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tv   News 5 at 6pm  ABC  November 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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. news 5 on your side starts now. >> we're not democrats first, we're not republicans first, we are americans first. >> americans first, and americans clearly divided our leaders calling for unity. >> so now our responsibility as citizens is to keep doing our part, to build that better stronger fairer america we seek. >> and support for the presi say heal the deep rift this election has exposed. >> now, it's time to bind the wounds. >> tonight half of america celebrates appeared half wonders what happened. >> at donald trump begins his transition to the presidency after an improbableable win declared early this morning a win that u nights congress and the white house. >> he turned politics on its head and now donald trump will lead a you know in a fridayed
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. >> today we await specifics as he builds his team appeared lays his plans for his first 100 days, but we do know he is acknowledging the work that lies ahead z. i will be president for all americans and promise you that i will not let you down. we will do a great job. >> while both hillary clinton and president obama promise to support his presidency. >> the peaceful transition of power is one our democracy, and over the next few months we are going to show that to the world. >> i still believe as deeply as i ever have that if we stand together and work together with respect for our differences, strength in our convictions and love for this nation our best days are still ahead of us. >> tomorrow trump will go to the
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home. >> now, trump will have a lot of work to do if this election did nothing else it showed us how divided this nation is and quite frankly how divided this state is. take a look at the map. the red for trump, blue for cli. you can pick out the cities here. we begin our live team coverage between the cities and rural areas. >> holmes county, a small county but a prime example of how boost on his path to an upset victory which even surprised some who voted for him. >> honestly yes i was afraid it wasn't going to go that way but i'm so glad it did go the way it did. >> the county typically goes republican but this year the election the numbers were very skewed 80% for donald trump, trump had 65 to 71% of the vote
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on the other hand clinton won the county was big cities cleveland, columbus but in the end it wasn't enough. small town u.s.a. came up huge for trump in ohio and other crucial battleground states like neighboring pennsylvania. >> i think we had more of the independent voters voting this time maybe, and more new voters, we had a lot of new registered people coming in and registerin >> and they went republican. >> i think so . >> and our governor spent much of this race divided from his own party. he refused to attend the rnc here in cleveland and never did endorse trump and wrote in john mccain on his ballot. today he tweeted congratulations to trump and wrote it's time to come together. this election cycle has definitely given us all something to talk about, and it
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>> so today we caught up with our next generation of voters and tonight they're asking a lot of tough questions about a trump presidency. . >> those questions about obama care, lgbt rights and abortion filling the schools in ohio today including here. if you remember in the primary, donald trump was one of only 3 people who was an anti-establishment candidate. >> the teacher breaking down the election with students in his ap government class. sitting in these seats both donald trump and clinton supporters all wondering what changes we might see. he told them while there may be concern in politics sometimes promises never play out. students are optimistic at this point. >> it's something that people are going to have to wait and see if this -- he is really true to his word. >> we don't know how he's going to be. so maybe we give him a few chances see what happens.
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good a president as anyone else would be . >> his message to his students is this is not the end of the world, our other legislative branchs will keep his power in check. >> a lesson for all of us be -- the pollsters started calling this race for clinton months ago but a few did get it right. you just spoke with one of those few. >> yeah, he's a republican pollster out of s predicted this trump surge, but a lot of people did not take him seriously and it is easy to see why. most polls showed clinton with a pretty consistent lead going up into election day even some states that just a few weeks ago she was sure to win like pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan and a research group says pollsters did a good job of predicting the 2012 results because they predicted who would
