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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 11, 2016 2:37am-4:00am EST

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staff at the start of president obama's second term. kushner is married to ivanka trump, a real estate developer like his father-in-law and owner of "the new york observer." when the 115th congress convenes in january, it's the most diverse the nation has ever seen. there's 38 women of color, w have the most women of color in its history. among them, katherine cortez of nevada, and harris of california, the senate's first indian-american. >> a former illinois congressman has been indicted on charges of misusing public funds. the capitol hill office decorated in the style of the tv show,downton abbey, once a
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pear. he resigned last year over reports of improper spending. other charges include wire fraud, mail fraud, and theft of government funds. the philippine's president was in tune with malaysia in a state visit. at a state dinner after negotiating agreements on piracy, they each got up to sing a song. >> so he's a fan of karaoke, well-known for this, and wings." ? ? >> the malation prime minister was a bit more animated singing cliff richmonds, up tempo "the young ones." >> just like us.
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have you heard that one? >> jack, do you know that one? >> i hope i said that right. >> i just want to hear them sing "the wind beneath my wings." >> again? that was not enough for you? >> jack can't hear anything. >> thank you for the encore light from your phone. some might thing spain's new government needs to lighten up a bit. the administration there wants to ban mes images that infringe on the honor of a person. honor is important, kendis. >> i guess. >> the proposal, as you might expect was met by a host of m ergs mes. >> most poking fun of the prime minister. here he's shown as edward sis sore hands, and here he is portrayed as ewok. there is no democracy without
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>> long live meme. >> one day, you know, you have exto plain to the kids where that's okay. >> why they are okay? >> to insult an authority figure? can they make you a meme, dad? >> yes, of course. >> i'm totally -- >> yes, they would. is it memes or memes -- gif or gif? >> a massive explosion in a neighborhood. >> a new approach to calming kids at school. the trick, just breathe. we'll explain. first, a look at today's high temperatures. "world news now" weather
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wow, dramatic images capture panic in the streets of brazil an explosion and fire ball sent people running for their lives. the power of the blast knocking people to the ground, and it was apparently started when a car carrying gas cylinders caught fire. four people were injured. >> amazing that more weren't. now back here in this country and to a shocking crime in pennsylvania. two police officers ambushed responding to a domestic disturbance. three people dea officer. another officer woulded. >> police are saying this was an assassination. now authorities are trying to determine what went wrong. abc has all the details. >> reporter: investigators are sifting through evidence after a police officer was killed responding to a disturbance at this home near pittsburgh. >> shots fires, shots fired. any available unit responding. >> reporter: the 52-year-old officer, one of two responding
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rang out. >> upon arrival, they were ambush ambushed. >> neighbors hiding in their homes. >> it's the most dangerous calls for them, you know, for them to have been ambushed. >> reporter: inside the home, police found a woman and the suspect dead. authorities also looking into whether gas tanks, oxygen canisters, and a propane tank found in the suspect's car were intended to be used as explosives. it's been a deadly year for police officers across 57 have been killed by firearms so far this year. up 63% since last year. this community is mourning the loss of the officer, a father of four. the officer with him was shot, but survives and is in stable condition. abc news, canonsburg, pennsylvania. thousands of officers paid
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his final act of an officer was taking the bullet for his partner. he leaves behind a wife and two young sons. >> you see the grief on the face of family members there. you see the video from northern california that captures an incredible moment in nature. look at this. that's some of -- more than 500 dolphins leaping through the waters in monterey bay. there were more than a dozen humped back whales feeding on >> something to see. have you seen a humped back whale close? >> i have not. fascina fascinating? >> they go under the boat. go to maui, go whale watching. >> just go to maui opposed to the south of france. >> when you live in california, it's not that serious, come on, now. still, it is a big deal to see that moment in nature. there's three new members of the toy hall of fame. little people -- >> oh. okay.
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didn't know it was a toy, but this swing is a toy. >> huh. >> they were chosen from among 12 finalists, the announcement made at the museum of play in ro she'ser new york. the swing is a toy. honored for longevity, and the swing takes children and adults to new heights. literally. >> yes. coming up, let's take a moment, just breathe, relax. my motto for life, actually. >> it didn't work. that's what's going on in one school. we'll tell you why next.
