terry francona has masterfully used this roster to bring out the tribe's best performance every single game of these playoffs. here we are right now, world series, game seven. sports director andy baskin is live inside the stadium at progressive field on the field. francona is pulling out corey kluber again to start game seven, andy. >> the way you guys set things one brantley being hurt and
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wasn't just one arm tied behind their back, it was both arms and both legs. the one thing i learned today especially on my radio show is that cleveland has a calm about it today that i don't know that we would have had in years past. i would say it's primarily because of the cavaliers winning. but it's game seven, you're a little kid, you're getting the pitch, and you hit that big home run that everybody wants you to. that is what g about. it makes people nervous except for today's starting pitcher, corey kluber. >> it's been a blast to think that we've all really enjoyed ourselves, and i think that we can take a lot from the way we've approached it and not treating it more than just each game is another game and trying to go out and win, not trying to look too far ahead or things like that. i think there's value to taking that approach throughout the course of the season, too. >> reporter: kluber is
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clearly they've been listening to mark johnson and the power of 5 because they moved the game time up to 8:00 from 8:08 because they think there might be showers coming in. mark has clearly influenced major league baseball and the world series. that's how powerful he is, guys. >> oh yes. when mark speaks, they listen. >> everybody listens. one constant hear in cleveland, win or lose, that the fans stay behind their team. >> yes they do. they are consistent, even with the trib one pair of diehard fans this is unbelievable, they wanted to get tickets for tonight's game so they stood in line for hours and hours and hours, so news five's tara molina is live from gateway plaza. how long did they wait in line? >> reporter: you guys, i say hours and hours is right. they waited all night and all day. these guys you are about to
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game six, just in case there's a gym seven, they want the best tickets. but what you are about to hear may be a little disappointing. >> i got down here bottom of the 3rd. >> reporter: since the bottom of the 3rd, game sir, lifelong tribe fans have had their feet firmly planted outside the box office. just in case. leaving only to use a rest room about 100 feet away. >> reporter: you guys haven't slept at little 20-second nods. >> in a sea of chicago -- >> whole family, we're all die- hards. >> reporter: they are the tribe fans with the best shot to see the game. and witness what they're hoping is a historical win for this city. but if they waited and it's all for nothing. >> what if you wait all this time and you don't gate ticket? >> there's always next year.
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because cleveland police just cleared the line. they said no more tickets. that it is for game 70. everyone who was here for 20 to 22 hours was kicked out of line. get this. just about a minute before our live shot another line created. i ran over there to see if it's for will call. they said they're waiting for tickets to drop. we're still trying to determine what happened, but for those who waited here all night and all day, no luck. >> yikes. >> over 20 hours. wow. well, it doesn't matter if you have a ticket or not. we do know that tens of thousands of perm going to be in downtown cleveland because they just want to have that game seven experience. >> that's it. that means parking lots are filling up and that means traffic is backing up, right about now. so once again on your side investigator jonathan walsh braving the city streets in the news 5 title tracker for a live look at the action on the
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>> reporter: as far as traffic is concerned, we are seeing light traffic. we're still a few hours before game time so things are pretty calm at this point but i do want to point out that at 4:00, during "the now" we set the table for a victory. we gave you the recipe for a victory, and now it is time to go to work. so we are putting on our hard hats. we have already measured up the cubs. and now it's away at the cubs' pitching. going to work tonight, the cleveland indians for should, and so are the police. they're working hard tonight. they've but in this position before, of course with the awesome crowds that showed up for game seven of the cavs victory outside of gateway and all that good stuff. plus, rnc crowds were quite large. they've prepared for these kinds of events. you will see a lot of officers around the bars, mounted police are pacing around the
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fans walking around. so it's time for you. you tribe fans, get down here, show your support, go to work, root on your tribe, and if we can take something from our world champion cavaliers and our main man ac, it's time to throw the hammer down on the cubbies! reporting live in downtown cleveland, i going to work! >> oh my goodness. >> dude, you're going hurt your hand! you might have seen a clip from the 1989 movie "major league," the seen where the three indians chase the ball, it drops on the ground right between them. >> the clip is trending because of this moment in game six when a similar moment happened at the top of the 1st setting the tone for the game. and tonight we are happying
