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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  November 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. now at 4:30, a country divided. some celebrating this morning, others protesting president- elect trump. here in the newsroom, keeping an eye on the country. >> and our current president starts the day with the white house. >> and ends his day with the cleveland cavs. it is thursday. good morning, everyone. a little on the cold side this morning. check out the temperatures that we have. a lot of locations in the 30s here, even right around
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two below in some areas, too. even around enough this morning, a little -- enough this morning a little fog in this -- new philly, a head's up in that area that there is fog. we will quickly warm up. middle 50s by the lunch hour. as we head toward the evening we should stay in the middle 50s. a cold front comes more change tomorrow and the weekend. we will check in with kristin now good morning. good morning. the highways look good but there is a little slow spot on 90 from the west there. until can have am 77 north b at 90 will be closed. the detour signs will be posted. until 6:00 am the two right lanes, 90 east at east 9th
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here is fulton, starting your thursday commute, very quiet otherwise. back to you. it is time for us to come together as one people. >> donald trump is going to be our next president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to succeed. >> everybody is sad when their side loses the election, but remember we are actually all on one team. >> three leaders calling for unity but this morning anything but that in a tense situation in several cities. nick foley is monitoring all the protests for them. nick, good morning. >> we are keeping a close eye on the monitors here in the newsroom, watching reaction to donald trump's election throughout the country as more and more groups take to the city streets to protest. here are images from los angeles into the newsroom.
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the streets overnight. protestors took to the highways. they are blocking busy freeways. 101 was blocked for miles with traffic, leading to dozens of arrests. and in portland, oregon, 2,000 protestors taking to the streets, several times blocking traffic and also causing trouble on the interstates. >> i was born in this country. this is place i know. it makes me feel like i am not fa protest -- not a part of it. >> we are keeping an eye on protests in chicago, as well. we will bring you new developments as we get to them. >> and closer to home people march through downtown. >> they started at cleveland state, took it to playhouse square. voters should be helpful because of the political process but make no mistake, he said, the country has been
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counties in pennsylvania and rural counties in ohio, the president-elect is getting 70% and 80% of the votes which means there is a cultural divide in the country. that is a significant anxiety. those anxieties are not new. they are old. >> the protestors stayed on public square for then hour and then started marching and chanting and discorrupted traffic flow and well, president-elect trump will meet with president obama today at the white house. >> the two will talk about a successful transfer of power. and he is not the only one heading to d.c. sarah phinney, trump's visit comes on the same day the cavs are touring the white house are that is right. the cavs visit to the white house has been in works for a while now.
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playing the washington wizards. lebron james and j.r. smith have been supporters of hillary clinton, the two of them appearing at public auditoriums sunday, both taking to instagram sunday, expressing their disappointment about the outcome of the election but encouraging people not to lose hope. meanwhile obama is urging democrats to put their feelings aside and work toward a successful tra house when he played for the miami heat but we prefer not to think about those time, right? >> i am really excited to meet barack. he is the the first president i voted for. i have been a fan of his a long time.
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can get him on snapchap are richard jefferson very popular on snapchap. and john kasich will also be at the white house, accompanying the team. our john kosich will also be at the white house so be sure to download the latest apps for the updates. case western reserve university police are stepping up patrols. six students have been robbed over the past two at gunpoint. the university is adding officers on all shifts and doubling the number of shuttle buses cutting student wait times and the increased police patrols on campus having an impact. seven people have been arrested. the two-day strike at cedar point is now over. the park and union members made a deal. the agreement includes higher wages. the workers felt the park didn't offer enough given how
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salaries say well. new information now on the man that shot his pregnant girlfriend in the head is still out there this morning. police have not released his name, but they tell us he shot shavonte chester who is 23 and 31 weeks pregnant in the glenville neighborhood. she was taken to university hospital in critical condition. we will let you know as soon as we learn more. a mom from cleveland is accused of driving drunk, her and killed a man on a motorcycle. this happened monday night on east 73rd street and she is now charged with aggravated vehicular homicide and child endangerment. the 3 and 6-year-old boys were in the backseat when she made a left turn right in front of the motorcycle. 53-year-old john stoudenmire dies in the intersection. if you are a fuel flier, you will love this.
