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tv   News 5 at 5pm  ABC  November 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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september. we're asking questions tonight about why this health crisis was just revealed. now at 5:00, the play by play revealed. >> this man was shot. we do have a knife. >> family and friends blamed a police traffic stop for one man's death. our investigation uncovered police radio traffic detailing exactly how the deadly night unfolded. not forgotten. >> the core of it hits home. >> their lives taken from them, sold to the highest bidder. now a new safe haven for victims of human trafficking. a lot of americans worry their safe havens are being taken away. >> we should help that person in any way we can regardless of their reasons for being here or how they got here. >> we go to ohio city, facing uncertainty in the face of a trump administration.
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investigating a battle over sanctuary cities. president-elect donald trump vowed to cut funding to those cities within his first 100 days in office. >> we wanted to find out which ohio cities could be impact and what kind of cuts we're talking about. megan hickey is live with exclusive findings. two cities in our area could be on that list. >> lorain have been called informal sanctuary cities. the reason is community policing. >> we will end the sanctuary cities that have resulted in so many needless deaths. >> reporter: donald trump says plans to make good on a campaign promise. an ohio jobs and justice tax founder tells me it could impact hundreds of cities.
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cities. it's a whisk and a nod, and they still protect people informally. >> reporter: they disagree with the policy. >> nobody could be afraid to call the police department when they need help, regardless of their immigration status. >> reporter: a 2009 overlapped ordinance says the city won't ask about the immigration statuses of witnesses and victims. a 2013 directive from department of homeland security only if the subject has committed a range of serious crimes. he said it is unclear which cities could be affected by mr. trump's cuts. >> it could end up in millions of dollars. >> reporter: cities like over land tell me it's an issue that would likely go back to the city council. >> the president-elect may think he's doing what he feels in the best interest for the
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citizens of oberlin. >> reporter: he says there will be many legal challenges. in oberlin, megan hickey, news 5. new information on the night kevin mcqueen died from a gunshot wound after police pulled over the van he was riding in. on the way to the hospital. tonight we have police radio traffic from the night it all happened laying out the exact timing of the delay loved ones say cost mcqueen his life. news 5's james gherardi is in the newsroom with the latest investigation. >> reporter: according to scanner audio frank, that's the correspondence between police and dispatch, it was ruffle seven minutes from the time kevin mcquestion's car was pulled over until they were allowed to continue on to the hospital. >> we've got shots fired in the low-rises. something like four got hit. >> reporter: from the moment shots were fired -- >> the victim has left in a private car and is going to the
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all caught on police dispatch audio. >> he said they made them get off the van and lay on the ground and stay for a good 15 minutes, if it wasn't 20, and searched them. >> reporter: mcquestion's family and friends insist the cleveland police department wasted precious time when officers pulled over the car transporting a shot and dying mcqueen to the hospital. >> 20 to 25 minutes, buck eve got to run everybody's name, you've got run the van me obtained, though, tells a different story. >> ems here. >> reporter: immediately the officers that pulled mcqueen's car over on the way to the hospital called for ems. one minute later, they radio in mcqueen's injuries. again, urging ems to arrive. >> we have a 38-year-old male shot, looks like in the left side of his chest. he is conscious and breathing.
