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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  November 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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veterans day to all of you that have served our country and still serving. i am ther tera. >> and i am corrina pysa. we have great events and freebies for you coming up but first, let's show you a live look outside. we have been seeing sarah out there this morning, jd. it is a little windy. yes. you are watching the camera bounce around a little bit this morning. straight up 6:00. happy friday and happy veterans day. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. north that will come in this afternoon with a spotty shower or two. here is the network with the wind we have. officially here at the studios we are seeing wind gusts at around 22 miles per hour sustained winds out of the north-northwest at 7 miles per hour. lower locations like wooster and mentor have wind gusts at 20 to 30 miles per hour. the winds will continue as the morning and afternoon wear on. the veterans day forecast today temperatures steady to falling
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after the lunch hour. 46 at 4:00 and lows in the 30s tonight. more on that in just a bit. thank you, jd. all major highways are up to speed except for the crash in macedonia at shepherd and highland. if you are travel from the east side, take highland, chamberlain and hop on 82 that way. from the west side take south bedford and hop on 2 that way. the alternate is 82. here is 480 right now. this is 480 and warrensville center road, with east and westbound lanes looking just fine. more on that in a bit. back to you. we are flying along 480 in the orangeville heights area. traffic is moving along nicely. no issues on the highways as
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77 looking good, 77 and 480 looking even better. we are headed to the accident scene and will check back in a couple of minutes. >> thank you, jon. the east bank of the flats is the place to be in cleveland in the summer. >> yes. many bars and restaurants are down by the water but we are learning they may not be doing so well after all. sarah phinney is live in the flats with all the there. >> reporter: i feel like i am in a wind tum but we will get through this report. this is willyville bind me. it has been closed for several weeked. the owner posting online he is deeply saddened by the closure and thanking the people that stopped by there and the people that work there. the restaurant was named after cleveland's first mayor and opened in the summer of 2013. according to 12 places have opened in a little
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including willyville have closed. i don't know citibanks, crop rocks and on air also closed. we have seen growth, however, over the summer with the opening of coastal taco. according to the flats east bank website more restaurants are coming soon. in march the country trio rascal flatts announced its plan to develop a restaurant. jimmy buffett's margaritaville also said to be coming soon. here is the dark willyville sign this morning. people would like to see it turned into a previous place. we will keep an eye -- a breakfast place. we will certainly keep an eye on this for you. live in cleveland, sarah phinney, newschannel5. we have breaking news from overnight we have been following all morning. the deadly scene in akron, two people found dead in an apartment complex. police looking at it as a
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killed at the park lane apartments. a medical examiner was at the seen and a source is telling us it is being investigated as a suspected murder-suicide. we will bring you more information as it comes in. police in medina are releasing the mug shots of two men taken into custody last night. police say the two men and six other members of the chopped his body up with a machete halloween night. crews are insisting they are in the medina county jail and will be likely extradited back to virginia soon. we know you are busy but look at the screen right now. cleveland can police can use your help identifying these men. they attacked a tribe's fan after game 6. he was walking
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jump from the behind. they attacked him from behind and stole his wallet and iphone and used a stolen credit card. if you know who these guys are, give police a call. a warning for drivers around downtown cleveland. the csu faculty member car- jacked. the plain dealer says csu sent out a campus-wide alert. this happened wednesday night along the i-90 ramp. two men in a car rear-ended her. one man pushed her car, purse and credit cards. they were inside the car. the car was found in university heights. so farb there have been no arrests. at the university of akron police are investigating an abduction and attempted sexual assault just south of campus. the plain dealer reporting a woman said she was on sherman street early sunday morning when a man driving a white or silver truck offered her a ride. the driver tried coercing her to engage in sexual contact before he finally let her out.
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if you know anything call police. 6:05. right now a canton man will spend the next 15 years in prison for a deadly bar shooting last spring. antoine harris pleaded guilty to the shooting in canton. the plea deal with us reached because the people that witnessed the shooting would not cooperate with the investigates. and two men accused of murdering a man found near the metro park zoo are indicted by police say 65-year-old james cash was killed in north olmstead, then his body was wrapped in a tarp and dumped near the zoo. a third defendant in the case was indicted and is in jail on $100,000. the city of lakewood will honor veterans at its annual ceremony, paying tribute to the men and women that served the country in the armed forces. it starts at 11:00 this morning
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city offices, rec centers and libraries will all be closed. >> yes. the post office is also closed, but there will still be trash pickup. and you can pick up free food if you would like. red lobsters, denny's, cracker barrel and longhorn steakhouse are only a few of the restaurants offering veterans deals today. some require proof or valid military id. if you know a vet or see them, thank them for their service. today is 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. the caveat is the wind making it feel even colder this morning. let's unpack today for you. 9:00 temperatures around 5 1. the wind will still be up there, sustained at 10 to 25 miles per hour.
