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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  January 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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you're hover board is a counter fit? good evening. lovie is out but the question is who is in. speculation is growing about who his relation placement will be. we begin with sports anchor lucas tonight. >> it was jason that tipped off his buddy and lovie said don't bother, let's just do it here on the phone. just days after watching quarterback james winston surpass 4,000 passing yards, bucks offensive coordinator dirk cutter has already reportedly spoking spoke -- spoken with at least one nfl team not the bucks about becoming their head coach. >> there's a lot of quality
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to be available. there's been a lot of interest already just in the last few hours. dirk cutter is definitely one of those. he's a strong candidate. we had a chance to work with him one on one last year. >> teams want the architect behind the bucks ark tech in 2016. and for winston himself, high expectation in year two of his career may depend on the coach he praises as one of the best. >> i think any coordinator, quarterback coach, in that role that's an important bond, that's a strong bond they need to have. that was present, but we'll make the best decision for this football team. for the future. >> reporter: by the way, lovey smith's game has already popped up on the rumor radar of other nfl openings.
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that later in sports, and if cutter does win the offensive job, there's a lot of thing that is he has to face. it just makes the most sense right now. they're going to do a thorough search. we'll see what happens. >> you have to give it this time to breathe and go interview some other people and cutter is doing his interviews in miami or wherever he's going. i'm curious of what james winston is saying about all of this. >> i asked jameson sunday in charlotte. i asked him do you think dirk cutter is important enough that he needs to be back here next year. then he launched into the now famous tirade about coaches care more about the players but he said, dirk cutter is one of the best coaches he said lovie smith.
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have been down this road before, a time or two or three or four depending on how you look at it. rudd continues our coverage. >> the headline on the tampa treu -- tribune says it all, one word, fired. but tonight fans have a few more words than just one and some of them not so good to describe this decision. when word went out that lovie smith was fired, social media blew up. and bright and early this morning on wdae it is all they could talk about. >> lovie smith is a guy that he's familiar with this organization. >> reporter: today's newspaper headlines the tampa bay times,
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the tampa tribune one word, fired. >> it's kind of a bummer. he was a very likable guy and we wanted to give him more of a shot. >> reporter: one the buck's three head coaches in just five years. >> that doesn't seem like a move in the right direction to me. >> quarterbacks they need longevity. they don't need like a reinvolving door of coaches. >> reporter: another wig -- another big one, how much money they're shelling out for those coaches. they will be paying three different head coaches. >> i know it's wild. i, i don't know how they can afford it but apparently they do. >> one general thing everyone could agree on. >> i just want the bucks to win, whether it's lovie, grutten it doesn't matter to me. i just want the bucks to win. >> reporter: i think that would be the general consensus. how much money are we talking about with all these coaches. lovie smith is still going to be paid $10 million for the remainder of his contract.
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on his contract. morris about $5 million, john grudden $5 million per year for the next three years. on top of that keith, stacie whoever they hire as the next coach, their salary. >> 28 million, who's counting. and for a break down of how much it's costing the team, go to our website. right now a convicted serial killer is scheduled to be sentenced to death. your looking at a live pick -- you're looking at a live picture from the state prison. so the time has come as far as we know right now, the execution is under way. we are waiting for an update from newschannel 8's mark douglas who's witnessing this execution. new tonight, the polk county superintendent of schools is facing an investigation after her associate superintendent filed
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the school board will not say what that complaint is against katherine lar oy but it was filed by greg rivers. boy laroy and rivers will stayen only the job while this investigation continues -- will stay on the job while this investigation continues. sink hole swindle. he knew about sink hole activity but tried to sell his home any way. get this, the guy behind this sink hole swindle is a former police officer. this retired cop got a $240,000 pay out to fix those sink hole problems. >> a lot of money but he didn't fix anything. he just cashed the check and tried to make a run for it leaving that sink hole problem to the new owner of the house.