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now later in that movie, about a flailing indians team close eric key vaughn, he is going to take the mound and strike out the bat we are a killer fastball. >> one of my all-time favorites. in the hopes of inspiring such a performance from the indians tonight, the actor who played rick vaughn will be at game seven. news 5's lauren brill live at down charlie sheen today. what did you find for us, lauren? >> reporter: well, guys, we waited and waited and waited, and finally about 40 minutes ago he arrived. he greeted fans, he greeted the media. he is excited to be here. it was a couple of cleveland entrepreneurs that brought him here. it all started on twitter. he sent out a tweet when the indians made it to the world series basically say that's
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that didn't happen. last night he essential said that the indians were cursed because he was not there to throw out the first pitch. now, he's not throwing out the first pitch, as far as we know, but he is happy to be here. he's rooting for the tribe. he brought some lucky charms with him just in case. here is what he had to say just a few moments ago. >> reporter: all these years after "major league" what's your connection been to cleveland? have you followed the tribe? knife indeed. >> reporter: fans ask, how is your fastball today? >> it's great that those doing it for a living are doing it and not this guy. >> reporter: someone asked him if he had any advice for the tribe. his advice was play like it's game seven, because guess what it is. reporting live from burke, lauren brill, news 5, back to you guys. >> give 'em the heater! manager terry francona, his
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>> the indians being here, you being the manager, beg in this position, game seven, to win the whole thing? >> i've talked to my dad, trying to see how many people are coming with him, making sure i don't mess up the tickets, things like that. but we never talk about the games. he's never been my coach. and it's something that i've always really respected. back when i was in high school, he would g chair, and he would go sit out in right field, because he didn't want to make the coach feel like he was looking over his shoulder. >> exactly, terry. that's a great way to look at it. that's what dads do. >> all righty. chief meteorologist mike johnson speaking words of wisdom to our indians. they pushed back their game time because when mark speaks,
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johnson? you got lottery numbers? >> i said there could be rain coming in, late innings. but right now i'm feeling good. that eight minutes is going to make a huge difference they pushed the game up. i'm thinking the rain holds off to closer to midnight or even after. so fingers are crossed that we get the w. i think i'm overdressed based on the temperatures. let's show you what's going on outside right now. we've got some thin cirrus clouds overahead. tremendous late afternoon here in cleveland. 74 deee coming on shore. this is absolutely phenomenal folks. no need for their coats. no need for short or long sleeves. folks wearing their shorts, and long sleeves are out. 77 akron, hopkins 76, 71 ashtabula. a few clicks away from record highs today but that's about done. rain coming in later on tonight after the game. so 70s to start the ball game, 60s to end it. we will see mainly cloudy skies moving in but i'm
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fingers are crossed here. we will be right back. frank and lee, back to you. a major bust making your streets safer. >> we're talking a drug bust police are calling "monster. " next, the incredible amount of cocaine taken off the market and the dramatic police chase that led them right to it. and our live world series team coverage is just getting started. all new tonight, a much needed dose of hope. we all know the last time the indians won the world now we explain how much of this year's series is playing out parallel to that victorious one decades ago. stay with news 5 for that story and more viewer team coverage as we count down to
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right now the search is on for the guy in this video who stole an oak wood police cruiser. all this happened yesterday in cleveland. cell phone video shows the officer struggling with the driver of a stolen car. that driver slammed the officer to the ground, got inside the squad car, then drove off. he crashed the cruiser down the road, took off running. a chase in akron led to a major drug bust that police
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cocaine hit. >> more than 24 pounds of cocaine were uncovered. that's an estimated 20,000 doses with a street value over $1 million. police spotted a suspicious man yesterday near kenmore boulevard and 16th street. he led officers on a chase before crashing the car and jumping 30 feet off a bridge onto railroad tracks. officers were surprised by the large stash found inside the car. >> i don't think this selling of 11kilos to individuals. i feel like this would be an individual who is supplying mid-level dealers around akron. >> the suspect was released from a hospital and was booked on drug charges. all right, everybody wants to know if the weather is going to hold up. >> it's a winning weather evening in cleveland, mark johnson. >> yeah, that's the charlie sheen line, isn't it.