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around 51. by the lunch hour we will see the dropping temperatures. it will only be 49. and by 5:00 it will be only 45 degrees. we keep the wind so it will feel extra cool, especially for those with the friday evening play-off football games. tonight the night gets cold. more on that ahead. >> thank you, jd. it is 6:08 on your friday. coming up, colin kaepernick is back in revealing surprising news about his presidential vote. >> plus, the white house accepts a challenge from the championship cavs. you don't want to miss the viral video. a warning about fake apps
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it is 6:12. another overnight of protests as people rally together in opposition of donald trump's election but in portland,
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called that, a riot by police. you can see this violence. broken car windows at a car dealership and a guy smashing headlights. lots of broken out windows at businesses throughout the city. police responded in riot gear using bullets and flash bangs, withal calling this a riot and unlawful. and governor john kasich calling the protests unfortunate and saying the nation should give donald trump a that for you. the. franklin county coroner releasing the autopsy results for tiery king. >> he was 13 and shot three times in his head and abdomen back in september. he was pulling a gun from his waistband when they shot him but the gun was said to be a bb gun. the coroner's report did not
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investigated by an outside agency. canadian singer and song writer leonard cohen dies at the age of 82. one of the most influential song writers of the 1960s, including the often-covered hallelujah. he also wrote poetry and novels. well, today we are remembering british rocker david bowie. legacy" is out, a compilation of his most popular tracks and singles. if you love nintendo. the classic gaming system is coming back today. it hits store shelves but in limited quantities. people are fearing a sellout before christmas. it has build-in games including the legend of zelda, pac-man and more.
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super mario brothers. >> but what about mike tyson's punch out. remember that one. >> oh, boy. >> i spent so long trying to beat that game. never did. >> i didn't either. >> could not get there. same thing with mario. i could never get to mario. the princess was always in another castle. three things to know about today. one, two and three. let's count them here at the magic green bay weather wall. the temperatures are sliding. we are at our warmest right now. as we go through the afternoon thing number two to know, the wind machine is stuck in the on position. ladies, it is a hair spray day. not the best day to wear a skirt, long pants and tights. we are in for a cold night, too. the lows tonight falling in the 20s and 30s. ly be chilly when you step outside tomorrow morning. watching the satellite and radar, there are a few rain showers to the north that may try to trapes hair way in this
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makes its way -- trapes its way in this afternoon as the cold front makes its way in and the colder temperatures are behind the front. right now it is 51 in elyria, 46 in medina. the winds are sustained at 10 to 20 and an occasional gust could with be felt at 25 to 30 miles per hour. that is what will get you when you step outside this morning. here our forecast, the power of 5 forecast planner as we go through the day, afternoon and evening. the wind stays the temperature drops off as we go into tonight. we will look more ahead to the weekend forecast in just a bit. kristin? >> thank you, jd. let's pull up the view of the odot cameras at 480 and warrensville center road looking fine. check the travel times on 480, still an 8 minute ride. we have a lot here on your friday morning, 270 westbound
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-- well, colin kaepernick announced he did not vote.
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because the message of color still remains intact. the ceo of grub hub taking a stand against intolerant institutes. matt maloney, the co-founder of the online food service sent out a companywide email advocates for inclusion and tolerance in the workplace. he realized some employees may not feel the same and invited employees to send in their immediate resignation. he welcomes and accepts all employees regardless of their political beliefs, well, today, not only did our president-elect donald trump visit the white house, our championship cavs got to visit the president and first lady, too. >> more importantly, they accepted the mannequin challenge.
