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tv   News 5 at 6pm  ABC  November 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the review board is in place to rule on citizens complaints. the proposed changes make it bigger and more diverse and the catch is that issue 33 does not address the core problem of a complaint process that is simply not working. >> asking if i could talk to you into we need answers. >> time and time again we have demanded answers. >> are you available? >> time and time again been stonewalled by key officials and our research disregarded. >> what we found today is exactly what we have found in the past. a backlog of citizen complaints against cleveland police officers. out of 470 complaint submitted last year the review board has ruled on 79 of them. following our continued investigations over the past
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justice stepped into say changes must be made. those proposed changes passed by city council are now on the current ballot. issue 33. >> it is a start. i don't know if it goes far enough in achieving the type of reform and integrity that i think believe that the average citizen was hoping for. >> cleveland state professor ronnie dunn has studied the police review board this is a currently all appointed by the mayor and if issue 33 passes there will be 9 members on the board and some appointed by city council. all police districts will be represented and no member will be a current or former employee of the cleveland police department. >> there are structural ways to look at more accountability and integrity and transparency. >> what issue 33 does not address is the review board
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charged with investigating all of the citizen complaints. a majority still unresolved. i think the voters are being in a position where they will have to act on faith that our elected officials and the city will operate in the manner appropriate or necessary. >> city council officials have told us that there are changes come to go to office of professional standards. more investigators. in the event that issue 33 does not pass tomorrow, a spokeswoman for city council tells me they don't have a backup plan yet. live in the election war room wews news. we are 25 hours from where the presidential campaign will be over in ohio. >> a long time coming. just a few hours after that we know who the next president of the united states will be and
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are trying to win over voters. hillary clinton has two events in michigan and pennsylvania this afternoon to a large crowd in pitsburg she told voters that heading to the polls is not just about the names on the ballot. >> i am here to ask you to vote for yourselves. vote for your families, vote for your futures. vote on the issues that matter to you because they are on the ballot, not just my name. >> and she will take her campaign to the in an hour she will start a rally with her family and president obama and the first lady in philadelphia. she will end this night with a rally in raleigh, north carolina. that will start 15 minutes before midnight. republican nominee donald trump is showing no signs of slowing down as the polls open up tomorrow. he had 5 campaign events scheduled today. one in florida. and north carolina this morning. he just wrapped up an event in
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will have two more later tonight. to a group of supporters he called florida his second home. >> in one day we will win the great state of florida. as for tomorrow trump and clinton will have the election parties in new york city as they watch the results. for your chance to get on the early voting it ended but we are getting a look at how many people took advantage of it. cuyahoga county election physician say 38,000 people filled out their ballots at the board of elections since october. projected turnout at 2:00 was down from 70% in 2012 to 67% this year. i originally expected it to be higher. i expected it to be closer to 2012.
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of golden week we saw an uptake over the weekend. in addition election officials say 90% of the absentee ballots requested have been returned. and now that early voting is over, there is only one more day left to vote. thousands are still expected to line up at their local polling places and with a large turnout expected lacks officials say as long as you are in line before the polls closed you won't be turned around. >> as long by 7:30 no matter how late we will let you vote and put a poll worker at the end of the line at 7:30 and anybody that comes in after that 7:30 deadline we will tell them that day it is too late to vote. >> and with all of this vote about voter intimidation and voter fraud we are trying to track down any issues to see if there is any. >> we want to hear from you our viewers if you have any problems voting. head to our news 5 app and let
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the news 5 app is your source for election coverage on election night we will have live results and interactive maps detailing the races and then starting at 7:00 the john kosic will host our live webcast. here on news 5 abc news your voice and vote election night 2016 begins at 7 and will bring you local results. continuing on news 5 at 11. a after a glorious day. absolutely outstanding weather day and look at how far the north air goes. 50s to hudson bay canada. we are enjoying early november, september-like weather. currently 57 cleveland and 61 akron and 62 in canton and still great weather to get outside and enjoy a little bit of twilight and some stars coming out quickly. clouds coming in eventually rain showers for your day tomorrow for your voting day.
