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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  January 11, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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cuban migrants being rescued from the florida shore? the news starts in 30 seconds. good evening so far there are no charges in a sunday afternoon shooting in pinellas county. reporter mike douglas tells us a homeowner shot an aggressive intruder he found in his backyard barn.
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as a marine in vietnam and was proud of it. >> he was in the marines and i know he's going to protect himself. >> reporter: according to detectives, when this man 29- year-old jacob desimone showed up in nundee's backyard barn sunday afternoon things turned violent very quickly. nundee insists he shot a warning shot into the ground when desimone came down the stairs. nundee claims desimoe kept circling and approaching and that's when he threw a lawn chair at him. desimoe. looks like he's going to survive that gunshot and tell his story. a store clerk defended himself from a would be robber
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hold up the food mart in tampa this afternoon. the man came into the store and tried to rob the clerk. witnesses say the robber tried to go around the counter and that's when the clerk pulled out a gun and shot him. the man was rushed to a near by hospital with life threatening injuries. the clerk called his brother who rushed to the store. >> the guy came around the counter, and he tried to -- he had a knife he was trying to stop my brother. my brother tried to defend himself. so he did what he had to do. >> so far we have not heard an update on the robbers conditions. the shooting remains under investigation. it's been a scary start to school for one woman.
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kissed her on the cheek in the greenville parking lot. a 3-year-old girl who snacked on spice is expected to survive. she found the synthetic drug in a coat pocket. >> reporter: we've seen the effects of spice, users sometimes freak out and act crazy. that's when adults smoke the stuff. >> sheriff let's start with christopher clark. >> reporter: chris clark a drug user bought spice over the weekend. but at his home, a 3-year-old took it out of his pocket and ate it. >> it could have effects on your breathing. so it could put you in a position that where would have difficult to breathe. >> reporter: in court, clark tried to explain his side of
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she was unconscious when paramedics arrived. and the doctor tells me eating spice as opposed to smoking it can be a lot more dangerous because it takes a long time for the drug to take effect. peter bernard, newschannel 8. it appears the body of a missing toddler from jacksonville has been found. lonsey barton disappeared hra*rs -- disappeared last july when he was just 21 years old. lana barton entered a not guilty plea last week. she may be called to testify against the boyfriend william edboron jr. edboron assisted in the search efforts that led to the body. a pack of pit bulls attack a seeing dog and now the owner is worried the service dog may not be able to work again. now he's concerned that his guide dog might be too afraid to work again.
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like i can't move, i can't walk. >> if you have dogs that you know are unpredictable or you think may be unpredictable control them. it's very simple. >> reporter: andy is going through daily monitoring and officials are hopeful she will be able to return to service. there's a huge increase in the number of cuban migrants the coast guard is finding in the florida straits. the coast guard reports many of the cubans they are finding at sea are risking their lives in dangerous homemade boats. >> in the first quarter alone we've had more than 1,500 cubans attempt to make that journey at sea. some have been successful, most have been interdicted at sea. many cubans are taking the dangerous trip because of rumors spreading in cuba. many are concerned that u.s.
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and people are worried they will not be allowed into the u.s. even though tampa's shopping strip is booming one furniture store is closing its doors. now remember, a apartment building is opening up but it won't be in time to save bo concept. >> reporter: bo concept's furniture has really got a design and scale that fits the style of living here in the channel district. so we're all really sorry to see it go. this store has been a great asset to the community. >> reporter: but here's the rub, the competition from the gigantic ikea store is likely a factor. it's located just 1.7 miles away.
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what's bo concept. an insider said this is all a matter of timing. if all the apartments would be in need of furniture right now, bo concept would likely be flourishing. and the elephants are a big staple in the circus but their day on the floor may be coming to an end. >> reporter: the circus has accelerated its brand to retire its iconic performers for good. >> our plans came quicker before we anticipated. there's a lot of logistic plans you have to do. >> reporter: the circus planned to retire the elephants in 2018. but now they will be coming off the job and calling this lot in polk county their home for good. >> cut it out, move on to the
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not rely on exploiting elephants. the elephants will be performing with ringling until may then they'll be retiring to this location in polk county. check this out, neighborhoods in cape carol are cleaning up after a tornado. 178 structures were damaged and the damage is currently estimated at $6.5 million. 200 homes were still without power. and authorities were left behind cleaning up after the storm. and two words, el nino. >> absolutely. we talked about that last week. when you get thunderstorms this time of year much more likely that can produce strong tornadoes. >> which is pretty extraordinary for this part of the world.
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that kind of thing can happen this winter. when you have those kind of storms know that can happen. we will keep you posted if we get anything like that. for now take a look at this sunset that emmett shot. the sun is setting and now it gets cold. you lose the heat from the sun on nights like this. radiational cooling once the sun drops. as a result, they've ex expanded the cooling area from -- the freezing area. in palm harbor at 41 degrees. new port richie odessa 46. and northern spots the cooler spots. we're looking at temperatures in the mid-30s in some of these
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not expecting to go below freezing but could be very close to that with lighter winds and clear skies. we'll talk more about this forecast including rain chances coming up. still ahead at 8:00 at 7:00. >> a hernando county man makes guitars out of guitar boxes and donates them to his daughter's school. the excitement in these kids after playing their first musical instrument. and a u.s. veteran takes his sister's ring into a pawnshop for a lounge. - - for a loan. but two years later and the
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some old cigar boxes are bringing music to bay area schools and it's all thanks to
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those boxes to build guitars. tonight anthony aldrige tells us how this is striking a cord with the kids. >> reporter: hear that sound. that's the sound of a homemade guitar made with cigar boxes. it took joseph gregory 16 hours to make each guitar and it was his way to say thank you to the school who made his autistic little girl feel welcomed. >> we got her into hope academy and she came out of her shell. she fit in. everything that they've done for her that's the main reason for the whole thing today. >> reporter: and the students couldn't thank gregory enough for the instruments. >> it's awesome. >> it's actually probably the best thing that i've actually had. besides a job.
