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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  January 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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good evening i'm jennifer leigh. >> and i'm josh benson. lovie smith out as head coach of the bucks so the question now remains, who is in? shocking move by the bucks. the glarier family fired lovie smith last night. the team did triple its wins total from 2014 this past season. john lucas was at this
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what happened? where do the bucks go from here? >> what happened is buck's general manager light told the staff that he was going to fire lovie smith. so they gave a players perspective of a coach's change. >> as a player you can't get involved in it. when your one coach leaves. they're being real. when the next guy comes in the locker room, you better smile and embrace whatever this brings. it doesn't even matter if you play in it. you can't get involved with it. >> but if the bucks promote
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cutter to the head coach position it would ease that transition. offensively the bucks are in pretty good shape and cutter would likely keep that staff intact. it's the defense that would have to step up this season. >> we talked about this in the last half hour. offensively he has tons of experience. a head coaches position would be an even bigger position. does he have experience. >> where he has experience is as a head coach in college. he was a head coach in college twice. he worked under mike smith when he was on the falcons staff. mike smith is up for some of these openings as well. he's a defensive minded coach. >> circle of life. >> the bucks defense, lovie, smith, cutter, something was
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now on in your side investigation, sick and tired. cutting delays providing nonva health care to veterans. you paid for it. so what's gone wrong? >> according to figures obtained by eight on your side, one in four veterans seeking health care wait more than 30 days to get a doctors appointment. >> cutting those waiting time social security what the new federal program is all about. steve andrews tells us why so many veterans are waiting so long. >> reporter: jen, taxpayers shelled out tens of thousands of dollars, and lewis salvado will tell you it wasn't worth one red cent.
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was a soldier, he didn't know that he developed lung cancer. health net is the contract with the v.a. pays to set up his appointments. >> they actually taken longer if you just went right to the v.a. >> reporter: the national office of the foreign wars is closely monitoring veteran health care. according to the vfw's carlos fuentes, part of the reason for the delay is until very recently the va has used the private sector only as a safety valve. >> the va traditional wanted to be everything for every veteran and what the health care
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very difficult to provide health care to every veteran. >> reporter: the va was not trustworthy about the data. health net would not discuss luis salvador's case. instead they said that they were fielding 234,000 phone calls monthly in support of the veteran health care program. luis contacted me about an hour and 15 minutes ago, he got a call from health net in tampa this morning. they saw a report about him yesterday. he then received a call from health net california. they set up an appointment to see the doctor he's waited to see for more than two months. >> boy isn't that interesting. so that's where the question is. if you can make a phone call and ask questions and things get done why is it so difficult for these guys to get it done when a veteran needs help. >> this is a program that was just implemented very quickly.
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on the fly and it's rapidly expanding. with it developing so quickly, you knew there were going to be problems right out of the gate. >> thank you so much. and if veterans don't receive timely access to care under this veteran's choice program. call the health net number on the screen. we put it right there (866)606- 8198. and if you've been having trouble with the v.a. our investigators want to hear about it. call8 on your side that number is also now on your screen 1- 800-338-0808. pinellas county deputies are asking for your help identifying two men they say tried an armed robbery at a bank in seminole. it shows them entering gte financial on starkey road. one went to the atm but both left without getting any money. the duo could have been involved in three other robberies.
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you should contact the pinellas county sheriff's office. pasco county officers arrested this man after they found cocaine hidden under a child's car seat. that seat was occupy bid a 3- year-old at the time. another child was also in the car. booth is now charged with possession of crack cocaine and child neglect. the circus is back in town at amale arena. elephants will be performing at the greatest show on earth but their days in the act are numbered. why the elephants are getting ready to retire right here in tampa bay. >> reporter: with the circus in town, people are wondering what happened to the elephants after ringling brothers and baley circus begins phasing them out. >> reporter: if you found out the elephants wouldn't be in the circus would you still go
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>> it would be more like cirque du soleil or something. >> elephants have been the icon for the circus for over 145 years. >> reporter: peta proclaimed victory when the circus made the announcement back in march last year. but the group continues to criticize the fact it'll take years before the animals retire. when they do, like a lot of people, they'll end up in florida. the remaining 12 will join more than 40 of their friends in polk county. they won't be performing, but they'll still be contributing. >> elephants rarely get cancer. so we're hoping to find something in their genetics that they've learned from millions and millions of years. >> reporter: the center also has a breeding program. as for fans of the circus,. >> the other animals are just as entertaining. many people say even without
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visit the circus just as long as it's entertaining. lisa mastiss. we have a whole schedule for the circus you can find it right there on our home page. an unhealthy situation at sfu. >> students return to the campus and make a disgusting discovery in their dorm rooms. >> also ahead, star wars it continues to be a record breaker at the box office. the latest mark that puts the movie in a galaxy all by itself. >> low 70s today because of that rally with sunshine. we did start out with lots of clouds. but the clouds are back on with rain chances. even starting as early as overnight. a look at your forecast when we come back. 8 on your side has uncovered sink hole swindles time and time again. this time the sink hole seller
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it's time for the pesky new year's resolutions. you need to cut way back on sugar. the 2015 to 2020 dietary guidelines for americans recommends limiting the amounts of sugars in our diet to 12- teaspoons of sugar a day. >> a can of soda, a regular can of soda. also you know those fun sized candy bars, not the little squares but the little rectangles one can of soda and one of those is the added amount that would be allowed. doesn't seem like very much. the guidelines also suggest cutting back on salt and saturated fat and increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables in our diet. the food administration is working on new labels that should more clearly show added sugar.