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heard telling the dispatcher the van has gone on to the emergency room at metro health. >> they're coming to the er entrance with gunshot wound. >> reporter: a total traffic stop time of roughly seven minutes. a far cry from the 20 mcqueen's family and friends have claimed. and cleveland police officials responding to claims it took them 20 to 25 minutes. they told us tonightot but that they administered first aid to mcqueen and even transported him themselves into the metro health emergency room. live in the newsroom tonight, i'm james gherardi, news 5. >> thank you james. the city filed its new use of force policy to a federal judge today. last year an investigation by the u.s. department of justice found a pattern of practices officers used excessive force and violated people's civil rights. now, one of the key changes in
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techniques to avoid having to use force. officers are expected to begin training on that new policy early next year. a safe haven for a forgotten people. victims of human trafficking will soon have a place to turn and it is needed now more than ever before. ohio is fifth in the nation for sex trafficking and soon the salvation army harbor light complex will be able to do something about it. news five's dhomonique ricks was the first and only invited to see this new shelter dome before its grand opening. it's a long time coming. >> it really. construction started one year ago. now it is complete. a new 30,000 square foot family shelter which also houses sex trafficking victims. >> there were many times that i wanted to scream. there were many times that i wanted to say no, not me, not like -- i don't want this for me. i don't want this for my life. >> reporter: will you remember
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human sex trafficking report which aired back in october. >> and i remember thinking, like, what did i do? what did i do to deserve to be in this situation? >> reporter: she, like thousands of others just like her, are victims turned survivors. >> covering that we do is planned for security. and so it's imperative that the people we serve are safe. >> reporter: a special back here. >> we create a secure unit. >> reporter: bo hill showed us the units. >> victims of trafficking are basically some of the most fragile and in the most fragile situation in their lives. >> reporter: that's why no
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>> even the wrax for towels break away to make sure they can't hurt themselves. >> you see the tear coming in my eye. it's a labor of love. >> reporter: the human trafficking wing just one part of the new addition. the new two-story family shelter is home to 35 living spies, two large living areas, a playground, and >> reporter: been here for almost 20 years, and it's a dream come true, to be honest with you. >> with the new 30,000-square- foot edition the complex is now 180,000 square feet. on average, 425 people sleep at that particular shelter every night. really hard to wrap your head around that. now last year alone the old family wing had 36,000 nights of systems. live in the newsroom, in the
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5. new information about a statewide effort to test old rape kits. the attorney general says all of the nearly 5,000 kits from cuyahoga county have been tested. there were about 14,000 kits submitted from around the state. the testing blitz began after an exclusive news 5 investigation revealed thousands of those rape kits had been sitting on shelves for decades. so far there have been dna hits on more than markjweather. all that sunshine, way to go. >> well, we've got clouds and the sky is dark now. 51 degrees. temperatures are falling. 49 in akron. canton 48. 49 in wooster. so grab those sweaters. dry weather for now. the front came by. it's now east of us. we still have some patchy clouds here and there. i'm not expecting any rainfall, though. your hour by hour shows a little bit of clearing coming
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notice those temperatures bottoming out near 40 degrees for the bigger cities but some inland areas will fall back into the 30s away from the big city lights. should be a quiet weather evening, but again the chill son, so grab those sweaters, lee and frank. >> all right, mark. beware where you buy. >> especially when it comes to your favorite holiday food. >> foods safety is a very real thing. >> only on news 5, health experts explain why you should think twice about pumpkin roll through facebook. and it looks like these pipeline protests not winding down anytime soon. the court decision that could mean months more of scenes that we're talk about. democrats united after a shaky start to the new congress. by delaying their leadership selection, the house sends a strongly worded letter to their
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now to the transition of power in washington. >> president-elect donald trump today denying reports that his transition has been a little rocky. news 5 anchor rob powers is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: frank, lee, donald trump is sticking to his favorite platform to offer
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the oval office. twitter. the president-electric sent tweets denying reports that his transition is anything but smooth. he also denied requesting top security clearance forces children. the times isn't the only outlet digging up trouble behind the scenes. abc is reporting that a low- level staffer did in fact, make an inquiry about getting security clearance for the trump kids, but that staffer has now been let go. mr. trump also ruffled feathers when he told his press pool snuck out for a family dinner in manhattan. his supporters say it's all normal. >> the beginning of any transition like this has turmoil. it is just the nature of the process. >> in another transition team shake did you know, former michigan representative mike rogers has been ousted from the team after once being considered as a potential head of the c ial. trump has gotten criticism for backtracking on his quote to drain the swamp but after