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>> reporter: 8 on your side has caught swindler after swindler, but this time it's a former police officer. >> i got hundreds of acres around it. >> reporter: they agreed to pay $229,000 and were told about a few minor issues. >> the only discrepancy was the light fixture. >> reporter: eight on your side found out the sellers, retired police officer rick schuh and wife francis kept a big secret. they had already collected $240,000 in an insurance settlement for sink hole activity underneath their house. >> it's obviously somebody should disclose a big hole underneath your house. it doesn't really slip your mind. >> reporter: nothing about sink hole issues was disclosed as required by state law. something you would think a police officer would know. >> i would expect that a police officer would think way long and hard before he did something like this.
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found out about the sink hole ring through the rumor mill. but now the case has been dropped. >> why do i pay tax dollars is what i felt when justice isn't served. >> reporter: i tried two days in a row to get the schuh's side of the story. the second time the former officer hid inside, and called for back up to deal with me. >> he's asked you not to come back on the property. if you come back to the property you're subject to arrest. okay. >> okay. >> meanwhile the general begans are thankful they figured out the truth before they paid the price. >> someone tried to deceive me and if i did nothing, someone else will be deceived. the schuh's are not off the hook yet. the sheriff's office has sent its case off to federal prosecutors in tampa so they're taking a look.
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these stories. the last time this happened they sent this to the feds and they prosecuted the couple. could this happen again. >> it could happen again. it just depends on what agency fits the crime. bullet. if you have any doubt, go through those records. work. >> not everyone is honest, not even a former police officer as we see. we're going to show you what led up to this crash. plus she thought she did everything right. now this grandmother is worried the hover board she bought her grandson is dangerous. what you need to know about spotting a counter fit. >> 72 today, getting warm here the next couple of days but
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lisa myers was driving this car swerving on u.s. 19, an officer stopped her but she accelerated toward him. he jumped out of the way to avoid being hit. she led officers on a chase to the police department parking lot. she drove right on to the lawn before police were finally able to cut her off. an suv plows right into a hillsborough county child care. there were two staffers but no children were present and no one was hurt. they were the hottest gifts of the holiday season but can you tell if the hover board you bought is legit. >> one woman thought hers was the real deal but she was wrong. how you can protect yourself from dangerous counter fits,
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a sarasota grandmother wanted to surprise her grandson with a brand new hover board for christmas. she did some research, she wanted to buy just the right one so that it won't catch on fire. >> she did her research, but found out that -- >> reporter: a sarasota grandmother heard all about the hover boards that caught on
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hover board she bought was made in the usa and had the federal labels. >> i wanted to surprise him when he was down here on spring break. >> reporter: she bought what she thought was a topnotch hover board from amazon. soon after it arrived in kentucky for her 14-year-old grandson she got a letter warning about generic hover boards. >> i didn't order a generic, i said i ordered a ro2. and they said they probably sent that only as a precaution. >> reporter: but when she received her board, it came from china. >> they said it was the taotao board. >> reporter: the makers website warns.
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fake monorovers order from our site we have approved sellers list. >> so what could go wrong. >> it has an american flag on it. it has one year warrantee, it has a certification card that's supposed to be on it. >> reporter: but the $400 machine had no certification card and no warrantee. after numerous calls and e- mails according to the chinese maker, ebay sent her an e-mail denying her a refund. >> i paid for what i thought was the real thing. i went through all the channels. >> reporter: eight on your side contacted ebay. i had a nice conversation with them today. after we got involved they told me she will be getting her money back. the money back guarantee applies to virtually all transactions on ebay. so she will be made whole. >> i consider myself consumer savvy. but how do you know if a hover board is bought from a trustworthy source. >> i tell you stacie it is really hard. consumer report just did a
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they said you can't go with the price. a lot of chinese makers are interchanging parts. over the internet it makes it tough, you don't know what you're getting. they recommend you buy in person. this evening we started out with clouds. looks like we started out with clouds. temperatures in the 60s. 72 our recorded high temperature. our eight day forecast says our temperatures will be mild friday and saturday with rain chances later saturday. but then another cold front you can see the effects of that dropping below our average line there of 70 degrees. don't forget our storm team weather map app. we have weather for wherever you're going in the country. 64degrees at 9:00 p.m. 62 at 7:00 a.m.
