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tv   News 5 at 6pm  ABC  November 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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minutes. us. >> 5 at 6 brought to you by mr. hero. get a 6-inch blt meal for 5.99. >> news 5 on your side starts now. >> now at 6, a small arsenal swiped in the middle of the night. a cleveland severe damage. >> now police are trying to track down dozens of deadly weapons before they affect someone else. >> only news 5 spent this day trying to find out what happened after these high powered weapons were taken from an east side home. >> we spoke to the owner that is worried that the guns are in the wrong hands. tracy carloss, that woman is shaken tonight. >> she is. afraid of who may be in the
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>> you know by you missed school. >> tina moved her family in this neighborhood and came for a new beginning and her thoughts were shattered in the middle of night. someone broke into her home and stole weapons. tina says they are doomsday preppers. >> we believe in being prepared for what can happen. >> tina says her kids side door unlocked and the thief or thieves walked right in. the family was upstairs sleeping while the burglars cleaned out the gun cabinets. five shotguns and a high powered rifle and pellet gun were stolen. that's not all. a bugout bag was taken too. a portable kit that contains items needed to survive a disaster and inside. >> rice and beans and ammo.
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ammo. smoke grenades. 12 machete style knives. all valued between 75 and $200. >> a bullet-proof vest similar to this is missing. tina is nearly in tears when thinking about what can happen with a gun in the wrong hands. >> i don't want to see anybody get hurt by what people took out of my home. >> now there's a very good possibility that there is surveillance video of that break-in. police are working on getting that video right tracy carloss, news 5. only on news 5. a man caught on camera and accused of robbing two men in a dealership out on the streets even after shooting at one of the victims. kristen volk was first to break the story. this has the alleged victims down right scared tonight. >> yeah, that's right. the victims want to warn others that this is a dangerous man. first showing up as a customer here at this dealership and
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about his bond. >> very uncomfortable knowing that this guy is on the street. that a judge allowed this guy to get out with $3500. >> with the ski mask covering his face and a gun in his hand, watch how this man threatened the lives of these two inside delta auto wholesale on west 117th. it was saturday, november 5th. manager scott mast was be he had strong suspicions that the gunman was just in here to buy a car and his suspicion turned out to be true. police say that 21 year-old joseph taylor is the one in this video who robbed the dealership of $6000 and even shot at this customer who escaped. he missed and got a way. then five days later. taylor had the nerve to show up
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police surrounded him and arrested him and charged him with aggravated robbery. scott relieved and then learned that the judge let him out for $3500. >> my life is worth $3500 letting him out on bail. >> we reached out to judge charles patton that presided over the case. did his staff but a court spokesman says that the bond amount was granted to taylor because he has no prior convictions and, therefore, not considered a flight risk. kristen volk news 5. scary moments in a high
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panic but no one got hurt. reporter: danita, it happened inside this high school. it was smoking but did not explode. >> it is scary that something could have happened like anyone could have gotten hurt. >> police tell me that a freshman concealed the firework, an m80 in a glue stick and threw it towards teacher's desk but it did not off but the classroom was evacuated. police found a note that his teacher's name was on that device along with the words you will pay and school shooter and officers tracked a threat to kill a teacher on the boy's facebook page. the teen was suspended for ten days and no longer a student at
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its blessings. there wasn't an explosion in the classroom. >> luckily it failed. like i said, sometimes we are fortunate and we stop more things than people would ever know. it is just not an unusual occurrence to have kids come to school in some emotional distress. >> at are that 14-year-old suspect is facing a charge of inducing panic. he has a hearing scheduled the 2nd of december. bob jones, news 5. it is cold and chilly and it is on, mark. >> it is on. a lot of folks traveling and a lot of folks shopping for the last minute spam ingredients for the spam turkey like danita harris. >> yes. >> she will be going to the giant eagle after the show. to get some more spam. akron dry weather. we are dry across northern ohio. let me show you power of 5, live doppler network.
