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tv   Good Morning Cleveland  ABC  November 6, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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in south carolina, the man accused of kidnapping woman is now being connected to at least 7 depth.
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for capturing and training a woman inside the storage container for 2 months, now he's confessing to more crimes. he led officials to 3 bodies buried on his property. he is also being connected to the death of 4 people on his bike shop -- at his bike shop . >> i do think this helps with a little bit of closure. i'm going to tell you, i don't think this makes everything better. uncovered as the investigation continues. right now police new jersey are trying to find the suspect that step 7 people, 3 people including 7 children -- 2 children. many her family members. please have identified a person of interest, but he has not yet been located. a troubling incident at a donald trump rally in reno nevada. the secret service pulled him off stage during a
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>> reporter: donald trump was at his 3rd campaign rally of the day in the final push before tuesday's election. during his speech, and incident broke out in the audience, then the secret service rushed the stage. donald trump was unharmed. screams could be heard from the crowd. a man was detained by police officers and secret service agent. some people atte said they saw donald trump supporter raise up a sign. the secret service police statement saying, mister trump rose remote from the stage i secret service detail -- was removed from the stage by secret service detail after someone shouted gun. upon thorough search of the subject and the surrounding area , no weapon was found. moments later donald trump returned to finish his speech.
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be easy for us, but we will never be stopped. >> in the state anything the secret service along with local and state law enforcement. the secret service has been at campaign events and anyone who attends an event must be screened before entering. the man who started the disruption was reviewed after being removed. a claim he posed no threat. he was carrying books which didn't sit well with those in the crowd. >> of someone yells something about a gun, that is when things got out of hand. people were taking me, grabbing my arms and twisting them. i'm thankful for the law enforcement who was able to quickly come because had they not been there, it is possible these people could have strangled and killed me right on the spot. >> law enforcement says no charges will be filed against that man or anyone else at the
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just a day after being joined by beyonci and jay-z in cleveland, hillary clinton getting help from another musician on the campaign trail. katy perry performed at a concert for clinton in philadelphia. she has been using katy perry's song more as her own anthem -- more -- as her own anthem lately. >> that is tim kaine showing off his own musical talents. is jamming out on the harmonica with jon bon jovi in florida. even more musical icons will help clinton campaign today here share is expected to perform in
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perform in miami. her she's who makes kick at kit kak some of this note that went viral. they stopped his car and he says he will share them with everyone on camera -- campus >> he is compassionate i believe. for the 2nd day this weekend we are really being rewarded with this forecast. >> i think i'm going to change things. this is going to be my pic day. the warm-up is going
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had to wait a little bit yesterday to get to the 60s which didn't really happen until around 4 or 5:00. this morning the concern is a little bit of fog. for greater cleveland it is starting to get better fairly quickly, but wayne county to the west right now you are seeing some low- lying clouds. we can see visibility down to about a quarter of a mile for wayne the afternoon. temperatures in -- are warmer due to the cloud cover . if you're headed out for church services, you one have your coat handy. 46 for greater cleveland. mid- 40s millersburg. we're still seeing cooler weather. our radar shows the cloud cover starting to send to the east.
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ground clutter . high-pressure is the center of attention so for your sunday a lot more sunshine and sunglasses will be in the says spring throughout the afternoon. the highs are happening quicker this afternoon. by the 11:00 our most of us will be in the mid-50s. by the noon hour we are jumping up to the mid-60s. we will see that 7 to a degree jump. we will not early morning fog in the muni lot. it will burn off. cowboys are playing in the upper 50s to low 60s. if you headed to the game no need to fret, winds are very calm throughout your afternoon. there really much not relevant. you will feel that nice ambient temperature. the warm air is really surging. we will go 63 and continue to get warmer
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are very comfortable. if you have evening plans, 45 degrees. tomorrow morning we are a okay. it will get even better by noon . when i see we will talk about sunshine, but many spots are near 70 degrees. we're tracking just a few showers with a 20 percent chance late evening tuesday but still a lot more sunshine. please take note by next weekend highs only in the mid-40s it is time now for the good story of the morning. service dogs provide all kinds of helps try and help for people in the community for one going outside the national call of duty to help their owner ptsd. >> reporter: lewis is approach -- problematic -- paramedic
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lewis says he was diagnosed with ptsd after his first tour. medicine is what helped him at first, now it is star. >> she has woken me up from nightmares sometimes 2 or 3 times a night. she senses when something is off or something is a little bit not right. >> he says one of the other important things she does is protect his personal perimeter trained to watch our back or our partners back. going away from the mentality is different. by having her by my side i don't always have to feel like something is always happening behind because she's always watching. >> in the well she has helped him she is the rescue as well. she belonged to an act duty -- active duty member of the military who donated her once he was deployed. was went to the organization for training and the 2 were