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the formal leader of the transition team, vice president electric mike pence quickly moved to dismiss all lobbyists from that team, frank. >> all right, rob. still talking about that transition, democrats may have delayed their leadership election but they are on one front united. >> they want steve bannon out of the white house. 169 of the 188 democrats signed a letter to president-elect trump to remove steve his chief advisor. the letter points out stories from the site that are derogatory towards jews, muslims, and other groups. democrats in the senate did have elections today, and new york senator chuck schumer was chosen to replace harry reid when he retires at the end of his term. now, the senate republicans decided to keep majority leader mitch mcconnell on the job. and it will be two more weeks until we know who will lead the
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some things up. representative tim ryan whose district covers several counties that include summit and portage is weigh ago challenge to current minority leader nancy pelosi. we'll tell you more about him and his thoughts at 5:30. a minnesota police officer has been charged with manslaughter for the shooting death of a black man. we all remember the terrifying facebook live video showing 32- year-old phil officer yanez shot and killed castile after pulling him over for a broken taillight. >> the use of deadly force was not justified. unreasonable fear cannot justify the use of deadly force. >> castile's fiance live streamed the incident on facebook. she says the officer shot castille as he was reaching for his wallet. she also says he took the precaution of telling the
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licensed firearm. today officials charged yanez with second-degree manslaughter and two counts of dangerous discharge of a firearm. he is expected to make his first court appearance on friday. the dispute over an oil pipeline out west could drag on for months. >> a federal judge is not expected to decide whether the developer can proceed with the dakota access pipeline until next year. the project has been protested for months by supporters of standing rock rock sioux tribe. there was high-profile support from bernie sanders. >> i'm not going to allow a pipeline to endanger the clean water that millions of people depend upon. >> the company behind the pipeline tried to get a federal judge to allow to the lay pipe
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might all be decided instead by federal regulators, meaning protesters aren't going anywhere. some have already started digging in for the winter. all right, some of us have already started shivering a little bit. >> you might be digging some snow this weekend. >> what do you want to talk about? maybe a record high on friday? >> you should see that look he's giving me. >> you don't like snow do you, mr. oklahoma. >> it's true. >> let's talk happening right now, then we'll get into some things coming our way. first of all we've got clouds in and out. i think a clearing trend for many of us will be the rule through the evening hours. notice rain showers are off to our east, and there's a few to our north now. we should stay dry overnight tonight, dry tomorrow, and dry on friday with a surge of warmth coming in before winter arrives. 50 degrees me dana. it's 599 cleveland. but 40s now akron, wooster,
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norwalk. you're in the 40s. 49 currently in mentor. so your evening looks dry but chilly. make sure you grab the sweaters going out and about. everyone in the 40s bi10:00 p.m. most of us in the 40s by 7:00 p.m. with just a few clouds floating in and out. now we're going focus in on the winter storm that will bring in some very chilly air for your weekend. browns game could be snowy as well. here's the low, moving into the inner mountain west. already the low is going to ta friday it will be sitting here. we've got blizzard watches in effect for portions of north and south dakota and minnesota around that winter storm watches. this will be our first significant snow for the country since last -- early spring. but out ahead of the system, record highs. warm air being pulled in. so i'm thinking lower 70s on friday for many of us. should be a great day, although
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side. get those outdoor chores done because here it comes. the low will swing to our north. it will start out as rain saturday. maybe even some thunder during the morning. then by saturday night the cold air swings in behind it, turning any rain over to scattered snow. most of us will see our first flakes of the season. not a lot of accumulation saturday afternoon and evening for most of us. but what i'm concerned about is squalls setting up with a north and northwesterly wind during lake-effect snow squalls. still uncertain as to the exact position of those squalls, but where those squalls persist there could be several inches of accumulation by monday morning. 41 degrees tonight, partly cloudy, cool and foggy. tomorrow let's do 63, mainly sunny, staying mild. there's a good day to get outside. overnight tonight for akron, 41. tomorrow 63 degrees.
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not too shabby. now your browns sunday. this is football weather. 30s. wind gusts above 30 miles per hour, blustery and cold with scattered snow showers. yikes. here's your seven-day. friday 73 degrees. that would set a new record high, but temperatures falling from 50 on saturday, scattered rain. sunday it's snow and 38. >> all right, you heard the chief. we are going to shoaf you next what our road crews are to get ready and keep your commute and your travels this weekend smooth. >> smooth. and tonight, all new at 6:00, a lot of people are already upset about a plan to build a pipeline right here in ohio, and they haven't even heard the plan that the routes go right
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if you heard mark a few moments ago you heard that flakes are in our forecast.