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period in his life, but yeah. a winning forecast. tribe summerrer, this is it, all right. and we're tracking in some rain. so this is would we have to watch carefully. the rain is coming, the cool air is coming. we should have a nice, dry evening, at least most of it for a tribe win. inside progressive field right now, look at that green grass. looking like mid-june. i wonder what else happened in mid to late june? i think the cavs won a championship. yeah, similar weather to today. all right, let's show you what's going on outside, graphic-wise on our power of 5. we want to check on the rain shower activity coming in. moving up toward erie, pennsylvania, a couple of showers, but cleveland, akron, lore rain, everybody is dry. notice where the rain is. just north of us over lake erie into southern ontario, lower michigan, then it slides
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now, the front is coming in tomorrow morning. ahead of it, we do have the rain shower activity coming in. look, there's one severe thunderstorm warning for peoria. yeah, you might hear a little thunder but we're not expecting any severe weather. the timing of the rain is so important. we expect the rain showers to arrive, the majority, after midnight. could there be a sneaky shower that comes in maybe 10:30, 11:00? sure, but it would be brief, and it 72 at 8:00 p.m. clouds are going to begin to thicken up. cloudy at 10:00. there's that little isolated shower mention by 11:00 p.m. late innings. 67 degrees. but we've got a better than average chance that that rain holds off until after midnight tonight. so there's the front. the warm air in place, behind that front much cooler temperatures. so by this time tomorrow i'm thinking we're falling into the lower 50s, middle 50s. so we're going to swing these
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mid-70s now, back into the lower and middle 50s tomorrow, more than 20-degree temperature swing. here you go 9:00 p.m. tonight. track it in hour by hour. where's the rain? well, it's staying north, staying west. 9:00 p.m. there we go. 1:45 a.m., now we've got rain. tomorrow morning's rush looks to be a wet one. i'm feeling good about game seven. this is what you dream about, folks. if you are an athlete, you want to win the big one ingame seven. so why why not us? i'm feeling good. this is not the same old cleveland. this is not the attitude before last june when, oh, we're going to lose. no way. all right, we can do this. 60 degrees, mostly cloudy. well, it's not going to be dry. we're going to have rain showers coming in. we're going to be right back with more of newschannel5 -- news 5 at 5:00 right after
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we are now less than a week away from the election and the candidates are hitting the campaign trail hard. >> first up, does donald trump really want guns in the classroom as hillary clinton claims? >> he's even said on his very first day in office he would require every school in america to let people carry guns into r >> now, she attacked trump on the second amendment at a rally in ohio monday. politifact found that trump did say he would get rid of gun-free zones at schools noting it would get signed on his first day in office. now, trump says trained teachers should have guns in the classroom so politifact rated the claim as true. >> as for trump he continues to knock clinton for her honesty or lack there of.
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investigation into hillary clinton and discovered another 650,000 e-mails. >> trump continued to rail against clinton's e-mails at a rally in michigan monday. politifact found that 650,000 e-mails were discovered in a separate investigation but it is unclear how many are related to clinton or are duplicates. plus, media reports indicate the fbi is only looking at a small portion of those e- mails. so claim half true. cleveland fans know how to rally when the going gets tough. that is for sure. next, we've ale experienced the thrill of a game seven already this year. find out how game seven ticket prices compare between the nba finals and the world series. and guess what, if you are looking for some words of encouragement to get you through the next couple of hours before that first pitch is thrown, look no further. my guy, leon bibb, explains
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that leon can.