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decrease in the cancer death rate since peaking in the early 1990. that means over 1.7 million fewer people have died from the disease. experts say advances in cancer prevention, detention and treatment are all responsible for the decrease in deaths. college students throughout the state returned to their dooms at southern state university and some of them found a nasty surprise. >> reporter: it was on the floors, tables, even her shoes. florida state university freshman stephanie prieto says mold was everywhere. in her dorm room in smith hall when she returned from winter break. >> i came back on sunday night and the moment i walked in, it just smelled disgusting and there was like mold all over the floors, all over the furniture, all over my items. >> reporter: and he room wasn't the only one with the problem. pictures were shared on social
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cases and walls in other rooms. >> the air quality definitely makes people cough. i know when i moved in i got bronchitis because of the air quality. so i know people are still getting sick now when they moved in after winter break too. >> reporter: fellow freshman nicholas conrad said he didn't feel healthy living in the dorm. >> just don't feel comfortable. but i mean there's not really much i can do. >> reporter: florida state university housing department says despite the mold the building was still deemed livable. >> reporter: about 50 rooms were affected and that the health department discovered the mold just before students came back. >> we started immediately with staff and cleaning the rooms we found. and making sure that we were getting in there and trying to get it cleared up. >> right now i walk in the room and i don't want to sleep there. it's nasty. >> reporter: they blamed the problem on muggy and wet weather around tallahassee state and the doors and windows
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the executive director for university housing told mack that the department swept through the building before students returned. and the voice took home a win for favorite competition tv show and jimmy fallon for favorite late night show. there was a moment when someone crashed the stage when the hosts of the talk were receiving their award. >> we're like a motley crew. >> go over to jump man. >> you're not going to pull a steve harvey up in here, no, sir. >> the man bypassed security to
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but sheryl underwood quickly shooed the stage crasher. and star wars has become the highest earner. i finally saw it myself. the number one title comes after just 20 days, star wars could take the number one global title when it opens in china on saturday. we started out with clouds, got sunshine. now looks like the clouds are back moving in from the west. 72 for a high today. we're at 64 with the lows.
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still trying there at citrus county and here at frenchies looking into the gulf of mexico. but it's cool and it's over cast at the moment. temperatures have been up and down at times. 73degrees for friday and for saturday. sunday too at 72 degrees. for sunday, temps falling back into the 60s with another cold front up the road. 62degrees, this is the forecast for tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. a few showers possible overnight and in the morning hours. we should mention too the possibility that we could see a shower at noon as well extending through this period. by the afternoon though, things should start to quiet as this area of low pressure clears the area. i just want to make a mention even at midday there may still be a lingering shower. 65degrees for the evening hours. mostly cloudy skies. most of the rain back to the west and the gulf. 62 at daybreak. there's a possibility of seeing an early shower. 76degrees in the afternoon. and again you can see mostly cloudy skies, there'll be some
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along and clearer breaks too. 64 currently in seminole. temperatures elsewhere lakeland 70, 71 degrees in barto and lake placid. and 65 the official templeture -- temperature in crystal river. now back in the 50s and 60s. brings a bit of moisture back into the picture. that's why these numbers have climbed and the comfort of the air has dropped a little bit because the humidity has dropped the temps back. creating higher level moisture. we did have quite a bit of air. part of this air passed through sections of louisiana and now is progressing from west to east. low pressure too off the east coast. it's this low that will bring us the possibility of showers
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we're seeing on the map right now moving from west to east across the area. clearer skies still in sebring. this evening, lingering clouds for us. then we watch the approach of this area of low pressure, maybe a few showers for tomorrow. possibly up around midday. by the afternoon, you see the computer model rpms has been clanging -- changing the timing a little bit. and push it off to the east by the evening hours gone. then we watch for another cold front that will bring the rain chances for later saturday into sunday early part of sunday. then things later sunday should start to clear out and we bring the cooler air in. 76degrees for friday. same if for saturday. 72-degree in the forecast for sunday. as i mentioned here comes more cool air. highs back in the 60s. sticks around for a while too. we're wanting that cooler weather. looks like we'll have it for a while. including chilly overnight temperatures at the very least
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break then we turn the heat on. seems like it's always something. >> we do turn the heat on even if it is 63 degrees outside. >> can't win either way. thanks so much. a scary scene at a major highway in the atlantic area. >> dash cam video catches a man driving the wrong way.
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now to what's making headlines across america. porter was one of six officers charged in freddy gray's death. a jury declared a mistrial in his case last december. porter's attorneys argue that ordering to testify violates his right since the state can't promise the testimony won't be used again against him. police say they found booze inside of hi car, the driver faces charges of dui and fleeing from police. it's a long way from mother of the year. police say an oregon woman
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going to buy more alcohol. the woman crashed her suv then showed up at a gas station up the street and bought a box of wine. she left her 4 -week-old baby boy and a dover man pincher in her car. then reported her car stolen but police didn't buy it. >> she had the keys with her the whole time too. so and the car was locked. so yeah, she just forgot that she parked all the way across the street. >> wow, the baby was okay. and is now with his father. police claim the mother's blood alcohol content was three times the legal limit when they arrested her. >> yikes. newschannel 8 at 6:00 is coming up next. >> stacie and keith are here with what they're working on. >> what we're learning about the investigation she's facing and who filed this complaint against her.
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and we're looking into who will next be coach of the buccaneers. >> our 8 on your side investigation into sink hole swindles and this time it was a police officer who tried to pull a fast one. and shopping online for a hover board proves to be tricky when a florida resident tries
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fired over the phone. lovie is out but who's in? we're going to have live team coverage. >> and eight on your side investigates another sink hole swindle. this time the man at the center of it all used to be a police officer. they're dangerous and hard
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