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tv   News 5 at 5pm  ABC  November 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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argument, sometimes you lose an election, and that's okay. >> if the american people wanted change. >> donald trump heard a voice out in this country that no one else heard. >> they got it. >> donald trump is going to be our president we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. . >> the american people have made their choice clear, president elect trump is hitting the ground running. >> his transition team has been hard at work preparing first 100 days in office. we kick off our live team coverage from capitol hill. . >> reporter: good evening. president obama saying today ate that he spoke with donald trump on the phone early this morning as did hillary clinton the first female presidential nominee from a major party conceding to the first president elect without prior military or political experience.
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dramatic upset getting major reactions today. this morning hillary clinton facing the nation after her shocking loss. >> this is painful and it will be for a long time . >> emotional at moments clinton now urges to move forward. >> donald trump is going to be our president, we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> and president obama aiming to unify the country behind the new president ele. success. the peaceful transition of power is one of the hall marks of our democracy. everybody is sad when their side loses in an election. we have to remember that we're actually all on one team, the presidency and 9 vice presidency is bigger than any of us. >> donald trump capturing the night in a historic and stunning victory grabbing key
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holds from clinton. >> ours was not a campaign but rather an incredible and great moment. >> trump delivering an acceptance speech overnight before supporters of that moment speaking to the whole country. >> i promise you that i will not let you down. we will do a great job. >> republican leaders reacting. >> let me just say this is the most incredible political feat i have seen in and senate controlled by republicans and tomorrow he'll meet with president obama here in washington at the white house. last night donald trump made history but not the kind of history predicted would be made in this election. rob powers is here with some insight on how so many people got it so wrong. >> so many so wrong.
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candidacy, a lot considered it impossible. he did not get as many votes as john mccain and mitt romney in their losses but he did clear the electoral threshold by claiming must win battleground states. we all new his biggest supporters were white voters without a college degree and fueled as well by a low democratic turnout. >> there was about 3 to 4 million democrats that did not show up and vote yesterday in the of course of this election will have the lowest turnout percentage wise in 20 years . >> tonight pollsters are still trying to figure out how they wound up so far off base. some believe there was an unexpecteded change of heart among clinton supporters after that letter from the fbi director that he was looking at more emails, others think trump voters were too embarrassed or didn't want to tell them who they were really supporting. >> well, new at 5 history was
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the popular vote by about 200,000 vote but still lost the election. she's only the 5th candidate in history to see that happen on election night. and news 5 is live in the news room to explain why that happened. >> yeah, we all know the electoral college determines who wins and the popular vote is really just a small piece of this puzzle. clinton winning the popular vote and losing the election is a formula we haven't seen in 16 years. . >> george walker bush has won florida's 25 electoral votes. >> it happened in 2000 gore winning the popular vote by a slim margin, george bush taking the election by winning the electoral college. >> it happened this time too, hillary clinton winning the popular vote and losing the election. the electoral college is built in a way that enables a
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here's how: to win a state's electoral votes you must win its popular votes. some states have much larger populations than others take for instance new york and california where voters overwhelming supported clinton, that didn't give her an edge though in the electoral college. the importance of key swing states donald trump winning just enough votes in power players like florida, north carolina, and pennsylvania get this because of the way the electoral college is structured it's possible for a candidate to win less than 30% of the popular vote but get elected to the white house. . >> well the popular vote was not an issue for donald trump here in ohio. he won our state with 52% of the vote. and all 18 of our electoral votes. >> and as we all saw it play out
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performed well in major cities but rural counties major a huge difference in this election. . >> reporter: this county traditionally leans republican, in 2004, 72% voted for george bush and yesterday nearly 80% voted for donald trump. it's that support from small town america that put trump over the top. at bags sport pub many of the regulars explained why they voted for donald trump. >> we really need somebody that's a little more financial minded better than so much political. >> he's a businessman, he wants to make change and i think he will . >> a day later many trump signs are still standing in holmes county. the director of the board of elections told me the
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here are more examples, trump captured 71% of the vote in ashland county, 65% in wayne county. >> i know there are a lot of cities in the state, but there's more rural area than there is, you know, that urban areas. >> results also revealed trump scored big throughout small towns and battleground states wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan. big at the sport pub a manager told me she voted. >> i voted with hillary. >> she fears trumps style could lead to conflicts with other countries. >> you know, you think about what's going on in your small community and you don't think about it as the worldwide moment, a worldwide economy. >> still trump's appeal was wide in this small county making a big difference in how it voted. >> it shows that they cared about the small people as
