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tv   News 5 at 11pm  ABC  November 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tonight we look at what's next how the next presidency will affect you and your family and how this came to be. and those people worried about a donald trump presidency protesting nationwide for a second night. >> these demonstrations happening in oakland, california. now some of the protests happening in washington, d.c. tonight where president-elect donald trump took his first step toward calling the white house home. >> he and melania trump visited president and first lady obama today. we go inside the bhous. this is really -- white house. this is really the first time they've all met. >> they've talked about each other a bit.
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today on camera they came together. >> political polar opposites coming together both under the same roof, the white house. a moment frozen in time. president obama hoping to thaw an icy relationship. >> if his closest advisors don't trust him to tweet why would any of us trust him with a nuclear post. >> as did a one nation divided. >> most of all i want to emphasize to you as president- elect that we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed. because if you succeed then the country succeeds. >> for a moment policy talked paused for a few light pointers.
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the insults, entertainment and elements of fear. today more of a modst o approach. >> i look forward to dealing with the president in the future including counsel. he explained some of the difficulties. some of the high flying assets and some of the really great things that have been achieved. so mr. president it was a great honor being with you and i look forward to being with you >> you too. >> away from microphones diversity showed itself in two wives and it spoke volumes. >> mr. trump tweeted this a fantastic day in d.c. met with president obama for the first time. melania liked mrs. o a lot. the president and first lady had quite a few visitors today.
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to send john kosich there as well. ed to the first day in a -- today the first day in a long list of things. >> historical day for sure. historical week for sure and the road that donald trump has ahead of him is an extremely long one in a short period of time. the decisions that he makes over the next 70 days are the ones who will determine how that first 100 days in the oval office and that first term goes. about 1,000 need senate confirmation. he's going to have to do that over the next month and a half. get those names together. as far as the cabinet positions he should have those names in place by thanksgiving which is two weeks away from now. some of the key names popping are some of the key supporters. rudy giuliani. for attorney general. it's a position he's had his
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today talking about his years working in the justice department. governor chris christie is another one expected to play a role. probably a lesser role given his role in bridgegate. newt gingrich another. as well as jeff sessions one of the first people to come on board and support him in his run. some of the key names popping up. again a large company has to bring these names together quickly and submit them for approval. >> also interesting today. one of trump's rivals during the campaign was there at the white house today with the cavaliers. you spoke with john kasich about our new president-elect. >> ghov nor john -- governor john kasich was coming to washington to make a speech about the republican party
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obama and the president for the cavalier's championship celebration. i asked him where they go as a party. >> we have to stay positive. we have a new president and we need to respect our presidents. and that's really really important. it's not as though -- this guy won this election and we all have to pull for him because then we help all americans. >> governor kasich him but saying hi hopes he'll -- saying he hopes he'll have people to guide him. sometimes bringing people who don't necessarily agree with you but will help you run the country going forward. >> i'm happy we got another kasich moment. what's the overall immediate in d.c. today? -- overmood in d.c. today? >> -- what's the overall mood
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>> it's still in shock. it's something a large part of the country didn't see coming. so washington drpt see it coming -- didn't see it coming republican or democrat. there's a lot of soul searching. you can hear protesters. they've been here for about two hours. some of what we're seeing around the country. there's a lot of soul searching. why did we miss this and where do we go as a country from this. >> it's not gog thank you very much. plenty of stories for you when you get home. >> all right thank you, rob. there's no question this election was like nothing we'd ever seen before. there are more than a few people nervous. back to the bay sicks for a look at -- basics for a look at what the president can and cannot do. >> a little refresher never hurt, right?
