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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  November 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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keep things peaceful. we're live at public square this morning where the ban on busses will continue. why the city is keeping the space closed to traffic. deadly fires in ohio on the rise, the special training local first responders are getting today to help save lives. good morning. we're happy you're starting your day with us. i'm corrina pysa. >> i'm terrence lee. we'll get to the developing stories in a moment. first, we've got to talk about the weather. let's start with meteorologist j.d. rudd. >> i'm just the middleman, keep that in mi just the messenger. temperatures are in the 40s this morning, a couple showers working their way into the cleveland area right now, coming ashore off the lake. we'll see a few more of those as the morning goes on. temperatures in the upper 40s at 8:00, may see a little sunshine around this afternoon, temperatures not as warm as yesterday. actually, we'll be closer to average for this time of year. we should be in the lower 50s. we make a run towards 70 by the end of the week.
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come to an end and snow sneaks its way back in. accident-free on the highways. no issues on 77, 71, 90 checking in good too. now a reminder, the ramp right at 90 and 77 looks like we're back open now. let's pull up the odot view. traffic is flowing just fine. it was closed for overnight work but looks like that just finished. hure the streets in akron, speaking out against president-elect donald trump and calling for unity. it started at highland square. 400 protesters met up and marched down west market street, back to highland square. organizers said it was a call for unity and a protest against discrimination. >> we're not going to let anyone, no matter who we are, no matter what sexual preference or race or religion,
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that. >> protesters disbursed just before 12:30. there was a group of about 20 to 30 counter-protesters also there. it all remained peaceful between the groups. new developments in cleveland this morning. a ban on busseses in public square now permanent. >> sarah finney is live downtown. a lot of work needs to be done to make this happen. >> reporter: actually, a federal agency still has to agree upon this. you'll remember that public square summer. it cost $50 million to remake it into this green space and this stretch of superior was planned to be a bus area. you can see bus only on the ground and there are shelters built here. mayor frank jackson acknowledges the change will cost money. for the next two weeks, the city and rta will put together a plan to show the federal transit agency. officials say they would like to make changes to other areas
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west third and east 13th to superior. the routes may be changed to look more like you euclid avenue with traffic lanes for busses only and traffic lights synced to keep busses moving quickly. some riders are not happy about the permanent closure. >> public square is a good place, but having that blocked completely is not a good idea. >> as a rider, we should be able to commute back and forth, because sometimes we may need to get over there but to get off early just to go meet a connection. >> reporter: brian cummings tweeted about the announcement, calling it an unfortunate decision. again, the city and rta will take about two weeks to come up with a plan to present to a federal agency. meanwhile, busses will continue to go around public square, but not through it. live at public square, sarah finney, news 5. right now, as cold weather
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fire marshal says fatal fires in ohio are on the rise. first responders need to be ready for anything. our meg shaw is live at headachewood fire department this morning. meg, they'll be holding a special training session today, right? >> reporter: this training is a first of its kind in lakewood. the firefighters will use state of the art equipment in some really complex scenarios to proked vied treatment to human -- provide treatment to human actors and digitally programmed mannequins. the patients will show signs and sympto other life threatening cases. firefighters will then use metrohealth simulation lab and cleveland clinic's mobile stroke treatment unit to provide the care. they'll respond to the given situations in real-time, just like they would during an emergency. the department says this year they've transported about 60 suspected stroke victims to the hospital or e.r. and say today's training will
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victims. the unit will hit the streets in lakewood in about two weeks. that unit will now be able to meet firefighters and first responders out on the scene at a patient's home and start providing care right away as well as on the way to the hospital. so pretty awesome technology there. the training here for firefighters will begin around 10:00 this morning. they say it will last about two hours, so until noon. live in lakewood, meg shaw, news 5. >> thank you, meg. it is 6:05 someones is targeting business -- someone is targeting businesses and drivers in westlake with a slingshot. marbles have been found near the places that have been targeted. police have gotten reports of marbles being shot at vehicles on superior road and detroit road. one driver was hit in the ear, folks. >> he described it as a silver two door with a spoiler on the
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males. he felt a pain in his left ear. >> slingshots can't be used in westlake. it's law. if you have any information about what's going on, police would certainly love to hear from you this morning. if you can, come look at this photo. cleveland police and the f.b.i. are trying to track down this person. they say he was dressed as a woman and robbed a bank in university circle yesterday morning. there information leading to an arrest. right now in akron, blasting work is going on underground all for the ohio canal intercepter tunnel. this tunnel will be able to store 25 million gallons of raw sewage and storm water. it is 6,240 feet long. it will cost $184 million. this is going to take three years to get done. blasting will take place once or twice every day over the next four months.
