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tv   News 5 at Noon  ABC  November 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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well the day is finally here. good afternoon, everyone. after and tough political campaigning the polls are now open. it is time for america to select a president. today both candidates cast their votes in new york state. hillary clinton with her husband, president bill clinton at her side. casting a historic vote for herself. she's the first female presidential nominee of a major party. donald trump and his wife cast
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political tradition. >> several issues on the ballot. in the city of cleveland voters will decide on an income tax increase. the jump from 2 to 2.5% will be the first hike in three decades. if approved by voters, it would generate $80 million for the city. cleveland city officials say it would help offset state cuts. let talk about issue number 356789 voters in l homeowners about $42 a year. there's issue 64. voters are deciding the fate of lakewood hospital. an emergency room. a vote for issue 64 would allow them to move ahead with its plans. the future of cleveland civilian police review board is also in the hands of voters today. our repeated investigation revealed serious problems
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and its efficient. issue 33 is an event to change the makeup the board. what issue 33 does not address is the review board's sister agency. the officer of professional standards. that office is charged with investigating citizen complaints. out of 470 complaint submitted last year the review board is only ruled on 79 of them. because of security or even schedules many voters had planned to avoid the polls opting for early voting but question what if you did not vote early and cannot make it to the polls today because of an emergency? we found out that anyone who was admitted to an ho ohio hospital after noon saturday can vote from the hospital bed. there's a special ballot you would need. to qualify for that especially ballot you would have to meet the deadline.
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after 3:00 they are out of luck. >> the parents of sick children who are currently in the hospital can also vote from the hospital through that program. several hundred people will be keeping eyes on the polls this election day. they could people from the u.s. justice department. monitor the polls and 28 states. we know some of those monitors had be in the county as well they will be in franklin and columbus and cincinnati areas as well. some of the victims monitors will be looking for as voters being subjected to different qualifications based on race and how voters with disability are being assisted. all of that will be monitored. you have until 7:30 to vote. you will be vote past 7:30 as long as you showed up before 7:30. be in the line by 7:30 to vote.
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have to be on the registered list. you also need to bring some kind of identification. if you have any question check our election guide on our news 5 app. stay on top of the coverage with a news 5 app. live results in our active maps. and john of our staff will host a live webcast starting at 7:00. abc new specials coverage begins at 7:00. as well local results throughout the have complete democracy 2016 coverage. news at 11:00. news 5. check in on news here at the noon hour. the weather new. here's my good friend and colleague. how with relooking this election day? >> yes we were talking about all of that sunshine. temperatures well wof normal. the clouds now are starting to filter in here and if you're headed out to vote i need you have the umbrella handy. our models have changed here in
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you can start the rain showers are moving in from the west. across our is viewing area right now. erie county getting hit with moisture. some cedar point to san dusk sandusky. it's going to be steadily moisture throughout your afternoon. so the cold front is behind that. right now you're seeing our degrees. we'll be on that downward trend throughout the rest of your evening. your highs across the board. 65 out to medina. please take note of this throughout the day. on this gradual decline. the good news there start to lose its moisture for your wednesday but i want to have the umbrella
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i'll show you timing coming up. >> many thanks. right now emotions are high as many worry about the merger of two high schools in that city. akron. the district voted to merge kenmother more high school with garfield high school. many community members are angry. they expressed concern about what they call a lack of information. they questioned whether teacher and coaches will still be on the job. weighed in on the situation saying he was embarrassed by the move. >> in my opinion, you haven't stepped back and said what's the right thing for the student. is there any study that says if we pour more kid, white or black or hispanic, we pour more kids into a bigger school it's going to help those steuntds. >> the akron school board will decide with where
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located. construction is expected to start by the fall of 2018. another bump in the road for samsung. its headquarters was raided earlier this morning. we're continuing to track the campaign trail. we have coverage from both candidate's headquarters. this is news channel 5. this is news at noon.
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slipping away. be careful where you step. it's reached 50 feet. a hole being blamed for damage to a major road and exposing steel columns holding up part of the city. the sink hole was first reported this morning. already filling with raw sewage. nearby residents have been evacuated. five roads leading to that hole have been close. crews in japan are trying to figure out now what caused the sink hole. another bump in a rough few months for samsung. the south was raided this morning. they are looking to what --ed her political power to consume million of dollars in donations for her foundations. samsung is among the company's that reportedly gave her donations n. america we know samsung for its electronic and cell phones but in south korea samsung runs hospitals and amusement parks and even a dog adoption is center. by the way, samsung has been hit hard with some of the cell phones and washing
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buying the nightclub where 49 people were murdered by a gunman earlier this year of the the pulse nightclub has been purchased for $2 million. that's among $600,000 more than it's valued. it will remain as is for at least a year as a place for mourners to gather. eventually the city of orlando will tear down the building and transfer the site into a memorial to honor those murdered in that june 12th this election -- presidential candidates has used twitter but after voters choose a new president, what happens to president obama's social media accounts? >> well here's what we've learned. the social media accounts will stay. twitter, instagram and similar social media accounts will keep the current followers, user names and url but no post.