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we got the clouds coming in and you will see clouds thickening up as the next weather system moves our way and it will bring rain for the travel day wednesday morning. more on that coming up. staying in the 30s for greater cleveland and the lake shore communities with partly to mostly cloudy skies. akron cooler and 27 at two a.m. and winter coat weather. we will track the rain in hour by impacts your travel day wednesday and your thanksgiving holiday coming up. >> it is a mess. part of i-71 shut down as police are responding to a multi-car accident. >> it happened near the snow road exit at 237. i know it well where police have closed off the highway. drivers are being diverted and look at the mess. traffic all the way is backed up. moving at a very slow crawl. we are making calls to get more information and we will bring
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traffic came to a complete stand still on two major interstates this afternoon after a construction crew hit a gas line. it happened in the construction zone near 471. it hit a gas line and until it was fixed, no traffic was allowed in the area. it took crews about an hour-and- a-half to stop the leak before traffic was moving again. new sheriff is facing jail time after accepting a plea deal for stealing prescription drugs. sheriff overmeyer has been in and out of court since being arrested. pleading guilty and changing the plea. he was accused of taking prescriptions pills from dropoff boxes from at least 6 sandusky police departments. he pleaded guilty to 13 counts, including theft in office and
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accused of kidnapping his own daughter has pleaded guilty to running from police in summit court. he was arrested 24 hours after taking his daughter saying he took her from his home after learning she was being lured by an older man on the internet. he feared for her safety. but before this arrest he was also a convicted sex offender charged with multiple counts of rape in 2005 involving a young girl. since he took his daughter from his home in medina when sentenced in january. they say change can be good. changes are coming for a popular cleveland neighborhood and the people that use the parking lot at the west 5 market. the cleveland city council voted to hire an outside contractor to now manage and maintain that parking lot. and that contractor plans on charging you to park there. rates have not been set yet and there are a couple of options to be considered. but customers will likely get
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pay for one or two hours after that. >> that is ridiculous because if the businesses around here want people to come. it is hard to find parking as it is around here. >> so far no date has been set for the parking fees. still ahead on news 5 at six. officer on trial again. the prosecutor in cincinnati says that he'll take ray tensing back to court and this time he is change. plus, recall stalled. why potentially dangerous air bag can stay on the road longer than planned. hollywood heist, this one happening in real life. hollywood getting hollywood tax break for business. but did it create jobs for the region? what happened when our investigators start asking questions. that and your power of five forecast coming up right after
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>> a national area prosecutor is going to file new murder charges against a former police officer with the university of cincinnati. >> just last week ray tensing's first trial ended in a mistrial
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verdict. accused of killing sam dubose in a traffic stop in 2015. today the prosecutor said he wants to take this court to a court outside the cincinnati area. tensing's lawyer says he doesn't believe a change in venue will result in a change of outcome but the hamilton county prosecutor believes that evidence in this case is strong enough to bring a new trial. >> because we have got an officer saying he is being dragged 30 feet and we know that's a >> the prosecutor also said at one point jurors were worried about keeping identities anonymous. >> one car maker is being allowed to keep potentially dangerous cars on the road so it can prove that the cars are safe. i'm confused. let's go to on your side investigators jonathan walsh. break down this move. reporter: it is unusual. we are talking about general motors in may the automaker
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because they contain takata air bags. gm says its air bags are safe. so far various companies have recalled more than one hundred million cars, trucks and suvs world why because takata air bags can inflate with too much force to send shrapnel in the vehicles. 11 people have died here in the u.s. but general motors have asked the mask highway traffic administration to delay the re they said that some of them are different and safer than the ones that caused the deaths. the company has until auguster of next year to prove the inflaters are proven safe, if that happens the recall can be canceled. gm would not fix the air bags in question until june of next year so this delays that recall by two months. the big question you may be wondering, why is the company
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it comes down to money. before if we can's ruling gm announced 7 recalls for vehicles and fixing all of those air bags could cost the company 870 million-dollars. almost one billion dollars. critics say it is a mistake. we will keep our eye on the development. with at least 12 million cars that have been affected by the recall, there is a good chance that your car may have the air bags had them replaced. to see you are driving a vehicle with one of them we have the information on news 5 sunny, hope you are listening. >> big movies and promises but is the film state tax credit helping ohio or is hollywood hijacking your tax dollars.
