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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  January 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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thank you for joining us this evening. there could be a key break in the case of a triple murder in lakeland. the county sheriff's office is still pleading with the public to help solve this case. josh thomas joins us live in polk county with the latest. >> reporter: while the suspects in that triple murder are still at large tonight, the sheriff's office is telling us
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video captured by a nearby business may be the key to tracking down those suspects. the murders of flee people in a lakeland -- three people in a home earlier this week shocked the area. it's left investigators looking for the suspect who is committed the violent crime. now polk county sheriff grady jud is asking for the public's help in identifying this white van. >> we have a graph, a video clip of that van leaving the area of magnolia street. and we believe at this point in time, that is our suspect vehicle. >> reporter: while the van has distinctive markings, investigators cannot make out the wording on it, which is making it more difficult to solve this crime. >> the language is somewhat blurred. you can see that there's clear indications and marks. someone can look and say oh, i
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xyz business. >> reporter: the lone survivor of the shootings is helping investigators. he told him three men had caribbean accents and may have been from miami. the sheriff believes the murders may have been drug related but that's no reason for the victims to have lost their lives. >> those two young ladies and that young man didn't deserve to die. whether or not they were engaged in illegal conduct. they should not have perished. >> reporter: the sheriff also admitted they know more information than they're sharing right now. >> if the suspects or their family or friends are watching and going whew! seems like they don't have anything, that would be a bad assumption. >> reporter: the sheriff's office is determined to solve this case. and once again it is pleading with the public to provide any information that can help solve this case. the lone survivor of that
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local hospital for his injuries. and he's under the watchful eye of the sheriff's office. >> thank you, josh. students at a central florida high school are paying tribute to a teammate who died after a soccer match. the students released balloons. during the match the 16-year- old asked to be taken off the field because she was having an asthma attack. shortly after that is correct she passed away and died at a hospital eye few hours later. >> coach was checking on her to make sure she was okay. she used her inhalers. she was suffering from asthma. it's so upsetting that a child was just playing and doing what she loved and lost her life. >> the district says students with asthma can play sports but they have to get an athletic physical and be cleared. the next generation of first responders will now have a new place to learn in polk county.
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safety opened its doors today. the school will train emt's, firefighters, and law enforcement officers. they'll be taught by professionals already on the job and get hands-on experience. >> all of the simulation labs are extremely important so that our students can go through real-life situations but obviously not have the danger of a real-life situation. >> the students who finish at the center for public safety will be ready to be hired by polk county department when is they graduate. governor rick scott is proposing a billion dollars in tax cuts primarily for business. lawmakers have already expressed doubts. capital bureau reporter. >> reporter: spending a million dollars on tv in an effort to convince lawmakers to cut taxes by a billion. >> i own a mortgage business. >> technology xirm. >> manufacturing.
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unusual step for a city governor. >> why do it though? >> it's also important for him to make sure -- the bully pulpit goes only so far. >> reporter: he used the same tactic last year when he wanted $6 seventy million in cuts. he got just over $400 million. the same ratio applies this year, he would see cuts of about $600 million. but karen woodall of the florida center for fiscal and economic policy says florida can't afford that big a giveaway. >> every institution the state is responsible is failing and people's lives are at risk. we've got corrections, we've got mental health institutions, we have child welfare. >> reporter: scott's approval rates have never hit 50%. >> many say he's planning run for something. >> yes, i've heard that. he's happy being governor, he's got at least three more years
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and his laser focused on that more jobs. >> reporter: campaign or not, scott has never been the consummate political insider you can shake hands and back- slap to get his way. so a grassroots effort may be his best chance of success. one of the political problems for the tax cut package is that many of the cuts sought by the governor reduce revenue year after year rather than relying on a surplus for a one-time cut. stocks close down yet again today on wall street. finished off a pretty officer week. the dow finishing down 167 points. and nasdaq dropped 45. not sure what that graphic is there. [ laughter ] >> >> >> a rough week on the chinese market as well. today it finished in positive
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and some positive economic news. the u.s. added millions of jobs inin 2015. 2.65 million to be exact. and most since -- the most since 2009 and the second best since 1999. >> i think that was video of the market meeting resuscitation. >> it was the reaction of the market. [ laughter ] starting off the new year on the right track! >> some of the best smart phone apps to help you keep your new year's resolutions. >> a star-studded neat hosted by a comedian who pull nose punches.
