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tv   News 5 at 11pm  ABC  November 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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two men opened fire on one another while driving dead man's curve. how this is inching our city closer to a grim record. news 5 an your side starts now. >> new tonight a shootout on i- 90. traffic brought to a standstill at dead man's curve while two men shot at each other while driving. a homicide investigation bringing our city close record. jonathan walsh shows us the -- derick waller shows us the scene. >> look at the mess left behind. the car thit the pole, went through the fence on to this side road. look at the glass in the middle of the street. the car continued, somehow flipping through that fence into burke lakefront property. look at where it ended up. spinning out of control.
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news 5 cameras captured police taping off the scene before 6:00 tonight. police said two men traveling on the highway in separate cars were shooting at each other on this busy stretch of interstate. the 20-year-old in the audi died at the hospital. ems workers say the 25-year-old in this mercedes is alive but was injured from the crash. tonight's homicide pushes the total number to at least 119. total. with more than -- the 2015 total. with more than a month to go. cleveland's homicide rate has been rising for several years. a trend that looks to continue. tonight's latest homicide did not keep the interstate closed for long even with plenty of reminders left behind. >> you can see the damage left to this fence at the airport.
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identity of the victim. the medical examiner has to notify the family first. derick waller news 5. now take a look at this new video. cleveland police say this man is a suspect in the shooting that left two injured back in september. this happened in the parking lot of a gas station off of lorain. the store dleshg who witnessed this -- clerk who witnessed this said more than ten shots were fired. >> it was a crazy ex i've never experienced anything like that. i've been in customer service for seven years now and it was new. >> if you recognize this man you are asked to call cleveland police. a 10-year-old child crossing a street struck by a vehicle and the person behind the wheel just kept on driving. as news 5's mol mol tells us --
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children were on. when this dark red pt cruiser sped through. >> this is a really busy street. >> and hit one of them. and person behind the wheel just kept driving. >> i think there are people who are really irresponsible and unethical. and i can imagine being scared of what the person may have done. but there's no excuse for not stopping. >> police aren't releasing the boy's name but he's 10 years old and is in stable condition tonight. injuries to his head and leg. photos of the car are all they have to try to identify the driver. they're hoping you'll help. >> if you know who did it, it's our job to make sure everybody is safe in the community. so please call. >> reporting in cleveland heights tara molina news 5. >> if you have any information
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would like to hear from you. you can remain anonymous. a woman recovering tonight after police say somebody opened fire on the car she was in. the woman and two others told police they were driving along i-90 east when two men pulled up next to them and flashed their guns. surveillance cameras were rolling at wade and west 25th. one of the men got out and shot at the car. one woman's head was grazed by a bullet. the gunmen. new tonight, the ohio attorney general wants to keep the price of narcan down. announcing the company behind the drug will freeze the public interest price for naloxone. that price freeze will be good for one year for police, first responders, government agencies, and community organizations that purchase the
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university of toledo trying to reassure students tonight after three rapes since mid-october. sharon sent a letter across campus vowing safety is the number one priority. all three victims knew their attackers and they're all students. sharon's letter encouraged everyone to look out for one another and to step in if they see someone being threatened. a story we brought to you on news 5. police officers dash cameras. it was the topic of a news 5 investigation in may. six months later those cameras have arrived. megan hickey road along with an officer to see how they've changed every day on the job. >> how are you doing? >> good how are you officer? >> an arrest in seven hills caught on camera. recording every step of the sobriety test. >> 2001, 2000, 2003.