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president obama announcing how great our team is. up next, a baby break through. a new hope for women waiting to have children later in life. how researchers are creating more eggs. >> and a local library get as major makeover. when you can get a sneak peek inside. you
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welcome back. we are taking a look ahead at the rise in opioid addictions. tomorrow you can safely drop off hi unwanted prescription pills at the cuyahoga county sheriff's department or local police department. for months the barberton library has secretly been under construction. tarp, fences, hiding everything. they wanted to surprise their patrons and they did. the library was first built in 1950. you can expect a new customer service area, two new rooms and an upgrade to the beloved local history room, as well.
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something to do with the kid this is weekend, the third annual die know fest kicks off saturday at the cleveland museum of natural history. there will be special guest speakers, a fossil dig and a drive workshop. kids under 2 get in free. it runs from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. something to keep the kids busy. jd? >> we can always use that this time of year, especially when the weather gets dolledder outside. you have to find something for them to do inside. tonight teer the 30s. a frosty, cold start to your saturday. by afternoon we will be in the 40s. tomorrow night around 40 in the evening hours. the complete seven-day forecast here and with sunday's forecast in view for you, as well, a rebound day. sunshine and 56. we warm even more on monday, close to 60 and we should stay in the middle 50s for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. things are quiet in the weather department but a little more active in the traffic
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kind of random. we have an accident on the showway westbound at edgewater park. i spoke with cleveland police and they are not getting that same report. we will let you know when we know exactly what that is. 271 an accident at 303. not causing delays. traffic is light. most of the highways are up to speed. the innerbelt bridge looks fine. 71 and 77 no delays to talk about either. here is the odot view. we are health news for you this morning and encouraging news in the fight against lung cancer. the cdc says the number of adults that smoke is at a record low, dropping below 40 million for the first time in 50 years. but the study says groups like native americans, and the going be the community is smoking at higher rates than
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want to have babies later in life. researchers have a new way to create more egg, a fertility break through that could help women to use other eggs later in life if they don't have enough or they are poor quality. eggs can be harvested and scientists have created a successful embryo after fertilizing the eggs. well, what about laughing gas for baylor pain? it with us used for childbirth in the early 20th century now it is making a huge comeback to an alternative to more powerful drugs and epidurals. hundreds of hospitals including the lake health west medical center in willoughby are adding nitrous oxide to helping women get through the pain of labor. experts say it is safe for mom
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hundred, sometimes thousands of dollars cheaper than an epidural. another option for you. this morning we have to give a huge congratulations to our co-worker and newschannel5 anchor danita harris. >> you go, girl. that is my big sister. she was given the chuck heeden award at the hall of fame dinner. he was the sport's writer at the plain dealer. congratulations to danita. >> absolutely. well, we will show you the top destinations people are heading to get away from it all after the elections. >> and a new warning for women trying to conceive. the popular candy that can put your chances of having a baby
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discovered dead in akron overnight. what we are hearing about the possible murder-suicide. >> and two fugitives tied to a brutal murder 500-miles away found here in northeast ohio. how long they were hiding own and where they were finally cut. >> another business going bust in the flats. one of the first to open in the east banks suddenly closes. but let's get to the power of 5 forecast. to say it is windy out is an
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the gusts. lady, forget the hair today. just put it up. the hair spray won't do anything. >> you are right! >> meteorologist jd rudd, what are we looking at today? it is a baseball cap kind of day or something of that nature. goodness. there must be a wind tunnel going on. the wind speed is only 15 miles per hour officially at the reporting site in cleveland. the wind gusts are 20 to 25 miles per hour. the temperatures are in the 40s and 50s but it feels cooler when you factor in the extra breezy winds. today. off to work, a cloudy sky, a few rays of sunshine. it will be windy. two hands on the steering wheel. as you head home a stray shower and temperatures in the 40s. it should still be on the windy side causing the incidents we have this morning. >> you could be right. the highways are looking good, at least for the most part. we are seeing accidents mainly on side street, though. the drive times are not impacted yet.