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tampa police are on the scene of a home invasion. someone kicked in the door of a home. >> reporter: i'm outside across the street from the park at chesterfield apartments off bush boulevard where tampa complex investigating this shooting. no one was injured but a woman was rushed to the hospital. here's video police shot just moments ago. detectives are releasing very little detail. here's what we know. police say a man kicked a door in at one of these apartments on chalet court. the man shot a gun inside of this apartment and left the house. the woman received minor injuries from her encounter with this man is being treated
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there was a child inside the home at the time of the shooting. police sate woman and this man do know each other. and the detectives aren't looking -- are looking for that person. i did speak with the tampa police department and is she tells me they are searching for this person who fired this gun inside this apartment. but right now they say they do have some leads on where this person might be. so once we have any updated information, we'll be sure to papass that along. >> one week into 2016. many of us made resolutions but they're not that easy to stick with. technology can help us keep our new year's promises together. >> reporter: the key to sticking with your resolutions is motivation. and you can find those oftentimes in an app.
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there's an app for that. life coach cary doering explains motivation can come from accountability. >> putting it out there into the world, into the universe does give you some accountability and it does give you that kick in the pants that you need as well. >> reporter: take for example mark adam whitmyer who wants to switch from coffee to green tea. >> is anyone holding you accountable? >> no. [ laughter ] >> nope. >> do you think you'll make it through the year? >> oh, i really hope so! >> reporter: eric harrison has no doubts he'll achieve his goal to get more exercise. >> he's a forced exercise machine. he makes you go out and exercise twice a day. you have no choice. >> reporter: virtual peer pressure works too. >> maybe yoyou're competitive. fit fit would be perfect. >> reporter: quit now helps people stop smoking by focusing on money and results. >> it adds up how much money you save day to day and showsut health benefits.
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you send pictures of your meals. a dietician evaluates them. that could guilt you into eating better. if you're not sure whether there's an app for your specific resolution. search the app store. chances are someone already thought of it! if you head over to we put together a big list of apps you can use this year. gop presidential candidate marco rubio has a new campaign ad out, trying to appeal to a very particular demographic. football fans. [ music ] [ cheering and applause ] >> super bowl pick this year. >> same one i've made for the last 40 years. the miami dolphins. >> rubio goes on to say his fantasy football team name is the marco polos. and is the most important
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game is to have water nearby. the ad airs this weekend during the 1st round of the nfl playoffs in early primary states. award season kicks off this sunday with the golden globes on nbc. and this year ricky gervai guess returns as the host. >> seems like everything this year was three dimensional. >> reporter: ricky gervais made; isn't that correct. >> his humor is always just one step over the line of being appropriate. >> reporter: but the votes kept bringing him back for more. >> please welcome the man who will wear literally anything tim burton tells him to. [ laughter ] >> they said would you like to be back, i did it to show people they were wrong.
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things over to tina fey and amy poehler, they have passed the torch back. >> i treat it like a gill. like a standup gig than a tv show. >> i just look at all the faces, reminds me of some of the great work that has been surgeons. angering some people and hurting some feelings but you know it's gonna be entertaining. >> reporter: in front of an audience of millions. >> this could offend everyone in the world. although they might like it. it's the note knowing that excites you. >> reporter: and is it is part of the golden globes appeal. >> coverage of the globes kicks off at 6:00 pm sunday night here on news channel 8. there will be a red carpet special from 6:00 to 8:00. at sit clock it's the golden globes. and news channel 8 at 11:00
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68 degrees at frenchie's. a really nice calm here, 72 degrees at freedom plaza. still some clouds left around. overnight we did have some rain. it led up before midday tomorrow. another beautiful shot as wewell. 71 degrees. a southwest wind at 2. 62 degrees tomorrow at 8:00 am. we'll likely see a few clouds mixed in with the sunshine. as the day goes along, we'll continue to pick up that possibility of seeing a few showers and possibly some thunderstorms mostly into the evening hours. 68 degrees for our evening lows. 62 degrees at daybreak. and 76 in the afternoon with increasing clouds for tomorrow. >> >> reporter: the humidity has really come back this week. 73 all over the placace.