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? ? i was, like, >> it is. >> i wouldn't let my kids watch the video. >> really? dirty. >> there's a lot of videos i couldn't let them watch. talk about breathing, that was the keyword, breathe in, breathe out. >> a big part of meditation, of course, and they are doing quite a bit of it these days in baltimore. it's having a positive effect. >> reporter: the chaos of early mornings.
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>> all the way up. >> reporter: along with writing, reading, and math, here in inner city baltimore, they study breathing with mindfulness classes woven into everyday. if a student acts up, they are not sent to the principal's office, but this mindful moment room to recenter. >> what do you think about when meditating? >> happy stuff? >> happy thoughts? >> yes. >> what are your happy thoughts? >> like, for kids. my father was shot when he was 4. he got shot when going to the movies by his house, so every time i get mad, i just breathe. >> reporter: they launched the program in baltimore 15 years ago with two local brothers. >> a lot of stimuli for them to deal with, self-regulate, manage their emotions, make them
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and emotionally, the climate for school is better for academics. >> reporter: movement exercises, breathing, and mindfulness, the kids' behavior changes. >> 95% of my class who goes out for the mindful room, they'll come back and they'll be at peace and at work. >> the goal is that they'll not only be at peace for the rest of the day, but hopefully for the rest of the their life. >> take two minutes. a day. you know, just take two minutes, take a minute, stop for a >> the holistic life foundation wants to expand on the success from baltimore to all schools across the country. they are tapping into mindful meditation, helping soldiers in war, stress out executives and families at home. abc news. >> it's great advice for anyone. >> that's -- >> why are you laughing? >> that's hilarious, the kids are, like, why is this woman still talking. >> i think they were really good
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ditch the misery. let's end this. can you believe, thanksgiving is two weeks away. >> don't talk about it. >> not prepared? >> i'm so not ready. how many pies i have to bake. >> oh, my gosh. you know, how many dinner reservations i have to make. let's talk about movies opening this weekend at the box office we're excited. this morning, topping off a tense election week with a science fiction thriller, amy adams playing a linguistics professor who leads an elite team investigating what appears to be a mass alien invasion. >> i need to see me. >> she's walking towards the
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>> now that's a proper introduction. >> oh, my. my mother would like this movie. she would. she used to watch "war of the worlds" back in the day. 96% rates on rotten tomatoes. >> i have not seen a movie like that in a >> ever. >> a terrific example of how to put the science back into sci-fi without compromising pace or action, and peter calls it this generation's close encounters saying it's the stuff that dreams are made of. i don't think i could handle it. >> it's dreams, not nightmare, thank you, peter. >> i see it as a nightmare. >> a holiday offering with christmas, trying to bring his dysfunctional family together for the first time since their
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monique. he knows he's really praying for a christmas miracle. ? ? >> what are you doing? i taught you that! i taught you that, baby! >> that's for you, baby. >> oh, somebody got a boyfriend. >> a couple -- >> almost christmas could be a and critics are mixed about it. all i want for christmas is my two hours back. come on. why the shame? roger moore calls it christmas film comfort food packed with clich cliches, but the most toxic fall in recent american history. >> remind you of soul food. >> kind of does. exactly. >> we'll see. that's the news this half hour.
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this morning on "world news now," a second night of protests. >> in dozens of cities throughout the u.s., out in the streets, some demonstrating peacefully against president-elect trump, and others turning into riots. trump breaks twitter silencement we'll bring you the latest. when office between the president and future president, two meet after a long and sorted past, and the woman of the white house having a slightly less stressful timesharing tea. details straight ahead. in florida, desperacembsper attempt to rescue a bald eagle stuck in a storm drain. they did what they could to free the majestic bird as prey as another eagle appears to stand guard. honoring heros as a divided
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together to celebrate the men and women of the u.s. military. where to find the best deals if you're a service member and lesson from very special vets, that it's never too late to get your diploma. it's friday, november 11th, veterans day. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> and what a day to honor our heros and blessed because we have the presence of ms. adrienne bankert. >> thanks for the slow applause. if you forget my name, just remember the rocky. >> how? >> adrienne. >> oh, wow. that's right. >> oh, you're sleepy. i thought you were playing at
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look in your face. >> there's a reference to bankert in rocky? it is a busy night, again, another night of of protests across the country. >> the vast majority of the protests taking place on the east and west coast, the largest of which appears to be in portland, oregon where hundreds have taken to the streets in what police are now calling a riot. cars have been smashed at a local dealership, and business windows trendy pearl district. >> downtown denver, 3,000 people gathered on the grounds of the state capital and marched through the city streets. >> here in new york, smaller crowds gathering outside of trump tower, smaller than the night before, as the president-elect took to twitter to blame the demonstrations on what he called professional protesters incited by the media. wabc was there.