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. >> and after a campaign season filled with claims that america is getting a bad deal around the world and that donald trump would renegotiate or trade agreements to put the u.s. first people around the world were keeping a close watch on the election results right here in our country. >> and here's how some leaders have responded. he outlined to build a the mexican president tweeted congratulations adding he's confident our nations will continue to grow, corporation and mutual respect. >> turkey says he considers the results a positive sign and wishes the american people a successful future. >> and to china now once trump said climate change was a hoax to hurt u.s. manufacturing the chinese president called trump
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importance on the china u.s. relationship. >> an we end with russia, he's often been criticized for praising the leadership, today he says he's open to restoring relations with our country saying the way forward will be difficulty but that russia is ready and willing. >> everyone worried about their 401(k) can breathe a sigh of relief tonight. overnight there was a panic across the globe as it became clear donald trump would emerge the winner. but at today's closing bell the dow had surged jumping 250 points. let's check in with the chief, wow, overnight while we wait for results we saw lots of wind and rain and now there's a peak of sun. >> there's some improvement out over the lake the skies are clearing and you can see the sun going down on me, that's a song
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>> don't let the sun go down. >> great sunset shot. again dry weather for the most part in the power 5, we zoom on in. we've seen a couple of little isolate sprinkles trying to move onshore here. it still could sprinkle on you for the next couple of hours. the drying trend moving in from the northwest will clear our skies out overnight gradually temperatures cleveland, 47 in akron, 44 in wooster 43 in mansfield. so we have warmer air that's moving our way for tomorrow. in the meantime please bundle up. temperatures in the 40s, eventually into the 30s by sunrise tomorrow. tonight we are continuing to bring you team coverage of trump's america. >> including the task a lot of parents and teachers had to
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. >> and we step into a high school government class to see what a next generation of voters think about last night. >> plus 8-year ago leon bibb told you what it meant to him to have our nation's first black president, tonight he shares his perspective on the election of donald trump. >> closing arguments what the prosecution and defense had to say before the jury started deliberating the fate of an ohio officer accused in what many see as the racially charged shooting
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. claims today as closing arguments begin in the trial of the former university police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man. prosecutors staying he chang about what happened during a deadly traffic stop last year. that stop ended with the shooting death of debos. prosecutors claim tensing had to switch up his story after an overwhelming amount of evidence proved he was not being dragged. the prosecution says the finding do not suggest the shooting was justified. >> the defense is using a lot of
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everyone else to forget about the facts of the case because he knows for a exact that's a fact . >> the defense is arguing that the state is trying to make the former officer out as a racist. now, it's up to the jury to reach a verdict. he's charged with murder, involuntary manslaughter. we'll let you know when the jury reaches a decision later. well, it's only been a year but a former akron police officer accused of stalking several women is out of after being grand early release. eric paul pleaded guilty to felony charges after assaulting his ex-girlfriend and using the department's database to stalk her and other women. he's now on house arrest and probation for the next five years. well, it may have been a presidential election for the record books but it will also live on in textbooks. we're live outside mid-park high
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tough questions about what this presidency might look like. >> reporter: yeah we really are and their questions dealing with the rights of the lgbt community, obama care and abortion and the government teacher tackling them all today. >> this isn't the end of the world, our democratic system works. >> reporter: that's his message to his ap government classes following donald trump's victory over hillary clinton. >> the founding fathers wanted to ensure that we wouldn't have a king. >> reporter: he reminding his students of checks and balan the president's power. >> the senate still has a number of democrats that could stop legislation if need be. >> reporter: legislation that junior katherine is worried might target her lgbt friends. >> i hope it wouldn't that be extreme stuff. i hope that he'll be as good a president as
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to be. so maybe we give him a few chances and see what happens. >> reporter: as for the negative narrative that played out during the campaign here's what one young trump supporter had to say. >> i do think he can improve when it comes to speaking socially with other people and other governments. >> reporter: back in the classroom the teacher says parents and educators should follow the golden rule despite what we've seen on the campaign trail. >> teach your kids to be nice all t with respect, be accepting of people, i think you have to be nice to your neighbor, respect that, respect that somebody else voted for someone, your person didn't get elected you have to respect that and move on. >> reporter: and he also says that one thing to remember is that america has survived under this constitution for a very long time, and he says despite the differences that were created during this election process he expects america will ton survive.
