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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  January 14, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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hershey' s miniatures. we pour ' em! we pass ' em! we pick ' em! delicious fun for everyone. hershey' s miniatures are mine, yours, our chocolate. powerball fever hits record heights overnight. >> chino hills! chino hills! >> at least three winners in three states including florida. as well as tennessee and california. >> i'm very happy and excited and very proud. >> a small town store ambushed
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overnight on the west coast. >> this is the luckiest machine on the planet. >> have you checked your ticket? have you? have you? grab those tickets and we will give you the numbers in just a bit. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> i cannot get enough of the raising the roof going on in cali. look at the madness night in california. this is the scene outside of the 7-eleven where someone ticket. >> yeah, but remember we have a winner right here in florida as well. so take one more look at the numbers. grab those tickets. 4. 8. 19. 27. 34. the powerball, 10. again, the numbers, 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and the powerball, got to have that for the big money, the powerball number is 10. if you won, congratulations. give us a call.
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but really just we want to say congratulations. >> ryan hughes has everything we need to know about the winners right now. and lindsey mastis is tracking how things are playing out online. >> that and much more in a minute but first, let's see if we're lucky weather-wise this morning. it's cool ask cloudy and inverness. 51 auburndale. and 51 in sarasota. yesterday. happening now. mexico. there may be a break or two today. but generally cloudy. and now rain chances out of the forecast through the afternoon but by about 7:00, we will start to see stray showers. overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning, a very good rain chance. some of the storms could be strong but for today, generally cloudy at 68 degrees. so in weather and traffic on the 8s at 5:38, i'll talk about the rare january subtropical storm out there, leslee.
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well, nothing rare with traffic. overnight construction, pinellas, 275 at 54th avenue south, got a flair out there and a little arrow sign that's pushing you over and -- got a flareout there and a little arrow sign that's -- flareout there and a little arrow sign that's pushing you over. 28 minutes from u.s. 98 to i-75 on i-4 . and also out of pasco county, looks great on 75 to wesley chapel. and here's the live look at i-4 near the polk parkway. things look great for those in the lakeland area. that's a look at eight. a back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. we want to get back to that big breaking story everybody will be talking about this. listen up here. at least three people are waking up in the u.s. winners of that big jackpot. $1.5 billion. well one of those tickets was sold right here in florida. was it you?
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live in tampa this morning at the winn-dixie on palm river road in tampa. that was the lucky spot for a $1 million winner this past weekend but right now, we don't know where the winning jackpot was sold, right? >> reporter: no, not yet. and the word came down that florida was one of three states hours ago, and the florida lottery website is still down at this hour. it crashed, likely because of all the traffic, gene. but as you mentioned, this store is where a 1 million ticket was sold on saturday. in california, there's celebration at a store where one of the winning jackpot tickets was sold last night. listen here. >> chino hills! chino hills! >> reporter: a huge and excited crowd gathered at a 7-eleven store in chino hills, california where one of the three winning tickets was sold. you could hear them chanting. very proud people out there this morning. lottery officials announced that two other states sold
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one of them and we are still waiting on word as to where here in florida. in addition to a jackpot winner, there were 11 $1 million winner here in florida and one $2 million winner. that means 13 people in florida or who simply visited the state to buy tickets are waking up millionaires this morning. so really good news. we will continue to monitor the florida lottery website to try to get as much information as we can, where the ticket was sold. and lindsey mastis is live now. and i know it's been frustrating trying et to get on the website. >> reporter: yeah, ryan, so many people are checking their numbers online that it crashed florida lottery's website. but they showed the exact amount of the jackpot, $1,586,000,400. and now, i'm sorry, $400,000. i left like three zeros off of there.
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and a lot of people celebrating in chino hills, california are also posting to social media. but they are in the minority. most people are really upset that they did not win. this guy wants to take his losing tickets to the shooting range. another is ready, yeah, to burn them. right? now also some people are kind of telling the winner, look if you're the powerball winner, hit me up by direct message, i can help you flip your winnings into double the cash in two weeks and other people implying that as soon as they figure out where the winner is, they're going to take matters into their own hands. so people are really reacting in different ways but it seems a lot of people will be really jealous of whoever won. gene, back to you. >> i bet they are. but everybody, keep it cool, right? thank you. one last time, the winning numbers are 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and the powerball 10. good luck.