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minutes. the commute, look at 71, still a three minute ride. not budging there at 77 either. an 8 minute commute rockside to downtown. let's look at the odot view. let's check one more time on the camera, looking fine at the intersection of 77 at 90. 77 northbound getting a little busier. let's check in with jon rudder monitoring the different traffic incidents we have been experiencing overnight. >> reporter: yes. an accident on 271, in we are flying back north to 77. you can see things are moving along nicely on 77. we are a little further south with the congestion you were speaking of in the area of i- 80. things looking nice here, as well. we will keep checking on thing this is morning and let you know what we see here on airtracker5. back to you inside. at the live desk, akron police now activity investigating a possible murder- suicide. two people were shot and killed
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apartment complex in akron. the summit county medical examiner was at the scene. we don't know much more right now other than it with us being investigated as a suspected murder-suicide. we expect more information as the morning continues. police in medina catch two men wanted for a brutal murder in virginia. this is carlos cisnaros and police have not given us kevin cruz's mug shot yet. u.s. marshal it's took them in cuds. the ms-13 gang shot a man several times then cut him up with a machete halloween night. they will likely be extradited back to virginia soon. another business closing in the east flats, five closing in less than two years. newschannel5 sarah phinney is live in the windy flats for us this morning with the latest restaurants to close. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, corrina.
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places around here are not feeling the love, including willyville here. it is closed and in the dark. the doors are locked and the sign is dark. people who work around here tell me that it has been closed for a couple of weeks but the owner posted about it on facebook last night saying he is deeply disappointed but thanking the people that stopped by. the restaurant is named after cleveland's first mayor and it opened in the summer of 2013. it was one of the first restaurants in the $750 million flats redevelopment project. reports 12 places have reopened in the last 16 months but five have closed including willyville. back in march the country trio rascal flatts announced plans to build a restaurant in the area. the developer calling it the perfect addition at the time.
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bank website and it will be coming soon, it says, sweetsst as well as margaritaville. people that live around here would like to see willyville turned into a breakfast place. live in the windy flats, sarah phinney, newschannel5. >> thank you, sarah. we will keep our fingers crossed as more move into the flats. we are monitoring the nationwide protests. this protest in large groups blocking traffic on i-94. the protests are turning violent in portland, oregon, as well, the second straight night of protests there, this time the protestors destroying property, smashing car windows, business windows and setting cars on fire downtown. police calling the protests there a riot financially.
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protestors... meanwhile, hillary clinton may have lost the election but an entire class hillary clinton: a case study on perception and power will be offered on the first lady and secretary of state. the portfolio says it will be a quote perfect myrrh. >> reporter: if are us to see -- perfect mirror for us to see ourselves in regards to women's issues. >> interesting. >> people want to get away from it all after the election, right? the most booking activity of the day after the election, seems like most people turn to mexico, canada and the united airbag emrits to get the post election -- arab emrits to get the post election relaxation. 6:35 is the time right now. a judge is making an exception on a veterans day today. she is keeping the courtroom
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deliberate in the trial of former university of cincinnati officer ray tensing. the jury has dealership rated for 12 hours over two days. the court will stay fully staffed in the case as the jury returns a verdict, accused of shooting and killing an unarmed black man. since today is veterans day, we want to remind you about important closures today. >> city offices, rec centers and libraries will not be open. also mail is not going to be delivered today. >> eat free at more than 20 restaurants in our area including... it is not just food, folks. veterans that go to great clips can get a free cut if you are thinking to try out a new style. if you don't need a cut right now, they will give you a coupon you can use later. >> perfect. up next, more delays. why the construction of
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preventing a peanut allergy. is it even possible? a new way to dodge a potentially dangerous problem
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welcome back. let's take a look at the power of 5 forecast. we are seeing our highs right about now if you can believe it
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dropping throughout the day with a high of 445 by 5:00 p.m. >> -- high of 45 by 5:00 p.m. well, the drive times look good near 77 and 71. we will have a final traffic check in just a bit. parents, this is a big one. introducing your kids to peanuts and reducing the allergy risks. >> a new method will help parents do a safe kind of le fist, start your baby out with other foods before trying peanut butter. second, mix a tiny bit of the peanut butter with warm water, give it to your baby, keep a close eye on them for ten minute, then give them a little more and wait two hours. believe it or not exposure like this early in life can actually help prevent peanut butter allergies. and the generic version of the epipen will be hitting the
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price. another generic will go on the market by next year. we don't know how much that will cost yet. ladies, listen up. if you are trying to have a baby, stay away from licorice, specifically black licorice. researchers at the university of illinois say it can mess wither fertility. it has a compound in it called iso that interferes with hormones in your over rays and messes with levels that can also lead to brain, bone and cardiovascular problems. still to come here, an embarrassing election error. a major publication is now forced to make a humiliating decision. >> and donations to a local charity feeling the pinch with weeks before thanksgiving.
