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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  November 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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yes, we are following breaking news at 4:30. a tense situation unfolding on cleveland's east side. foley at the live desk. >> we have been watching this unfold all morning long. there was a shooting confirmed inside the illuminating service center's miles service center. not much information being released yet this morning. our newschannel5 tracker saw officers with their guns drawn and one man walking out of the
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as the scene. we hope to get more information and updates soon. let's go to jd rudd for a first look at weather, now. good morning, jd. yes. a watch over the troublemaker that will reek havoc over our area, this system dumping snow across parts of south dakota and nebraska already, but ahead of it we have a five- star stellar friday taking shape. many areas already in the 50s. the numbers will quickly ups of sunshine today. this -- tons of sunshine today. this doesn't tell the whole story because around 2:00 or 3:00 many of us in the lower 70s. make the most of it. the temperatures will be dropping for the roast of the weekend. well, for now the -- for the rest of the weekend. well, for now we are looking good on the roads. 271 at broadway, the right
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odot, 71 at 303, not a lot of cars to start off. looking good so far. back to you. downtown cleveland could be really busy tonight and it could be kind of tough for you to get home from work. >> there is a protest against president-elect donald trump on public square. that is where sarah phinney is live this morning. with the protest and the cavs game, it could get interesting downtown. >> reporter: that it could, terrence. the cavs are facing off against the pistons at 7:30 this evening. about half an hour before that people are here at public square in front of rebel and they will walk toward cleveland state and back. organizers are using facebook to get word out about the march. 900 people are attending with several thousand interested in going. marchs must stay out of the streets, and shall not yell, assault or intimidate
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protests since last week, like the one in akron. trump is busy filling his staff and cabinet positions before taking office in january. this weekend he will meet with mitt romney who refused to endorse him during the general election, evening calling him a con man during the primary. he is being considered for secretary of state. the list includes new york mayor rudy boldman and south carolina governor nikki haley. police are expected to gather as early as handicap 30 to make signs and the public protest begins at 7:00. sarah phinney, newschannel5. the rocky river school district weighing in on all this. reporting parents were sent emails letting them know acts of bullying and
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schools are dead indicated to leading discussions to address teachable moments. a little later the first new shopping center in east cleveland in 25 years will officially open. it is called emerald plaza at the corner of euclid and superior avenue. it will feature villa, a clothing store, also a mr. hero. the ribbon cutting ceremony is at 8:30 this morning. well, there wa standoff in mentor when u.s. marshals came to serve a man an arrest warrant at 1:00 in the afternoon. he holed up inside this home, holding a baby hostage. neighbors and the s.w.a.t. team were trying to get him to come out. neighbors could here negotiators saying don't hurt yourself or baby joey. he finally walked out hands up and the baby carried out in a blanket.
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>> i am glad it came out the way it was. it came out good, thank god. >> neighbors say this was not the man's first run-in with police and the baby was not hurt. a young girl from east cleveland who says she was kidnapped is back with her family. officers found the 12-year-old. the girl was walking to school on terrace road when someone kidnapped her, punched her in the face and tied her up. she they are working on a description of the man right now. now an outbreak of legionnaires disease in lake county there. are 13 confirmed cases now, one deadly and there could be more. three are likely linked to businesses in east lake. the businesses have been given the all clear but the health commissioner says there is a chance the disease traveled. if you live in the area and have flu-like symptoms, talk to your doctor. new details about the terrible accident that brought
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90 yesterday. airtracker5 capturing the massive back up. it went on for miles. man died when he was hit be i a rta bus while crossing a highway. his car broke down at west- 117th street. we are working to learn more about the victim. police are not releasing a name yet. seven people are behind bars charged with a vandalism scheme targeting according to court documents the suspects shot marbles at homes, businesses and vehicles. all seven face 14 counts of vandalism. rta says the group did more than $27,000 in damage to the bus shelters alone. today you may notice a lot of people at wooster high. >> don't worry. it is just a drill. there is active shooter training going on at the school at 8:00 this morning and 1:00 this afternoon.
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into lockdown during all this so you will get a notification. i will say it again, it is only a drill, so don't panic. still ahead, did he broker his first deal? what donald trump said he worked hard to keep from leaving our country. >> and why you will want to wash your hands the next time you hit up a atm for cash.
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it is 4:39. good friday to you. yes, this will be a good friday. sunshine and temperatures in the 70s today. a little breeze out of the south. this may be the last time we see 70s for a while.
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rain changing to snow by late tomorrow afternoon to tomorrow evening. this may cause slick roadways and slowdowns. stay with us for forecast updates. kristin? >> thank you, jd. we are looking good on the highways. here are different camera shots along 90. trouble-free for you. overnight work in the akron area. details ahead. terrence? this is something to think about the next time you get cash from the atm. >> you will probably want to wash your hands immediately. investigation in new york and found the atm key pads are absolutely covered in bacteria. most of the germs coming from human skin and food, the most common was lactic acid bacteria usually found in decomposing plants and milk products. atm boards also hold mold and fungus. it didn't matter whether the atm was inside or outside. >> wow!
