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tv   News 5 at Noon  ABC  November 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon. now at the noon hour a shocking warning for ou school students. a third of ohio high school juniors might not graduate next year and local educators are poin ing blame at the new graduation requirements. meg shaw is in olmstead falls where the superintendent is fighting to fix a major problem. >> not only is the superintendent fighting these new graduation requirement he's actually spearheading a rally in columbus where hundred
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about the new requirement that could drop graduation rates. rates could drop by 30% under the new plan from the ohio department of education. students not only have to meet the rierd amount the credits with decent grades. they have to score 18 poin s on seven end of course test. they must earn a min hum of 4 poin s in math, four .s in english and six poin s in science and and they worry students won't graduation on time. the first clais to face the new state rules. more than 200 substitutes are set to attempt tomorrow's rally. they plan to have five speakers voicing their concerns to state leaders. many if not all of the attendees are in our state's capitol for a conference they are attending which started today. meg shaw, news 5. and thank you for your
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about shootings on cleveland's east side. the first was last midnight at east 80th street. police said a man and women were sitting in a car when they surrounded them and shot at them. the search continues in the meantime for gunman, of course. as well, cleveland police continue the investigation into another shooting. in the north broadway section scene as they placed evidence markers on ground. one man was rushed to the medical center. i want to take a good look at this photograph. it's of a 16-year-old boy. they are asking for help. disappeder mullen. alexander was last seen heading to washington park school on thursday it's close to fleet avenue. alexander mullens is 16, stands
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powpped fsm you've seen him or know anything about his being you're asked to call police a cleveland man will be sentenced this morning. he's convicted in the killing. he pleaded guilty to killing while attempting to rob gas station last year. he faces life in prison. if he were to be paroled the earliest would be after 26 years in prison. what do you think about today is >> a love loi start to your week here. a few high clouds. we still have that high pressure that completely is settling in here. it's to the north of us. going to continue to bring us bright sunny skies throughout the rest of the afternoon. our temperatures they are quickly warming up this afternoon. good afternoon. lower 50s there.
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for the warmup here. our five live radar. i was talking about high pressure building in from west to east and really not going to be broken down any time soon. we are seeing a few cloud coverage out towards the central plains. they are dealing with a neck area of high pressure. it's going to try to track in here tuesday evening that's a slight disturbance for your mid-week. look at all of the sunshine. the clouds that you are seeing start to split apart. many spots this afternoon going to be in the lower 60s. you see a pretty quiet evening. lows in the many i had to lower 40s. later on coming up we do have a few flurries in our forecast. show you that timing. >> okay. here we go. here we go.
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standby in case protesters return to a local bakery today many dwib son's food bakery is being accused of racial profiling -- a black teenager was arrested there last week. there are conflicting reports on whappedz but last week hundreds of supporters showed up. protests erupted in cincinnati after the death of an unarmed black man. the victim's family was upset because of the judge's decision to declare a mistrial. >> reporter: frustration and outrage as the former university of cincinnati cop is a free man. >> really is hurting.
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back. that's really evil. >> reporter: he was facing charges of murder for the shooting death of unarmed motorist during a 2015 traffic stop. >> we are unable to reach a verdict. >> the jury couldn't agree on if he had reason to think his life was in danger. the traffic stop captured on his body camera initial -- initially peaceful. thatst when he draws his weapon firing once. prosecutors calling him a racist poin ing out that the night of the stop, he was wearing a confederate flag t-shirt under his uniform. >> a certain number of black shirts to wear. >> saying the flag has no meaning to him. a relative bought him that
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>> he's going to run me over and he's going to kill me. >> is that when you drew your web? yes, sir. >> reporter: now hoping there will be a retrial. >> we'll get our day. we'll get our day. >> reporter: abc news, new york. >> downtown cleveland is getting in the holiday spirit already. it's a blue spruce, 45 feet tall today. the blue spruce goes into place at the public square. the holiday lighting will be saturday, november 26th during the winterfest celebration. it will overlook the downtown ice scailting rink. the mother of an accused
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>> a texas mother charged with child endane endangererment. the number of exotic and wild animals she has living in their home.
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people in new zealand are dealing with aftershocks. the prime minister is touring the damage and plans to send in military helicopters
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rescue a thousand tourists and hundreds of locals. the magnitude 7.8 quake struck yesterday morning. an hour and a half later it measured 6.2. the first quake triggered landslides and a tsunami. buildings and roads were heavily damage. at least two people are dead. the prime minister says initial damage estimates were in the billions of dollars. the mother of an accused serial killer in sout first time since meeting with her son in prison. >> i had to get rid of the anger. and nothing i did seemed to help. >> she says her son todd cole is confessing to a decade's old murder case. he told her glees were laughing at him when he was trying to learn a motorcycle. he shot and killed all of them.
