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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  January 14, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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we have winners! >> chino hills! chino hills! >> at least three winning powerball tickets in three states including right here in florida. as well as tennessee and chino hills, california. >> chino hills! chino hills! chino hills! >> it's so exciting. i'm excited for them and i
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>> so have you checked your ticket yet? powerball chaos. we are waking up with at least three winning tickets of the $1.5 billion jackpot. >> and one of those winners could be you. good morning. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. it is an exciting morning to find out where the winning florida ticket was sold. we want to show you the numbers right away so get out your tickets. they are 4. 8. 19. 27. 34. and powerball 10. >> again, 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and the powerball number 10. if you won, congratulations to you. >> i keep saying all morning, i might hit you up for money. >> just a little. and we are all over the breaking story today. let's get straight to ryan hughes at the winn-dixie in tampa that sold a $1 million
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>> and ryan, we are waiting to find out exactly where the new jackpot ticket was sold in florida. >> reporter: exactly, good morning to you. it should be some very exciting news. now i tweeted lottery officials early this morning. i haven't heard back from them yet at this point. and we learned within the last few minutes that one of the tickets was sold in munford tennessee. that's just north of memphis. and the second was out in california. and there's jubilation at a 7- eleven store there when it was announced late last night or early this morning. listen to a couple of people from out there. >> i am very happy and excited and very proud we sell the winning ticket. >> i'm out here because it's exciting to know that somebody from our little city won. it's so exciting. i'm excited for them and i don't even know who it is. >> reporter: so cool, you can hear the excitement in their voices. at that it'sics show there were
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million or more from last night's drawing. and take a look at this cool information. in addition to a jackpot winner, there were 11 $1 million winners here in florida and one $2 million winner. that means 13 people in the state or who simply purchased tickets here in the state are waking up millionaires. some great news, overall powerball tells us, there were more than 26 million people who won something. so perhaps just a few dollars on a ticket, all the way up to millions and millions and millions. so gayle, the really good news, there are a lot of winners out there and if you don't know yet, it's time to check your ticket. back to you. >> i know you were hanging out at the 7-eleven allot as people scooped up the tickets. did you buy one? >> reporter: i did. i checked the numbers already. i did. and i checked the numbers and i'm a sore loser this morning. >> you no, we got to clear something up because there was
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you don't need to win the numbers in that order. they are displayed on purpose from lowest to highest. any combination. don't throw the numbers away. >> i haven't checked just yet to tba. more breaking news overnight. it's 5:03. deadly explosions rocked gentleman car tar, indonesia. one happened in a starbucks in a busy shopping area known for having western brands. >> lindsey mastis has been all over it. she is now live from the tampa news center. do we know who is responsible for this yet? >> reporter: right now, all signs point to isis. officially no one is taking responsibility yesterday. indonesian police insist the attack is over but they do not know whether all the attackers are accounted for. starbucks is closing all of the stores in jakarta until further notice. one of the explosions is caught on camera. and then people run. a gun battle raged on for two hours.
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bombers blow themselves up. right now, we're told two victims are dead, one may be a police officer. five attackers are dead. and it's unclear right now whether other attackers escaped. indonesia has been on alert because police were warning them that islamic militants were planning an attack. and police are now searching nearby buildings and similar to the paris attacks, these gunmen attacked multiple locations at the same time. and on social media this morning, prayforjakarta is 10ing and so is safetycheckjkt. i will stay on top of the story and let you know as soon as we online. >> all right. thank you. time now 5:50. students are getting ready to traumatizing bus ride. serve okay but there are questions about the hillsborough school bus driver.
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summerfields crossings elementary school this morning. good morning. shaken. what's next for the driver? >> reporter: that's exactly right. good morning, gene. as students head back to school here today, that's what we will be asking the district, where does this go from here with the driver? and in the meantime, i am sifting through her records. you found these in fractions here and in hillsborough. we're talking about speeding as well as careless driving back in 200 and 2008. back to that in a second but first let's listen to people describe the scary scene. >> we just felt a huge push forward and our face got on the seat. >> oh, my god. i hope everybody is okay. where is my kid at? >> reporter: had to be scary. that was a student and parent there. we do have some exclusive cellphone video showing the chaos moments after the crash. fhp tells us with 32 students
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kay ray was making a left-hand turn off u.s. 301 on to cowley road when she went into the path of a blue suv. the bus driver is now cited with failure to yield. we did check and both of the students who we want to the hospital are now out this morning. today we will be trying to track down some surveillance video and again figuring out where this goes from here and if this bus driver will still be take your kids to and from school. >> yeah, with that record, i know parents will want answers from the school district. thank you. happening today, the first republican presidential debate of the new year. the candidates will face off in tonight. the debate. seven leading candidates will grace the stage for the main debate. four candidates were invited to the undercard debate. senator rand paul is boycotting though, explaining he would only participate in the top tier debate. republican candidate senator ted cruz is under scrutiny this morning.