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may hear a sound similar to fireworks. you might feel some vibration, so don't be alarmed. akron is moving on to the next phase to redevelop the downtown area. they've gone over current conditions and come up with planning options for certain sites, so the next step is getting the residents involved and setting priorities for what needs to be done. they hope to start the process early in 2017. here's j.d. with the forecast. >> watching the power of 5 weather radar, a couple of morning, may be brief and somewhat heavy from time to time over isolated areas. most folks will miss out on any big-time rain for today. as you get off to work this morning you may need an umbrella or rain gear for the showers and sprinkles. by the time you get off work, temperatures in the upper 40s. i think the rain will be gone
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the weekend turns u-g-l-y. i'll talk more about that coming up. why ivanka trump is accused of using her family's first post election interview to benefit her own company, coming up. and why this turkey won't end up on a plate this thanksgiving. and why people say their home is turning into a nightmare, coming up on good morning america. >> our investigation into new home heart break wh house turns into a nightmare. >> you hear the same kind of things. >> the people in this new subdivision in virginia say their great looking houses on the outside are full of problems on the inside. >> it's the most expensive purchase any of us will make. >> in one subdivision after another, our investigation found homeowners claiming
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refusing to fix the problems, big and small. >> no one will fix it. this is our house. >> the industry trade group says unhappy homeowners are in the minority and americans have expectations that are just too high. >> the american consumer expects a perfect home. there's no such thing as a perfect home. >> we'll have more on the investigation coming up at 7:00 a.m.. with your gma first look, i'm
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the live desk, good news from iraq as a primary school reopens for the first time in nearly two years in mozul. the city has remained under isis control for much of the time. iraqi forces recently regained control and the kids are back in school. the army corps of engineers is delaying construction of the dakota access pipeline so they can talk more with native american tribes who feel the
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communities at risk if there are any oil leaks. backers say the pipeline is the safest way to transport oil and could make the u.s. less dependent on other countries. it isn't just people in north dakota protesting the pipeline. this group shut down an intersection in downtown columbus. a man parked a car in the middle of the street this was a look in akron last night. protesters held signs for people driving by. president-elect donald trump has got tough decisions to make about his businesses, especially the hotel he just opened right down the street from the white house. the property may prove to be a conflict of interest for trump,
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diplomates decide to stay at the hotel. trump says he plans to transfer his business empire to his children during his presidency. ivanka trump is facing scrutiny. fashion journalists say after her interview on "60 minutes" they got an e-mail promoting the diamond bracelet she was wearing, saying it was being sold on her website. barbara boxer is working to get rid of the electoral college. she introduced a bill yesterday, calling the electoral college an outdated and undemocratic system. it would be difficult for a bill like this to pass. it needs to two-thirds vote by the house and senate and the approval of at least 38 states. new this morning for you, after two years of work the
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looking beautiful. we're getting a sneak peek inside this morning. >> more than 1300 cracks and other wear and tear issues have been repaired. decorative elements of the dome were also fixed with decades of rust scrubbed away. >> it is the first major exterior renovation of the capitol since 1960 and the work is expected to keep it protected from weather elements for the next 50 years. le rudd. >> a picture is worth 1,000 words. here's your emoji forecast for today. you might need an umbrella in the morning hours. i'll give today a thumbs up because considering what's to come, this is a pretty good day. good morning to you. thanks for waking up with us on this wednesday. watching a few somehow where's -- few showers and sprinkles got the area this morning.
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there's a couple showers dotting the area along the lakeshore. that will continue as the morning goes on. temperatures are not bad this morning, 47 in shaker heights, 45 in parma, 46 in strongsville. it is 38 in new philly this morning and 42 in wooster. for this afternoon, temperatures a little cooler than yesterday but still right around the average for this time of maybe squeaking out 54 for the high today in cleveland. a warming trend starts tomorrow and friday and then look at the drop. this weekend will be painful after the beautiful day we'll see on friday. . one big storm system will put the warm air in place for friday, the rain on saturday, turning into snow as we head into sunday and monday.