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did not show newspaper 2016. >> what happened in ohio is republicans turned out like they usually do and democrats did not. donald trump was able to get a bigger share in the cleveland area which was key to his victory. >> he says that democratic vote this year was down about 5 to 10% which really fuelled that trump surge here in ohio. >> it sure did. so he got it right. >> he got it right, exactly. so maybe if some people will take him seriously going on. >> race here in ohio is still too close to call, it is for the state supreme court pat fisher leads odonnell by less than a percentage point. there are still ballots to be counted. final results within a quarter of a percentage point trigger an automatic recount. new tonight at 6, are lower car sales driving changes for
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the company says we're shifting what we're buying. >> americans are buying more suvs and trucks and fewer cars, and that's affecting sales of vehicles like the cruz, that compact car is assembled and gm announced it's suspendsing the third shift. 1,250 workers will be furloughed. we wondered h in the first half of this year they were down 33%. it suspect the only plant affected. the company is also ending the third shift in michigan. all the changes go in effect in january, gm is investing $900 million in 3 plants. the fbi is ramping up its search for this young mother. she's been missing for more than
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are worried. we're live at the fbi head quarters with a plea to the public. >> reporter: yeah, you know, a lead led police and fbi agents to search a small portion of the metro parks yesterday. police tell me that it turned up nothing. so tonight they're turning to the public for help in tracking down this missing mom. >> she came to this country as a refugee. friends explained that she came here for a better life, now, her life may friends described the 24-year old as happy, funny and loving especially to her 3-year old little boy. >> she was excited to be here and excited to be working because it gave her a family and a place to start over and rebuild her life. >> reporter: the young mom was last seen here at her apartment, now, friends, co-workers and police are growing more concerned with each passing day. >> there hasn't been any contact from her cell phone or otherwise
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sort of activity with her accounts since the 16th. >> reporter: she works as a cook here in lakewood. a staff that is described to me more like family. they're hoping and praying that she's okay. she's recently divorced. her ex-husband was arrested for violate ago protection order shortly after she disappeared. now, a wider net. >> technical assistance. >> the fbi puts this missing poster out hoping that someone who knows something will say something. and there is a reward for information leading to information. mark johnson what's the power of 5 seeing out there right now? >> it is seeing a lack of
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radars we zoom down ground clutter here, you know what, the drier air is working in from the north, so if we had a few sprinkles earlier this evening or late afternoon, they should be fading away quickly. now, temperatures really have not warmed cooling down. we're down to 47 degrees in cleveland, 47 akron and canton. notice we did try and get up to 50, most spots did not make it today. ashtabula and youngstown, sitting at 41 right now. so 30s for overnight lows now, the big cities your 40s i'm thinking cleveland should drop down into the upper 30s by 7 a.m. winds do quiet down a little bit and begin to ramp up toward mid-day tomorrow. look at that 16-mile an hour winds going to blow some leaves around but we get a nice warm up. tonight in the 40s, 30s as skies clear out for many inland areas. so these readings now will feel warm compared to
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canton by tomorrow morning. we do warm it up tonight and see if we can keep it going through the weekend. more on that coming up. also ahead he's a local man with a plan and a dream of living in the white house. meet the 4 time presidential candidate and find out what drives him.
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. following a developing story where a former police officer is on trial for killing a man, the jury in the trial began deliberations today, but jurors told the judge they a verdict today he is accused of shooting and killing a man during a traffic stop last year. and we're making some calls right now trying to get new details about an officer involved shooting in our area. it happened late last night in ashtabula. an officer shot and killed evan cox, they say he drove over an officer's foot and dragged over another one. today the attorney general confirmed
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let's get back to democracy 2016 now and fears of a stock market tumble that didn't play out. in fact the dow rallied up more than 250 points today. overnight futures tanked as election results rolled in so investors feared they would take heavy losses today. and new at 6 it looks like fewer ohioans voted in year than 2012, the unofficial results show that just more than 69% of voters this year attachment could change once provisional and outstanding ballots are counted. in 2012 turnout was 70.5%. in 1992 about 5 million people cast ballots that's a turn outs of 77%. and if you cast a ballot yesterday you might have seen a local name in the presidential race. >> he had hopes of becoming our next president. we caught up with him today.