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dollar loan used to finance his 2012 senate campaign. that's a possible violation of federal election rules. before heading to the debate in south carolina, front runner donald trump campaigned pensacola. 10,000 people packed the arena to hear the republican candidate talk about a wide range of topics. he took jabs at fellow candidates including former governor jeb bush and our senator marco rubio. well this morning, the owner of a day care center is defending his business as one of his teachers faces child abuse charges. pasco county deputies arrested the 34-year-old tiffany littlepage for throwing water in the face of a 3-year-old boy with autism who cannot speak. this happened at children's nest day school on state road 54. the owner tells 8 on your side littlepage passed all the local
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>> so she was a well qualified teacher with no indication in the background of something like this. >> investigators tell 8 on your side another teacher witnessed this incident and told school officials. when confronted, she admitted to it. and now a classroom aide believes she targeted kids with disabilities by putting them in time-out or other punishments. it's 5:08. weather and traffic on the 8s. >> yep, another cool one out there. this whole week has been pretty much below average although we are right about what we would consider average for mid- january. for the rest of the day, i expect it to elissa rivas -- to remain cloudy. generally more clouds than sunshine. and we climb into the low 60s by the time you're out and about for lunch. and 68 degrees at 3:00 p.m. that's still below average but it is warmer than yesterday. that's what happens today.
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chances, even during the even, start to creep up with the best tomorrow morning. so if you're training for the gasparilla classic, get out this morning, it's cool and it will be nice for the run and you don't have to worry about rain. tonight, the strongest storms in the morning. and here are some of the threats we could be seeing just 24 hours from now, downpour, some strong winds and even the threat for isolated tornadoes because this area of low pressure is coming off the gulf of mexico. we are briefly dry for saturday rain sunday. and let's check in on traffic on the 8s because i know have to get out the door. they do. some construction has cleared up. let's look at travel times. in palm harbor on u.s. 19, things look good. a 13 minute commute. just because you have red lights from state road 54 to tampa road. and southbound u.s. 41, mess of the traffic is moving southbound for the morning commute. 12 minutes from state road 52 to state road 54.
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overnight construction affecting lanes eastbound on kennedy. if there's when you go by, you are routed around it in the residential areas and you won't experience any delays. and a live look at i-4 right by the polk parkway in lakeland. looks great. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. now back to gene and gayle. >> thanks, leslee. breaking news. backstreet boy nick carter is arrested in florida again. what a bad boy. monroe county records show carter is on the inmate log in key west. multiple media outlets are reporting carter was spotted at hogs breath saloon overnight. in 2002, he was arrested after an incident in a tampa nightclub. charges were dropped in that case as part of a plea deal. well, 5:11. high school students and their parents are worried about changes to a college entrance exam. >> coming up, 8 is on your side with a look at the changes and how parents can help their high school students prepare. but first, here's another look at the winning powerball
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get your tickets out and take a look because there's a winning ticket from florida. the numbers are 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and powerball 10.
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developing this morning, the 10 u.s. sailors freed from iran are undergoing what the military calls a reintegration process. they were freed after their two boats crossed into iranian one even apologizes. >> it was a mistake that was our fault. and we apologize for our mistake. >> u.s. officials say the video of the sailor apologizing appears to be authentic but they can't explain how or why the sailor issued an apology. a strong earthquake hit northern japan. it happened at lunchtime and sent panicked people into the streets. the earthquake measured 6.7 on the richter scale. right now there are no reports of damage. this morning, jumbo carrots, not quite.
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trying to transport hundreds of pounds of marijuana. the smugglers were crossing the u.s. and mexican border when they failed the sniff test. a k-9 team discovered the pot hidden beneath the fresh carrots. agents found more than 2,000 packages brand to look like carrots, using orange plastic to wrap them. 8 is on your side with changes to a college entrance exam. the s.a.t. is changing in a big way. there will be more evidence- based reading, no penalty for wrong answers and overall more general, less specific concepts. that raises questions about how we prepare our children forker the test. we sent news channel 8's adrienne pedersen to find out ways students can prepare for the new s.a.t. >> it's a number that really defines where you get to go in future. >> reporter: sarah say junior in the program at robinson high school. she knows how crucial test scores are for college scholarship.