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for sure on sunday. you may see a few inches of snow in some area. the lake-effect machine will also be a factor. we'll keep you posted. our highways are in good shape. you mentioned the sprinkles but it's not getting in the way as far as the morning commute. four different views along 71 show that traffic is light. let's take a look at the speeds, no issue along 480 eastbound, 77 minutes ride, 67 miles an hour. along 77, 76, westbound to the kenmore lake, just a three minute ride. i'm liking our average speed of 69. twitters is getting a lot of praise for this. it's cracking down on hate
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to let people filter out words and phrases that they want to see -- don't want to see in their mention. the company is revamping the abuse reporting system as well. tinder is getting applause for a change it's making. a lot of people criticized the app for only allowing people to female options. now you can make your own label. a little more than a week to go until the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. i absolutely love the tradition. we're getting a look at some of the floats you're going to see. several new floats will be featured this year, one has got a working waterfall. in 90 years the parade has been
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world war ii. it marched on at 9/11 and six days after the j.f.k. assassination as well. >> the kennedy family reached out to macy's and said please make sure that the parade goes on, because the country needs it. to do so reminds everybody just how great things can be. >> at a time when there are political protests dominating the streets right now, organizers say the parade is a positive moment that we can all come together right here. some good news for a turkey in california who is definitely not going to be on the dinner plate this year. >> he's got a whole new lease on life thanks to an annual sanctuary. his name is leon the turkey. he was found wandering and rescued by the harvest home animal shelter. the turkey doesn't think of himself as a farm animal.
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>> he just took to people immediately. he wanted to have kisses on his head and have hugs. >> he loves to you cuddle and have his belly rubbed. he's even learning to play games. we're waiting on if fetch is one of those games. >> and if he knows any tricks too. keep us updated. up next, this is a lot of dog food. look at donated today and how the cleveland indians helps. plus dogs giving the gift of life, how this k-9 was saved by some of his four-legged friends. you're watching good morning cleveland on news 5. we'll be
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good morning, everyone. welcome back. an ohio pet food company is delivering, big, on its promise today. >> huge. blackwood pet food pledged to donate 100 pounds of food for each run the indians scored here it is, all 2700 pounds of pet food are heading to the cuyahoga county animal shelter this morning. just take that in. >> love that. here's a look outside. >> notice the sidewalk, notice the green grass, there's no snow on it. >> for now. >> that will change over the weekend. 6:23. good morning to you. today we've got a few showers out there. temperatures, about 54 for the
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it will drop once the sun goes down, upper 40s under a mostly cloudy skies. overnight we'll be in the lower 40s. as you plan out your weekend and next week, 72, sunshine on friday, we will take that. the weekend gets colder, rain, snow, looking likely. oh, boy. >> thanks. what are you going to say ? 71 as you make your way from south to north, no issues into the city. i've been checking travel speeds. we're looking good on 71, fulton to 90 still at three minutes . your average speed 66 miles an hour. let's check on the highways this morning. no issues, four different views along 71, showing us just that. i will check to see if there's construction projects that might get in your way coming up. you have to see this rescue
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here. officials say a honda slams into a volkswagen. the two people in the honda were killed but the driver in the vw was alive and trapped. the officer used the squad car to push the vw away. rescuers were able to pull the man out alive. >> that gave me chills. you have to come to your screen and look at this. this video will take your breath away. a 9-year-old boy catches his baby he starts to fall from a changing table. the home surveillance camera captured the moment. the mom literally turned away for mere seconds and she released this video, hoping it will serve as a warning to other parents, just how quickly an accident can happen. thank god that brother happened to be there, right place, right time. you heard the call before, a need for blood donations to save the lives of others.
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life as well. a police k-9 was shot on the job. he needed donations from a couple fellow dogs to save his life. >> we had blood that was donated earlier by one of the employee pets, cricket, and then my les is -- mylse was in the hospital and we were able to collect from him immediately and transfuse on-site. donor it must be healthy, happy, weigh more than 50 pounds and be between one and seven years of age and be able to lay still for 10 minutes and be committed to donate for at least two years. >> so sweet. it is 6:26 on your wednesday. next, at 6:30, energizing the west bank, how three businesses plan to beef up the flats.
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alert for the weekend. we'll tell you about odot's secret weapon to get the roads
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now at 6:30, a call for change, hundreds of people take to the streets of akron overnight. the message protesters were trying to send. plus, busses banned in public square permanently.
