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tv   Primer Impacto  Univision  September 17, 2012 5:00pm-5:52pm EDT

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captured on surveillance video and the paramedic's co-worker provided an eyewitness account. sean white allegedly insulted and intoxicated woman. it happened during a call to render aid. police accused him of slapping her across the face, grabbing her by the throat, and smashing her onto the stretcher. be surveillance cameras caught some of the incidents. >> what did you see on tape? >> there is no audio on the tape. what i see on the tape is a combative patient and he is trying to restrain her. i think the patient care was at the utmost? no. do i think he deserves to be thrown in jail? absolutely not. >> hoffman says this matter should have been handled
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internally by the fire department. charges revealed that the paramedic's colleague filed his own report with observations that were "consistent with the video." the surveillance video shows the co-worker walking away, clearly distressed. fire officials viewed the tape last week. the video does not show what happened inside the unit. when the patient began to mouth off, he slapped her and grabbed her by the throat. this says that mr. white assaulted the victim, that she was not being combative, as is reflected on the videotape? >> i beg to differ. >> sean white has not responded to our request for an interview. reporting live, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> it is a story that when viral back in march, a 40-year-old man assaulting a student. tonight, that man behind the ski mask is headed to jail for 60 days. he pleded -- he pleaded guilty for second-degree assault, admitting to striking the 16- year-old as seen in the video. he alleged be a victim had thrown french fries at his sister, which led to the brawl. and what started as a fight over a parking spot ended with a woman pinned under a car, screaming for her life. it happened friday night in white marsh. we have more on how this situation spend out of control so fast. >> the anger got so out of control friday night, two people ended up being insulted. police say it was around 8:25
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friday night at the avenue in white marsh. this woman became very angry. >> the driver of the oldsmobile became angry when a volkswagen pulled into the spot she was intending to park at. >> police say they got into a physical fight. then things really got under control -- out of control. >> then the driver of the oldsmobile struck the driver of the volkswagen, pinning her against the vehicle. >> she drove into the person, striking her as well. she has been charged with various traffic charges for fleeing the scene and a salt. >> that is on real. i have definitely seen road rage. it blows my mind when people are willing to do something like
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that over traffic. >> very much out of control. >> lisa robinson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> and we're learning more tonight about the baltimore county man suspected of murdering his grandparents in the pipe mill home where they lived. it came out that he was found by authorities in oklahoma last week where he was being treated in the hospital. detectives in oklahoma are alleging that long was found unresponsive in at a motel room on tuesday morning, have been taken prescription pills. he shared a home with his grandparents and is now considered a suspect in their killing. >> the fbi has launched an investigation into several vandalism cases that appear to be targeting mosques in virginia. worshipers in harrisburg arrived at their weekly prayer service
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to find graffiti on the building, apparently including references to iraqis and "this is america." there is no indication whether this is in response to angry anti-u.s. protests in the muslim world. meanwhile, those protests seem to be escalating, spreading to more than a dozen countries in the middle east, including afghanistan. this has forces suffer more losses as the result of inciting attacks. >> these growing protests are threatening more and more americans abroad. it is also straining the fragile relationship in the region. there was barely room to stand in the streets. they were invigorated by the appearance of a hezbollah
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leader. the prime minister ordered the suspension on youtube of the video of the of the movie that caused the issue. sirens blared where 200 afghans said fiat -- set fire to shops. all signs of a protest that is much more than about a disrespectful video. >> it is about what is taking place in these countries. it is of of going through a complex transition. >> a transition that is getting more fragile in afghanistan. and unprecedented inside attack has resulted in six deaths over the weekend, raising concerns about how to protect u.s.