3:03 am
mood to give the president-elect a chance to win them over. >> it's not what he did as president, but what he did before. >> he recognized the protesters, tweeted about them, had a very open and successful presidential election, now professional protesters incited by the media are protesting. very unfair. the protesters were determined to be heard. >> this is our freedom of speech. we can join here and protest. >> reporter: the t the candidate they supported lost in a system -- >> i'm not sure if the election wasn't rigged. >> reporter: apparently not rigged, and there were some on 5th avenue understand it. >> they have to get over the results. he won. he won. >> reporter: the crowd did not block traffic or march down the street, but they stood and shouted to the imposing heights of trump tower, aware they suddenly have few options. >> i have to say they are upset, but go home, accept it.
3:04 am
here, passionate, frustrated that the election did not go their way. >> thanks to wabc. the man who will be president sat down with the man who held the job since 2009. donald trump and president obama meeting face-to-face at the white house. >> they talked trash about one another on the campaign trail, but never met prior to yesterday. >> wow. >> what was to be a short meeting lasted 90 minutes. the president said they'll work together for the good of the country. >> most of all, i want to emphasize to you that we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> well, thank you very much, president obama. this was a meeting that is going to last for maybe ten or 15 minutes, and we were just going to get to know each other.
3:05 am
i have great respect. the meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half, and it could have, as far as i'm concerned, could have gone longer. we really discussed a lot of different situations, some wonderful, some difficulties. i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future including coup sill difficulties, some of the high flying assets and some of the really great things that have been achieved, so, mr. president, it was a great hop nor being with you, and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future. >> thank you. >> well, the current and future first ladies sat down with one another. michelle obama and melania trump held a private meeting. >> over tea. >> yes.
3:06 am
upcoming duties and looked over biden's policy portfolios including the nato alliance and expanding access to the middle class. biden and pence have been friends since they served in congress together from 2001 until 2009. maybe perhaps a less awkward meeting there. speaking of congress, the president-elect's day included a stop on capitol hill and house speaker paul ryan had what ryan called a fantastic, productive in the presidential race and never campaigned with him. the house vote tuesday determines whether ryan remains speaker. trump expects congress to move strongly on a number of issues including health care. as you know on the campaign trail, donald trump called the media disgusting and dishonest. >> right. >> apparently, that vi tree yal of the media carries over as completing.
3:07 am
norm, and the press, he left for washington, d.c. without the press. they didn't even give out a schedule. at one point during the day, he disappeared for a full hour. >> he left d.c. to return to new york unannounce. >> yep. >> i think, obviously, we heard the sentiment from donald trump and president obama, they never met before, so some called that meeting in the oval office awkward. the media's relationship with donald trump has not been conventional since day one, so it was a the journalists there who wanted to follow the story and looking for messages. >> it's normal to have a press pool to travel with the president or completing. that didn't happen. have fun over the next four years. >> yeah. >> it's not going to be like any other time before, certainly. moving on, though. talk of a possible deal in the trump university fraud case. the trial set to start later this month and the attorney says he's open to a settlement and
3:08 am
transition responsibilities. in the meantime, a ruling could affect trump's defense. the federal judge says he's prepared to deny a request to ban statements made by and about trump during the campaign. the judge says the defense didn't specify what evidence it wants kept out. this from the markets now. the dow jones industrial average opening trading this morning at a record high, but other indexes are not doing as well after the election. in trading dropped the most since september and s&p 500 had only a modest gain. financial companies are doing well, we should point out, based on the president-elect's election promises, and technology household products and utilities are not. other headlines, images from the pulse nightclub massacre. cams are review the aftermath. terrified survivors come out of
3:09 am
images of the scene removed. 49 people died from the rampage, dozens euroinjured, and they plan to turn the nightclub into a memorial. a big rig fire caused massive traffic delays and authorities shut down the highway. the 60 freeway in the l.a. area, the flames sparked a brush fire that spread to two acres. several explosions heard as the fi it's up clear what caused the fire in the first place. a bald eagle stuck in a storm drain led to portions of the road being closed in orlando, florida. at first, it appeared another eagle was protected the eagle, but experts say it's likely the birds were fighting over territory. they had a beef, apparently. it flew away, and crews arrived on the scene, the injured eagle was freed after being stuck for