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downtown. and new training today for one city's first responders. how it will help them save more lives. we're taking a live look downtown. i saw an umbrella out there. will we be dealing with that all day? >> it will be more hit and miss and more miss than hit for many areas. a few showers here and there in some areas this morning and it may be concentrated over a couple areas. by and large, many of us will miss out. temperatures not as mild as yesterday but still around average. we'll shoot for a high in the low to middle 50s today with a little sunshine trying to peek out. for the end of the week and the weekend, big-time changes are coming our way. we'll have details coming up. the spotty showers are not
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77 is in the green, 76 and 277 are checking in just fine too. we're noticing typical slowdowns at 490 at the east 55th stop sign. 77 north, right around east 22nd street, tracking some cars going 22 miles an hour, just under the speed limit, no accidents to talk about as of 490 and broadway looking good so far. protests continue on the local front as hundreds gather in downtown akron overnight. 400 protesters met up at highland square a little before midnight, then stepping up down west market street, in a march asking for acceptance. other protests have led to arrests. this one remained peaceful, despite a small group of counter-protesters as well. the original goal was to have
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it would be best to keep superior avenue closed. >> the ban on busses at public square was supposed to be temporary. >> now it's permanent. sarah finney is live on the square with what is going to happen next here. good morning, sarah. >> reporter: good morning, terrence and corrina. these barricades have been sitting here for months and they will continue to be here for the foreseeable future. for the next two weeks the city and rta will come up with a plan to present to a federal agency stretch of superior should remain closed to busses. that needs to be agreed upon before any work can begin. the $50 million newly renovated public square reopened before the republican national convention this summer. the original plan was to have the rta bus service on superior. that was pushed back indefinitely in august. mayor frank jackson listened to public input. he acknowledges the change will
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be worth it. >> people like a unified public square and the way it functions right now and they'd like to keep it that way. and again, those who have concerns are not complaining about the aesthetics or enjoying the space. they're saying we don't want to be delayed on busses, we don't want to miss our connection, we don't want rta to lose money. >> officials plan to make changes to other areas up for not going through public square, focusing on the west third to east 18th on superior and west third to east 12th on saint clair. the areas may be changed to look more like euclid avenue with traffic lanes for rta and traffic signals that move busses along quicker. some say they're not happy with the proposed change and they would like to see busses continue through here.
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that to happen. sarah finney, news 5. >> sounds like some other traffic wants to get through there, sarah. new this morning, bringing new life to the flats. three businesses teaming up to renovate four mostly empty buildings along the river. they want to, quote, maintain the history of the flats, also try to bring jobs back. they plan to use it for office space and open a restaurant in the spot that actually used to be home to the iconic watermark restaurant more than a decade ago. investigated for possibly using excessive force. it hand when the officer was responding -- it happened when the officer was responding to a call for a stabbing. he found his ex-girlfriend and his son when he got there. the ex's boyfriend stabbed a man after he tried to step in for a fight. he claimed the officer was threatening him. he is suing for excessive use of force. lorain police say they don't
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officer but overall he has been an honorable eight year career with the department. the man who was stabbed is expected to be okay. a firefighter's job involves providing medical care as well as fighting fires. >> they're going through a training session to make sure they're ready to save as many lives as possible. meg shaw has more on this for us. >> reporter: already this says they transported about 60 suspected stroke victims and we know in those tense situations every minute counts. this training will really give these firefighters more opportunity to provide more care to these patients quicker. during today's training session the firefighters will work through several complex scenarios in real-time, just like they would in the heat of the moment. they're using metrohealth's simulation lab and cleveland clinic's mobile stroke treatment you unit to provide the care.
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with human actors and other times digitally programmed mannequins. the unit will hit the streets full-time in lakewood in a couple of weeks. they will be able to meet first responders and firefighters in the field, at a patient's home and begin treatment immediately which can reduce complicationses for stroke victims. lakewood firefighters are scheduled to beginning training around 10:00 this morning. they say it hours, until noon. live in lakewood, meg shaw, news 5. coming up here, give up information or else, the stern warning from an ohio sheriff, plus the people who are not off limits. i'm horrified. there's nothing for them on this hill. >> a battle brewing in one quiet neighborhood this morning, those who live there are upset over what's moving in
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6:39 on a wednesday morning. do you hear that? watch, winter is knocking on the door. see? don't answer the door, it's winter knocking out there. it's coming by the weekend. at least you'll get a bonus day on friday. temperatures should be in the 70s. saturday, 48 for a high, a wintery mix late in the day, snow looking likely on sunday
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plan now, kristin. >> okay. s was that a threat or a promise? >> i'm just saying it's coming. we're in good shape despite the spotty showers out there. there's slow pockets and i'll show you where, coming up. world series history! >> cory kluger was wheeling and dealing for the indians in the playoffs. >> today we'll see if he hardware for his amazing performance. he is one of the finalists for the cy young award. >> that goes to the best pitcher in the league. he's up against justin verlander and rick porcello of the red sox. the indians' manager was named manager of the career.