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off from the akron-canton airport. the bright yellow plane, you see there, will dea part to fort lauderdale, and two more cities in florida, vegas and myrtle beach. >> sounds good. the browns are on the road for their one and only nationally televised game of the season. >> they will play the ravens on thursday night football. the browns are desperately trying to avoid an 0-10 start, the worst start in team history. they are trying to avoid mentioned with the 2008 lions who went 0-16. >> , if anything, ares crossed for them. >> my goodness. i hope it doesn't come to that. still ahead, donald trump made a lot of bold promises on the campaign trail, but how much power will he will to deliver on them. a lesson in civics coming up. >> plus, five people are injured after a man opened into a crowd in seattle. what may have led to the shooting.
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. good thursday manager. i am meteorologist jd rudd. a yesterday this afternoon. temperatures around 60. a little on the seabreezey side. tomorrow the clouds return and so does the cool air. more on that coming up. kristin? the highways nice and quiet. however in independence we still have traffic restrictions because of the water main break that happened earlier this week. that coming up. right now general motors is cutting jobs for the first time in six years. >> it means layoffs for a lot of local workers.
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shirt indefinitely at the lords lordstrom plant. lordstrom isn't the only plant affected but ending the third shift at the one in lansing, michigan. coming up, holiday coffee cups are making a comeback. why your instagram picture could have made it to one of the starbucks new designs. >>av dead man just got elected to a key position. i am not waking that up.
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. welcome back. two marine pilots are safe this morning after their two planes collided mid-air. one ejected over the pacific ocean and the other landed on land. both are being examined by doctors and expected to be okay. the cause of the crash is under but today a special spotlight will be on the marines. >> yes, it will. november 10th as the marine corps birthday on this day in 1775. the continental marines were established. if you know a marine, make time to call them, send them a email or send them a message on facebook wishing them a happy birthday. you are looking at a video of a
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of protecting our nation. >> we will get you that cake and show it to you later. here we are at 4:45. good thursday morning to you. i am power of 5 forecast meteorologist jd rudd. waking up to a couple areas of fog in the southern locations mainly, akron-canton, and here the goose egg is 0, the color coding showing quite a bit of fog in that area. be careful if you are heading up and down 77. we will check in to see what is happening there. 38 degrees right now. patchy frost and cold to say the least. as you head out the door in the next few hour, here is what to expect. the temperatures will respond to the sunshine once it comes up after 7:00 or so. we should be around 46 at 9:00 with plenty of sunshine. any fog should mix out by then. however the old frost rating here, the finger rating of scrapage today, how numb will your fingers get? not bad.
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light frost on the windshields you may have to scrape off a bit. no rain to talk about. even the cloud cover is pretty thin, a cold start to the day. look at the temperatures around cuyahoga county. po's, middle 30s in some areas like shaker heights at 35. we are supposed to be at 39. wooster is 32. elyria is 35. mansfield is 34. yes, it is cold this morning but this afternoon sunshine and after by the lunch hour. 59 by 2:00. it will be breezy today with a southwest wind around 10 to 20. make the most of today because the tomorrow the cold front comes through and the temperature changes on us, and, yes, everything goes downhill from there so to speak. 30s for overnight lows coming our way tomorrow night to saturday night. we may see more frost and a few snow flakes, as well. i see cooler days once we get past this. i will talk more about that in
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>> thank you, jd. take a look at the maps and highways. trouble-free on all mainly highways. travels at top speeds right now in the independence area. the two north b lanes on route 21 are closed between chestnut and rockside that happened earlier this week. the closures remain in place even though the water main break has been repaired, still causing issues. and the green light north b and 271. 61 miles per hour. jd has been talking about the fog. we can't find it on the odot view but here is one at 77 and white pond. it depends on where the cameras are positioned. here we are looking okay. but make sure you have the low beams on and drive carefully, earnings per share in these foggy conditions. president-elect trump will have a lot of work to do.