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social studies teacher ever expected to have me back. sorry. but she let us spend the day with her and her students and they cleared up any confusion you may have. >> we want to go back to making our bill. >> today's lesson in this 11th grade civics class? >> they may call you over to speak. >> how a bill becomes a law. >> her students may be able to teach you a thing or two about the person whose desk that bil >> he's the last one to sign it. >> he being the president. these teenagers have a solid understanding of the roles the commander-in-chief plays. >> congress has the ultimate power. >> he cannot take away the rights for gay marriage. >> or abortion. >> you can't change it. >> both supreme court decisions. >> the supreme court would have to overturn its own decision. >> he can appoint a supreme
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>> the senate has the ability to say if that person is accepted. >> and as for that wall you've heard about? >> i don't know who's going to make the wall. >> on the united states-mexico border. >> congress has a lot of power. >> it would require congressional support. so when it comes to our next president what can you expect to change? >> the big misconception among people is that we'll see these things change and really that's in place. the process is meant to work to take time. >> are you refreshched yet? or do you -- refreshed yet? or do you want more information? there's some more info on our news channel 5 ap. a surge in sign ups for obamacare the day after the election. for many that's the only way
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and his republican congress have promised to repeal it leaving those americans worried. james tells what to expect. >> ronnie bell has a ton of clients who get health insurance from obamacare. >> they're concerned it's going to end right away and they're not going to have it because of a preexisting condition. >> it was a key promise but for millions in ohio in the midst of open enrollment it raises fears they'll be kicked off their health insurance. >> there's be no changes. come in and talk to us. you still need to sign up for a plan so we can help you through finding the plan. >> if you have obamacare enroll as you would for 2017. >> that would be my expectation that there's not a january 1 switch. everything is in effect like on monday.
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through statute must supply discounted policies. >> you'll likely have obamacare through the year if not for years to come. it will take a long time for president elect trump to repeal it. there's not a large enough republican majority in the senate and there are aspects that all sides agree are beneficial. like the ability for a son or daughter to stay on a parent's plan until they're 26 years old. and not restricting coverage becae >> no one needs to be concerned on january 20th when president- elect trump takes off that they -- office that they will lose their policies. >> some are fearing that birth control costs will go up and access to services will be limited gynecologists are reporting a rise in post election appointments.
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the hours after the election. a live look at the protest against trump going on across the nation right now. how social media is playing a role in that movement. clinton may have won the cities and the popular vote it was small town america that helped trump win the election. we'll visit rural ohio to find out how important those votes were m. many are worried and stressed about their post- electi one psychologist has a new term
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another night of protests nationwide over president-elect donald trump from baltimore and d.c. to dallas and denver. thousands again taking to the streets. organizers say while they know they can't change the vote they want to go on record that they are against what trump stands for and has promised to do. much is being fuelled online. >> social media is people to a civic center but it is there and in person that you -- that's where you figure out the now what. it's hard to do online. >> the hashtag not my president started trending after the election. history was made on election day for many reasons including clinton becoming the fifth in history to win the popular vote but lose the election.
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electoral college that determines who wins. >> george walker bush has won florida's 25 electoral votes. >> it happened in 2000 al gore winning the popular vote by a slim margin. george bush taking the election by winning the electoral college. >> this no longer is a victory for vice president gore. >> it happened this time too, hillary clinton winning the popular vote and losing the election. the electoral college is built in candidate to win big in the popular vote but lose overall. here's how. to win a state's electoral votes you must win its popular votes. some states have larger populations than others. take for instance new york and california where voters overwhelmingly supported clinton. that didn't give her an edge in the electoral college. political pundits know the
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votes in florida, north carolina, and pennsylvania to take it all. >> and because of the way the electoral college is structured it is possible for a candidate to win less than 30% of the popular vote but get elected. the popular vote within the r wasn't an issue in ohio. >> we saw nationwide hillary clinton performed well in cleveland columbus, cincinnati. but rural counties made a huge difference in this electi holmes where trump took 80% of the vote. vote. >> how smalltown america put trump over the top. >> at this sport's pub many explained why they voted for donald trump. >> we really need somebody that's a little more financial minded. better than too much political. >> he's a businessman. he wants to make change.