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frank, it is time to start talking about how 0 dot is prepping for the winter season. >> yes, it is. we found out the salt budget not look sog bad this season. here's why we can thank last winter for the surplus. >> reporter: the theme this year is recycle. we had such a mild winter last year, odot didn't have to stock up on salt so leftover salt will be used on the highways and state roads this year. as far as this upcoming salt prices have dropped significantly. statewide we're looking at a major savings. >> as we need to fill up during the winter with historical salt usage data we estimate we could save about $10 million. that savings will be absorbed into our operations budget and used for other operations in our operation. >> 10 million might seem like a lot of money, but keep in mind
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now, as far as this winter the plan of attack is the same as usual. brind to pre treat. next, a story will you only see right here. a new trend that has the fda working overtime. they're warning about new start- up bakeries line. plus, could a lawmaker from ohio be the next house minority leader? meet the man what is considering a challenge to longtime leader nancy pelosi and what his platform is all
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back to breaking news. we have just learned there's been an outbreak of legionnaires' disease. investigators believe the bacteria came from consolidated precision product in east lake
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at 6:00. all of the nearly 5,000 rape kits from cuyahoga county have now been tested. after an exclusive news 5 investigation revealed thousands of those rape kits had been sitting on shelves for decades. so far there have been dna hits on more than 2,000 of the kits. and the city of cleveland filed its new use of force policy to a federal judge today. one of the key changes in the revised policy calls for officers to use de-escalation techniques to avoid having to use begin training on the new policy early next year. only on 5, it is a stable of the holiday season. food. >> but right now there is growing concern about where some people are getting their fixin's for those festive celebrations. mike brookbank joins us now. mike, health departments are warning about illegal on-line food sales. >> reporter: yeah, lee, and with thanksgiving just about a we can away we are going to see
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their kitchens to make a quick buck. they're turning to social media now more than ever before. with a few strokes of the keyboard, and a couple of clicks of the mouse, you can find a cleveland woman selling pumpkin rolls on facebook, $12 apiece. >> during the holidays we see all sorts of home businesses pop up. >> reporter: the trend is take off and it's making suzanne's job at the board of health more difficult. >> it's tougher to track many of the sites don't even after phone number. >> reporter: guns, alcohol, and adult products are listed to be banned, but foods are not. >> food safety is a very real thing. >> reporter: clark, a small business owner, helps run the cleveland culinary launch and
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on etsy. >> there's no one that's going to check you out. >> reporter: while you can sell 90% of baked goods without a permit something, like a pumpkin roll needs one. >> a moist product, you would absolutely have to have a license. >> reporter: she says there are red flags to watch for if you ask to see the facility. >> we work out of a number of kitchens, or we don't after someone's kitchen, or we don't give that information out, we'll just bring the food to your place. here's where people can get the training they need to take their home business to the next level. many of the people who use this kitchen are, in fact, seasonal. mike brookbank, news 5. a northeast ohio congressman now finds himself in the middle of a national
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representative tim ryan is p. john kosich spoke with ryan and joins us now with more on a potential shake-up. >> the election results he owe. he's sounding is an awful lot like a challenger. just as the election of donald trump shook up washington, ohio congressman tim ryan tells me it should also shake up the donald trump is now the president of the united states. when the great blue firewall collapses in ohio and pennsylvania and michigan and wisconsin, we ear. that's why there's a challenge to nancy pelosi for house minority leader. the state has an appetite for a new democratic party to win back numbers who voted for
5:34 pm
bidens are gone, the clintons are gone. the house leadership race is going to be an important signal of what the new democratic party looks like. >> reporter: >> reporter: it was the blue collar democrats who sided with trump. >> for us to have ignored them so badly for so long they actually think that donald trump is a democratic port is often. only. live in the newsroom, john kosich, news 5. the former sun did you say key county sheriff is expected
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there. 0 bear meyer pesm. he's accused of manipulating doctors to get a operation. he was in jail when he lost his reelection bid. mark, you said a change is going to come. >> well, we warm up, and then we really cool down. and notice right now 0 -- owe for the weekend fingers follow. mansfield sitting at 50 degrees with winds basically out of the west on the light side. it is going to be a quiet weather evening for you. so we've got 49 at 6:00 for cleveland. middle 40s inland areas.
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we've got a record setting friday coming our way, and then snow shovels for the weekend. still ahead this is not what donald trump had in mind when he stumped on securing the border. we look at the sudden surge in border crossings. plus, talk turns into action. find out which accounts twitter is targeting after promising to
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let's talk weekend cold and snow. here is our blizzard watch in effect. this is for the dakotas and minnesota. winter storm watches around it. the low is going to take a turn this way and move to our west so we are not going to see blizzard warnings, winter storm warnings here.