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guitars to the school. which is the first step to them having a music program. newschannel8. it's now cheaper to catch an uber ride. we'll have the details coming up. no need to hire a driver to bring the school around. now you can summon a tesla
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on wall street, stocks were down by the pheuld -- middle of the week. the s & p gained a point and a half. the detroit auto show is now weeks away and it's kicking up with two awards. they named the honda the car of the year. it beat the mazda mx5 miata for the top prize. just so you know a vehicle must be all new or substantially changed to be eligible. coming in april, a new smart phone app from ford but you don't need to drive a ford to use it. the app promises to help users
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ford pass allows you to talk or text with live assistance. it also plans to open ford hubs, kioskses that won't sell cars but they will show off ford's technology. tesla drivers received an update over the weekend and now their cars are smart enough to park in their garage. all the driver has to do is hit a button. you can also hit a summon button and the car will pull out of the garage and pull up to the front of your car. elan musk saying in a few years you will be able to summon your car from any where and it'll be
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a veteran brought his sister's wedding ring to a pawnshop hoping to earn enough money to get him back on his feet. but the trip to that pawnshop may have set him back more. >> nobody ever said we pulled them. >> reporter: at a low point, army veteran duf -- duffey made a decision. >> everything fell apart and we couldn't afford anything. >> reporter: with his sister's permission, he took her wedding rings to a pawnshop. it's been two years and cost duffey $1,300. duffey went to pay off the loan and pick up the rings but one thing.
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they're not there. >> reporter: i paid the pawnshop a visit. >> where's the ring. >> i'm not speaking about that. >> reporter: the manager stacy harris did not want to talk. >> i would just like to get your side of the story. >> i'm not speaking about this. i spoke to detectives. i'm not speaking with y'all. >> reporter: detectives tell me you haven't been able to show them -- them anything about what happened to the ring. >> reporter: so i waited for her outside but i guess she changed her mind. >> why do you not have his ring. >> reporter: she insists duffey was on default even though his receipt does not show that. >> on the 23rd you take his money, on the 28th you scrap his ring. then i call you and you say you don't know where the ring is
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scrapped. >> the law says you have to have a record. so maybe you come up with the idea, maybe we pulled them, then why do you keep taking payments. what probably seemed like a really great parking spot in buffalo right at the edge of lake erie but that driver is probably regretting it today. freezing temperature and a spray of water from the lake left this car coated in ice. good news is only one side of the car got coated with ice. the other side not quite as bad. wait until spring to chip that off. wait for it to melt. all right take a look at our freeze warning for tonight. our version of winter here. you can see we have a freeze warning for citrus, hernando county. as we talked about 2:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. temperatures could be at or below freezing. so take precaution.
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if you just want to do it for your own peace of mind. that really starts later thursday. that's the next timing. temperatures as you saw are already in the 40s and it's going to be chilly overnight. this evening if you're going to be out everyone tomorrow morning bring a jacket. overnight temperatures will definitely drop into the low 40s. in tampa cooler spots to the north. already temperatures falling fast. 51 winter haven. 51 braydonton. a look at the cloud situation. crystal clear skies today. very dry air, aloft of high pressure. but this trail of clouds and showers mostly well down to our south. freeze warnings not just for our portion of florida but areas of north and also the southern sections of georgia. high pressure will continue to be the big feature for the next several days.
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north or northeasterly into the area. sun will warm it up. mid-60s into the afternoon. but generally fairly cool and certainly below normal weather as we go through the wednesday time frame. later thursday into friday that possibility of showers developing. next three days 64 degrees, tuesday, wednesday. 61degrees for thursday. and rain chance into the early part of friday. temperatures mid-70s. a little push of cooler air headed our way. dropping our highs into the 50s long term. that's the way it looks right now any way. lots of opportunities to dress in that winter clothing. a lot of people looking forward to that. >> i know it's a little chilly for some people but as long as it doesn't get too much colder i think everybody will stay happy. >> they don't like the freeze advisories. this is good. we'll be right back. stay with us. >> here's what you will see tomorrow at 6:00 a.m.
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i'm going to show you how you can take part in the gasperilla classic.
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wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away.
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a bad guy came up with a bad plan for smuggling a snake out of a pet store in portland. you can probably imagine, he shoved the python in his pants. and of course surveillance cameras caught it as it happened on friday. look at that. the guy pulled out a black
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and the store says this guy is just lucky that it wasn't feeding day. one more day and that guy -- and that snake would have been looking for a snack. we'll be back. >> see you. leo's run-in with lady gaga. and eva's connection to the sean penn/el chapo name el chapo shocker. >> right now. let's do a test. >> let's. >> j. law, j. lo, leo, and amy. the couples and candid moments. leo and kate's "titanic" reunion. who we caught copping a feel, and two stars flashing engagement ring. then, if you thought ricky
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joke to a new level. >> no! sean penn and the drug lord. >> i assumed it's the new season of "punk'd." >> the beautiful star who set it up, and what penn told us moments before the story broke. >> you'll understand later. then, "extra" remembers david bowie. did he foretele his own death in a video released days ago? after-party star collisions. katy perry looking cozy with orlando bloom. plus -- how did you know this of the dress for you? >> look at it. >> our fashion countdown with "o" magazine's adam glassman. >> i'm with mario on the red carpet doing our own tela novella. >> i'm not just hosting the golden globes. i'm hosting "extra" right now. >> hey, everyone, welcome to "extra" here at the globes. i'm mario lopez along with tracea trace y
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looking beautiful.
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