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also out in brandon and up in brooksville. to the north of us, very cold air coming over the border into the dakotas now. that'll settle into that football game in minneapolis with the vikings playing the seahawks near 0 at kickoff! should be interesting. wind chill values 13, 15 degrees below 0. 44 now chicago. they'll cool down too, 37 degrees detroit. winter weather advisories with mostly rain. a wet, miserable cold rain at this point. on the backside here, the colder air, parts of minnesota, northern iowa. winter very much in place. an area of low pressure helped cause the rain overnight, mostly to the north of us and it will eventually clear off to the northeast. most of the rain right now on florida's east coast. we do have a few of these clouds that are moving from west to east across the northern part of the state.
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this is doppler radar out of melbourne, florida, on the east coast. breezy flow in that west to east fashion. this evening, mild january temperatures, dry conditions. should be nice to head out this evening if you're gonna be outdoors. perhaps a sweater or a light jacket. extra clouds for the morning tomorrow. temperatures in the low 60s for us. areas of low pressure later saturday afternoon into the evening hours. rain chances ahead of this cold front. and is behind that front, cooler air will settle in. another push of cooler air. high pressure builds in behind that. and that'll start to set up the rest of next week, that gives us basically highs in the 60s throughout much of the week. so it is gonna be a little bit cooler throughout this style period. highs for tomorrow, mostly on the mild side. 68 degrees for the evening. should be a nice one. temps will cool into the mid-
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62 degrees our forecast low temperature. sun and clouds. our rain chance at 50%, and the slow cooling we're talking about. then temperatures in the 60s tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. those of you who have been wanting below normal temperatures as opposed to the above normal temperatures, which were certainly with us throughout november and december. a nice stretch of cooler weather . this is the kind of cold, nothing more than this. no snow. nothing crazy. >> no freeze advisories. >> exactly. >> small dose. we like that. [ laughter ] anything but a routine highway. drive turned terrifying. and how the driver was able to
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a boston police officer is expected to recover after being shot by a suspect. the officer was a plain clothes detective working in the drug control unit. a suspect shot him in the leg this morning in the dorchester neighborhood. he was taken to the hospital. the shooter was taken into
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the officer is going to be okay. in louisville an officer was shot in the leg this morning as he was serving a warrant at a home. neighbors say the officer fired back. several people were taken to the hospital and multiple people have been arrested. the mother of a teen who used an affluenza defense appeared before a texas couched it behind $1 million bond for helping her son flee to mexico. ethan couch is still being held there he was on probation for killing four people in a drunk driving crash. incredible video out of california. this driver comes across an incredibly dangerous situation. out of nowhere a wall of water and debris washes across the highway and toward the car. he quickly puts his car in reverse and desperately tries to outrun the flood waters. the water slows down just long enough for him to turn around
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a fiery debate is online about a sandwich. an indiana high school student snapped a picture of a cheese sandwich her friend was searched for lunch. she got it because she owed money on her account. kids who owe more than $25 got an alternative lunch. >> i was just thinking do i have enough money? am i gonna be able to get this tray? is everyone gonna wonder why i can't get a normal tray too? >> the district apologized for offending anyone but is defending the policy because hundreds of students are behind on their lunch money and not from low-income families. tonight she is accused of trying to take out a police officer with her car. >> a dramatic look at what went down when a woman led deputies and police officers on a wild chase. >> plus the biggest jackpot in history. look at that number!
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>> a new plan to keep the rays from moving. and it involves new cash. >> a 3-day run to honor the memory of phoebe. >> you get your health insurance card in the mail, try to use it, and find out you don't have coverage. that happened to a local couple and they turned to 8 on your
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a dramatic takedown. the woman who took enforcement for a wild ride. >> coverage confusion. a couple getting care is getting anything but that. >> and excitement across the tampa bay area for a record jackpot.
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>> thank you for joining us.
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