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>> we wanted them for about a year. we presented information to city council earlier this year and they weren't receptive to purchasing the cameras. >> our story ran in may the city approved the cameras in june. they were installed last month. not soon enough for mike who was using his own body camera in the meantime. >> you paid for this? >> he told me several officers got their own. >> there's times where been helpful to have it. that way it's cut and dry right there instead of my word. >> he says stops like these were difficult to document. >> without it it's basically trying to remember it or writing down, you know, while i'm out on the stop. >> detective lieutenant saloon says they're helping in court. >> we can use it for training. we can use it to increase police professionalism and increase the public's trust in
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>> those cameras came with a $44,000 price tag which was paid for by a grant from cuyahoga county and donations to the police department itself. this black friday turned into gray and ugly friday a little bit. >> gray and drizzly and look what we have, rob, some scattered snow out there on our rain snow radar. snow mixing in inland areas. medina into lorain. some lighter snow showers. and drizzle from cleveland to ashtabula. get inland and you're seeing the white stuff. it is light snow. that will continue on and off overnight tonight and through part of the the day on saturday. 36 eli ra. -- elyria. so your hour by hour as you get up and go for your saturday morning some of you may hit the malls again. right around 40 degrees for
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showers with wet snow. akron and can tan a little -- canton a little light snow and a sprinkle or two as the lows drop to the lower and middle 30s. a little more snow tomorrow. a little warm up next week. more coming up. we have new information tonight on a tennessee. both students and administrators raised concerns about the bus with crimes after six childrens died. another complaint called for seat belts on school busses. tonight there are still a lot of questions about the california mother who went missing during a job three weeks ago only to turn up alive and well on thanksgiving. sherry had been missing since november 2nd when she turned up on the side of the road
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her husband tracked them down. all this time she's been held captive. >> she was emotional and quite upset. but elated to be free. >> right now police aren't revealing much about the investigation. we know the woman's been reunited with her husband. at last check she hadn't seen her two kids yet. black friday winding down but th getting started. today rivals the day before christmas as the busiest shopping day of the year. some malls adjusting hours to keep up with the new shopping trends. here's sarah phinney. >> officials estimate 75 to 100,000 people went shopping here today. unlike last year the mall closed at 1:00 this morning and opened at 6:00. here's why.
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lot of retailers said that some hours were soft. when you have black friday followed by saturday sunday the regular weekend hours i think they appreciated the early close. >> those changes made at other properties however some of the department stores and surrounding businesses like kohls stayed open. >> morgan and emily hit the stores around 3:00. >> try to find good gifts for people early. >> it's not as crowded as i've seen in years past back at home. there's definitely a lot of people out. you can see the stores where stuff had been picked over and gone through. >> officials tell me black friday is typically the third busiest day of the year behind a few days in december. they'll use today as a barometer for what to expect then. at southpark mall sarah phinney news 5.
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with thanksgiving behind us dare we say it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. at least that's the case in downtown akron. some people grabbed their ice skates and dashed down the slide slopes. >> it's really cool. because, like, i'm not used to this and it's awesome. >> we come here a lot. to me between it being free for one thing and the atmosphere is family-friendly and we love it. >> free is good. all block three are free and open until february 20th. still ahead for us. all new at 11:00. the president-elect struggling to fill one of the more prominent positions in his cabinet, secretary of state. we're learning his advisors are plit. the arguments -- split. the arguments for and against mitt romney and rudy giuliani. an app that makes your own music videos. child predators have taken
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victims. changes that are coming to keep children safe. believe it or not a nice little warm up coming this week. we'll show it to you next. we want to hear from you. if you see news happening text us or email us.
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let's get to this presidential transition now. now that donald trump has finished thanksgiving celebrations at mar-a-lago in florida he's expected to get back to work. >> lana zack with the tug of war over secretary of state. >> as president-elect donald trump moves forward with his cabinet picks there is an internal struggle for secretary of state with between mitt romney and rudy giuliani. trump advocates are leaning towards the former mayor but he could face a difficult confirmation. on the other hand mitt romney will be a more moderate but he was one of trump's harshest chris in-- crit ins.
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against romney. as for secretary of defense mattis is a top con tender. treasury, hom land security and vetser -- homeland security and veteran affairs. no cabinet appointments will be made before monday. former green party candidate jill stein raised $3.35 million for recounts in -- for recounts in three states. >> there's enough evidence to warrant our system being investigated. >> it's not about the outcome. it's about the process. >> her campaign filed for a wisconsin recount in advance of the friday deadline. >> hillary clinton leads in the popular vote and has not weighed in. meanwhile a u.s. official confirms that the president- elect has had just two intelligence briefings.
