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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  January 13, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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well good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. breaking news this morning, iran may soon release the 10 u.s. navy sailors it is holding. their boat drifted into iranian waters.
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the sailors sometimes this morning. also breaking overnight, a motorist is hospitalized after colliding with a pinellas deputy's car. it was happened as the deputy was pulling out of a dunkin' donut's parking lot. the motorist tried to stop and ended up sliding into the side of the deputy's unmarked car. the deputy was not hurt. the motorist was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. we are checking this morning on his condition. in our other top stories this morning, hoverboard headaches. today the university of south florida will meet to discuss a possible ban on the popular devices. this comes as news of more hoverboards are catching fire. in the meantime, the university is now handing out fliers with safety tip on charging hoverboards and other electronics. a world record drawing is just hours away and the
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it stands at $1.5 billion this morning. stores are bracing for a busy day as people rush to get their tickets before tonight's drawing. all right, let's check in with meteorologist leigh spann. are you going to break down and buy one? >> i will probably buy one. i bought one on saturday. it only takes one, right? only takes one. temperature-wise, we are actually warmer than we were this time yesterday. even warmer than we were expecting because of some overnight clouds so yes, 30s but just 39 in inverness. 50 in tampa. 50 in sarasota. you can see anywhere from about two to five degrees warmer. and yeah, that's just because of the streaming clouds off the gulf of mexico. so during the day today, the clouds will work in the opposite direction. they kept us warmer overnight and it will keep us cooler in the afternoon with a high of 64 degrees. in weather and traffic on the 8s at 4:08, when the rain return, we have two areas during the next seven day, we
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and leslee will point out any traffic incidents. and we have some overnight construction. let's take a look at what is happening in tampa. if you're taking waters avenue, not going the to be able to pass underneath the veterans expressway because at benjamin road, it is blocked. that should wrap up in about an hour. and right now, it is blocked on waters. also blocked northbound 275, the ramp to memorial highway. we've actually got the roadway blocked. that is due to overnight construction and that is southbound too. so you will need to take, say coming up there, take west shore over to spruce and get to memorial highway that way to the vets or the courtney campbell causeway. that's weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. breaking overnight, iran now confirms it plans to release 10 u.s. navy soldiers as early as this morning. >> iran took the crew into custody after two small boats drifted into iranian waters.
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following this story live from the tampa news center. where are the sailors now? >> reporter: they are being held on an island in the persian gulf. and now at any moment, we expect them to be transferred to a u.s. ship in the region. iran's revolutionary guard has a horrible reputation when it comes to resolving things peacefully so this is a huge test of relations. >> u.s. authorities have been in touch with iranian officials who have confirmed a couple things. first, the sailors are safe and assured us that our sailors will be allowed to resume their journey. >> reporter: take a look, the u.s. navy boats are heavily armed. the u.s. military insists they ended up in coastal waters after one had mechanical issues and the other tried to help. iran is backing that up now but initially they claimed the boats were engaging in unprofessional acts for 40 minutes before being picked up: nine men and one woman onboard
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continue on their mission. i'm going to monitor this situation and let you know as soon as they are released. >> all right. we look forward to the up the dates. thank you. right now, people across the country are reacting to president barack obama's seventh and final state of the union address. he layed out his agenda for the last year. and the president urged americans to remember what makes the country great. >> our optimism and work ethic, our spirit of discovery, our diversity, our commitment to rule of law, these things give us everything we need to ensure prosperity and security for generations to come. >> the president urged lawmakers to discuss the roll government plays in making sure the system works for ordinary americans, not just the rich. developing this morning, the owner of a st. petersburg convenience store is in jail
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police arrested the owner during a major fraud ring bust. as news channel 8 report, the store owner is accused of buying, selling and using food stamp cards. >> reporter: good morning. the kingpin, if you will, as well as two dozen others brand up in this ring brought here. all accused of using ebt to take money. money taken from you, the taxpayer, too. >> there's been fraud a longtime. >> reporter: ray jakes makes a little too much to qualify for assistance but he says a lot of people know how to beat the system. >> it's not hard to get what you want with an ebt card. >> reporter: and that's why the doors of the king food mart are chained shut tonight. the owner, a 55-year-old taken down today. >> i think he knew the gig was up. >> reporter: he did. st. pete, state and federal authorities on his tail for more than a year.
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that's when the deals went down. >> they would come in and exchange the cards and he would give them cash. >> reporter: once people got their cash, he used his chunk of change to go shopping. photos show him using that money to stock up on things to then sell the goods to six other bay area stores. and if any money was left on the card, he would come to this bp station and drain every last cent. when officers made their move today, they took in about $170,000, two u-hauls full of the store's stock, more than 160 ebt cards and a gun. >> 13 years he's been in that store and that's what he has been doing. so he's been robbing from the community the government. >> reporter: but 13 year, come on, how did he get away with it for so long? it's happening big time. and they say new regulations need to be put in place. >> you can trade it in for a case of beer or anything you want. i see people do it all the time. >> reporter: how does the problem get solved? >> i don't know.