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investigation. sarah, ohio has key information a secret. reporter: it is. when we asked how many jobs the credit created, ohio censored the record. >> lawmakers give millions of dollars of your money to hollywood producers every year to lower them here but when we asked how many jobs it creates, we got the records but not answers. the details, tota out. tax expert chris coupeman says the lack of transparency is a big problem. the reason that film credits don't deliver what they promise. >> i would say that this is a situation, a heist that only hollywood could dream up. a robin hood in reverse where money is being taken from taxpayers all over the state and being given to these production studios to come and
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money. >> what did high school do with your tax dollars. we kept digging and tonight i will reveal what we uncovered. sarah buduson news 5. that's crazy. >> real crazy. >> a good investigation. >> we got to watch that. >> that's public information. news 5 at 11, don't miss it. let's go. i can't hol back. let's talk about >> scattered darkness. it is going to be dry overnight and no problems for travelers if you are headed out early to mom and dad's house and the lake-effect snow machine shutting down after 30-inches of snow from water town and syracuse and the plateau here. big time snow there for us no snow. tracking rain showers coming our way for wednesday. first though the clouds arrive overnight.
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evening and for a large part of your day. slightly warmer temperatures for the day and watch the low here and wednesday night rain and a few showers for thanksgiving day but again it should not am to much. your hour by hour. let's track it in locally. 7:00 a.m. dry and one p.m. dry and then we see a few showers coming in toward the evening hours wednesday. the bulk of the rain towards midnight and after through about an 7 or 8:00 a.m. on thursday morning. watch if you are traveling, we will give you the hour by hour for the united states. we got lots of rain and high mountain snows in the pacific northwest and that does not change through thanksgiving day. the main area trouble. minneapolis to st. louis is rain, notice the snow pulls off to the north. here we are rain approaching late in the day tomorrow. if you are traveling west
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indiana, you are going to have a lot of wet weather and a lot of wet roads. that rain slides in tomorrow night and then thursday it is just scattered showers from ohio all the way to the east coast. so not a mention storm. thumbs up. 28 and chilly and staying dry. tomorrow 46 and widely scattered afternoon rain showers. still chilly and still need the warm coats. 26 for akron, canton mainly cloudy tomorrow i'm thinking about 45 with a couple of showers towards the evening. towards the evening. 7 an day. thanksgiving a few showers here and there and cloudy and near 50. a good mud fest for the outdoor backyard football game andy. 45 friday and one or two showers on saturday. shoppers not bad and headed to the mall. 40s, saturday and 50s though. there's your shopping day.
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he is smiling and some raindrops are coming down underneath them. all right.
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this. the browns get one day off a week and players like joe thomas and joe hayden and many others made it to town hall in
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this holiday season. good turnout. ty lou was there and jim brown as you can see. let's go back to football. the boys are 0-11 and joe hayden says not winning is haunting him. while we may be upset let's think about the big picture. a fantasy role when you know you are not going to see your next meal. >> to see guys and be together during the holiday season. it is heart warming when he i get a chance to be at like this, i am always here. don't forget. we have you covered for the browns. the hugh jackson show. you can spend your evening with the hugh jackson show right here on news 5 and if you miss it thursday you can watch it saturday at 1130 in the morning. the mcdonald athlete of the week in stark county this week's outstanding athlete on the coach and in the classroom.
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secretary of that and i am the secretary for student council for our senior class. four to five different college classes and then i maintain my gpa and honor roll. >> as a freshman, i was first team for stark county and second team for ri c and star county and you have a lot of obstacles and challenges and there's nothing that you can work through and that you can learn from. and now there is a tally and i am this week's mcdonald's student athlete of the week. we will talk ohio state and michigan. i talked to troy smith and he is putting his life in
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are no greater goosebumps then on the feel a nd -- field and the alumni are there embracing you. >> it feels so long ago. a thousand years, right, mark? >> yes. >> whatever you say. see you at 11. news five at six has been brought to you by the ohio
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tonight, breaking news. after the deadly storm, the new and major system set to hit tonight. chicago, detroit, several cities in the bulls eye. then, moving east, affecting millions traveling this thanksgiving. also breaking, what we have just learned about the driver in that deadly school bus crash. the children who survived revealing to us that bus moments before the crash. the police officer ambushed. now, the arrest, and the new moment today. what the suspect says when asked, did he kill the officer? you'll hear it. president-elect donald trump's about-face. >> lock her up! lock her up! >> after chants of "lock her up," what he's now saying about hillary clinton tonight. and mr. trump on those nazi salutes. the group celebrating his win. breaking news.


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