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head seat. >> if you voted there's a good chance you saw his name on your ballot richard dunkin, i could you tell up with him today on his race for the white house. >> i was very happy with the results. >> you could call richard persistent, his passion dates back to 2004. >> i got 17 votes that year, then 2008 i got 12,556 in 2012. >> fast forward to 2016. >> over 24,000 votes. >> the final tally will be made public in mid-january after the federal election commission certifies every vote. >> a lady says you're welcome, i'm proud of my vote for you. >> facebook followers congratulating the former candidate on a job well done. >> you know, it's not like i'm running for city council or
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of the u.s. and they're putting faith in me. >> something he doesn't take lightly. >> we're making head way here. >> his campaign costing a total of $5,000. he says cent his own. >> i know i'm doing the right thing. so that's -- it keeps me going. >> four attempts, four dust appointments, some would say give up but he says. >> i'm from someone giving me their opinion. i'm proud of the effort i've put into it and i'm proud of the results. >> his platform was focused on keeping jobs in america among other things, and i asked him what he plans to do now that he has more times on his hands, he says he plans to have a little more r and r and spend for time with his fiance and may or may
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. >> we'll stay tuned to see if he runs again. >> i pledge 5 snow days least a year if you elect me. okay. let's do 6 snow days a year. do i have your votes. >> you're winning. i want to show you a live picture from lorain, the bridge is up. >> is there a boat coming through? >> i think thereus there's a live look. cloudy skies. here's cleveland now, and a beautiful shot of our city looking good. ashtabula somebody is playing with the camera. stop it, stop it right now. now, let me do a time lapse of the akron area. . >> well, stop playing with the camera, look at that shot. come on. there we go. look at akron, look at wooster e rain from this morning and now skies are beginning to thin out
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go. clearing skies in wooster. so it's from northwest to southn . all right here we go. we'll show you the dry air the rain from yesterday is out of here. we'll stay dry overnight tonight. drier air clearing out the skies but it will have an impact on these temperatures. already chilly. 41 in youngstown, 42 in ashtabuh these temperatures, look, we're in the 30s most spots inland away from lake erie tomorrow morning could get frost. today 53 for the high, 47 was the low . all right. that's our current temperatures. notice the big ridge of high pressure here, it will be in place tomorrow with some sunshine but watch this front, here it comes, this is friday, maybe an isolated shower, but then behind the front another very chilly air mass at least for a day. so saturday is your coldest day of the weekend
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into the 50s. tonight 38 for cleveland, clearing skies, tomorrow nice little bump in temperatures i'm 60, mainly sunny mild and breezy. 34 tonight for akron. 59 tomorrow mild and sunny and breezy. here's your 7-day, friday 51, there's that front coming in we'll mention an isolated shower in one or 2 spots. saturday sunshine but chilly 48, sunday warmer 57 and then hanging in the 50s through that on the desk like the energy you bring. bring it on you know, it's the off season so the hot stove going for the indians. earninging hardware, we'll tell you where it started plus the cavs earn a trip to the white house next on
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. i love playing defense he always have since i was a little kid. knowing that i did something to help my pitcher. >> and in case you missed he is a fantastic running mate and with all precinct reporting he's
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to win since 2008. he loves flashing the leather and his smile. one of the best defense sill short stops in baseball. . his defensive ability started as a kid when his father would roll a baseball down a hill at him. a heck of a player. had they won the world series they would have earned a trip to the white house meantime the white house tomorrow and jefferson downright giddy. >> so excited about that. i'm really excited and especially because we get to meet barack obama not that i'm not excited about whoever the potential nominee is but i'm really excited to meet barack obama. he's such a basketball fan, been a fan of him you know just obviously for a long time. he's the first president i vote for, and
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to be -- i'm really stoked to see if i can get him on snapchat. >> love to see that. cavs lost their first game of the season last night to atlanta. they'll be in d.c. tomorrow the browns will be up the road in baltimore to play the ravens and the talk of 0-16 has reached the head coach. >> that's not where we want to be. we don't want to be 0-9 right now. we're going to fight our tails off and it i think our guys come in here every week with that mindset we're going to give you everything we have and try to change this. >> trying to be -- trying to avoid becoming the first club to go 0-10 in browns history it's that bad. . >> so we'll see tomorrow night on the road. >> all right. let's go browns. >> i sense a victory for one of
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let's take a look at our 7 days. all right kind of up and down, 60 tomorrow but then 48 saturday back into the 50s sunday through next wednesday, just a little bit of rain friday. >> i like him. >> very much. . >> see you. >> i'm on your side, don't
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tonight, a new era set to begin. president-elect donald trump. the billionaire outsider behind one of the biggest upsets in political history. and the swell of support that carried him through the battlegrounds. >> the forgotten men and women or of our country will be forgotten no lon president obama. his first trip to the white house coming next. and hillary clinton. ahead in the popular vote, but still unable to break that glass ceiling. among her first words today to her supporters, "i'm sorry we did not win." >> this is painful. and it will be for a long time. >> tonight, clinton's message to the country about president-elect donald trump. and we ask, who could be in trump's cabinet? new reaction from world leaders,


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