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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  January 8, 2016 4:30am-4:45am EST

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good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> i'm gayle guyardo. in our top stories this morning a toddler take s a wild ride on a busy highway in citrus county. now the u.s. department of child services is investigating. pictures were snapped of the little boy on a power wheel and in a diaper in a median on u.s. 19. two good samaritans got out of their car to help the child. the boy is okay.
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on gun violence is getting a lot of attention online. the president defended his recent executive actions. a new cnn poll found a majority of people support president obama's new plan but less than half of americans believe it will actually work. right now the hashtag guns in america is trending in tampa on twitter. drivers will have a rainy commute this morning and 8 on your side wants you to be prepared. the radar is showing a lot of light rain right now. let's go to meteorologist leigh spann to find out how long it's going to last. >> this consistent light dreary weather is going to last for a few hours. any time you see the light blue it's very light rain. we're not seeing a lot of heavy rain. citrus, hernando and pasco county more consistent rain. polk, highlands, hardee desoto very light drizzle. now, we are seeing a little bit heavier rain coming off the gulf of mexico right now in pinellas county, western hillsborough and
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actually quite warm compared to yesterday. we're about 10 degrees warmer in the mid 60s. it's all because of this area of low pressure coming out of the gulf of mexico. it's bringing in the dreary conditions. i'll keep it rather wet through about 8:00 this morning. as this area of low pressure crossing over us we start getting that moisture pull off the gulf of mexico. there will be a few clouds and showers just not as consistent during the afternoon. despite the clouds today still a high of 76. in weather and traffic on the 8s i have an 8-day temperature trend which drastically changes. first you have to get out the door on a friday. >> that's right. i noticed on the radar in the north port area a bit rainy and that's where we've an accident with injuries involved. let's take a look at what's going on in tampa right now. southbound 275 we've got construction right by
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at martin luther king we have a collision. let's move further to the south here. this is in bradenton, south 75 at state road 70 an accident trying to wrap up. then as i mentioned southbound on the tamiami trial at ortiz a collision. that's a look at weather and traffic. now back to gene. >> thank you. right now the florida department of children and families is investigating a scary situation, a kid driving a power wheels right along one of the bay area's busiest roads, u.s. 19 in citrus county. we tracked down his dad to ask what happened here. >> how is the child doing? >> it's not a good time, man. >> apparently dad told witnesses the 3-year-old skrus just slipped out while he was in the bathroom. just imagine drivers shocked to see this little boy in a diaper cruising down the median on busy u.s. 19. danny collins snapped these photos.
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family will face any charges. serial killer oscar ray bolin is dead. the u.s. supreme court denied bolin's appeal after a 4-hour delay in his execution. he was convicted of killing three women in the 1980s and sentenced to death in two of the cases. 8 on your side's mark douglas witnessed the execution at the florida state prison in bradford county. >> shortly after 10:00 oscar ray bolin mouthed the words no thank you to his attorney in the witness room, replied no, sir when asked if he had any final comment and died from lethal injection. >> he died for the murders of three women and died for killing one. her mother had a front row seat in the witness room and insists she can finally rest. >> as to my possibly forgiving oscar bolin for his deliberate and cruel murder of my daughter, it will never happen as oscar
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responsibility for his heinous acts. >> bolin's attorney expressed sorrow for the victim's families as well as bolin. >> i have three daughters. i can't imagine having to deal with that. this is not the solution. >> 30 years after the murders of three tampa bay women oscar ray bolin has finally paid the ultimate price for what he did. at the florida state prison i'm mark douglas, news channel 8. this week we are marking a sober anniversary. a year ago today a father threw his daughter from the causeway killing her. 5-year-old phoebe jonchuck died when she was thrown into the chilly waters. investigators arrested her father, john jonchuck. he's currently at a state mental hospital. a woman is facing charges this morning accused of trying to run down a new port richey police officer.