3:10 am
>> two eagles fought in the sky and dropped into the drain. i pulled over. >> stress and nervous. i ran out of the house. >> who knew that eagles had their own territory. >> they are bold birds. one was stuck because he was trying to take cover from the other one attacking him in the air. >> the krips and blood of the birds. she hurt her leg, chest, and cracked her six weeks to heel. >> thank goodness for the first responders for animals. there's a number of special deals to celebrate veterans' day. get free meals at bob evans, applebees, and red robin. ihop has free red, white, and blue pancakes, and there's a free lunch combo from 11:00 to 2:00 at little caesar's. >> so vets and military --
3:11 am
there's a story about little caesars. >> desserts at red lobster and outback and ruby tuesday's, a bunch of places. >> 15% off. >> at outback -- >> through tomorrow. it looks like a brag away from lauren friedman, but she's running to greet her fatherment home from a tour of duty in afghanistan. i will never tire of and embraces. he surprised her in a pep rally in her school, and she also ambushed his other two children at their schools, and ambushed with hugs. you know. >> look how excited they are. nearly two does veterans in california have their high school diplomas. their education was interrupted in world war ii, korea, and
3:12 am
one feels terrific and feels now he can go to college. >> very sweet. next in the mix, won woman who's been to every country in the world, in a class of her own. >> coming up, michelle and melania meeting the future first lady. what's going to be mrs. trump's legacy? we'll explain just ahead. later, the field of dreams built for meet the incredible red sox fan that got his very own fenway park in his backyard. >> wow. >> find us on facebook, that's, and on twitt twitt
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? ? the woman known for her talk show, both of them, there was u-n-i-t-y. they met mountain white house. >> after a decade in the spotlight, we know about mrs. obama, and juju chang tells us more about mrs. trump. >> reporter: with a new president comes a new first lady.
3:17 am
trump. >> reporter: melania trump sat down with first lady michelle obama for tea and a tour of the white house. on january 20th, michelle will pass the torch to the former model to become the first foreign born first lady since john adams' wife. raised in this small town, locals celebrated by raising american flags. ? ? >> reporter: the former not your ordinary girl, former alleged boyfriend telling abc news -- >> she was never typical girl. very, very classy. >> reporter: she was asked by "the new york times" in 1999 when trump considered office, what kind of first lady she would be, replying, i would be very traditional like betty ford or jackie kennedy. despite the forshadowing, she
3:18 am
>> reporter: telling barbara walters, she's busy being a mother. >> a support my husband 100%, but we have a 9-year-old son together, and i'm raising him. >> reporter: just last week, finally giving the world a glimpse at what her future cause as first lady may be. >> we have to find a better way to talking to each other. >> reporter: cyber bullying. >> it's very bad out there and children get hurt. >> our thanks to after looking at the white house, she said, oh, looks like a fixer upper. coming up, a smaller version of fenway park built in the backyard of a big fan. you're watching "world news
3:19 am
this field. this game.
3:20 am
it reminds us of all once was good and could be again. oh, it will come, ray. people will most definitely come. >> oh, that famous scene from "field of dreams" setting us up for another field of dreams. >> set up in the backyard in a town of windsor, connecticut, specifically for a special boy. >> his favorite team dreams had to be fenway park. we have more now from abc's david muir. >> there you go! >> reporter: thomas hastings loved baseball since he was a little boy. he was born with muscular dystrophy and making playing ball difficult, and he spent most of the time in his jersey and wheelchair. he atended his first game at 3
3:21 am
wish, he chose his own baseball field, and hundreds of volunteers and strangers coming together to build thomas his own miniature fenway park right in his backyard. they cleared the yard, levelled the field, and added the famous citgo sign and, of course, the green monster. >> unlike so many other places that have restrictions and obstacles, there's nothing here that he can't do. >> reporter: just 34 days to build and >> in the bull pen now to relie relieve. >> it was exciting when i first stepped on to the field. i was starting to think this is real, and it's not a dream. it's real. >> tune out the negativity, you can really find that there's some amazing people out there, completely selfless, willing to jump in and do what they need to
3:22 am
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tch the misery. let's end this. so this is a woman after my own heart. not referring to you -- well, you, yeah. >> i like the story. >> it's beautiful. >> i like it. >> this 27-year-old woman is trying to become the first female ever to visit every country on earth. she's doing good so far. she's already visited countries since july of of last year. woah. >> those are the shots i was telling you and why she's sponsored to go to the countries. >> she's traveling, and, apparently doing yoga and working out. only 15 countries to go in 40 days to beat the world record to be the fastest to see all countries around the world. >> very, very impressive. let's go to the next story.