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snow, though, saturday night through the day sunday, even into monday morning. i'm going to show one of the more conservative computer models that we have just to allay your fears. here's friday at 3:00 p.m. snowfall totals, here we go. notice through the day sunday into early monday, manageable, and remember the ground is very warm, so most of this will melt off. don't panic just yet but the bottom line is, we're going to have our first shot of snowflakes. not necessarily a lot of snow, but some of you may have enough to shovel. all right, we will be right
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donald trump promised to deport criminal immigrants and build a big wall. >> that promise appears to be having unintended effects. officials say they are seeing a new wave of undocument immigrants mostly america showing up. they surrender to authorities, get outfitted with an ankle monitor, then are released after promising to return for a court date. >> the violence, instead of diminishing, says ska lating. we have families that fear for their lives. >> the mayor of one texas borrowed town says the violence and poverty uncentral america aren't the only factors in this new immigration wave. ebels this is political.
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president trump. they all know about a wall. when you talk to them, they know that. if you talk about building a fence, you better get over here before january and the swearing in ceremony. >> donald trump has said since his election that he plans to deport two million, perhaps as many as three million undocumented immigrants from this country. today oxford dictionaries released its annual word of the year. and some might argue it's very fitting. this year the truth. when circumstances that appeal to emotion and personal belief are more influential than objective facts. other words to make the list are adulting, alt-right, and the extreme fear of clowns. following its promise to crack down on hate speech twitter suspended the accounts of several members of the so- called alt-right. that includes the verified
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popular face of the group known for supporting hate speech. only on news 5 it is never too early to get into the christmas spirit, right? >> that's right. definitely not in akron. the 35th annual holiday tree festival is days away from kicking off. bob jones got an up-close look at smun neckly decorated trees. he is live inside akron's john knight center. bob, we decorations behind you. some vem that are pretty, i don't know, creative, and those are pretty cool. >> reporter: very creative, very classy. there are 140 christmas trees for sale inside the knight center. vurn neck trees. for example this one is called the birds and the bees. check this one out over here. an 8th grader designed a harry potter tree. this is a very popular event,
5:47 pm
brilliant. another, minion yellow. check this out. a tree made out of silver spoons and forks. >> i'm amazed at the talent and imagination that the decorators have and what they do. >> reporter: some of the trees would even make the grinch smile. santa, he loves all of them, even if the garland is strung together with 2300 beer caps. >> did you have to drink a lot of beer to finish this tree? >> that was the fun part of kind of got on board. >> we miss hip and we love him, and we sure were glad that he was part of our lives. >> reporter: jessica decorated a tree to honor her nine-month- old cousin who died from cystic fibrosis. >> he did not have speaking skills, but we always felt like we knew that he was telling goes, that he was there with us. >> reporter: the trees are for sales, and the money benefits
5:48 pm
akron children's hospital. more than $5 million raised in 35 years. >> the kids all help decor rate. they like to make the ornaments. >> reporter: among the decorators, jennifer, the first ohio woman to deliver sextuplets. now the kids are 12. >> some days i can't even believe that it's been almost 13 years. they started off so tiny. >> reporter: for this family, the trees are not about glitter but giving back. >> we're so the really great care they gave us here. >> reporter: and there is a gala on friday but that is sold out. the event for these trees is open to the public beginning saturday and runs through november 27th. they are even open on thanksgiving. we have the hours on our newsnet5 app. live in akron, bob jones, news 5. >> awesome stuff. i understand you have like 17 trees you're putting up. >> maybe two or three. >> two or three. >> or four. >> see?