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we saw a picture just a few moments ago. darker. >> it is. >> the sun is going down . >> well, it's been quite a month with the tribe, elections, it started back in the summer we had the cavs and the rnc can we relax a bit now. >> i think we need to to catch our breath. >> whatever you do if it's outside bundle up, the temperatures have chilled down. let me show you satellite wise. there are a few isolated little sprinkles trying to work their way in off lake erie but they're not going to linger, folks, because notice the clearing trend coming in from the north and west. indeed, we're going to clear our skies out. some already have over boot islands almost into lorain county and with this front to our north it stays to our north. tomorrow a milder thursday a milder day coming in. i'm thinking close to 60 degrees. if you're planning
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quite a bit of sunshine, mild temperatures, 50s to near 60s so good leaf raking weather then the next front arrives friday and that means more chilly air. notice your hour by hour here starting at 6:15, there's that isolated sprinkle chance i'm mentioning it, it's very limited, all right. it's not going to even require you to take out your umbrellas, but again, watch the trend for clearing skies. look at this, because skies clear out we're flirting with 32 in wooster by down, 35 canton, even akron middle appeared upper 30s in that area. near the lakeshore probably lower middle 40s right next to the lake because the lake is still warm, all right. here's our warm up coming in. we get a little brief blast of 50 plus degree weather for tomorrow.
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cooling down, i'm thinking going into the 30s for you tomorrow in a lot of spots except right near the lakeshore, right near the lakeshore you're in the 40s, all right. and then tomorrow i'm thinking 60, sunshine maybe one or 2 clouds and then by friday or -- by friday morning we get that front coming in with more clouds and temperatures in the lower 50s. so frank and lee, your sweet sweaters and coats handy. >> you know she's got the snuggie inside her desk. >> do you really? >> yeah. >> the secret is out. >> that's another story. we'll talk about it later. >> okay. next all new at 5, imagine coming home to the smell of hot sausage on the stove, what happened to one man right before he stabbed the intruder during the cooking. >> and tonight all new at 6 there was one candidate who
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he may be familiar to you, we meet the ohio man who's run for the white house for the last
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a man comes home to find an uninvited guest whipping autopsy meal in his home. he arrived home to the smell of sausage in his kitchen. he didn't think much of it at the time. went to his bedroom and says the one making the sausage came into the room. the homeowner had a pocketknife on him stabbed his personal chef in the chest. >> not very strong but through
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i scream to him like, you know, get out of here, and then he ran away. >> well, the homeowner says it was just too dark to get a good description of the burglar. police are still searching for the man. 2 deputies are house fire heroes, they risked their lives to save 4 people are from a dangerous house fire. it started as a small smear but the flames quickly spread through th t were able to rescue 3 of 4 people inside but trapped in a back bedroom was a man paralyzed. she could not move the man so they stayed inside putting their own lives on the line for a man unable to save himself. >> we weren't going to stand inside and let him stay in that house. we kept trying and drying to get him out. we weren't able to lift him. we stayed with him until the fire department came.