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away . >> she is still a puppy less useful smart. she picks up on things very easily. when i'm starting to think about things that don't want to think about, i am more worried about her now . >> she has picked up on the routine quickly. >> she knows her job and she does allow. >> after jumping in the ambulance she has a special spot where she sits. >> she sits between my partner and i between a cubbyhole goes in there, sits down and waits for me to hook her up and then we go off to where we need to be. >> having or along the ride was a no rain or for his employer. >> she is definitely an important part through his therapy -- to his therapy . lewis has opened up his story more to all of us. >> an incredible story of this man and his dog with so many
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the harvard men's soccer season has been canceled including playoff games all because of lewd social media post from team members about female athletes. some of the soccer players were caught posting a so-called scouting report. a rated incoming lady soccer players based on their appearance. in response the coach ended the season early. the women's team says it is appalled and tired of being reduced to physical appra after a lot -- loss at penn state, ohio state needed a big win to prove it's deserving of it's top 10 ranking in the got yesterday. the 62 degree below out was in part because of the quarterback going out early. offense did to that poor -- their part going up 590 yards
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the cavaliers are still undefeated. it was a big night last night lebron james. he made it into the top 10 nba all-time scoring list. he has now scored 26,946 points and counting. he is now only about 600 points from passing elven 80s and number 9. lebron james and the cavs head to washington president obama at the white house on thursday. you may remember mister obama called them back in june to congratulate them. at the end of the call he had a simple request.>> celgene everybody to put on a shirt. you can walk around -- tell j and everybody to put on a shirt . you can't be walk around without a shirt. >> okay.
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wearing a shirt. coming up: if you plan to get your ballot in for election day, time is running out. we have rundown of early voting in ohio. the queen of hearts game is back at the funeral rules. more on that popular game coming up next. you are watching good morning
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it is almost 830. we start this half-hour with a live look from our tower cam. some of the fog is burning off as the 2nd day of your beautiful we can continues. welcome back to the sunday edition of good morning cleveland. we have some developing stories including the final push before election day with just 2 days to go. hillary clinton is calling on a big-name here in cleveland. meg shaw will be first let's check on whether with our meteorologist. >> for your afternoon we're seeing a little bit of cloud coverage across the greater cleveland area this morning, foggy conditions but by 1:00 most of us will sit in the lower 60s. the clearing is start to happen as high- pressure starts to build up the fog is still in place for mansfield to win county --
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temperatures are a lot better this morning, 49 degrees for downtown cleveland but still that cool air for richland and wake county also ashland county currently 34 degrees. lexington, 35 making our way up to madonna county -- medina county we have 42 degrees reading. you n almost at that 50 degrees mark. we will continue to warm-up. don't forget about geauga county , if you making your way out to the west, cedar point this afternoon, kelly's island, this is where the warm air will sit throughout your sunday. highs
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cool start, bye-bye lunch if you have outdoor plans we will see highs returning to the low 60s. believe it or not we are reaching the end of the campaign trail. after months of rallies and stops here in ohio, both candidate parties had their final scheduled visits to the buckeye state today. maggie is live where hillary clinton will appear. >> reporter: clinton is scheduled to be here at the with lebron james. he endorsed her back in october -- at the beginning of october in an off- season piece. he said the us needs a president who brings the country together. as we know, ohio is a huge swing state . she could be banking on his influence to help clinch the 18 electoral votes needed to win the buckeye state . on the republican side, donald trump
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is. and said he will hit the trail hard for the next 2 days. you scheduled to appear in 10 different states, 5 today and another 5 tomorrow. the buckeye state is not on that list, but donald trump jr, will represent the campaign here in ohio. yesterday stops planned for today near dayton and columbus. event today with clinton and lebron james will begin here at the cleveland public auditorium at 4:30. she make another stop in new hampshire before coming here again the event starts at 4:30. doors open to the public at 1:30. it may be sunday but you can still castro valley.-- cast your ballot. thousands of people turned out yesterday to have their say in the selection. however, early voting is
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the deadline to get your absentee ballot in the mail is tomorrow. it needs to be postmarked by 7:30 p.m. by 7:30 p.m. >> if they drop it off in the mail at the end of the day on monday it will likely not be postmarked so go to the mailbox -- post office before they close. if you can't get your ballot postmarked by the deadline you can drop it off at the board of elections until 7:30 tuesday evening on election day. after fighting for his life driver injured in a crash has died. 66 rolled wayne died from injuries he got back on -- 66 rolled wayne died from injuries he received from a crash on tuesday. the driver of the truck that hit him was not injured deputies do not believe drugs
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the bidding of a drum, setting the tone for this solidarity walk. a couple clevelanders making a short trek across the city to show can -- support for those protesting a pipeline in north dakota. they are trying to ways -- raise awareness against native americans and water protectors. firefighters in newburgh heights dedicating their newly renovated weekend. instead of a ribbon cutting they disconnected a hose. the renovation is part of a larger project that includes the municipal center. they are spending $2.7 million for administrative offices and a police department. the fbi says it finally caught the bank robbery suspect known as the buckeye banded.