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soldiers. >> you cannot whitewash this. we need help. >> we will not lose sight of the fundamental mission here. >> u.s. officials reinforcing their resolve, despite difficult circumstances. the u.s. government is insisting the attack on tuesday was spontaneous, but the libyan government is calling it a planned attack. wbal-tv 11 news. >> an extended stretch of perfect late summer weather means that we have not been having rain here for a while. there is no rain in our immediate future here as far as the next couple of hours, but it is not far away. working its way through the shenandoah valley, just south of charlottesville. there is moving from the north and east. our rain chances will spike dramatically around midnight. there is an area of low pressure on the gulf coast, almost a
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tropical area of low pressure and a front in chicago. windows come together, we could have some rain. a couple inches of rain could fall out of this weather pattern. we will see if we can make some changes in the insta-weather plus seven-day forecast in a couple of minutes. >> i think we can all agree the eagles-ravens matchup was a real knockdown, drag out game. a lot of fans are pouring too poor officiating by the replacement reps -- pointing to poor officiating by the replacement refs. >> the distance of a date should help people see things more clearly. the ravens loss in philadelphia yesterday really had three culprits. their offense, their defense, and the refs. the ravens had the lead with 5
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minutes left. and they lost. the ravens often found high gear with ray rice ripping off a 43- yard run. that upset joe flaco. the ravens are celebrating at halftime. they did not lose all season when they were leaving at the half. they lost yesterday. a chance to put this away. the ravens on the move. rice with a 37-year -- 37-yard gain. here it goes. flaco. this looks as clean as a touchdown should be. offensive pass interference. awful call. the ravens and up losing by one point. the ravens have to share the blame for the loss, but you hate to share it with the officials.
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>> you know what everybody has always told you about the integrity of the game and things like that. i think this is kind of along those lines. not to say that those guys are doing a bad job, but the fact that we do not have guys out there is pretty crazy. >> what he meant was these guys are doing a bad job. the coach will give us his take on the first loss of the season tonight. >> i can wait to hear what he has to say. >> yes, exactly. another person in maryland killed by the infectious super bug called kpc. >> what health officials are doing about it in medical alert. >> but first, four shootings. another violent weekend that has left at least one person dead. >> coming up, this means for students.
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>> a live, local, late breaking, you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. with stan stovall and donna hamilton, your insta-weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer and sky team 11 covering breaking news where you
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> tonight baltimore city police are investigating another one and we can. the latest shootings occurred just before 2:00 this morning, one along stratford road near north charles street, and the other at a bar in southeast baltimore. the gunmen remain at large. police are also investigating shots at a basketball court around 9:30 last night keeping the victim in this case, also mail, being treated at a local hospital -- also male, being treated at a local hospital for wounds to the test. in all these cases, police have yet to name any suspects. >> in tonight's medical alert, 7
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-- that is the number of people confirm to the died at the national institutes of health from the deadly super bug infection. they are taking serious action to keep the bug called kpc from spreading further. they are insisting that all hygiene protocols be followed at all times. that bug has infected 19 people. it is an anti-biotic -- antibiotic-resistant strain that stemmed from one patient. we are learning that tomorrow's mosquito spray in has been postponed until next week. you are advised to stay indoors during spring to minimize any direct contact with the insecticide. as for the spring in catonsville this week, those are still on schedule.
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for more information, you can head to our website and click on medical oiler. a hysterectomy is the removal of a woman's uterus. it is a major surgery, but a fairly common and one. reasons vary from excessive monthly leading to cancer. but what is life like after a hysterectomy? >> kim roberts suffered from chronic fibroids for years that severely impacted her quality of life every month. >> a lot of blood, my iron was very low. and the thought of having a minstrel every month just killed me. i mean, it was the worst feeling ever. i was sick the week before i had my minstrel. -- menstrual. >> she decided to follow the
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recommendation of the doctor and one ahead with surgery to remove her uterus. she says it changed her life. >> i feel great since my hysterectomy. >> kim admits she was initially apprehensive about having the surgery. the doctor says a lot of myths need to be dispelled, especially about how the hysterectomy it affects the sex life. >> it does not have any impact on that. but if the patient has not had a good sexualize before the hysterectomy, it is going to be the same after the hysterectomy. the hysterectomy does nothing to repair or improve. in many cases, it improves because there is no bleeding. >> as for kim, she feels better than ever. >> in healthier because i do not have to take iron pills three, four times a day. if you need to do it, do it. >> wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> now your tv 11 insta-weather plus forecast. >> we will get into some showers that will linger throughout the day tomorrow and into tomorrow night. much-needed rain, actually. the potential for a couple inches in a few spots. the showers are working their way through western virginia and west virginia right now. saw a lightning strike there earlier this afternoon. that will continue to press in our direction as we go to the next 12 hours to 24 hours or so. there are two separate systems we are keeping an eye on. a tropical area of depressions near the louisiana coast line is pushing north. there is a system in chicago. when they combined, we will have the heaviest downpour as possible. so, the temperatures around regional not change much, but
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right now, we're running mostly in the 70's. it looks like everybody except oakland seeing it temperatures in the low to mid-70's. overnight, we will not will not much. low to mid 60's. the deeper overnight we go, the more widespread the showers will become. tomorrow, out ahead of that front, the minister from below down in the gulf would reject the moisture from below down in the gulf will be coming our way. actually, things will clear up very nicely. tomorrow, maybe an afternoon thunderstorm. you see some orange and red there, indicating the potential for heavy downpours. and then the front moves off the coast tomorrow night, clearing the ocean city in the pre-dawn hours. the skies should clear up throughout the day wednesday and
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thursday into the night with a lot of sunshine. said, much needed rain tomorrow. -- so, much-needed rain tomorrow. sun going down at 7:00 on nine on tuesday evening. getting close to 35, 40 mile per hour winds. we have that 4-foot chop on the open waters. rough day on the bay tomorrow. there may be a gale warning. use a lot of caution if you were out on the chesapeake tomorrow. wednesday's high temperatures average 55 degrees. feeling cooler with a brisk west-northwest wind. heavy downpours tomorrow and the rain may linger into the early morning hours on the eastern shore and lower eastern shore toward delaware. ocean city is a chance for a thunderstorm tomorrow.