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brown chained inside a metal container and killing her boyfriend. >> my heart absolutely goes out to those people and i feel such shame. i feel so ashamed that my son hurt them. >> he's now charged with the murders in 2003. investigators say more charges may bars right now for child endangerment. she's kept several exotic and wild animals ins same ho home as her shh 14-year-old daughter. she had three tiger cubs, a full grown adult tiger, a fox, a skunk and at least one time several monkeys living inside her home in texas. meyer is facing charges for allowing her collection of wild animals to roam freely inside her home in
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with animal control. meyer told the authorities they were very dangerous and could kill. now here's janessa. >> a lot of sunshine right now. temperatures above normal but this big old l that's the area of low pressure. it could move in here. we'll track a little bit of rain and possibly flakes for the end of the week.
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president-elect donald trump is starting to build his reince prebus will be his joint of staff. trump said they were highly qualified leaders who worked well together only the campaign. trump's senior advisor is asking protesters to come together for a peaceful transition and trump a chance. protesters continue to march. thousands gathered in the streets of downtown san
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philadelphia and denver. they are upset over the stance on deportation, health care and lbgt rights. facebook ceo mark disukerburg says they are trying to work and eliminate fake news and hoaxes that shows up on news feeds. this move came after criticism that fake stories may have helped donald trump win the election. disukerburg did not say it might he said this takes longer than expected. samsung is paying $8 billion to get into the auto industry. the company will buy another company to make it the biggest acquisition ever for samsung. harmon provides safety cars
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arthritis. a landmark study founds the drug celebrex is safe to take. the fda a concerns but in a clinical trial doctors say he does not pose a risk to the heart and cause fewer stomach problems than did ibuprofen. let's look at the weather situation. brought back by popul d you. >> what do you think about today thon monday? kind of a little bit of a cloud cover out there. >> just a little bit. those highs and clouds but a really wonderful weekend. lots of sunshine. temperatures warming up and today it's going to continue. you have to love it. >> more cooler temperatures and possibly, you know, always like the flakes. >> we'll talk about those things later. but right now? >> you love whether i bring up
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conditions. >> what? [ laughter ] >> but today just a ton of sup shien across the board as i said. saturday, sunday i wastrack all of that my rsh allowing for all of this good thans we are seeing. right now temperatures upper ho 40s. seeing the wind picking up here. out of the southwest. about 15 to 20 miles an hour. that's our feel-like temperatures in the 40s. right now across the ambient temperature. 53 degrees. that high pressure has stalled out. going a bit crazy here as the wind flow continues to track in from the south and that will continue throughout your afternoon. now, this is a little bit of a game changer here. you can see our next cold front, and area of low pressure that's bringing snow to the central plains. it's going to weaken as it moves across northeast
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tomorrow evening. i want to show you exact timing here. you're going to notice a little bit more cloud coverage by tomorrow evening. we'll go under mostly cloudy skies and temperatures dropping. this is about 11:30. 46 degrees. slightly warmer here due to the cloud coverage but start to track in a little bit of rain throughout your tuesday evening to wednesday. eastern counties from lake county we're tracking it to wednesday afternoon. getting prepared for that after all this sunshine that we're seeing. expecting it to change here tuesday to wednesday but that front will be moving in and out fairly quickly and then we'll start to see high pressure building once again. 59 degrees. i think many spots in the lower 60s. winds start to calm down. please enjoy tonight. another crystal clear evening.
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cooler side. 60s for akron. the serve-day forecast. seven-day forecast. 61. mostly sunny skies. friday though it's the real talker. 70 degrees. we start to see that fall. we're tracking a few flurries by late weekend. we're also on the radio.
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a biker thought he was stopping had ep 5 fellow biker. a biker was surprised it was the boss. his bike had broken down. no one in the group could figure out how to fix it so springsteen hopped on the back of one of their bike and they hug out for 45 mi bruce springsteen song born to run. he wasn't going anywhere along the way.
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your in the market for high quality furniture, ma treses or hot tub then check out the factory direct. i'm here with the owner. we're in a giant warehouse that you have. tell me everything you have to to offer. >> we have furniture. tresses, we have hot tubs. kitchen cabinets, theater sitting. pretty much anything for your home we have here. >> it sounds like it. the deals are unbelievable. how do you do it? >> the main thing is we buy it by truckload. we don't have a fancy place. our rent here is a tenth of what it would be in a high rent, real area. >> i was checking things out. i couldn't believe all the name brands. >> yeah.
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and that's really important to us. >> give me some of the price examples. what can people expect? >> a ten piece cherry bedroom set for $1595. you can get a six-person hot tub fully loaded for $3900 which would be in the $7,000 range. and our kitchen cabinets those are homerun. solid dove tail, soft close doors. the 10x it 10 starts at 1700. >> tell me is there a membership fee if >> no. just come right in. >> well, that's great. how about a website where they can check before i come in? >> it's northeast factor and we can answer a lot of your questions here as well. >> i'm going to do a little
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northeast or give them a call with the number on the screen
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it's november 14th. time for great viral videos "right this minute". newlyweds in a decked out car don't get long to celebrate. >> as they were greeted by traffic police. >> shut up. >> see their encounter with the most unreasonable man in the world. a kayaker is surrounded by sea life. >> some small. some very large. >> why it's the large shark part that's making him a little nervous. you got to give it to him. >> he's dancing like nobody's watching. >> true. one man's quest to explore his inner see you. >> can't help but wonder what people are thinking. >> plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini.


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