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good friday morning and happy veterans day to all our men and women in uniform. well, sarah phinney is live in cleveland with another restaurant closing in the flats. let's get a check, first with the forecast with meteorologist jd rudd. it looks like the winds are soaring out there.
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the cameras are still bouncing. look at the sunrise coming up. watch the clouds, really hauling up there across the morning sky. good friday morning to you. we pause for just a moment to say thank you to all those the who have served our country and will serve our country. on behalf of all of us here at newschannel5, thank you veterans. let's talk about the forecast now. a few things to know when you step outside, one of the first things that will gleet you is the wind and slightly cooler air. it is not as cold by any mean, 53 right now but the winds are not helping things at all. to get you out the door temperatures around the lower 50s. we are doing better than the forecast is panning out but we will fall as the morning goes on and the cooler air continues to work its way in. we have turned on the wind machine to almost the high category. we are seeing wind gusts at around 25 to 30 miles per hour this morning so be cautious on the roadways. also, the other thing to watch, rain showers just on the north side of the lake right now.
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southeast, impacting our area after about the lunch hour today. a few isolated showers as the front continues to sag its way in. the front is bringing the cooler air in. you will feel it later tonight as overnight lows will fall down to the 20s and 30s. a live look outside this morning. a mixture of 40s and 50s. the wind anywhere from 5 to 15 miles per hour making it feel just a little bit cooler. we will keep the wind up at 20 miles per hour in ma plan for an extra breezy day and cooler as the day goes on with temperatures falling down more to the upper 40s by the end of the afternoon. as we mentioned, it will be cooler later on this evening. friday night football events, cooler in the stands for sure. by the 9:00 hour temperatures in the mid 30s in some areas so make sure you have the blankets.
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that has the intersection in macedonia still closed, shepherd at highland road. macedonia police said earlier it will be four to five hour, at least until 10:00 a.m. that will be shut down. 82 is the alternate. the ride on the northbound lanes of fulton to 90 and 90 still looking good. 63 miles per hour for an average speed. here is the odot view of the cameras at 271 the sky looks nice as the sun rises. traffic is starting to build, though. be cautious because we are seeing the wind gusts pretty strong out there. let's check in with jon rudder, one final check from airtracker5. >> reporter: hey, kristin. things are looking good for the majority of the morning up here in airtracker5. the innerbelt bridge bridge here you can see from the top of 77 there. not a lot of volume we are seeing at this time. usually it is a little busier on the roadways.
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highways. back to you inside. >> jon, thank you. more on the deadly breaking news from overnight. in akron two people found dead in an apartment complex. police looking at it as a possible murder-suicide. it happened at the park lane manor apartments. two people found shot and killed there. the summit county medical examiner was there with police at the scene and it is being investigated as a suspected murder-suicide. we wi information as it comes in. let's go to sarah phinney as the morning sprint continues. >> reporter: good morning, nick. i am on the east bank of the flats and west 10th where willyville is in the dark. the restaurant is closing the owner posted on facebook yesterday. he is deeply saddened by thanking the customers and employees that were there. it was on of the first
6:49 am
developed flats east bank area in 2013. 12 cases opened in a little over a year but five have closed. crop entertainment complex con prized of cop stricts, crop rocks and on air have all been closed. but we are seeing growth over the summer with the opening of coastal taco and more restaurants are on the way. back in march the country rascal flatts will be opening its restaurant, margaritaville. we will be sure to keep you updated on what happens. developing this morning, a warning for drivers around downtown cleveland. a csu fact member is car -- faculty member is carjacked on prospect avenue near the i-90 ramp. two men in a car rear-ended her.