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including the officers were treated for smoke inhalation. our election coverage continues next. trump made a lot of promises on the campaign trail but how much power will he have to deliver on them? a lesson in civics, next. >> plus a lifeline for addicts it fails to gain traction in lorain county. we look at the effort to tackle the heroin epidemic now that a levy for addiction services has failed at
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. top stories after more than a year of campaigning the voters finally have their say electing donald president of the united states, hillary clinton the first woman presidential nominee conceded today to the first president elect ever who has zero military or political experience. >> history was made, and more than -- in more than one way. clinton won the popular vote but still lost the election. she is the 5th candidate in history to see that play out on election night. the last time this
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bush after winning the popular vote. a sigh of relief today for those worrying about their 401(k). overnight dow futures dropped nearly 900 points but at today's closing bell the dow had surged jumping by 250 points. are you confused about what our next president can and cannot do. >> it's a big question and we're hearing viewers today. we went back to the classroom to get a refresher. >> that's right. i spent the afternoon with my high school social studies teacher, fun, right and she and her students helped bring us back to the basics and clarify anything you might be confused about after election day. >> the 11th graders in this civics class have a solid
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commander-in-chief plays. >> he can make recommendations to what congress should do but they have the ultimate power. >> they may be able to teach you a thing or to. >> he cannot take away like the rights for gay marriage. >> or abortion. >> you can't change it. >> both are supreme court decisions. >> the supreme court would have to overturn. >> another big talker the huge wall you've probably heard about by now. >> i don't even know who's going to be able to make the wall. >> that plan would require congressional or what they can and cannot do. >> so when it comes to the next president and what you can expect to change in the coming months, remember it probably can't be done alone. . >> really that's why we have checks and balances in place is that the process is meant to work to take time. >> so are you refreshed or do you want more information? if so i put some info you may find interesting on our
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the heroin epidemic is hitting pretty hard in lorain county where they expect a record number of deadly heroin overdoses this year. >> issue 35 would have raised tax to help treatment centers but voters defeated the levy. we talked with a recovering heroin addict who hopes it gets another chance. . >> reporter: well, she does -- issue 35 l but supporters might not be giving up. >> i'm doing really good, i have peace of mind, i'm happy i'm -- i'm just living life now. >> she is a recovering heroin addict who has been clean now for 78 days. she's thankful for the alcohol and drug addictions service of lorain county for helping her get treatment at the women's rehabilitation treatment
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accepted me and most of them are also recovering addicts that understand where i came from helped a lot as well. >> tax money from issue 35 which lost about 12,000 votes would have pay loud the board to expand services. >> with the overdose we're at record pace probably 140 or this year. >> the director of alcohol and drug addictions services board believes it failed in part because -- your family you don't see the actual devastation that it causes. >>i asked if the board will try again, it would have cost the owner of a hundred thousand dollars home 42 adds year. >> we're going to debrief with our board and partners and kind of take a look at where do we go from here. >> if it goes back on the ballot she hopes voters give it a second chance. >> it would help a lot of people that are suffering out there.
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get help the way i did. . >> more than 80 people with died from heroin overdoses in lorain county so far this year. new developments just in on the recall of narcan the lifesaving drug that reverses opiate overdoses. the recall does not just affect police department supplies but also the dawn project, a take home kit you can pick up health. if it's made by teleflex medical please return it to the project. well, medical marijuana winning big this election with 4 states legalizing its use. north dakota, mondays, arkansas and florida all passes initiatives to allow the right to use medical marijuana to treat illnesses in their states. meantime americans said yes to
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states, california, nevada and massachusetts right now pot is illegal still under federal law but some state laws are have eased up their stance over the years. sandusky county will get a new sheriff after their sheriff was suspended and accused of stealing prescription drugs. despite the charges his name was still put on the ballot. he lost to independent candidate chris hilton who won 46% of the this is a big talker the city of cleveland doesn't owe a thing to a do you want parking lot this after the supreme court overturned a district court's ruling that the city was responsible for paying back any money due to street closures during the filming of captain america. the high court say one of lots entrances was still open and that the production company paid for hundreds of parking spots. mark, things are changing. >> they are, take a look.