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say it's a loss of more than $1.5 million to the system. news channel 8. >> paul, thank you. happening today, former pro wrestler hulk hogan is expected in a pinellas courtroom. hogan is suing gawker for $100 million. he accuses the media company of invasion of privacy involving a sex tape. the hearing is expected to focus on several motions as the case moves closer to trial. and today a former usf student is expected in court on a battery charge. he is accused of grabbing a student and kissing her on the cheek. right now, a south tampa neighborhood is on alert. a rash of home burglaries is making people nervous. one homeowner describes what happened to him. >> discovered that the front
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television was missing off the wall and the closets were in disarray, obviously rifled through. and a few other things were missing. >> tampa police report four break-ins this past saturday. in one case, the thief broke into the house while the homeowner was in the shower. police do not have a picture of the suspect but they do have a photo of a white car that may belong to the burglar. it was parked in front of one of the homes that was robbed. it's 4:08. let's turn things over to leigh spann. it's still chilly. >> it is chilly. technically we are warmer than yesterday but it's still quite cool by our standards and certainly below average. hour-by-hour, you will see a thin layer of clouds sort of streaming across the sky. we do get into the 50s. 51 degrees at 9:00 this morning. all the way into the 60s by 1:00 today. and an afternoon high of 64. and now the thin layer of clouds will keep us from being as warm as yesterday. and with the breeze, it will feel cool, down to about 56
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so really any time today will be a great time to go for a gasparilla training run. but the evening, it's going to be pleasant and you can enjoy snuggling up in the bed longer this morning. the clouds overnight kept us warmer but it's going to keep us from being as warm today. the clouds two different kind of temperature trends. and bigger newsing for, thursday night into friday, we have the possibility of strong storms and sort of a roller coaster temperature. we are going to be warm on friday and saturday. and then cooled again next week. let's check in on traffic on the 8s. you can have another 20 minutes to put on the drive if you don't listen to what i'm about to tell you. what you need to know, coming say from tampa, downtown or something, we have a couple issues going on. first of all, waters is blocked at benjamin. so take hillsboro and line ball. that should be brand up by 5:00 a.m. that will route you around and take about 10 minutes. but southbound on 275, and you
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what, if you want to go on that courtney campbell and veterans expressway, it's not going to happen, the ramp is blocked so you will go all the way across the howard franklin. the photographers say they don't have signs that they could see so it's tricky, be careful. it is blocked. so take west shore up to spruce and then hop on memorial highway. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. happening today, governor rick scott kicks off his million miles for a million jobs bus tour. over the next three day, he will travel across the state. it's part of a push to celebrate the creation of a million jobs in five years. today he will stop in orlando, tampa and sunrise, if florida. you may see more things in the skies, but not planes. >> we will explain what is taking off or should we say, blasting off. and the search for a missing puppy this morning. the reason it's so important
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and then saving time and eating right. i'll show you how busy families are finding ways to eat healthy without spending a lot of time in the kitchen. you're watching news channel 8
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right now, the search is on for a missing puppy from a pet store in largo. police are looking for this two- pound yorkie that's only nine weeks old and has special dietary needs. the dog was snatched from all about puppies. surveillance video captured the man taking him. he then goes to the part of the store that doesn't have cameras and the puppy hasn't been seen since. >> he didn't look up. he just kept his face down, holding on to the sweater and walked out the door. >> police are not calling this man a suspect. rather a person of interest since he was the last person seen with the little yorkie. it's day two of training for first responders in bay area. they are getting special with airport emergencies. in this training at lakeland airport, they dealt with a fuel spill and fire.