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80 degrees. 75 with showers in the morning on wednesday. insta-weather plus seven-day forecast -- tomorrow is a wet day. it clears up nicely on wednesday. although it will be very breezy. another cold front in the afternoon or evening on saturday. it uses temperatures below normal early next week. >> i guess the great weather could not last forever. >> it never does. >> that italian magazine that published a 25-page spread of the duchess of cambridge sunbathing topless. >> when we come back, a closer look at the scandal that has rocked the european media. >> workers laid off. coming up at 6:00, of government employees have been trying to get thousands of dollars of benefits they are still a load. >> this thursday, you can dine out on great food and help a great cause.
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>> new this hour, a french court will announce whether to hold an injunction against the publication of topless photos of prince william's wife. >> this is after the publication of more photos. if leads to new questions about the royal family and privacy. we have more from london. >> it has been a whirlwind for william and kate in asia. today, they were impressed by the people. today, lawyers for the couple will appear in a french court seeking criminal charges against the magazine for the publication of kate topless. no publisher in the u.k. has touched the photos. of british company that has a joint venture with the irish company that ran them is
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considering cutting ties. but the magazine has staunchly defended itself. >> those pictures are not shocking. just a beautiful couple. >> today and italian magazines last 26 pages, and they reportedly had 200 pictures. the editor treated that even a call from the queen herself -- tweeted that even a call from the queen herself would not stop publication. >> the publications have arguments -- william and kaine were not in the privacy of their home. they were outdoors in view of our road. and you could say, whose image was harmed by these? you could argue it was the opposite. and what the their security not see this coming? back to you. >> good question. >> yes. more than a dozen -- did more than a dozen schools in
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baltimore city cheat on standardized tests to get ahead? >> part of a larger investigation coming up at 5:30. >> and a new program aims to bring the arts do more students. details, next.
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>> live, local, late breaking. you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. with stan stovall and daniel borowy -- donna hamilton. chief meteorologist tom
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tasselmyer and sky team 11 covering the news where you live. >> of big-name in the arts is taking a big interest in baltimore city schools. it is using its resources to help students get more access to the arts and music. >> this comes at a time when arts and music is taking a big hit in education. >> starting right away, the kennedy center plans to start taking stock in existing resources and help fill the gap so students in grades k through eight will get early exposure to the arts. ♪ >> you do not have to be a visionary to see ed. highland county elementary and has a thriving arts program. y
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>> it makes a difference in motivation for them. our kids are really focused. they are really responsible. >> in fact, there are a number of schools across the city with existing partnerships that help students experience art and music, despite tight budgets. >> they're not systematized. they can be incredibly robust in some schools and other schools, it is missing. >> the kennedy center announced it will be bringing its any given trial program to baltimore. >> the idea is to do a quick snapshot. it is a way to better provide equity to those education resources. >> the idea is to create an affordable plan that pulls the resources of the district, local arts groups, and the kennedy center. >> i think at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year, you'll start to see the arts been distributed across the
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city. >> they hope to start this year on a high note. >> it allows us to take kids to d.c., to other places, new york, to see a play or what have you, just to broaden their horizons. >> baltimore city is the ninth city to be selected for the program. they had to supply -- they had to apply. they had to show a willingness to work with local arts organizations. live in the newsroom, wbal-tv 11 news. >> meanwhile, an investigation is under way into a possible cheating scandal in baltimore school system. they are looking to hire someone to look into standardized test scores. the company is known for investigating cheating cases in washington and atlanta schools. it would review a 2000 book was from 2009 and 2010.