3:26 am
like no one's watching. look at mama. who's mom is this? this basketball fan at a golden state warriors game really just working it. yeah. >> she's become a sensation, hasn't she? >> the video viral. she jumped up when they got the lead, and she proved they have the most lawyer. >> shake what you mama gave you. ? ?
3:27 am
? ?
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3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," another night of unrest as thousands protest the election of donald trump. demonstrators blocking traffic overnight, and some of the protests taking a violent and ugly turn as trump tweets about the coast to coast displays of anger. we have the latest in a moment. and president-elect trump making good on the handshake and peaceful transfer of power, but what was it like with the cameras out of the room? meanwhile, how hillary clinton spent her day. new this half hour, the other guests at the white house yesterday. >> nba champs, the cleveland cavaliers had fun with the president and king james and the first lady freezing time, but what was so amazing that caused
3:31 am
>> and chris rock for president? the latest celebrity that's not promising to move to canada. that's because chris rock is throwing his hat in the ring for a presidential run. isn't it a little too late for a january move-in date? we'll figure it out on "the skinny" on this friday, november 11th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i know that we've said presidential elections last way too long, but we got through with one, and we already have another for 2020. >> guess what. all bets are off, the rule book thrown out. let it go. good morning, i'm adrienne ba bankert in for diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson.
3:32 am
anger and frustration to the streets for a seconds night. >> the protests have been mostly peaceful, but there's been scattered acts of civil disobedience including in los angeles where the tight crowd of protesters blocked the 10 freeway east of downtown l.a. >> crowds turned out in cities like minneapolis and dallas as well as philadelphia and portland oregon where police say the protests there have turned into riots. crowds damaged 19 cars at a car >> hitting close to home for the president-elect under his nose are smaller crowds last night gathering outside of trump tower here in new york, and as mr. trump reenergized his twitter account blaming the demonstrations on professional protesters who are incited by the media. >> 100 protesters marched on the hotel from the white house where plmplt trump had his first meeting with president obama.
3:33 am
the country. >> donald trump doesn't represent me or my community. i have two daughters. it's really important that i set an example that i don't abide by bigotry. i want to stand together with other people and share that experience. >> it is what it is. that's all i can say. >> yeah. >> reporter: do you think by being here it's going to change anything? >> not really. i just want my boys to really understand what's going i think we all been through a lot. >> we do want to get to live pictures coming in from california. interstate 580 had been shut down at one point, but it's now open once again. you can see crowds gathered there, blocking downtown streets. overnight last night , we watchd bonfires set, hopefully it stay calm now. the protests continuing throughout the night across the country.