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it was like a scene from a movie when seven aisles of shelving came crashing down at a party city. take a look at the pictures. investigators are looking into what caused the collapse. you can see how the domino effect came into play here. three people were treated on the scene for minor injuries. luckily no one was trapped under the rubble. it will be a busy year for the skies in florida. the air force expects 2016 to be jam packed with rocket launches on the space coast. spacex has about 20 unmanned launches planned including deliveries to the international space station. and the united launch alliance has 12 laurens scheduled from cape canaveral -- 12 launches scheduled from cape canaveral. we have a look at what's on the agenda for the day. the senate is in session at 10:00 this morning and is expected to discuss one of the top priorities, education
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and lawmakers will get an update from the florida department of law enforcement on the report released last week of the rape kit backlog. and later in the day, the house committee will hear a on a bill for ride sharing committees like uber. 8 on your side is finding affordable ways for the family to gather around the table and eat healthy meals without having to cook. i did some on your side leg work and i will show you what is cooking. >> everything is broiled, fresh and it's made daily. >> reporter: clean plate cooking, from light fair to family style, she packs up healthy meals made fresh daily and delivers them to the front doors of dozens of busy families in the west chase area. >> i'm so busy. i run a business, a work, i have three kid, two are babies. it's a zoo. and i don't know what i would do without it. >> tradition of coming around the table and keeps the tradition of it takes a village. we come together as women and
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help each other in the car line and at dinner. that's what it takes. >> reporter: and this is a growing trend in tampa bay. eat fresco is another new option for families. >> it's done in two minutes. >> reporter: the meals are made daily and vacuumed fresh for a 15-day shelf life and now available in stores across tampa bay like this nutrition smart. >> hormone-free, antibiotic free, no preservatives. >> they don't want the frozen dinner, the fast food, the pizza night. >> reporter: but they do want to gather around the table. because clean plate cooks in bulk, a family of four can dine for about $100 still have left overs. eat fresco meals average about $8 but if you hit nutrition smart during customer appreciation days, you can stock up at 20% less bringing the cost of the meals into the $60 range.
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deliver ingredients. but you got to cook. >> yeah. >> so if you don't want to cook, this is a great alternative. >> just pop it in the microwave or on the stove and you're good to go. >> perfecting for. >> tell me about it. are you a cook, leigh? >> you know, i like to warm things up. i'm very good at warming things up. now this morning, you might be asking me to warm it up a little bit and in fact, i have. it's still cool, just not as cold this morning as it was yesterday. 48 degrees around 8:00 a.m. and we are going to keep a thin layer of clouds streaming day today. 59 degrees at noon. and 64 degrees at 3:00 p.m. so still below average. and outside right now, notice we're barely into the 30s. river, at 39 degrees. 50s. it is a little bit warmer than yesterday thanks to the clouds that rolled in overnight. we will keep the clouds throughout the day so not as sunny and certainly still cool.
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warmer but late in the even, i start increasing the rain chances and friday morning, that's when we have the best chance of seeing not only showers but also some thunderstorms. and here's the long range version, we are dry on saturday but another quick-moving system on sunday. so two batches of rain. one on friday and one on sunday before it's cooler again next week. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? we're moving at good speeds across the bay area bridges. a couple issues i need to remind you about in tampa. all about the veterans expressway, waters avenue completely blocked both directions at benjamin. and that's just east of the. have you will need to take hillsboro or up to line ball to get around there. and that's going to allow about 10 minutes on the drive time. and now this can be a problem, traveling southbound on 275 and you want to get on the courtney campbell causeway, right now the memorial exit that leads you here is completely blocked.
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exit, guess what, you're going to st. pete. all right, so remember that. and then you got to turn around and come back. it is blocked and it should be brand up in about an hour. that's weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> that's happened to me. >> thank you. a frantic rescue mission out west. >> ahead, the way rescue crews are working to save a man stuck waist-deep in the mud. and then one of the most wanted drug lords. why the shirts el chapo' wore are getting the attention of
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stuck in the mud, that's where a california plumber has been since midday yesterday. oakland rescue crews responded just before 1:00. and found the man waist-deep in mud stuck in a the 10-foot sewer line. he was working on the line when the trench collapsedded. by 5:00 p.m., crews were able to free just one leg. he was given pain medication and will be transported to the hospital as soon as he's free. one well known horse in massachusetts is waking up in a cozy stable after the town saved him from ice and mud. charlie wandered from his home and ended up falling on ice. police, firefighters, animal control, neighbors and the owners responded to help. charlie spent two hours on his side while the team worked to get him up. he was later evaluated and cleared by the vet. >> good for charlie. they say imitation is the ultimate form of flattery.
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penn's controversial interview with el chapo, two shirt styles wore by the drug lord are now on men's fashion most wanted list. they have been sold for years but not long after the interview broke, the website crashed. the shirts sell for about $128. >> a little flashy for me. >> definitely be noticed. >> but i can see why some people might like them. weather and traffic on the 8s is three minutes away. plus in the next half hour, football is returning to los angeles after more than two decades. the team that will move to the city of angels and who else could join them. it's 4:25. you're watching news channel 8
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time for weather and traffic on the 8s. emoji man. now there are more clouds out
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now don't get me wrong, it's still cool, the kids still need the jacket. but it's warmer than yesterday. clouds still around and breezy today, cool at 64. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? two big things to keep in mind. waters avenue completely blocked at the veterans expressway. take hillsboro instead. and you cannot transition southbound 275 on to memorial highway so exit at west shore, otherwise, you're stuck on the
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