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driving a car swerving on u.s. 19. an officer stopped her but she accelerated towards him. he jumped out of the way. myers left officers on a chase to the police department parking lot. she drove on to the lawn before police were able to arrest her. developing this morning, the city of st. petersburg is fighting to keep the tampa bay rays. now the mayor has a new plan. that's the word in a memo released by mayor rick kriseman. he's giving the team permission to look at other sites as long as they give them a chance to lobby them to stay. ryan hughes is live. >> reporter: this is a copy of the agreement. it shows that the city doesn't mind if the team looks elsewhere as long as it gives a lot of credit and weight to this place, tropicana field in st. petersburg. it says the rays must provide st.
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the process they will use to evaluate potential sites. they'll have 6 months to search which gives st. petersburg the chance to prove this is the best place to be. again, the deal needs to be approved by the city council. gayle, obviously a lot going on with this. it's been a saga for years and there's no end in sight. >> there was a time when people were trying to get it to move to downtown st. petersburg. we'll see what happens. >> that hurts the fans because the fans want to know the team is staying in town. >> right. lovie is out but who is in? speculation is growing about who will be the bucs head coach. >> lovie smith was fired by telephone and now bucs fans are hurt about that. >> i think it's a bummer. 2 years just isn't enough time with what he's got
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>> they improved from two wins to six wins. to fire him? no. >> there's a lot of talk now about who could replace smith including offensive coordinator dirk kotter. he's trending on tampa in twitter in tampa for the second day in a row. >> tough call. it's 4:38. how is the weather? >> not great actually this morning. please, please be careful. the roads will be a little slick this morning. we don't have heavy rain here at 4:38 but consistent light rain. you can see it from citrus county down to sarasota. largo, indian rocks beach, redington shores, gibsonton, fish hawk has some pockets of heavier rain. notice how i left in a 40% rain chance through about 10:00 this morning. i taper those rain chances down after that. yes, there may still be a shower around during the afternoon and
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despite the clouds temperatures still warmer today at 76 degrees. we'll call it a 30% rain chance today. tomorrow it's a 50% chance, especially in the afternoon and evening. overnight for you night owls a cold front comes through. look what it does for our temperatures. sunday is the transition day and then lows in the 60s next week. let's check on the roads now. it is slick so we get accidents. >> that's right. some have cleared up. that one in north port off to the shoulder now. let's take a look at travel i-4 u.s. 98 to i-75 a 23 minute commute. if you're going to hop on i-75 coming through the wesley chapel area about 10 minutes on your drive time. moving over to the maps and heading into tampa a
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southbound on 50th street right at martin luther king. also construction going on by floribraska. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you, leslee. more than a dozen new york miners stuck under under ground for 10 hours are free this morning. >> coming up after the break how the workers over came this scary disaster. >> always ahead, the monster powerball drawing is bigger and bigger and bigger and could you be the lucky winner. how long you have to buy your ticket. >> you're watching news channel
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a new terror investigation is now underway in paris after officers stopped a near attack at a police station. french police killed a man armed with a butcher's knife. he tried to attack a paris place. he was carrying a piece of paper with the islamic state group. more than a dozen salt miners trapped hundreds of feet underground are home with their families in morning. this is a
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you as breaking news right here on news channel 8 today yesterday. this disaster happened in lansing, new york. the 17 miners became trapped on an elevator when a steel beam linked to the elevator broke. that was 70 stories down. it took about 10 hours to free them. >> they huddled together, did what they could do to keep each other warm and their spirits up. they persevered the best way they could and prioritized who should come out first themselves. it was just a very -- it was very impressive to see how well they managed the situation to be honest with you. >> incredible story. fortunately no one was injured. wild fires are out of control in australia. almost 100 homes are now destroyed by flames in the township of yarloop. right now emergency officials report three people are unaccounted for and four firefighters are hurt. they believe the fires were sparked
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a massive rock slide has a roadway inside yosemite park closed down. this is state route 140. right now it's unclear when the road will reopen. residents in one south tampa neighborhood are angry that several large trees in the area are being taken down. now they want laws strengthening to protect the trees. a developer is cutting down trees. the developer has the proper permits. one resident believes tampa's tree ordnance needs to be stronger. >> my concern is that our trees in south tampa are going away one lot at a time as they tear down these older houses and build these what we used to call mcmansions. >> the developer told 8 on your
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