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radar. i want to show you the clearing that's working its way in from the north and west. it's going to do a few things to us. it's going to be allow for some nice star gazing but you better wear the coats because once the skies clear out our temperatures are really going to drop, and we've had trouble getting up to the 50-degree mark, in fact, most of us have not done it. along the lakeshore, downtown cleveland hit 50 at 3 p.m. but look at this we've been stuck in the 40s, some of middle 40s all afternoon long and again as the skies clear out watch these temperatures they're going to fall. we're still mainly cloudy through 10 p.m. in most spots and then boom, after midnight clearing skies, mid-30s upper 30s for your day to begin tomorrow. so coats definitely. i'll tell you when there's a wap coming in next. still ahead no matter what happened in the election roughly half of the american population
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losers. our leon bibb offers his perspective on the path forward now the decision has been made. >> a surprising number of people have found themselves on the side of a road with a flat only to learn their car didn't come with a spare. we help you go shopping if you want to pick one out on your own. >> right now take a look at
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. have you noticed a lot of the leaves came down last night. they were ready to fall so it looks like our leaf season done. you see a lot of bare branchs.
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wow looks really nice, michael sent in this shot that his grandparents took of the red maple leaves there. mostly down today. here's an interesting photo some liken and fungi on a couple of trees in her backyard. you know, about liken, don't you? a lot of fungi, no, we'll be right
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. for million i don't think so of americans who vote for hillary clinton the election has been a bit of a disappointing and emotional ordeal. >> and for supporters of donald trump there's an a celebration but through it all it has been an american process. >> somebody once said a democracy to get it to work the people have to work at it. we saw it yesterday. democracy is a continuing job of the people for some cheers and celebration, for others tears and a deterioration of what had been expected in the political polls such is the democratic process, messy at times, contention sometimes but it is about the people the day after a presidential election the vote came on the heels of a hotly contested campaign. in the process was the american public each adult citizen armed
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citizen choose to use it. america is about the people and the campaigning and voting process. >> but that's the nature of campaigns, it is hard and sometimes contention and noisy. what we must keep in mind is the process, whether it is cheers or tears at the outcome. it is american democracy, president obama spoke of that today saying in so many words any preside occupies the office for a while, democracy calls for a transition . >> the peaceful transition of power is one of the hall marks of our democracy and over the next few months wore going to show that to the world. >> democracy a word which means the people rule, the people spoke, bringing tears for some cheers for others. now, comes the legal and peaceful transition of power, this land
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the people, on this day after a historic election something to think about . >> president obama mentioned the significant differences between him and president elect trump but president obama said 8 years ago there were differences between him and president bush but courtesies and transitional help were extended. he said so it would be with the new chosen leader now, that the people have spoken. . >> leon always gives us something to think about. >> yes, he does. and you know, both donald trump and hillary clinton hit the same note today saying it's are really time for to us come together. >> come together. campaign done. >> be kind to each other. >> again, i loved some of the posts yesterday on social media. when i asked for a kind wordy got a lot of them on twitter and facebook. let's continue doing that today. let's say some nice
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leaves like you promised? >> i'm hoping for a big wind. mother nature is going to help blow the leaves. >> into the neighbor's yard. >> i had leaves yesterday today barely a one and they're all in the neighbor's yard right now. it's a coating of yellow. sorry . >> mark will be over later to help you clean that up. take a look at this, notice that we are seeing some peaks of clearing there, that's north out over lake erie, just a beautiful picture, our city shimmering even in the chilly weather that's why we love living here. all right let's take a look at what's going on outside right now. notice the chill over northern ohio struggling through the 40s but we warm it up quickly. tomorrow i'm thinking this area that's back to our west moves in, so 55 to 60 degrees looks good. so if you have to like the neighbor get out and rake some leaves tomorrow, sorry they're mine but i ate coming over and raking you
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we've got 48 in cleveland, 46 in mentor and this is with clouds. beginning to see skies clearing out here so temperatures are really going to fall off quickly late tonight and tomorrow. winds are subside ago little bit. we're gusting upwards of 10 to 15 miles per hour. so it is a little bit breezy. let's show you the 24-hour temperature change from yesterday at this time until this moment. we're 14 degrees colder in 24 hours i were yesterday at this time in akron. 13 for wooster, 10 in ashtabula, 18 degrees cold other youngstown than this time yesterday afternoon. so it was a mild election day, the coolness has arrived. now, here's the cloud cover on the back edge of that system that brought us rain yesterday afternoon and evening and even some sprinkles and light rain showers during the morning hours, but here's the high
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high pressure, clear skies chicago, green bay st. louis and even western ohio, toledo has clear skies and all that work its way in during the overnight. here's where we have frost advisories in effect. so again all the way down into tennessee frost possible overnight tonight. so the chilly air coming in from the north around the backside of the high. the high brings us sunshine tomorrow and milder temperatures but it's short lived another front, watch it dropping in, here is isolated shower in one or 2 spots but behind that for saturday another day in the mid and maybe upper 40s if we are lucky for saturday. so 38 tonight, skies clearing out it will remain chilly now, near the lakeshore you'll hang in the 40s, near the lakeshore but inland areas lower and middle 30s for some areas around mansfield, wooster. 60 tomorrow mainly sunny mild and breezy.