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11 news already reported on at some principles being fired -- principals being fired in response to those allegations. 1 fired principal has since been rehired. >> sean white is accused of assaulting an intoxicated woman while on an aid response called. that altercation was reported the capture partially by surveillance video by a nearby video. the head of the fire department disagrees with the police version of events. and one woman attend another woman with her car after a fight over a parking spot. it happened at the avenue in white marsh. the driver is facing assault charges of not only punching the
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other woman, but pinning her with her car and assaulting another woman. and american muslim group is calling on the fbi to investigate vandalism at a mosque in harrisburg that contains graffiti reading "this is america." it is not clear if this is directed at muslims. this comes after intense anti- american protests. interest in the last 60 minutes or so, nato has decided to reduce its operations with afghan law enforcement because of an increased risk of insider? . >> in the race for the white house, mitt romney has modified his message. he is being more specific about
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the cuts he will make to reduce the deficit. we have tonight's commitment 2012 update. >> hi, stan, believing. mitt romney knows time is running out to turn the polls in places like florida, virginia, and wyatt. trailing in states he needs to win, mitt romney tries something new -- more specifics. >> i will pursue a 5% cut in non-security discretionary spending on my first day in office. eliminating programs that are not absolutely essential and also cutting subsidies for things like amtrak and the corporation for public broadcasting. >> romney had an interview with telemundo. >> our campaign is doing well, and frankly these processed during stickle wave from what is the concern of the -- peace
5:35 pm
process stories take away from what is the concern of the american people. >> trade has to work. that means to crack down on cheaters like china and to open markets. >> in ohio, president obama said he has cracked down. >> today, my administration is launching a new action against china. >> a move to please autoworkers in ohio and michigan, a formal charge that beijing is subsidizing the chinese car parts industry to illegal stock -- to illegally as steel business from american companies. >> and we are going to stop at. it is not right. it is against the rules. we will not let it stand. >> mr obama mocked the romney recovery plan. >> tax-cut. you want to make a reservation or book of light? you do not need the new iphone. try a tax-cut. [laughter] >> mitt romney is counting on
5:36 pm
voters not feeling they are better off than four years ago. internal polls show that the race is tightening. from washington, wbal-tv 11 news. >> coming up, at least 1000 people taking to the streets at penn state. >> many of them students. what they are demanding from leaders in a call to action. >> and finally a new mother. one thing we will not know for at least a week -- the gender. we will tell you why, coming up.
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>> today marked the one-year anniversary of protesters marching through new york city to occupy it wall street. police arrested more than 100 people during a protest today. marches and rallies are also being held in more than 30 cities across the u.s. this was the scene last night in downtown baltimore were the
5:40 pm
occupied -- where the occupied movement -- occupy movement was held last year. the group was called greenpants. members of the group have been working to project issues that occupy addressed through our and other media. >> protesters in penn state this weekend calling for the resignation of several officials, following the child sex abuse scandal that rocked to the campus last year. many are upset with how the fallout was handled, as well as the sanctions against the school. along with the call for school leaders to step down, they are calling for legislative restructuring of the board. meanwhile, the former penn state assistant football coach will be sentenced on october 9. >> new sex abuse allegations have surfaced against what was one of america's most trusted
5:41 pm
institutions. the boys got to america has been accused of covering up sex abuse allegations for a decade. the boy scouts of respondents saying they "now include background checks and comprehensive training programs." >> still tonight, calls from telemarketers? >> new violations of the do not call registry shot up significantly. in the consumer alert, one big reason why. >> you can dine out this thursday. i will explain, next. >> and rain on the way. we will talk about the arrival of this wet weather pattern with the ins to whether seven-day forecast, coming up.