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alcohol may increase your risk of prostate cancer. two alcoholic drinks a day can mean a 8% to 23% higher risk compared to those that don't drink at all. prostate cancer is the fifth leading cause of cancer death in men. 4:41 is the time right now. up next, an adele freakout. the surprise guest a singer said "hello" to across the border. >> can't wait to see that. and super screen5. you see it up and running, tracking your weather and traffic as we take to you
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president-elect donald
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he got a call from bill ford advising him a plant will stay in kentucky. but they are canceling a plan to ship production of small lincoln utility vehicles from kentucky to mexico and they will put out more information later. corrina, trump could be back in our state soon. right. trump is launching a trick tritour. he will be visiting -- a victory tour. he will be that helped get him elected. no exact dates announced yet but the states and dates will be announced some time after thanksgiving. and we will find out if the trump university trial will be put on hold. the president-elect's lawyer wants to delay claiming trump is too busy getting ready for office. the trial is set for november 28th. democrats are in the
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senate and may be a shake up at the top. east ohio congressman ryan is throwing his hat in to become the house minority leader. he is challenging nancy pelosi. the challenge will happen november 30th. a deadly mass shooting at a child's birthday party in diresburg, tennessee, outside of memphis. seven people were hit by gunfire an old. a 21-year-old woman killed is the mother of the 2-year-old the party was being held for. the baby thankfully not
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>> i am from baltimore. this is home for me. to be able to continue to help serve the community in which i grew up in the important to me. >> even though criminal charges against white have been dropped, the internal investigation prevents her from talking about what she saw the night gray died. just when he thought his fortunes were turning around, the subject of "making a murderer" will stay in ted cruz. this comes pending an a-- stay in prison. this comes pending an appeal in the brendan dassey case. dassey's attorney has not commented on the latest development. he was sentenced to life in prison, but this past august a judge actually overturned the conviction. well, looking ahead now to this weekend because it is basically here, it is a friday, right? nasa expects to send a satellite into space. >> it will make weather forecasts more accurate and perhaps even help predict storm
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the satellite, goes r will launch at 5:52 tomorrow from cape cape, florida.-- cape canaveral, florida. >> i love it. that satellite will help us out in a lot of ways. temperatures starting things out on the milder side this
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well, we are in the 50s to start today and we will be hitting 70 and above today. i am forecasting 73. the record high 71 set just last year. this could be the last 70- degree day we see for a while. sunshine, breezy and 70s today. falling temperature, rain and snow tomorrow. the wind a huge factor this weekend. let's break things down a little more and show you what is happening with the satellite and radar picture. there is the storm system that tonight to tomorrow. ahead of it we are compressing the air, bulldozing the air, allowing the warm temperatures in our area. then the front comes through. here is the hour-by-hour timing, overnight tonight to tomorrow. 7:00 saturday there is the front and the rain. the cold air spills in behind it. temperatures drop all day long tomorrow, then there is rain changing over to snow by late tomorrow evening. it should persist overnight to sunday.
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early indications right now, i think the heavier snowfall in the eastern counties i will target around the rivera area perhaps lake affect that may top out over two to three inches or so. we will keep our eyes on it. outside of that the wind and the cold air combining windchill value business sunday at least in the 20s. it is going to be cold this weekend. kristin? >> thank you, jd. i am just focusing on today. >> yes! >> we have the overnight work along between dart and wolf ledges parkway. the work wrapping up at 6:00 a.m. as we zoom on out the bigger picture showing we look fine on all the other highways. 77, 480 and 71 trouble-free, as well. 90, no issues there. nice quiet conditions here at 90 and chester. over to you. >> kristin, thank you. the way you order your fast
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>> what do you think of table- top ordering or on tap with an app. mcdonalds is hoping technology will bring you back to the golden arches. next year it is rolling out a new tabletop dee i don't saying and app orders. mcdonald trying to bring back customers like taco bell, chikungunya, chick-fil-a, a lot of competition out there.
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time now 4:51 on your friday. congratulations. we made it! i am terrence lee. >> and i am corrina pysa. thank you for waking up with us on, let's say it again, this friday morning! still to come here, a dangerous game that could have turned deadly. a local teen pulling the trigger, advertising the whole thing. >> and we are getting ready for the next world series. progressive field getting ready for a mini makeover during the
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welcome back. we are nice and quiet on the highways this morning. i long 90 no issues from crocker to the innerbelt bridge. here are your commute times... and this is 271 so far so good to start off your friday morning. i will have another traffic check in a few minutes. let me explain what you are seeing here. a 15-year-old in akron is shooting at his neighbor's home while recording the whole thing on facebook live. the teen made a couple videos
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rifle and 9-millimeter handgun, eventually pulling the trigger. first the rifle, then the handgun, laughing almost the whole time. while it played off on facebook it was happening in real life on bloomfield avenue. it happened last night. neighbors heard the shots that hit her home. >> if you are sitting in your home watching television an hear something like that, that would freak you out an scare you. i am not used to hearing that. >> the teen is county juvenile detention center on weapons charges now. well, according to the chronicle telegram a company plans to phase out local operations and may close the plant by next march. is plant is a top producer of material used to make sponges. we don't know what would happen to the facility in elyria as of yet. weeks after the world series progressive field is getting ready for upgrades. the plain dealer says that
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the field, a building, and security systems. all the improvements should be completed by the homeowner on april 11th. while the cavs have just begun their season the city of akron is gearing up for the annual holiday season. >> the lebron james tree for the family foundation has been lit in akron. it looks amazing. it celebrates the historic championship win as well as his commitments to his it stands 8 feet tall, has hand painted basketballs and changes colors. how about that? well, at 5:00, is the restaurant bubble bursting in cleveland. a rash of closings. >> and what could have saved the beloved gorilla hiroki kuroda.
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what federal investigators found during their
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. good friday morning, folks. i am terrence lee. >> and i am corrina pysa. let's go straight to nick foley at the live desk. he has breaking news for us. >> there was a shooting inside the illuminating company miles service center. we know shots were fired.


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