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is. the red areas indicate places that voted for trump, the blue for clinton. holmes county with a population of 43,000 are a prime example of how rural ohio gave donald trump a big boost on his path to an upset victory, garnering 56 to 71% of the vote in other rural counties, wayne, us the row waxer ashl those that voted for him. >> honestly, yes. i was afraid it wasn't going to go that way but i am so glad it did go the way it did. >> clinton the counties with big city, cleveland, columbus and cincinnati but in the end that was not enough. now that trump won the presidency, a lot of people are confused about what our next president can and cannot do. you have a little lesson for u terrence? >> yes. our reporter tera blake went
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back to her high school class to bring us a refresher. trump cannot take away the rights of gay marriage and abortion because both of supreme court decisions. another big talker, the huge wall you have probably heard about by now. that plan will require congressional support. what you can expect to change in the coming months, remember, it probably can't be done alone. >> that is why we have checks and balances in place because the process is meant to workings to take time. >> if you -- workings to take time. >> -- workings to take time. >> we have more information on the newschannel5 app. practice may be a quiz professor lee over here. a lot of talk about this next story. voters in california re- elected a dead man. >> it is for the city treasure seat in oceanside. it with us too late to take
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he past and his opponent saying she doesn't understand why voters who choose him of the now the city has to choose a special election or appoint a replacement. well, the green cups at starbucks not meant for the holidays. it was about unity for the election but today, snow flakes, santa claus and reindeers concern on a red cup. there are 11 different designs. starbucks said it used social media posts from its customers for a little inspiration. >> think we are 45 days away from christmas. i believe it was 46 yesterday. that means 45 today. i am excited and can't wait to put up my tree. >> we have to start shopping soon. >> yes. the time is 4:51. i am terrence lee. >> and i am corrina pysa. still ahead, a courtroom brawl. a fight breaks out in a ohio courtroom. what led to the scuffle that landed a man behind bars. >> and next, a 93-year-old woman gets a chance to cross
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day it is still on her list, but not for the reason you may be thinking. >> as we head to break, take a look at how wall street opens
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welcome back. take a quick peek at the construction around town. if you are on 90 east b, remember the right two lanes 90 east at east 9th street are closed at 6:00 am. here is where the fog is. jd is talking about it, too. us the can a row was, and more
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cameras and let you know if commuters have problems. let me know more on my twitter. voters have again rejected a proposal to ban the hydraulic fracking technique, the sixth time residents is turned down the ban. but organizers say they are not giving up and will look to bringing it back to the ballot deciding to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. they make proposing posing 200- grams of marijuana a misdemeanor. and more on the trial of a former ohio police officer that shot and killed an unarmed man.
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new video of an ohio courtroom brawl caught on camera. the fight erupting after a man barged into the courtroom demanding to speak to the judge, this happening in champaign county, an hour east of columbus. offers you see there are wrestling him to the ground. they took him to custody we are told the man had a personal dispute with the police division and court. let's take a look at what 5:00. the jury could not come to a fast decision in the trial of a georgia father. >> plus, police need your help this morning. they are very concerned about a local mom who has been missing
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a loop high school. how sex offenders are getting into your children's school. >> and white house takeover. the big names getting ready to meet with president obama today, including clevelanders you may recognize. >> you know them. >> yes! well, it is thursday, november 10th. i am corrina pysa. >> and i am terrence lee. we have a lot to get to this morning. good morning! but first, look outside at the forecast with meteorologist jd rudd. >> yes. it is cold outside. some areas waking up to fog around the new philly and canton areas. temperatures are cold. air temperatures in the 30s. you throw in the lighter wind, under 10 miles per hour, but many areas feels like freezing, if not colder. it feels like 29 in akron and


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