6:41 am
his expertise in dealing with people and baseball decisions thatted made him the perfect -- that made him the perfect choice for the award. slingshot vandals on the loose coming up. it's a real danger right now in westlake. we're looking ahead to what's next for the lakeshore power plant, coming up. snow odot has a new solution. that story is coming up. super screen 5 is back to track your weather and traffic during the break.
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good wednesday morning. now on hundreds of protesters calling for change overnight in akron. busses band in akron. lakewood firefighters getting special training to save lives. >> our news 5 team is following these stories for you this morning. first, meteorologist j.d. rudd is tracking the forecast. >> good morning, everyone. get you going, get you out-the- door this morning. here's what you need to know. we should be in the upper 40s
6:45 am
a few morning sprinkles are out there. keep that in mind. here's the satellite and radar picture right now. rain may be briefly heavy in a couple areas. the spotty showers are mainly in the northeast part of ohio, those will continue to roll that way as the morning goes on this morning. let's talk about what's happening for the rest of the day. there's a closer look at the sprinkles and showers. here's a live look outside, behind the cloud cover there. it will be tough to see it this morning. readings right now, 45 for ashtabula this morning. forecast for today, with should be in the low 50s by the lunch hour, may pop up to the middle 50s around 3:00, 4:00, then easing our way back down to the lower 50s as we end the day.
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warming trend coming for tomorrow. friday, could be record-setting territory on friday, 72 degrees the forecast high for now. for cleveland, that's ahead of the storm system that is going to bring us some trouble. we have rain changing to snow from saturday evening all the way through monday morning, watch out for slick roads, slowdowns, it's part of a big storm system that will dump snow across parts of minnesota dakota. for us, cold air filters in, any rain we have changes from snow from saturday night into sunday morning. we'll have details, broad- brushing this, i'm saying one to four inches of snow but lake- effect will always be an issue. >> i know you're keeping a close eye on that with the weather team there.
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pockets, 77 transitioning to 90 and 490 by 77, that's where you'll see slowdowns. 77 at 480, no issues, as you make your way to the city, trouble-free. the story of this morning is that we are accident-free. let's pull up the odot views. 90 and bretenal is looking good. someone is targeting businesses and drivers with road. marbles have been found near businesses and police have gotten reports of marbles being shot at vehicles. it's against the law to use slingshots in westlake. if you have any information, police would love to hear from you. today marks the two year anniversary since the murder of an akron police officer. officers justin winebenner was
6:48 am
2014. his killer, keenan ivory is serving life in prison without parole. we have an update to a story we brought you yesterday morning. the suspect in a viral video will be arraigned in canton court today. the video shows three people in a car try to run over an off- duty police officer at the canton walmart. troy gordon and erin buckley now face charges, gordon for resisting aarrest, buckley killing a kent state student during a robbery attempt will be, executed. damantae graham was sentenced to death. the jury found him guilty in the death of nick massa. he was at an off campus apartment in february, when three men barged in and three other teenagers are charged in his death. a cleveland woman is charged in a deadly hit and run accident, and she will be
6:49 am
she is accused of hitting and killing a 56-year-old in october. she was under the influence at the time of the crash, according to police. she is facing several felony charges. the clock is ticking to find the person or people responsible for murdering a family in ohio. eight members of the rodan family were found dead, shot execution style inside their home back in april in pike county. the sheriff is threatening to arrest anyone who holds back details on that includes family and friends of the victims. a former sandusky county sheriff is expected to plead guilty tomorrow in his pending criminal case. he's been indicted on 43 charges, 38 of them felony theft and drug related. last week he lost his bid for re-election. the teacher's strike in louisville is entering a second
6:50 am
according to a union member. they want the union to accept recommendations from the state fact finder. teachers say they'll continue picketing from 6:00 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon. the lorain city school district is being taken over by the state. they have been in academic stress for some time. the ceo appointed by the state will start some time this spri one of the most recognizable buildings on cleveland's east side is about to disappear. the lakeshore power plant is being demolished. the coal burning plant began operating back in 1911, helping power cleveland for almost a century before it was shut down. demolition will begin now. cuyahoga county could be getting another green energy
6:51 am
erie. they say it will save $2.5 million a year in electricity. the turbines need approval from regulators. the plan is to have them built by 2018. a battle is brewing in a quiet neighborhood. plans to build a homeless housing complex have neighbors fearing for their safety. neighbors across the street are scared of what the project might bring and that it bring down property values. we have possible snow coming on sunday. it's time to talk about how odot is getting ready. >> the salt budget is in good shape, kristin. >> it's because we had a mild winter last year. the theme this year, recycle the salt. we had a mild winter last year.