3:34 am
protests plus the fact that president-elect calling midtown, manhattan home turned new york into a giant security zone. >> trump tower's now surrounded by what's called unbelievable security measures. some streets have also been closed off in the area around what's called the white house on 5th avenue. meantime, a no-fly zone in place over new york city covering a two mile radius over midtown, until january 21st. trump made a visit to washington, d.c. since winning the election, and here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: a historic handshake, former adversaries now members of the world's most exclusive club. together in the oval office forging a path for america's future. >> my number one priority in the coming two months is to try to
3:35 am
ensures our president-elect is successful. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future including counsel. he's explained several of the difficulties, some of the high flying assets, and some of the really great things achieved. >> reporter: change has already come to washington. >> i think president obama has been the most ignorant president in our unqualified to be our chief e executi executive. >> reporter: for years, donald trump doubting president obama was born in this country. >> why not just show the certific certificate? >> donald trump is here tonight. >> reporter: obama acting like the idea of a trump presidency was a joke. >> say what you want about mr. trump. he certainly would bring change to the white house. >> reporter: now it's trump who
3:36 am
business? forming a cab naent. the trump transition team launched a website, help wanted. >> we need donald trump as president of the united states. >> reporter: some of the jobs expected to go to his inner circ circle including chris christie and sarah palin. as the office visit wound down, obama's big piece of advice? don't feel media hounds. >> it's a good rule. don't answer all the questions. it's always the last one. >> reporter: understandable, really. >> come on, guys. >> let's go. >> very good man. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> reporter: everyone's more than a little skeptical just how long this spirit will last. david right in scranton,
3:37 am
face-to-face meeting in the oval officer. the president's chief photographer captured president obama and donald trump alone without the swarm of reporters. just chatting. i did notice in the video, at least, they have one thing in common, the man spread in the oval office. you notice that? the territorial man spread. >> listen, when you're in the oval office, you can do what you want. okay? >> well -- >> i can't believe -- wait a minute, you're a trail after losing the election, mrs. clinton posed for this picture, posing for this picture, she ran into hillary clinton and her husband, bill clinton, they shared a hug and a brief chat, and she told cnn that bill clinton took the picture. >> oh. that's got to be tough for them. i'm sure they'll appreciate the walk and nature after all they've been through. coming up in the skinny, another celebrity for president,
3:38 am
on the year 2020. gearing up for fight night with high style on display before stepping into the octagon. but first, a look at today's forecast. "world news now weather"
3:39 am
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to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together. ? ? a beautiful song and now a tribute. that's leonard cohen performing
3:42 am
writer died, continued to perform and recording into his 80s. in fact, his latest album, "you want it darker" released in october, and he wrote songs for willie nelson and more, the exact date of death and cause not announced. he was 82. >> justin timberlake paid tribute to him on twitter thursday. on to thursday night football action. the latest in the rivalry between cle the baltimore ravens hole first place in its division, and cleveland lost ten games this season. the latest, a 28-7 thrashing last night. the quarterback threw three touchdown passes during baltimore's strong second half. the browns, on the other hand, went through three quarterbacks. it's they're worst start to a season since joining the nfl in 1958.
3:43 am
were in the nfl -- >> we'd have a chance. >> we'd be tied. >> we'd have a chance. >> we'd be tied with the browns. >> i have faith in you. >> yes. >> i'd be cheering. >> when does spring training start? >> oh, man. i'd say just pick another quarterback. that's a winning solution. >> the cowboys did it. >> yes. although they -- >> well, it's controversial. >> it's weird. >> so weird. love you, dallas. >> yes. the ufc's first evt the way, and ufc february champion connor mcgregor ensures everyone knows the champ is here. woah. he showed up late for the press pre-fight neconference. >> was he dancing? >> i think that's what it was. he swiped the lightweight title belt from the current champion, and he appeared the two would start their bout right then and there, and then --
3:44 am
face. >> he's always like this, so why are we surprised? >> yeah. that's true. >> he's brash. >> woah. what did the chair do to you? >> he's bold. >> he'd be the first to hold it in two dallclasses, and this is first since new york state ended the 19-year ban on this sport. i think rhonda had lip like that before her fight down under. >> we know how that ended. >> jinx. >> we thought the same. wow. you saw president obama meeting with donald trump in the oval office after their meeting, president obama went outside to welcome the nba champions. >> lebron james and the rest of the cavaliers hop norred for their win against the golden state warriors, and they presented the president with a jersey for his collection there. in the remarks, the president reminded everyone that he's a chicago bulls fan.
3:45 am
1996 bulls as the greatest team of all time. so your president thanks you for that. >> that's a good one. >> after the jersey presentation, it was time for the team photo. check out the reaction of the guard. >> like, why? here's why. >> he's -- >> look. he's just got this shock and awe on his face, right? the president's podium was taken away. he tweeted the prede work moving that podium out of the way thinking, wow, that's power. >> like, i don't know if he thought it was a permanent podium, the presidential podium doesn't move, but just, like -- >> he was impressed because he just said "team" and they moved. >> boom. >> he's a man he tweeted later. >> exactly. the cavaliers provided this video. the players doing the challenge inside the white house. >> lebron james with the first
3:46 am
a photo of james and mrs. obama on instagram has more than half a million likes. have you done the challenge? >> we have not done it. it's been a busy week. we planned to do it, but then we ran out of time. >> you had practice to get to. >> up next, the latest celebrity to eye the white house. >> prince marry's romantic weekend. the skinny's next.