6:50 am
the car. the car later found but so far no arrests. police could use your help this morning. come to your tv screen. police believe the man in the red shirt, he is a tribe's fan visit from florida after game 6. the zip was walking back to his hotel from progressive field when he was jumped from behind, knocked unconscious and the suspects stole his wallet, iphone and give police a call if you recognize him. the plain dealer is reporting a woman was on sherman street early sunday morning when a man driving a white or silver truck offered her a ride. she says the driver tried coercing her to engage in sexual contact before he finally let her go. if you know anything call police. a canton man will spend the next 15 years in prison for a deadly bar shooting last spring. antoine air his pleaded guilty
6:51 am
a plea deal was reached because people that witnessed the shooting would not cooperate with the investigation. two men accused of murdering a man found near the metro park zoo are indicted. seth wood and anthony kennedy indicted by a grand jury. 65-year-old james cashen was killed in north olmstead and his body was wrapped in a tarp and dumped near the zoo. a third defendant in the case was also indicted. two men with a huge search in painesville near the elm street school. no one was hurt but the school was put on lockdown. this yesterday afternoon. half an hour later the man was found laying in the sidewalk shot in the leg. it was at mentor avenue and shotsfield drive but they don't think it was related. well, this morning police are letting us no he they arrested ten people in the burglary cases at case western university.
6:52 am
in the past two week, some at gunpoint. the university officers have added more shifts and will have more patrols on campus. the construction of the brand new cleveland city kennel will be delayed. the $5 million project was suppose todd get start this had year but the new kennel -- supposed to get started this year but the new kennel is suffering yet another delay because the latest bid on the project came this may catch you off guard, a warm start to fall throwing many of us, creating concerns. the delay in cooldowns is causing problems for the salvation army. right now the number of children signed up for christmas assistance is down and fewer families are signing up for help with present this is year despite there still being a huge need out there. if your family or loved ones need help this holiday season, salvation army is hosting one
6:53 am
against next wednesday at the miles park location from 9:00 to 3:00. it is 6:52 right now. we will be right back in 60
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welcome back. a massive fire at a storage facility in newport beach. terrifying moments right there as you can imagine. crews are heading to the scene but the plume of smoke can be seen for miles outside of l.a. a new call to hold governor chris christie accountable for bridgegate. >> a high ranking democrat in new jersey now calling for
6:55 am
is senator loretta weinberg said there was considerable item during the trial that christie knew about the conspiracy. two of the aides were convicted in the lane closing case. lanes over the country's busiest bridge were reportedly closed to retaliate against the democratic mayor that would not endorse him. christie denies knowing anything about the lane closures. and trump's attorney telling a san diego judge he would be open to a accusing the university of defrauding students that wanted to learn about real estate. the judge is being asked to delay the trial until early next year. right now it is expected to start november 28th. . well, the hiker spotted the former presidential nomine hillary clinton while she was hiking near her home in new york. the first time she has been seen since they conceded in the
6:56 am
told her she was proud to vote for her. well, memorabilia from with presidential election, typically you receive items from the losing side because the special edition of news week with the could have "madame president" was prematurely shipped to newsstands across the country. 250,000 were printed but only 17 magazines were actually sold. the ceo of grub hub taking a stand attitudes. a companywide email was sent out advocating for inclusion and tolerance in the workplace. he realized some employees may not feel the same so he invited those people to send him their immediate resignation. maloney says he welcomes and accepts all employees regardless of their political beliefs. real quick, if you will allow me to be personal for a second, i want to especially thank my dad this morning for his service in the navy. that is my twin right there.
6:57 am
special veteran in your life, post your photos on our facebook page and let us know how you plan to thank those that have served. >> absolutely. thanks, pop. and restaurants are thanking our veterans today. here are some of the restaurants offering free meals and deals today. check the website for a full list. a look at the sun continuing to rise out there. the winds are out there, for sure, as well. day goes on. we may see a spotty shower, windy and cool, if not cold tonight with temperatures falling from the 30s to upper 20ss. all right. it is quiet out there this morning. not a lot of traffic. maybe a lot of people have off. the intersection at macedonia and shepherd in highland remains quiet for closed for the morning commute. let's do our best wind face.
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u. >> yes. >> stay with good morning, america. breaking overnight, riots in the streets. >> hey, hey, hey. >> violent anti-trump demonstrations break out again nationwide. as donald trump both praises and attacks the protesters on twitter calling them professionals and passionate. [ chanting "we hate trump" ] >> and makes peace with president obama at the white house. >> i had the opportunity to have an excellent conversation with president-elect trump. >> his wife melania sits down with the first lady and the transition underway and our first private look at hillary clinton after her loss. state of emergency. more than 30 wildfires burn through the southeast forcing evacuations, torching thousands of acres. firefighters battling the blaze from the ground and air. now the new warning about that


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