6:52 am
saul salt in the summertime like it usually does. as far as the up upcoming winter, salt prices have have dropped significantly, going from $65 a ton to $43 a ton and you end up doing the math, state-wide we're looking at a huge savings. >> as we need to fill up during the winter with historical salt usage data that we have, we could estimate that we could save about $10 million. that savings will be kind of absorbed back into the operations budget and used for other items in our operations. >> a lot, we know it's a lot but keep in mind odot state-wide operating budget is $3.2 billion. as far as this winter goes, the plan of attack is the same as usual, brine to pretreat the highways, then salt. at times something new that he odot is going to try out, it is a liquid solution called aqua- saline . it's added to the salt when pavement temperatures dip below 20 degrees. an ohio pet food company is
6:53 am
today. blackwood pet food plans to donate 100 pounds of food for each run the indians scored during the world series. all 2700 pounds of pet food are headed to the animal shelter this morning. our team is following the latest on our three top stories. it is 6:53 right now. we'll get an update from all of
6:54 am
breaking from overnight, hundreds take to the streets in akron to speak out against the presidential election. about 400 protesters met up at highland square a little before midnight, then stepping out down west market street and back to highland square. organizers say this was a call for unity and a protest against a divided nation. >> we feel that we made an impact, if not nationally,
6:55 am
group of people can have is important and that's what we're here for. >> as we said all morning, there were about 20 to 30 pro- trump protesters on hand as well but everything remained peaceful. let's go outside to sarah finney. >> reporter: good morning, nick. i'm at public square. this portion of superior through the square was built for public transportation. there are bus shelters on either side of the road as well as bus only painted here. but if the city and the rta get their way, this stretch of superior will be permanently closed to traffic. over the next few weeks both will work together to put a plan to the federal transit agency officials say they would like to make changes to other transit zones to make up for busses not going through the square, focusing on west third to east 18th on superior and west third to east 12th on saint clair. the routes may be changed to
6:56 am
only and traffic lights synced to keep the busses moving quick hely. some of the riders are not too happy about the permanent closure and at least one councilman is calling it an unfortunate decision. meanwhile, busses will continue to go around the square but not through it .. meg shaw is live in lakewood. good morning, meg. >> reporter: good morning. here in just a few hours firefighters from lakewood will begin training but it has fires. instead, they will receive training so they can help stroke victims and others in life threatening situations. the firefighters will work through several real life scenarios with human actors and mannequins. the victims will show signs and symptoms of a stroke and the firefighters will respond just like they would during an actual emergency.
6:57 am
says they transported about 60 suspected stroke victims and they say today's training will help cut back on complications these victims face. the department is set to start training around 10:00 this morning. they say it will last for a couple of hours. live in lakewood, meg shaw, news 5. now let's get a check on weather. we have a few showers out there this morn weekend a storm system works its way in, rain and cold air likely, first snow of the season as well. you're looking at a view of our odot camera, 90 getting busy out there. we've been accident free all morning long. it's been a great commute. it's national educational support professionals day. we want to give a shout-out to the secretaries, bus drivers,
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good morning, america. donald trump leaves the press behind for a private dinner with his family amid new reports of a transition team in turmoil. >> i think there is some confusion going on about a chain of command. >> two staffers pushed out. trump fires back overnight. new fire danger. massive clouds of smoke, send hundreds to the hospital as schools close across the southeast. dozens of wildfires scorching seven states. now the national guard is being called in to battle the blaze. wrong side of the law. a divorce attorney sentenced to prison. >> i thank god you got caught. >> accused of hypnotizing female clients without their consent and sexually assaulting him. the video that got him caught.


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