5:49 pm
are. >> no, i start in october getting the decorations out. mary loves the holidays. >> you have themed trees. >> we have themed trees, outdoors kids and formal, and other things. >> and this year puppies. >> oh my gosh. >> just imagine what that's going to do to your trees. >> right now the puppy is afraid of the treatment the puppy goes in front of the tree and starts barking at it. puppy. let's talk about what's going on outside. has descended on the area. ashtabula partly cloudy skies. let me show you akron, our time-lapse clouds and fog this morning, giving way to a little bit of sunshine as we head through the afternoon. toward the evening and now look at that, mainly clear skies over summit county sons. going to be a mainly clear evening. current temperatures right now uncleveland have dropped. we're now at 5 degrees downtown. so if you're coming downtown for dinner or a show, whatever you want to do, outside, just
5:50 pm
44 lirnd parma and orange. it's 45 in solon. 48 ridge field, 49 in brunswick. mid-40s and upper 40s across summit and stark county. the chill is back. the front went by earlier today. we told you we would be a few clicks cooler. this is not cold for november by any stretch. clouds are leaving us for the most part. we still have a flow coming in out of the northwest. so we'll keep clouds longest here lake move through the evening. showers are well off to our east now. the front is by, so it's a temporary dip in our little wind pattern here. winds out of the north and northwest for now, but they're going to go southerly tomorrow so get ready for nice big warm- up, coming back our way. notice temperatures bottoming out near 41 as we get up and go. and then 8:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m., look at that warm-up. holy mackerel. 1:00 p.m., 60 degrees with a
5:51 pm
little bit tomorrow. they will become windy on friday into saturday and sunday. look at the surge of warmth. i'm thinking lower, maybe even a few spots tin mid-70s friday, good enough for a new record high for cleveland. record high currently is 71 degrees set one year ago. i think we beat that by a degree or two. 41 tonight, partly cloudy. should be dry, 63 tomorrow, mainly sunny. and mild. akron/canton tonight 41 and 63. a great day to get rake some leaves. browns game is going to be chilly. 30s and snow. back to the desk. a warning tonight about a man impersonating a cable guy. >> the city where he's operating and the clever con he's trying to pull, next at 6:00. hear from the man's victims. and what police are doing to bring this guy to justice. not in our backyard. a fight is starting to bryan rural ohio over a pipeline.
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details tonight about an airport shooting that cost an airline worker his life.
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tonight new details emerging about the suspected murder-suicide that shut down operations at an oklahoma airport. >> that shooting happened yesterday afternoon. things are getting back to normal at will rogers airport today. lauren lyster brings us more on the investigation. >> reporter: operations getting backo date oklahoma city's airport after tuesday's deadly shooting that grounded planes and had travelers sheltering in place. >> they've got some situation going on here. >> reporter: around 1:00 p.m. yesterday, shots fired in the airport parking lot. >> a man has been shot on the sidewalk outside the terminal. >> passengers stranded on plane for hours, police searched for the shooter going car to car for nearly three
5:56 pm
>> the suspect was located, deceased, with an apparent gunshot wound to the head. >> reporter: the suspected gunman identified as lloyd dean buie, a former southwest ramp ago. the airline said he showed signs of beg under the influence of alcohol. >> it is possible the suspect acted in retaliation against the circumstances lead we know his intentions were to go to the airport and hurt someone. >> reporter: that victim, michael winchester. the 52-year-old son james a pro football player with the kansas city chiefs. the team tweeting their support, our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you. police report the victim was not the suspect's supervisor, and they don't know if he was the gunman's intended target.
5:57 pm
angeles. >> and that wraps up news 5 at 5:00. >> rob, danita, what's going on at 9:00? breaking news out of lake county where we just learned there's been an outbreak of legionnaires' disease. >> new at 6:00 where the outbreak originated from and what health officials are doing to calm fears. only on 5 tonight, hundreds of cities bracing for president-elect donald trump, some fearing he will cut federal funding. we look at some of the local cities that might news 5 at 6:00 begins in two
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an outbreak of
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sickened at least 10 people in lake county, an outbreak that has killed one person. >> they believe it may have started at a plant in east lake. health officials believe it started at consolidated precision products. investigators tell news 5 because three of the sick people work in companies located next to each other in east lake they focused their investigation there where they zeroed in on the water cooling towers at consolidated precision product. the company is said to be cooperating and we're also learning that occurred in september. we will have more for you on this and also on our website and also tonight on news 5 at 11:00. literally they would go right through the middle of the form and say that's the way it's going to be, and we think that's wrong. >> residents are putting up a fight to try to keep themselves safe and their property off-limits. >> this all comes as federal officials are about to recommend a final route for a natural gas pipeline which may


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