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morning close to 8:00 a.m. 39 in wooster and 40 ravenna and cleveland a little warmer at 48 and here is rain closer to five p.m. clouds thicken up and the rain by late afternoon and the evening. you got many dry hours to vote and rake leaves. 56 in cleveland. by 7:30, 55 in akron and a much cooler weather wednesday. your voting day looks like this. morning 40s into the 50s quickly. thank to the warm air in place. all right? afternoon you are in the 60s and the rain comes in by between let's say 4:30 and 5:30 p.m. rob and danita. we are listening right now about a kent football major in custody. 21 year-old nathan holly is facing felony charge after holding a young lady against her will.
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50,000-dollar bond and ken state officials say holly has been suspended from the team indefinitely. also new at six. a gruesome discovery that has parma trying to track down an animal abuser. a dog was found shot and skinned behind a shopping plaza. tracy carloss is there live tonight. reporter: da nitta and rob. investigators are hoping that surveillance video can provide clues as this. >> in my 26 years i have never seen anything like this. i hope that i never see something else like this. reporter: julie is parma's animal control officer and what she saw today she won likely forget. she along with parma police were called here to this alley behind the shopping plassa at pleasant valley and broad view after someone spotted a dead
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they weren't sure if it was a dog or coyote. i learned that two vets confirmed it was a dog that was shot and skinned. the animals too graphic for television and the details too disturbing. >> if they are capable of doing that to an animal, what would they do to a human being? >> the dog is a female about a year old and she weighed 17 pounds. anyone with information is as in parma, tracy carloss, news 5. a neighborhood is on range after homes were in a cross fire of shooting. bob jones like for us. police believe that at least two guns were fired here. reporter: they found shell casings from a 9-millimeter and a 45. in one case a bullet went
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became lodged in a wall. >> it scares me. i don't like to look at it because it is in the wall and the police have not come to get it. >> sandy mcilwain is counting blessings because she was not home that night. if she was sandy may have been on a couch in the path of the bullet. the bullets struck on either side of sandy's house. four rounds hit this house on inman street startling the owner people were firing guns at 1:30 saturday morning. homeowners say it is hard to bleak that no one got hurt. >> i heard gunshots and thought i might be be dreaming but i heard my son go they hit the side of the house. >> they have no respect for anybody. have to get them off of the street. >> police were hoping to find some surveillance video in that
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those shots still out there tonight. live in akron. bob jones, news 5. still ahead on news 5 at six. stocking up on guns from here in ohio to across the country. people are buying guns in record numbers. find out what is driving those purchases. giving life to old drugs. how one local man is giving back to those serving overseas. that and a look at your
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up next. should be no surprise when we say this election has been like any other. >> and with tensions on the rise and a lot of unknowns new numbers been an uptick in potential gun purchases in the united states. news 5 dhomonique ricks joins us and the background checks are on the rise. reporter: it has been a record breaking year. every single month this year to be exact. as for october we are talking 350,000 gun brown checks. more than the october the year prior. i have talked to several gun stores and all of them said the exact same thing.
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election season. i reached out to concealed carry courses in cleveland and they tell me that they have had a big jump talking a 25% increase to be exact. and the number of people coming in and taking classes. gun store owners tell me if hillary clinton is elected they believe that gun sales will soar more this month. >> i think it boils down to the fact that everybody is afraid that hillary clinton is going to fool with the try to get our guns. >> hillary clinton stands on gun control has changed a lot. this election cycle she says that her goal is not to take guns out of people's hands and make sure they don't end up in the wrong hands. live in cleveland, dhomonique ricks, news 5. military pride. it runs strong and deep for generations. one man hose family has a long history with serving our unwanted to do a little something special for those currently serving overseas and
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time. paul kiska has more about that man's mission to bring new life into old baseball gloves. paul. well, that's exactly right. rob, thanks to this man that lives here in the city of parma. some of our troops serving overseas can now occasionally say play ball. gordon king's dining room table and living room look like a baseball play ground but this is his office. >> king is a doctor. nursing old gloves back to health by stitching and reconditioning and putting new webs on the grandfather. -- gloves and he fixes them why? >> we have appreciation for the troops. >> he has boxed up a dozen more at a time and donates the repaired gloves to troops overseas. >> people bring me their gloves and i restore them and i recolor them and i restring them and ship them to the department of defense and they
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troops. >> king says his passion comes from loving baseball and being in a military family. >> my dad was in the service in world war ii. >> he says that troops can take bats and baseballs but not gloves because drugs could be smuggled in. >> a few people ruin it for the rest but they can use the gloves donated by king during recreation time. people donate them and he restores them. >> they are catching balls certified and they get sent to them. >> these baseball gloves are a tradition among the troops. >> guys that are leaving afghanistan or kuwait leave them behind. >> now he has donated 115 baseball gloves. for more information on his program go to our news 5 app right now.