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>> a day later many trump signs are still standing in holmes county along with some against hillary clinton. the director of the board of elections told me the results prove the importance of rural areas. here are more examples. trump captured 71% of the vote in ashland county and 65% in wayne county. >> there are a lot of city miss the state but there's more rural area than there is, you know, that urban area. scored big throughout small towns in wisconsin, pennsylvania, and michigan. back at the millersburg sports pub a manager said she disagreed. >> i voted with hillary. >> christy feels trump's style could lead to conflict. >> you think about what's gong on in your -- going on in your community. >> still trump's appeal was
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making a big difference in how it voted. >> it showed they they cared -- that they cared about the small people. >> in millersburg bob jones news 5. >> the victory is being called an upset. how did the polls get it wrong? he won key battleground states and the electoral votes with fewer than john mccain and mitt romney had in their loss >> there was about three to four million democrats that did not show up and vote yesterday in the course of this election. this election will have the lowest turnout percentage wise in 20 years. >> some say supporters had a change of heart after the fb announced they were looking into the emails. others say trump voters just didn't care to tell the polls who they were supporting. this brought out some
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still ahead. where some people are going for answers. the county fathers wanted to ensure we would have a king. adults aren't the only ones who are stressed. how teachers are answering some tough questions from kids. and later, you know who trump and clinton are. and probably gary johnson and jill stein as well. we'll introduce you to the fifth candidate listed on
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tuesday's election upset has half of voters feeling pretty thrilled, the other half sad, scared. okay rob lets go there, some are depressed. >> we talked to a psychologist who says some of her clients are acting like they lost a loved one. >> post-traumatic election disorder. >> ellen casper says she's
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affect her client's mental health like this one. >> everything from mild to medium depression, anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, difficulty concentrating. >> one client hasn't been back to work but she advises the opposite. >> go back to work, begin exercising again. >> get back to living your life and doing things you enjoy. >> and get spiritua >> for katy it means leaning on her faith. she attended this service in the trin ty cathedral. >> you can't change it but you can change how you react. and you can know that god is present. >> this election cycle was so con ton shs and so -- contentious and so just angry. >> it's an anger towards
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strangers present throughout that this woman told us distorted humanity. she says understanding god means trying to understand those with whom you disagree politically. how we view the other, how we see the other. how we treat the other is critical to how -- to a life of faith. >> derek waller with that report. dr. casper says it's important not to bottle up your give it some time. well maybe a presidential election for the record books but it will live on in the textbooks from lgbt rights and abortion and obamacare. news 5 east reporter tells us -- news channel 5's reporter tells us what it might look like. >> our democratic system works.
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>> the founding fathers wanted to ensure that we wouldn't have a king. >> reminding his students of chaeks and -- checks and balances that limit power. >> the senate has a number of democrats that could stop legislation if need be. >> legislation that junior katherine is worried might target her lgbt and minority friends. >> i don't think it will be extreme stuff. i hope that trump will good a president as anyone else. >> like her her class mate is -- classmate is optimistic. >> we don't know how he's going to be. maybe we give him a few chances, see what happens. >> as for the negative narrative during the campaign here's what one supporter has to say. >> he has a lot to improve when it comes to speaking socially with other people and other governments.
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educators should follow the golden rule. >> teach your kids to be nice all the time. treat everybody with respect. be accepting of people. i think you have to be nice to your neighbor. respect that. respect that somebody else volted for someone. your person -- voted for someone. your person didn't get elected. respected that and move -- respect that and move on. >> while that may be easier said than done he reminded his this long under the constitution and he believes that will continue. voting for the lesser of two evils. >> proof that there were a lot of people who didn't want to vote for trump or clinton. also ohio voters had a couple other options including a local guy. and this isn't the first time he's made a run at the white
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they didn't like donald trump and hillary clinton now there's proof they really meant it. there was a massive increase in the number of writin votes -- write-in votes. more than 6,000 this year. who did they think should be president? they say they don't keep a formal list but they know ohio governor john kasich was the number by bernie sanders and written in by a few voters some selected our very own living legend mr. loen bibbs. >> you can't get better than that. he can't win. unless they're a certified candidate the votes don't count. there was one local man who could have been elenthed.
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richard duncan's name was on the ballot. it's not the first time. >> i was very happy with the results. >> you could call richard duncan persistent. his passion dates back to 2004. >> i got 17 votes that year. then 2008 i got 3,900 and i got 12,556 in 2012. fast forward to 2016. >> over 24,000 votes. >> the final tally will be made puic federal election commission certifies every vote. >> a lady named bethany says you're welcome. i'm proud of my vote for you. >> facebook followers congratulating the candidate on a job well done. >> you know, it's not like i'm running for city council or anything this is the president of the u.s. and they're putting faith in me. >> something duncan doesn't take lightly. >> we're making headway here.
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of $5,000. he says every cent his own. >> i know i'm doing the right thing, so that's -- keeps me going. >> four attempts, four disappointments. some would say give up but duncan says. >> i'm not easily discouraged from someone giving me their opinion. i'm proud of the effort i put into it and i'm proud of the results. >> that reporting and duncan may or may not run in 2020. you just have to stay tuned. >> we'll see. >> we thank you for watching the after the election special. >> our coverage of the trump presidency is just beginning.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight matthew broderick, from the los angeles rams, william hayes and tip. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ? ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. thanks for coming. that's very nice. i appreciate it. i'm happy to see you too. you know, it was another


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