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central ohio. officials say this dates back to 2013. police tracked him down after a robbery last month. more than 600 grams of heroin, cocaine, and crack okay are off the streets following a major bust. 37-year-old lebron pled guilty to selling heroin resulted in a fatal overdose as well as numerous firearms and other crimes and 27 years in prison. he will be sentenced in february. at toledo family who's exotic animals received by the state are unhappy with their treatment. a tiger and bear or more than a dozen animals taken -- were part of a dozen animals taken . they were taken to a facility where they were found to be in poor health. they have moved to another sanctuary in colorado . amazon is planning to bring
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the giant is planning to build a new farm in hardin county which is in central ohio. amazon already working on farming in neighboring counties and. the energy will be used to power 3 new data centers opened near columbus. the goal is to run them entirely offer renewable energy . the queen of hearts raffle returns this weekend with a few changes. new rules means more prizes for ticket holders and less crowds at the if the jackpot is $750,000, the winner does not need to be there to claim their price. it begins today with a starting jackpot of $342,000. still the come: we send them off as cute additions, but could mo jesus -- emojis say a
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. we are waking up to foggy conditions. i will show you the next chance of a little bit of rain. that is coming up on your 7-day
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we're seeing 46 and chilly. this time yesterday rat 40s or
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we are a lot warmer due to a little bit of cloud coverage that we are seeing. the warm-up is going to happen for western coastal communities this afternoon fairly quickly from norwalk to richland county we're at 66 degrees, west siders are seeing the warmer air in place. for greater cleveland, 63. still a warm day with lots of sunshine in store. there will always be new types of scams designed to teach a lot of money or private information. word of bogus jury summons is happening right here in cuyahoga county. the clerks office has been getting complaint after complaint for people getting jury summons by emails requiring if -- information that is a scam because summons will never come by email. the emails are sent
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>> we think they are trying to collect people's numbers so then they can rumble call them. >> that kim -- scam is the most widespread involving jury summons also be on the lookout for those calls that are demanding money for court finds . coming up next: we are hours away from taking a new president, and ohio will play a huge part in deciding who that will be. more on the late push for the
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early voting comes to an end to, but today is expected to be a very busy day. we have more on that and the star- studded push we have seen from borders at the polls. >> reporter: a very good sunday morning, this is the last time we are going to get together like this before election day. forks at the board of election say -- election say they are ready. lines were stretching down east 30th street. today your local board of elections will be open from 1 pm until 5 pm. remember tomorrow they are only open for early voting until 2 pm . after that you will have to head to the local polling place on tuesday. on friday there was a big push to get out the vote with the
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jay-z and beyonci. >> joe walsh rallied supporters for the clinton-gore ticket in 1996. >> [ video playback ] >> it was the day before election day as with this concert. bruce springsteen seen here for john kerry using celebrity to swing the state. >> i have been praying for america for 30 years. we are what we stand for and what we 54. these -- and what we 5 and what we 54. these ideas -- and what we fight for. these ideas are all of that. >> president obama came out
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surprising everyone just like he did in 2008 for barack obama when he held a concert at the q. >> those concerts were all in cuyahoga county. when it comes to ohio the biggest pieces right here. voters tuesday will head to the polls in all of ohio's 88 counties. a handful will likely tas on how -- tell us early on how the state will go .>> a new poll looked at just cuyahoga county included a breakdown of those who have yet to vote and those who are ready have. >> those who have voted already we saw 70 percent voting for clinton in 24 percent voting for trump but those who had not voted we saw 50 percent for clinton 37 percent for trump for the
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in the numbers there are caveats , one overall turnout of enthusiasm. it is about the number of votes not the percentage.>> hillary clinton is going up against a small boat count. >> the other is this is not a scientific poll. there's a big segment not represented in this poll. >> also the election is a very important financial decision for the city of cleveland. if you work in the city, it is going to cost to. outside of the board of elections one stands alone literally. issue 32 to improve safety it doesn't promise like others not to raise taxes because it will. it is an income tax-free quick --
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income of $50,000 it would cost to an extra $250 a year which would generate $80 million. >> without it we are looking at service cuts and layoffs. there are no more rabbits to supply that. we have been patching together balanced budgets and we have found creative ways of doing it but we are out of options. >> cleveland was hit hard in 2011 with a balance it passion budget by jackson said at the time city bill 5 didn't work that way. >> if it was in full effect it would not make up 35 point $35.7 million. >> other cities scramble to make up the difference. >> for the state cuts we would not be here. we're only asking
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we're out of options. this is all that is left for us at this point. >> what is real it has been -- thrill it has been getting together with you for more than a year. it is all leading up to this. we have our different reasons for voting whether it is for or against someone, that is your business i just hope to exercise the right to do so. good advice. polls. one way or another get your voice heard john has certainly been working hard for us and you are working hard in the office showing us how nice the weather is going to be today. >> when it is sunny it is pretty laid-back. >> you will have plenty of hard work soon enough. >> yes, we will track the snow. you will be excited for that.