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if there was ever a time for cleveland to rally together that time is right now with game seven stearing us in the face, the world series tied 3-3, air trafficker 5 over progressive field. what we're looking for faith, hope, and believe-land. >> to have those guys do what they have done this year and really come together is amazing. we are showing the city that hey, we are thainl together. it is not just the cavs or the indians or the browns. no, it is what cleveland can do together. >> the man, richard everyson. we are continuing to bring you live team coverage as cleveland looks to lockdown a second world championship tonight. >> it is a feeling we're finally very familiar with
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biting game seven championship back in june. the tonight the indians' chances looking good since the cavs were able to clinch the finals on the road and the tribe gets home field advantage for their game seven. >> yes they do. rob powers and danita harris live outside the ball field. guys, if anything is out there that we have learned, it is game seven tickets, hot company mod team. do you know someone who knows someone? >> not quite yet, but talk maybe we can work something out. if you're like me, you'd do pretty much anything to get inside the doors. but the truth is, if you want to get to the game you might want to take out a loan, because ticket prices are jaw dropping. >> man, they're sky high. i just checked stubhub. in the past few hours ticket prices are through the roof. let me tell you about it. those prices are similar to game seven of the nba finals. remember that when prices were
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to get in the door. and get this, rob. seats are selling for, hold on, $49,000. >> huh? >> yeah, 49 grand. those are second mortgage prices. and if you did shell out that much for a ticket tonight, give it a close inspection, because state troopers busted a couple of guys with counterfeit world series tickets earlier today. >> how about that. and did you hear the whistle? >> i heard the whistle. >> the gates are open. open fo >> mr. johnson, just down to our right here on the corner of eagle and ontario, you are the man everybody wants to hear from tonight. are they going to get wet by the end of this game? >> i'm feeling good. i think we stay dry. there will be some showers north and some showers west, but i think we have until closer to midnight, all right. now, could there be a little sneaky showers, brief little gay that sneaks in there, like a curveball? yes, there could be, but it's
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>> love you, too. let's talk about what's going on. by the way, is 1,000 standing room only particular, that's like two danita harris autographs. that's pretty high. 77 akron, 78 fremont, 78 millers bunch. it is feeling like summertime. and again, reminiscent of the weather that we had when the cavs won the championship. a couple of showers near erie, pennsylvania. notice over ontario there's lake. but nothing here yet. back to the west we've got the showers. they will be riding in overnight but i am thinking mainly after midnight. we have a window of dryness and warmness. then the cool and the rain and the clouds come back in late tonight and tomorrow so 12:00 a.m. through thursday morning is when the rain will be coming our way. danita harris, i won't be needing two of your autographs. i'm getting a standing room only ticket.
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yours. >> oh, wow, okay, mark, thank you. it seems like you're finding some love on the corner. >> yep. >> that's a good thing. >> leave that alone. >> if it works. >> you know what, we have seen time and time again, even though we love this weather, you don't need perfect weather to attract fans. >> the fans are going to be here, and they're going to be over in the plaza with a game safe in your home town. what wouldn't want to be down here. you know who is here? john kosich, right in the middle of everything hi john. >> reporter: a hall of fame coach once said if you win together now will you walk together forever. no greater example than what faces the team that wins this world series tonight. the team that ends the drought will be forever etched in the hearts and minds of the history of their city. we're live from gateway plaza. the gates have just opened. you heard the horn go off, opening up the ballpark. the ticketed fans out here on
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to be here outside and simply around the place, what is poised 0 to be the most anticipated and watched game in history will be played in just two-and-a-half hours. but we're seeing the impact of chicago being five-hour drive away. a lot of cubs fans making the trek east here this evening. we've got the clydesdales on hand, the party atmosphere, but there really is an air of tension here. that's because this is not where cleveland fans wanted to it's a lot of pressure. but you know what they say about pressure. pressure makes diamonds. diamonds would look really gin a championship ring. >> john, thanks. if everybody is coming downtown, pack your bags, leave now, get down here. >> yes, good advice, because you know it is going to be crazy. but in case you forgot, let's flash back. hear is what it looked like when the cavs won game 70.