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showers here early in the day tomorrow. and potentially lingering up until midday. at 3:00 p.m. 76 degrees. right now it's 70. the current temperature in lakeland san barto 64 clear water, st. pete. 66 in sebring. tpa*rtder to the north very cold air expected for the extreme northern part of the country this weekend. right now it's 33 degrees in minneapolis. 16 in winnipeg. as we look at the forecast for this play off game being played in minneapolis outdoors because they're building a new stadium. a new indoor stadium. 3degrees is what they're expecting for game time at this one. windchill 15 to 20 degrees below windchill. interesting game for that reason alone. low pressure to the east. this area of low pressure to our west. the next best chance of seeing showers. the clouds reaching out already. we did start with low clouds. they went away.
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the clouds moving in. looks like they'll stick around for a while before we go through this area. as i mentioned on and off on through midday possibly pushing off to the east. as we look at the rpm forecast computer model this evening, going to be outside. light jacket weather. temperatures low and mid-60s. tomorrow morning this approaching area of low pressure maybe a few showers still around. mild in the low 60s for us. you can see that possibility of showers still hanging around into the afternoon hours. as they continue to push to the east. of course different computer models have different timing on all of this. farther to the west you see this approaching weather, cold front. behind that cold front we'll see cooler temperature. the front approaches later saturday. we think the cold front will move in later in the day. friday, saturday and sunday. takes a jump as you can see back in the high category.
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65degrees for the evening. partly cloudy skies and mild conditions. 62degrees, cloudy skies. possibility of a shower. still mild for sunday but behind that front that you saw on the map that's when it starts to cool down a little bit there. monday and tuesday. low 60s. looks like we hang on to the 60s for a while. break out the cool weather clothing, boots, ladies, boots. boot alert. >> we should have like a graphic that says boot alert. >> i like it. >> that's the real deal. whenever it drops below 70 degrees, the boots they just are out. >> have you noticed. >> i have a closet full of boots. you get to wear them for two days a year. >> so you want to wear them. >> that's right. >> we're going to take a break
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today is not a day to dissect the performance of lovie as a coach. it's to talk about the future. >> holding back tears. buck's general manager jason light announced the firing of his friends and it turns out a report that lovie smith's firing over the phone by the bucks was true. in fact, it was light himself who tipped off lovie that a pending meeting today with the blazers was going to end up today with his dismissal. at that point, lovie decided to save everybody the trouble and got on the phone with glacier. >> during that phone call, my
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i let him know that ownership was planning on getting together with him tomorrow, or today. and i wanted to let him know i didn't think it was going go in a good direction. i asked joel to call him. joel said i would like to get together with you. lovie said i know what it's about. he said let's just get together to talk about it and lovie respectfully denied the meeting. and cutter definitely a candidate for this buck's head coaching position. he's also being looked at by a few teams. so the bucks need to be careful. bucks beat writer comings talked to us about this relationship between cutter and quarterback james winston. >> when he says that he absolutely likes what these
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challenge him, he is being honest. and i think that relationship is very strong. it's a good bond and honestly you saw success with the offense under winston and cutter this year. so it could be devastating but at the same time, cutter is not the best offensive coach out there, he's the best the bucks have had and that's why the team is happy to have him back. >> and a lot of teams already considering, yes, lovie smith. the eagles are going crazy over having a veteran like lovie smith. a veteran guy, a nice guy over all. let's be honest. all of this is speculation. nobody is tipping their hands on any of this stuff. >> we didn't even get tipped that lovie was going. that came out of nowhere. >> it would have happened today any way. as we now know.
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so we would have gone through this a day later. >> you haven't talked about the timetable. >> wants thorough by quick. >> don't go any where. the evening news is next.
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