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5. i like that. >> you see a need and fill it. it is almost baseball season. >> 160 days to go. >> wow. >> winter has been canceled. >> not really. >> go to and read about my forecast and some will like it. >> most of us won't. >> let's remember this. beautiful shot. a live picture from cleveland. >> what a night. >> an ex outside right now and our city shines. doesn't it? >> yes, it does. gorgeous. >> let's show you the time lapse now of what we had earlier today. blue skies and sunshine. now a watch for the sun to go down and 5:15 p.m. was our sunset. there it goes. and now we are dark. still clear and starry. the warm air pumping in from the south. 50s and 60s for the next several hours.
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it is 57 downtown. 62 bedford and 48 in u included and 57 at hopkins and we got a 61-degree reading in akron and 62 in canton. just a sweater if you are going out and about. the school spot, a 53 in nor walk and on the big board 51 in menner and 53 in ravenna. winds out of the north. light wind coming into downtown at 57. dew point of 42 and the pressure high. the high pressure doing its job sitting right bringing us the clear skies. look at this. 72 degrees the afternoon high. did not set a record. 79 on this date in 1938. 23. it was cold back in 1971. 42 the morning start. no rainfall and there's the rain coming in late afternoon and evening and it will be a wet evening overnight for northern ohio as the rain showers make their way in. we will stay clear overnight.
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day. rain showers arriving i'm thinking fivish and 5th -- 5:30 for most of you. here comes the cold front and cooler air behind the front for your wednesday with a few lake effects rain showers for wednesday. tonight, 48 and clear skies. staying cool and east winds and there is tomorrow. come on, bring up tomorrow. 65. not bad and mostly cloudy and late afternoon rain showers and get out 42 for akron and canton. tomorrow 64 with the late rain chance. seven day, wednesday 49. morning rain. thursday, 59. better. friday, if you got a high school football game andy. >> yes. >> scattered rain showers and maybe an ice pellet. saturday cast rule out a morning with ice or snow
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monday. enjoy the mild weather days i am thinking by the 16th to the 18th winter arrives. >> don't say it. >> happy thanksgiving. >> don't say the s word. boom. i am going to boom you. >> boom moment. >> are you ready to be a sportscaster. >> scores, highlights and post- game. that's election night. right. we will be spamming and jamming on election night. >> how did the race go? we gave it our best shot. go, go, go. pointing fingers. we will talk about that and look out for randall jefferson. he may stop by your neighborhood.
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we will explain. fans are getting antsy after losing in dallas. why are we losing? the browns defense has been struggling for weeks. today head coach hugh jackson was asked if ray horton, if his job is in jeopardy? >> no. i say that with no question and i don't want to get into those kinds of things and that is the last question i will take on any of our staff about any of our staff members about their
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well, lebron james is the player of the week. back to back. the unbeaten cavaliers with a busy week and hosting atlanta and at dc on friday and they will hang out with president obama on thursday. >> i have had a couple of run- ins in a good way with president obama. it is always good to see a familiar face but for me to bring along my teammates. that is anything? >> one guy that gets it richard jefferson. on snap chat jefferson randomly driving around. he found kids playing basketball at a park and here is what happened. hey. we want -- my team -- all right, guys i got to go. you guys have a good day. all right? you want to talk about a thrill. you never know where random richard jefferson will show up
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long as mark provides the good weather. what a thrill for those kids. >> talk about -- i met fred beam. he used to pitch for the indians. we will see you tonight on news five at 11. news five at six brought to you by the ohio lottery cash explosion game.
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tonight, breaking developments from abc news election headquarters here in times square. we are outside at the electoral map, of course, the key, 270 electoral votes. and the brand new polls are just in. tonight, where this race stands, with just hours to go. who is leading before the first polls open? trump, clinton, neck and neck in the hillary clinton set to take the stage with the president, the first lady and bruce springsteen just moments from now. we're live. and donald trump tonight, barnstorming the battlegrounds, lashing out at the fbi after clearing clinton again. and tonight, why trump is confident he will win. our powerhouse political team is all here. also tonight, the case of the alleged serial killer breaks wide open. the suspect leading authorities to several gruesome discoveries.


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