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the guinea pig class for the new s.a.t. scared her a little. >> it's stressful for me not knowing how the results would be and not knowing what the curve is going to be and a lot of information that came at us suddenly. >> evidence-based reading. >> reporter: this s.a.t. tutor believes the changes were meant to dumb down the test. but really, just made it more complicated. >> it's laid out the same as the act but presented in a way that's more confusing to read and the reason to change it is not a good one. >> reporter: starting in march, students have no choice but to take the new format. the former teacher recommends students must most effort to the act and study a little for the new s.a.t. adrienne pedersen, news channel 8. >> and we did hear back from the college board, the group that runs the s.a.t. a spokesperson maintains the redesigned exam test the few things that matter most for college and career readiness. hear more from the college board tonight on news channel
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well some security changes happening at two central florida theme parks. disney and universal studios are now hiring more security guards. both companies placed ads looking for additional manpower. the theme parks won't discuss their reasons but experts explain it involves the world landscape including the terror attacks in paris and the mass shooting in california. >> because incidents like that happen all over the world and customers are concerned and so is management. so they have to do something about it to prevent and also to assure the customers that security and safety is not only being done but is visible. >> well just last month, disney, universal and seaworld started using metal-detecting wands at the theme parks. disney no longer allows guests older than 14 to wear costumes
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toy guns and does not allow them on the property. leigh, how is the weather looking? >> not too bad. now it's not going to be great today. it's going to be cool. these are typical for january temperatures in the morning, 52 degrees. but like yesterday, i'm going to keep it mostly cloudy. it is cool now, 48 lakeland. 42 brooksville. 52 north port. big monkey in crystal beach says 50 degrees. it is cool. let me show you the long range forecast because there will be a lot of changes. clouds around throughout the day today. humidity will be a touch higher as well. and winds come out of the southeast and that's the only reason why it's going to be warmer because we're not going to see a lot of sunshine today. starting tonight, after midnight, area of low pressure from the gulf of mexico comes in, rain chances go up, the chance for thunderstorms, even thunderstorms that produce
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gusty strong winds and the possibility, a small chance, but a possibility of tornadoes when you have this area of low pressure off the gulf of mexico. tomorrow morning will be rainy, in fact rainy through about lunchtime before drying out in the evening. saturday will be dry. but again, a long range forecast and we have this quick moving system out of the gulf of mexico again that could bring rain on sunday. and this system is going to be the one that ushers back in cooler weather. so we're also warping up a bit. 75 saturday. but by the time you head into mlk day, 60 degrees for a high temperature. spending most of the day in the 40s and 50s. how about traffic on the 8s? well, we're moving at good speeds. travel times here starting off on i-4 through the lakeland area. looks very good from u.s. 98 over to i-75, a 22 minutes there on i-4. and on i-75 through pasco county, a nice drive too, wesley chapel, state road 52 to the northern apex at
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let's go ahead and take a live look at this construction lingering out here on 275 at 54th avenue south. and we still have cones in the roadway. a little bit of activity, a flair on the shoulder but it should be brand up soon. this is at the southern end of pinellas county. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. an 8 on your side alert this morning, a chair recall from pier one. >> the problem that could cause the product to be a danger to and you your family. and shifting the conversation away from diet to what really matters. coming up, what one food company is doing to focus on health instead of your weight. then here's another look at the winning powerball numbers. there is a florida winner. is it you? check the ticket right now. winning number, 4, 8, 19, 27,
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in an 8 on your side consumer alert this morning. after more than 120 incident reports and 27 injury, pier one imports is recalling hundreds of thousands of hanging chairs. it comes after reports of the hardware breaking and the stand becoming unstable. so the store is now asking customers to stop using the chair. it's called the swing chair. you can contact pier one for a free repair kit or save yourself the trouble and return it and get a full refund. there are 2016 weight loss
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it's all too much to keep up with and many of us are focusing on bettering ourselves this year instead of following those trendy dieting fads. well lean cuisine is offering a downloadable browser extension to keep the diets out of your site. it will block any version of the word diet from blogs, online articles and social posts. go to leancuisine.c om/dietfilter. >> i should probably download since i jump onboard with everything. >> filter out the word cleanse. >> like a liquid diet. that's all she ever has. >> that's not true. >> and your 21 peanuts every morning. >> 17. plus, bucs buzz. a flurry of speculation about a new head coach for the team. what is driving new talk about the search. and then a crack party busted. coming up, the reason this round-up brought neighbors out of their homes cheering. you're watching news channel 8
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cloudy and cool for the kids at the bus stop this morning and this afternoon, cloudy and warmer at 68. we do say great drive on i- 75, 30 -- we do have a great drive on i-75. and bearss avenue to i-4,
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