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>> coming up tonight at 6:00, a dispute over a parking space in baltimore county turns violent. meanwhile, another kind of fight, but this one concerning workers in a maryland nursing home. the issue? paychecks and health
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anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work. >> well, this thursday contributing to a charity is as easy as getting a bite to eat. it is the ninth annual dine out for life, benefiting moveable
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feast. >> they are prepping for what should be a busy night thursday night. that is when the restaurant will give 20% of their profits to the non-profit moveable feast, which delivers nutritious meals to patients with hiv aids, or breast cancer. >> most of them are dealing with their disease and would isolation. we are breaking through those barriers and delivering a sense of community and belonging. >> this is the ninth annual event. this is one of 40 restaurants donating a portion of their sales thursday night. >> we are glad to be part of it, giving back to the community. something that is bigger than us and bigger than food. a lot of ships in the company have people in their lives going through the -- chefs in the
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company have people in their lives going to the same thing. >> the funds go directly to the client services. >> it goes directly to everything that makes those services possible. toward food, delivery drivers, to help fuel our vans, all of the. >> they have a variety of restaurants taking part, everything from burger joints to fine dining. whatever your taste them like it is an easy way to give back. >> the way i looked at it, you have to eat anyway. why not do it at one of these great participating restaurants on a night when they are donating to this great local organization. and i am unclear on the science, but i understand that calories you consume for charity don't count. >> for list of participating restaurants, go to our website -- wbal-tv 11 news. >> i love that.
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calories consumed for charity don't count. nice. take a look at where residents have been dealing with for the past 48 hours -- an unseasonable storm bringing high winds and heavy rains to anchorage with waters rising so high in one area that floodgates were opened to provide relief. drivers have had to navigate around dozens of streets that are completely under water. the water levels are supposed to start dropping of the next few days. >> we had a stretch of good weather here. >> eight solid days. today is the ninth day without any rain so far. but it is getting dry out there. >> it is dry. >> we need a little rain. we make it quite a bit of it in the next 48 hours or so. notion our activity in our immediate future, but it is not too far away. lucia working up through the mountains. overnight, there -- we see it
5:48 pm
working through the mountains. overnight, there is an area of low pressure moving up. and when these two systems combined, that is when we expect decent rain. 71 degrees -- that is four degrees below the average. in this nice weather stretch, we have seen below normal temperatures for about a week and is starting to feel like fall a bit. 97 is the record high. here is the rainfall deficit. 0 today so far. monthly total holding at an inch and a quarter below. for the year, the deficit is over 6 inches. a little rain or even a decent amount of rain coming our way would not be a terrible thing. which is want to make sure we do not get into a flood situation. a southerly breeze and a blanket of clouds along with the showers will prevent the temperatures from dropping much. the main rain thread holds off
5:49 pm
until 9:00 tonight. there's the front, just getting into chicago. cool fall air behind it. low pressure that is almost tropical. this is going to combine with the front and when the two work their way through, the potential is there for showers, may be heavy, gusty thunderstorms, working its way with the tropical moisture. a chance for rain all day tomorrow. and the showers reach the coast and push up to see -- pushed out to sea. really nice day wednesday afternoon going into thursday. a little bit of a fall preview. kinda breezy. 15 to 20 miles per hour. and occasional hired just with those heavy downpours. there is a gale warning in effect. gusting to 35 knots. then fall comes in a few days later -- few days early.
5:50 pm
eastern shore, oakland too rigidly, the rain. ocean city, it may stay before it clears up in the afternoon. wet weather tomorrow. clearing skies on wednesday. beautiful weather thursday, friday. maybe another front arriving on the evening. we finished the evening with a high of only 71. alert,onight's consumer a closer look at how the battle over china's exports is impacting consumers here at home. right now, the u.s. is alleging that china illegally subsidizes exports in the auto industry to the tune of $1 billion. china exports very few of fully assembled cars to the u.s. but here is the catch. it has been rapidly expanding exports to neighboring
5:51 pm
countries. that in backdrops here at home like auto employment, which has been cut almost in half over the last 10 years. united states is challenging china's control of exports of what it calls "where earth's," needed by manufacturers -- "rare earths," he did by manufacturers of phones and other electronic products. you better make your travel plans. that includes flights to bring home those college kids. not only can you find the best deals, but you can find the best times and possibly avoid the major hubs like new york and chicago that often face weather- related holiday delays. >> you do not want to wait too long, because there will not be those last-minute great fares that people think. usually, the sooner you book, the better deal you will find. >> there will be less inventory out there to book as we approach
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the holiday season. get the date you are traveling nailed down, start looking for air fares, and you can get the cheapest flights possible for your intended destination. so much for silence from telemarketers at the dinner hour or any other our -- hour for that matter. unwanted solicitation is way


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