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scratch. in this highly and hotly contested season perhaps you've heard someone say he or she would move to canada if that -- that person's candidates lose the election. job search websites monster reports searchers with canada have skyrocketed. 58% this year. more than 30,000 in all. the most popu someone was looking for, people are looking for is that of engineer. plenty of businesses are giving up freebies for election day. if you bring your i voted strategic tore a dwoald jim they'll let you sick out for free. one free donut at chris by cream chris -- a small mccafi but you'll need the mcdobleds app
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pet of week. we'll meet maxwell. back in just a moment. >> on this election day widespread rain and cooler temperatures in my seven-day
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hillary clinton and donald trump are spending election days in their homes after casting their ballots. >> adrian is covering the campaign. at clinton's election headquarters with both stories. >> reporter: hillary clinton's historic vote for herself. the presidential candidate and former president bill clinton surrounded by cameras as they cast their ballots in new york. >> it is the most humbling feeling, dan, because, you know, i know how much responsibility goes with this. >> a little rest for clinton who touched down around 3 a.m. after a whirlwind final day.
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if i'm fortunate enough to win today. >> to relieve some election day tension, the clinton campaign struck a pose for the latest internet craze. the captain saying don't standstill, move today. >> and expecting to be standing room only for tonight's election party. clinton, her party and campaign staff will watch the results come here in manhattan. abc news, new york. >> and i'm majoring -- drumps' election the republican nominee dropping his ballot at this elementary school in manhattan. joining million of voters in new york and across the country who will decide whether mr. trump will be greeted as mr. ppt. >> this couple is hoping he wins >> . if he doesn't ib sult the entire world he can change the country around hopefully. >> i just don't trust hillary.
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rally where thousands cheered their nominee. >> today is our independence day. >> donald trump saying he had some regrets but said very confident that he'll win in several key states. his big election night party kicks off here at the hilton hotel. and so the polls are open right now and the voting process is underway here in the united states of er what are we looking at? >> you know, i had a nice pleasant day yesterday. everybody loved all that sunshine and 70 #-z and then now things are starting to rev up here. on a downward trend from here. and tracking your favorite things still. flakes in the forecast. >> your favorite thing. speak for yourself, my friend. >> possibility of a little bit
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tracking the clouds. they are starting to roll in. a greater cleveland area. the front is going to come in a lot quicker than we thought. you're seeing your daytime highs. on a gradual decline. the moisture starts to flow through and the front is behind us. show you where we're seeing that moisture already starting -- huron county. right now cedar point to sandusky. this is a slow moving east about 15 to 20 miles an hour. you can see the long view, the cold front is behind that moisture. so we're not expecting that front to front to really enter until later on. as the moisture starts to flow through, this is around your evening commute. you can see -- could see some heavy downpours to southern kihah -- you can see it moves fairly
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isolated activity for your forecast throughout your evening. this is overnight. so as the kids are waking up headed to school tomorrow at the bus stop make sure they have that umbrella handy. look at our highs. this is tomorrow around the noon hour when i see you we'll only see highs near the 50-degree mark as that front pass passed. another ten crazy. get that winter coat out for your wednesday. lower 50s. we're going to here. high pressure rebuilds itself thursday but still we have a very weak cold front that's going to move in friday. possibility of a few flakes. also on the radio on cleveland star 102 and 98.5wncx. i always love being here on a tuesday. i get a double dose of goodness from leon to our pet of the week.
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gear. it doesn't matter if you're a republican or a democrat, you need to get out and vote today. >> i love it. >> what do you think the perfect family for him? >> maxwell is an 8-year-old senior kitty. a lot of spunk. he loves people. he loves other cats. >> look at his face. >> he's very, very affectionate. letting me love on him and just great kitty. >> what events do you have going on? >> we're going to be at frederick in parma for an adopt-a-thon. >> we'll be right back.
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high, i'm sarah karns. andy young joins me today for legal tuesday. his focus is helping victims that are involved in catastrophic trucking accidents and here's here to tell us more about. that thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> let's go little bit more about trucking law accidents. >> so when you have a car on car accident it's very different than a truck on car or truck on truck. the 80,000 pounds that they could have versus the 3500 pounds. so when you have a big truck versus a small car, the results are often catastrophic. >> that's a big difference. we don't realize how much bigger and different they are. tell me a little bit more about
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involved in an accident with a truck. why should they see someone like you who knows specifics? >> okay. so i'm a truck accident attorney. i actually have a commercial driver's license. and i own a semi tractor and have driven these before. having that extra knowledge allows you to be able to interact with the people behind the wheel and potentially causing these horrific accidents >> who would you represent? >> i would pr truck driver and the car driver. so if there's a truck on truck and i have truck drivers trust me with their case because they know i have some of the intricate knowledge and the bulk of my practice is people in passenger vehicles. >> give me one example maybe the most common cause for trucking accidents. >> probably the most common is a rear end collision because what you're dealing with is a hef truck that needs a long distance to stop. when you have 80,000 pounds
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to look 10 to 12 seconds ahead. >> thank you so much for joining us for legal tuesday. for more information, visit the
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it's november 8th, time for new viral videos "right this minute." cries of a boy are ignored. people pass by. >> he's just throwing a tantrum. >> how he finally escaped the clutches of a woman with one sinister plan. searchers can't believe their eyes when they missing diver. >> they were basically looking for a needle in a hay stack. >> the lucky break that saved a man from certain death. a color blind men with special glasses gets a surprise that is super emotional on so many levels. >> why that t-shirt holds a message that lights up his life. plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini as christian, oli, charity, nick,


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