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is sunday so we do our we can actually. daylight you have got to sleep in an hour this morning. sunrise at 7:05. trade-off, look at the early sunset. we lose that our. we are at 5:15. today we will be at 10 hours and 9 minutes and we will be on the gradual deeds -- decline with our daylight hours until december. take it in, get up early and enjoy all the sunshine before the sunsets a lot of high pressure building across the ohio valley. you have probably noticed from that shot, we're dealing with low-lying clouds, some fog across the area. we're seeing visibility it a little bit better for ashtabula to portage county area, but it is still pretty high. reduce billability is about a quarter of a mile from wayne county to mansfield. that will continue to get better throughout your afternoon as
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forward to a lot more sunshine . temperatures are a lot warmer this morning compared to yesterday. we were in the upper 20s and some spots but that is due to the cloud coverage. wayne county is 38 degrees where that fog is currently on the low-level. that will lift throughout the day, 38 millersburg. good morning maple heights to summit county. akron you are currently in the upper 30s to lower 40s. you can see hour by hour jump in our temperatures. this will happen a lot quicker this afternoon from 10 until 11:00. we will jump about 11 degrees. we will sit in the 60s by the noon hour. 63 for high for greater cleveland. inland locations, you should be near 64. even millersburg you should see that warm air still
8:53 am
. it is prime time here for november, 2nd week in your 70 and some spots. we will track a few showers late tuesday evening, but police soak this up -- please soak this up of next week and we will talk about cold and chill with daytime highs only in the lower 40s. >> that first part of the forecast calls for a happy face a multi-.-- emoji >> for the people that study the emojis they are so much more. the national emojicon is happening right now. the foremost experts on emoji language and design explain their design. they say it is more than self-expression than
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we're joined for one final look at the weather, whether you are outside of the metroparks are getting ready for the browns and cowboys it will be a nice outing. >> wherever you are enjoying. even tomorrow afternoon we will have many spots in the lower 70s and then 65 with just a few chances of isolated showers
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shouldn't disrupt any voting plans that you have. wednesday thursday a lot more sunshine. the cooldown is coming and it will come on strong. >> you need to take advantage of the next few days. we have cooldown coming soon. >> right, next saturday i will be talking about the 40s. >> thank you. we will be back at 10:00. this is next. have a great morning and we
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scott is here to show us an easy way to take years off your appearance. scott says he can help you look up to 13 years younger and it only takes 5 minutes. >> you ca whiter smile. have a birthday coming up so i wouldn't mind to subtracting the years. >> i think we all want to know the secret. tell me what you have. >> this is power swabs. proven on average to whiten your teeth to shades and less than 6 hours. let me show you how simple this is. rub this on your teeth like this. do it for 2 minutes. we will lift the stays off the teeth and at the same time we
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the biggest advantage is minimal to no sensitivity. the reason why you experience it is because they dehydrate your enamel. during these minutes we hydrate and moisturizer enamel. we go right up to the gum line with no sensitivity. on average to shades whiter and over 76 shades. >> only 7 shades. results will last up to 6 months. another great thing about this product is it will work on your veneers will tell you your smile will go on even over time and there's nothing you can do about it until now. >> select coffee i'm drinking -- that coffee or drinking and anyone you want, this will take away your saints -- stains. we have spotlight 5 special. call 1-800-663-4507 or quarter power
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kids and get one free. that is 18 months of teeth whitening and will throw one in for free. >> announcer: starting right now on a special election edition of "this week," just two days to go. >> crooked hillary clinton. you know, that term is really stuck. >> who acts like this? i'll tell you who, a bully. >> announcer: after a campaign of surprises. >> this, my friend, is not a normal election. >> announcer: the final hours. hillary clinton calling star supporters. >> you ready to rock for hillary? >> let's prove that love trumps hate. >> announcer: and overnight, trump rushed off the stage. >> nobody said it was going to be easy for us. >> announcer: now, america heading to the ballot box. >> this movement is coming together. >> you haven't voted? you're fired. >> democracy is on the ballot. >> announcer: our country at a


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