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blow back from my neighbor's yard into my yard. 34 tonight, partly cloudy and chilly for akron, canton. tomorrow 59 mild sunny and breezy. friday cooling down 51 mainly cloudy, saturday if we're lucky 50 degrees but i'm thinking 45 to 5 is a good range. sunday your best day of the weekend we'll go 57 and 50s through the middle of next week. >> all right. thank you. here's what's coming up at 6 we'll have late breaking det presidential election. >> and we're focussing on other local stories developing right now including layoffs in lawrence town just how people people are affected and why gm says it must make the cut. >> plus concern grows for a missing woman who's been missing for weeks now. the fbi is taking action. >> but first when we return stranded without a spare, month cars are being sold without that
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. when was the last time you checked the trunk of your car, it turns out some have a spare tire. >> instead they provide sealant kits but be careful because the specialty tires that work after a puncture do have some drawbacks. >> gloria recently lease add new car that has no spare tire. she drives long distances by herself to see her family, and was alarmed to learn she'd have to depend socially on her run flat tires in case of a puncture. she's worried about there
5:56 pm
still is to this day. >> consumer reports tire expert peterson says run flat tires have thicker sidewalls than traditional tires. >> most say they will support the car at speeds up to 50 miles per hour for a distance of 50 miles after most flats but has a caution. >> they're not going to work for everything. so if you do have a ripped sidewall, if you do have a large hole in the tire, obviously you may not be able to drive on it. >> run flat tires are also more expensive than depending on size some can cost as much as $300 each. there are also fewer models available and might have to be special ordered. why are so many car makers ditches the spare for run flat tires? >> the manufacturers are eliminating the spare to help the load in the car to help improve fuel efficiency it may also be because they don't have room in the car. >> still if you do get a small
5:57 pm
you'll be able to continue on your way and won't be wrestling in a spare late at night in an isolated area. if you're buying a car that doesn't come with a spare and like one just ask. sometimes they can sell you one. you just need to be sure it fits securely in your trunk. donald trump, hillary clinton, richard dunkin. >> a local man makes a push to be president over appeared over again. new at 6 we get his take on the make a 5th run for office. >> and bridging this deep divide we dig into trump's stunning win and what it says about the state of our country. news 5 at 6
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. news 5 on your side starts now. >> we're not democrats first, we're not republicans first, we are americans first. >> americans first, and americans clearly divided our leaders calling for unity. >> so now our responsibility as citizens is to keep doing our part, to build that better stronger fairer america we seek. >> and support for the presi say heal the deep rift this election has exposed. >> now, it's time to bind the wounds. >> tonight half of america celebrates appeared half wonders what happened. >> at donald trump begins his transition to the presidency after an improbableable win declared early this morning a win that u nights congress and the white house. >> he turned politics on its head and now donald trump will lead a you know in a fridayed


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