3:47 am
3:48 am
? ? i love this music. i've been listening to it for years, and now i'm a part of it. >> you sang it in the meeting. it's your first ever skinny. >> it is. i'm honor. i really am. >> you are. you're, like, tearing up. that's sad. so we're going to start with political skinny news. >> all right. the next field of presidential candidates is filling in. comedian chris rock tweeting i'm running in 2020, wish me luck. i can't do the impression. >> i'm running in twenty twenty, wish me luck. >> that was only slightly better. the head of state said the only thing white is the hous house, #rock2020. >> that was the bomb. he played a candidate.
3:49 am
history, a black man will be the next president of the united states of america. >> oh. >> it's a precursor to what president obama was, indeed, the first black president. >> way back then. >> who was black. >> chris rock versus kanye in the primaries. i can't wait for 2020. >> that's a long ways from now. >> let's hold off. >> things cou >> it's going to be a big weekend for prince harry and his girlfriend. we know that megan is in lon dor right now. >> yes. >> she's been spotted entering the palace. with groceries. >> oh. >> that's serious. >> that's huge. >> that's big. >> she's cooking? >> making dinner? >> i guess. >> it's believed markle has been there since tuesday when the
3:50 am
acknowledging markle is harry's girlfriend. it was the first time they acknowledged that. >> yes. people were upset that harry's down with the swirl, and they responded to that. he made his appearance since the statement at a british vette raps' day observance. it's believed he'll formally introduce markle to prince william and kate. how cool. they say the palace's statement and that introduction are proof that harry's relationship is serious. >> leave them alone. >> it's great. >> she's hot. he's the hottest prince in the whole entire world. >> yes. >> who really cares. haters going to hate. >> there's one in luxumberg that's hotter. >> really? >> no. >> i don't know. >> alecia keys speaks out about the makeup-free moment. >> appearing on "elle," and in an interview, said it took, quote, forever to get the
3:51 am
blemishes, which you can see in the earlier photos. >> and -- >> looking good. >> keys also talk about five powerful women who have inspired her starting with her mom. >> absolutely my mother. she gave me what i think she never even knew she gave me, which is her resilience, determination, and really loving, nurturing about me being an artist. >> keys includes her grandmother, video ends with keys calling on all women to be their greatest self. timely, ever need a good book to read? hope actress emma watson is around. >> a book for anyone to pick up on the 23rd subway station. she's a so-called book fairy. >> she does it in london working
3:52 am
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zblmpblt finally, what a week for america. no matter who you voted for, this past week will live long in our memories. >> it will. a hard fought presidential campaign closed, and the voters had their transition is underway. all part of the friday rewind. >> now it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box on november 8th. >> everything you care about, everything i care about and i've worked for is at stake. >> i want you to focus on this election and its candidates because the truth is, the choice couldn't be simpler or clearer.
3:56 am
we should get some sleep. >> to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. i will be president for all americans, and this is so important to me. >> this is the most incredible, political feat i've seen in my lifetime. >> this is painful. and it will be for a long time. but, please, nev believing that fighting for what's right is worth it. >> we are now all rooting for success in uniting and leading the country. >> i'm a republican. i'm a woman. i've never come out to a protest and never felt so passionate about anything being so wrong in my life. >> i'm terrified. i come from a family of
3:57 am
country for having accepted us, but i'm terrified. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future including counsel, he explained several of the difficulties, some of the high flying assets and great things achieved. so, mr. president, it was a great honor being with you, and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the thank you, sir. >> and while it was a remarkable week, it's a week that was hard for a lot of people to digest, and i think the key here is to have compassion for people who don't necessarily agree with you, and maybe don't have the same opinion as you, but we all have -- >> a lot of people are saying it'll take some time. >> yes. hang in there. don't miss our updates on facebook at this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades.
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4:00 am
making news in america this morning, breaking news right now, more protests in cities across the country. the demonstrations against president-elect donald trump getting more violent. >> transition of power underway. the sit-down inside the oval office. trump meets president obama for the first time and melania trump sitting down obama. what was discussed at the white house and on capitol hill. and the trump team's break from what past presidents have done. >> reading the body language. what their eye contact and seating position said. caught on camera, a car smashes through a store. a customer inside inches away


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