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time to get up to speed. lana zack abc news washington. a judge found the man accused of killing nine people in south carolina competent to stand trial. after his arrest roof confessed it was racially motivated. he was trying to start a race war. jury selection will begin as soon as mondays. new tonight. have you heard about musically it's a popular smart phone app that lets you make videos. predators are using it to target kids. there's an online petition demanding change. here's jennifer with that story. >> grab your phone, hit record, and lip sync to your favorite song. that's the formula behind musically. it's clearly working. the app already has more than
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like these 12-year-old dancers who can't get enough. >> okay okay. >> it all seems harmless. >> can we get it? >> predators have targeted kids on the app. and video searchs can pull up pornographic content. >> after looking at the application this is not a place for pornography. there's a ton of kids. >> that's why they got involved. >> we connect truth to action for social petition demanding they delete all pornographic and adult content immediately. >> they have a responsible. >> in just a week more than 2,000 people signed it. >> please take this very seriously and protect the children that use your app. >> he hopes a growing course of parents will convince them to make changes. >> a lot of people want this content managed or you need to alert parents that that content
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>> that was jennifer reporting musically has not commented yet on that petition. new information tonight out of chesterland. a group of rogue bro vines -- bovines went on a spree.
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>> it's going to be snowing. >> yeah. that's the good news. >> let's see what's going on outside. right now some of you headed back out after your turkey day. traveling maybe going shopping. some rain around the great lakes and some snow in northern ohio. that rain, snow mix is going to continue overnight. some hour by hour info. notice it's mainly inland areas. but it's not a lot. begin to see whatever snow was out there. mainly transition to drizzle and sprinkles kind of like this afternoon. if you loved this afternoon you'll love tomorrow as well. highs chilly. upper 30s and lower 40s. temperature 38 degrees. and we've got a little rob powers error message there on the tower cam. southwest winds at seven miles per hour. again the chilly saturday
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rockies and the pacific northwest all the way through the plains. look at this cool air. we're talking 30s and 40s here. looks like winter is here to stay, right? no. by wednesday back up to near 60s degrees. maybe even tuesday. here's the low. the front going by and again spinning around that low in a counterclockwise fashion are these scattered showers and snow showers. if you're worried about snowfall totals i've got to show you. this is where we are tomorrow during the day. between tonight and tomorrow at 7:30. generally zero to a tenth of an inch. in burton you may pick up six tenths to maybe an inch of snow. that's about it. it would be in the high grounds. tonight rain snow mix. 36 degrees. tomorrow scattered snow showers mixing with rain in the morning. changing to drizzle and light rain during the afternoon.
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that's it. another chilly day. 33 tonight for akron. a little bit of light snow. tomorrow it's a little morning snow and a p.m. sprinkle. p.m. sprinkle, mr. powers. 42 saturday. 48 on sunday. there's 52 monday. look at the sunshine. browns sundays is looking god. traveling -- good. traveling down for the michigan game, dress warmly. tuesday rain likely near 60. wednesday 57 with a few showers and then back to normal into the 40s. up next in sports. the cavs show their muscle. plus state semifinals in high school football. the highlights and more next.
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high school football coming down the homestretch this weekends state semifinal matchups will start off in division one. st. ig nay shs took on liberty. ig nay shs getting on the board first. showing off the arm with a ball to travis pott. wildcats up 7-0. boom the second quarter and they add to their lead. mark makes his way through. gets hit late. his 20th touchdown run of the season. 14-0. the wildcats go on to win 24-14. in division two hudson and mass one perry a battle as time runs out in the first half.
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we head into the third quarter. perry with the third drive. not your typical running play. looks like a rugby from max baker in the middle. pushes across the goal line for the goal. perry wins this one 14-3. in division four taking on an undefeated team. steubenville up 13-0. brewster goes deep. 13-7. steubenville not letting the lead go. alec taylor gets brought down inside the five. have no fear, jalen is here. a touchdown run. that will get the two-point conversion. they go on to win 51-27.
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to you by brunswick auto mart. >> the kravrs back in action -- cavs back in action tonight hosting the mavericks. the mavericks 2-12 on the season making them the worst team in the nba. the cavs absolutely dominating at the q. making things happen. kyrie irving at the three. cavs up 9-4. lebron james doing his thing. he sees thompson for the slam. and how about kevin love? no record set tonight. knocking them down from three- point land. cavs up by 40. cavs showing their muscle with a big win. 128-90. now lebron james and some teammates planning a trip tomorrow.
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get you moving before kick off. we have the game and we'll wrap things up at 7:00 as well. ohio state and michigan tomorrow. news 5 will be back right after this.
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that's it for us for now. thanks for being with us.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, casey affleck. from "dancing with the stars," laurie hernandez. judge james and music from garth brooks. and now, while we're at it, here's jimmy kimmel! ? >> jimmy: hi, there. welcome. thank you. hi, everybody, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. it's very, very sweet. i hate to start with bad news


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