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the streets packed with celebration. oh yeah. a lot of people want to be here when the tribe makes their repeat winning performance. on your side investigator jonathan wall ssh live in the news five title tracker. keeping an eye on traffic for us. i don't know what prop he is going to pull from behind the seat this time. what's in the backseat? >> reporter: well, in honor of ricky vaughn making it here the cle, i've got one thing to say. "give 'em the heater, ricky." all right, we are giving them the heat tonight for sure. things are heating up in downtown. we are at the corner of carnegie and on tear joe. more cars coming, all to be a part of the action. tonight there's no cavs game, but that helps traffic a little bit. still, so many people want to be a part of this electric atmosphere. so many media outlets are
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everything surrounding the magic of a game seven of the world series. the weather has warmed up. we are ready to put the heat on the cubs. and i have one last thing to say. in honor of corey kluber going to the mound. "give 'em the heater, corey." reporting live with the title tracker and the heat, jonathan walsh, news 5. >> making it >> like lou brown is with us. >> yes, he is. >> we're about to make history with another championship. but it's been a long, hard road for our indeefnlts we're going to take a look back at the team's past success and why fate son our side tonight. >> and leon bibb is back with us, a unique perspective on tonight's game. why he is comparing this team to bockers. but first, here are your
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now, my live location here right across from progressive field is right next to the staging area for the cuyahoga county sheriff and the cleveland police department. so i got to talk with a couple of the officers before they crossed the street, and they said minimal amount of problems after last night's game except they had three altercations, all chicago tv reporters bad- mouthing tribe fans as they walked by. what gives, chicago tv reporters? hmm. i think we own game seven. all right, we'll be right back with more of news 5 at 5:00
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well, tribe and cubs inching closer to first pitch tonight in game seven of the world series. >> the corey cliewb tore try to clinch the indians' first world series title since 1948. >> hakem dermish is live with a guy who knows a thing or two. >> reporter: there's a guy here in this stadium that has pitched in three world series games. his name is jack morris. he pitched in the 1991 world
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10 innings in a shutout, and he was able to get the job done pitching three world series games in 1991, and i caught up with him just moments ago, asked him what it's like pitching in a game seven. >> if i could show you my biggest smile ever, that's what it's like. it should be like. that it's the pinnacle of what we play the game for. the fans here in cleveland, the fans in chicagoffe been waiting what seems like centuries for this day, and one of these teams can just erase all the terrible drought. it is going to be an exciting time but there is no bigger thrill in baseball. quite honestly, to have a game seven, it's special. we don't always have game sevens. i think it's the pinnacle of the whole baseball life in ?? itself to play in and be a part of the game seven. >> you made three world series starts in 1991. you're the world series mvp.
5:46 pm
what would you tell corey kluber who is going to be making his start? >> i don't think i have to tell him anything. he's a pro's pro. he knows what task is at hand tonight. i guess i would tell him just absorb it. the best way you can. still having the ability to focus on what you have to do. >> reporter: he said whoever scores first, that's who he likes winning this game. when the indians score first in the postseason they've got an 8-1 rerd guys, game seven, here we go. let's get it done. >> that's what we plan on doing. >> hakem, thank you. jack morris is in the house. hakem, that was great. no doubt, history will be made at progressive field. >> but a bit of our baseball past is already woven into game 70. mike brookbank live at gateway plaza. games like this are pretty rare for the indians. >> reporter: this is only the
5:47 pm
seen a series go seven games. the first played at league park which is now home to the baseball heritage museum. >> fur not nervous for game seven, you are a better man than i am. >> reporter: morris is the man to go to with a question about baseball in cleveland. >> cleveland typically does things the hard way. >> reporter: like give up a 3- 1 lead in the world series, a series that looked very familiar the last time th 1948. >> very notable signing by bill vech in the early days of the color barrier. >> reporter: he is talking about satchel page. >> some people thought it was a stunt. he was 42 years old. >> reporter: his age did not impact his performance on the mound. >> he went 6-1 down the mound.
5:48 pm
yes, his story line playing out just like andrew miller's. >> similar is that he was a mid season acquisition, and that without andrew miller, it is doubtful that the indians would be in the world series. >> reporter: those connections preserved here at the baseball heritage museum at league park. >> i think it's important to cleveland and clevelanders to come here and see where there has been success in the past and times and the bad times and celebrate the championships. >> reporter: and after 68 years, you know we're ready to celebrate. >> win or lose, it will fall into cleveland baseball history, and baseball history as a whole. >> reporter: of course another historic component to this world series, the teams are indians and cubs, among only a few that date all the way back to 190 1. live in gateway
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>> you can see the crowd getting bigger. thank you sir. let's check in with chief meteorologist mark johnson, still bragging about this wonderful weather. >> take all the credit you want. >> thank you very much. i mean, it's just beautiful. the sky, the sun is going down. it is going to be a tremendous sunset. we've got high, thin cirrus clouds. we've got some helicopters and some planes carrying around some banners. it is a tremendous at fans, we've been high fiving them as they walk by. they're all very, very confident, including hakem dermish. he thinks we are going to wynn seven. i think he is right. boom, what's going on outside? the temperatures are staying warm. we are in the 70s right now. we've dropped a couple of clicks since 4:00 but that's all right. i want to show you this great shot via twitter. there it is. one more.
5:50 pm
that she baked today. i'm thinking that's a good luck charm right there. as long as you don't take a bite yet, mary, wait until after, zoom on in. we're at 74 degrees, still very comfortable. a nice breeze out of the south right now. 76 hopkins. 77 act i don't know. mid-70s mansfield. the cool spot 71, of the major reporting areas, and that in ashtabula. dry for now. we've got some clouds. we're dog see clouds thickening up throughout the ball game but the rain showers for the most part should stay north for the entire ball game. watch out to our west. we've got showers, thunderstorms chicago, moving towards indianapolis. they should take their time getting here. i'm think well after midnight for most of us before the rains arrive. i will include a very small threat for a sneaky brief rain shower by the 8th or 9th
5:51 pm
69 at 9:30. 68 at 10:30. cloudy skies on the way. your hour by house, one more time, let's show you. watch those showers stay to our north. stay to our north. there we go. 12:45, then we begin to see the rain moving into cleveland. so that bodes well for a dry ball game tonight. game seven. i tell you what, my nerves can't take much more. let's go, tribe. wrap it up. get the win. >> okay, mark. it is do tribe, looking for that last win of the world series. >> it's a memorable moment for anyone to have the chance to go check it out. but even more so fur meeting a family member for the first time ever. yeah, we caught one two sisters after seeing each other. but first, when news 5 at 5:00 returns, our leon bibb has one more perspective he would like to give you ahead of tonight's historic meeting between the indians and the
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they will rally together and do everything they can. >> it's going to take a lot of guts on the baseball diamond for the tribe to clinch a world series victory tonight in game seven. leon bibb is live outside of progressive field. leon, you have some thoughts on how the team can get all of no together. what's up, man? >> reporter: you know me, i've always got a thought on just about everything. i'm going to tell you what you already know, always get the job done, we don't do anything the hard way in cleveland. we don't do anything easy. it's always hard. here we are in the world series. poised for game seven. yeah, i believe we can do this. but championships do not come easily in cleveland. we don't cruise to victory. cleveland, we gut it out. from 1997 until now, you know what time it is. you have to be gutsy. >> reporter: yeah, this is who
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that's how we play it. i have a feeling we will roll to world series victory because we will hit with intensity and pitch with precision. that is what it will take to get us to the promised land. >> can the indians bring the pressure and fire? >> they're going to bring it tonight. >> instinct and guts. >> reporter: in a way, our time has come. we pay for what we need. the stars have aligned, and our time is now. we're cleveland, hard working and tough as cleveland few cities have that kind of strength. other cities may have songs written about them. if they're anyg the songs end up here at cleveland's rock 'n' roll hall of fame. here in cleveland we sing our own song. it's to the ruth i am of being tough. we don't take no stuff. in a way, we are all like boxers with take a punch and give it back in whatever we do. that's the cleveland indians'
5:57 pm
field. the team has grit and guts, just like the town. our stars are in alignment, and the stars are part of our 216 area code. today is november 2, and our year is 1-6. i grew up here in cleveland so the indians have always been my team, and cleveland has always been my town here in the 216. we're scrappers in the land so chicago, i'm telling you, don't mess with us cleveland. who speaks for cleveland? why, news 5. i'm leon bibb. >> i love it, he will object. we don't take no stuff. that will do it for news 5 at 5:00. >> let's send to the rob and danita for a look ahead at 6:00. frank and lee, it is the final showdown between the indians and the chicago cubs. >> by the end of the night one of those teams will be hoisting the championship trophy high into the air. all eyes on progressive field
5:58 pm
first time since 1948. >> news if i have at 6:00
6:00 pm
. hello, cleveland. we have been in this situation already this year when the title of champion all comes down to a game seven. >> two teams here. both rich in baseball history about to fight until the last strike is thrown. but will the indians be able to pull out a victory tonight over the chicago cubs to win the world series? >> we are hoping. so we have got team spirit all across downtown cleveland


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