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break news to get to you this morning. while you were sleep, seven people including five attackers are dead in terror attacks in downtown jakarta. according to witnesses, explosions happened near a starbucks there. additional blasts and more than two hours of gun battles were heard after the attacks. indonesian police are now reporting the blasts were based off the paris terror attacks. rite now, element really school students are getting ready to go back to school after a terrifying bus crash. it happened at u.s. 301 in riverview. news channel 8's adrienne pedersen is live at summerfield crossings elementary school this morning. and now that we know that everyone is okay, we have a lot of questions about why this happened in the first place. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. that's exactly right. i'm sure as parents drop their kids off today at school, they'll still be shaken up. in the meantime, i am digging through the bus driver's
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thing, careless driving as well as speeding. back in 2007 and 2008 here in hillsborough county. i'll get back to that in a second but first, let's listen to someone describe the terrifying accident. >> there's people screaming and crying. and i was wondering if we were going to get out safe. >> reporter: poor kid. that was sean describing the scary scene. this is exclusive cellphone video showing the chaos moments after the crash. fhp tells us more than 30 students onboard, the bus driver marilyn kay ray was making a left-hand turn off of u.s. 301 on to cowley road when she went right into the path of a blue suv. both of the kids who went to the hospital are now out this morning. and the people in that other car are doing okay. the bus driver now ticketed for failing to yield. and of course a lot of questions we still have this morning. we want to know if the bus driver will still be driving
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and i am trying to track down some surveillance video. so i'll let you know as soon as we get anymore information. just thankful this morning, though, that everybody is okay. >> well, i know a lot is unfolding so we will check back for your updates. thank you. time right now, 5:38 on this pre-friday morning. otherwise known as thursday. >> some people call it thursday. all right, a rare tropical system in the atlantic. very rare that we see one form in january. and yesterday, we got alex. alex is a subtropical storm, meaning it has some tropical characteristics and non- tropical characteristics but alex is the first name on the list. 70 miles per hour, not a threat to anyone but interesting that it's out there. and what will affect us, mostly a cloudy day. cool, in the low 50s. we do warm up but of course without a lot of sunshine, it's going to be a slow warming trend, 59 degrees at 11:00 this morning. 68 degrees during the afternoon. and maybe a little bit warmer than yesterday. but still below average.
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tonight. and now there's just a 20% rain chance while the sun is up today. and overnight and into friday morning, there's a 60% chance of showers, possibly even strong thunderstorms and another round of rain on sunday. let's focus on tomorrow morning's rain. rain, he have i did downpours and lightning are the big -- rain, heavy downpours and lightning are the biggest threat. but even the slight chance of an isolated tornado will be possible as well. but it is dry for traffic on the 8s and that's good news. and there's no rain. traffic is moving at good speeds at this time of the morning and it is right now. so good news with the beautiful shot of i-4 in the lakeland area around the polk parkway. and vehicles on the road but they're going about 65 miles per hour through lakeland and a good drive. let's talk about the coming away from lakeland to the paul buck man highway, that's highway -- paul buckman
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and travel timing for on the bay area bridge, six minutes across the howard franklin and 10 across the courtney campbell from pinellas to memorial highway. and seven on the gandy bridge from pinellas to manhattan. so all the bay area bridges up to speed. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. more women are deciding to become moms later in life. the findings of a new study that's next in the morning health alert. plus the dramatic end to a police chase in montana. the driver frantically banging on the door of the nbc affiliate there. what led to the chase just ahead. and hear how this florida man protected his mom during last weekend's tornado in cape coral. what he did to sailors her life. that's coming up.
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we're back now. the carnival cruiseship that picked up eight cuban migrants at sea returns to tampa this morning. a passenger shared this video and pictures of sunday's rescue exclusively with news channel 8. they are brand in the vessel. we are working to confirm exactly where the cuban migrants are right now. and by the way, i will be speaking with the passenger who took the images later today. you don't want to miss that interview tonight right here on news channel 8. a st. petersburg neighborhood is safer this morning following a big drug bust that put 14 people behind bars. our cameras were there as police put an end to the so- called crack party inside a small house near the corner of 5th avenue north and 7th street. neighbors claim this house has
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neighbors aplod when -- applauded when the police went in. largo police hope this new surveillance video may lead them to a missing puppy. take a close look. you can see the guy in the navy blue sweater. largo police want to talk to him. these cameras at all about pup pinellas counties caught the man picking up the yorkie puppy. at this point, the man is not suspected of a crime but he was the last person seen with the now missing pup. it's 5:45. this morning 8 on your side has learned that the food and supplies confiscated in the massive food stamp fraud case we told you about tuesday could be going to charity. the owner of several convenience stores is accused of using food stamps to create this stock pile. police hope to donate what you see to a shelter. the owner of the store is now behind bars. take a look at the dramatic end to a police chase in montana.
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banging on the doors of nbc affiliate keci. the chase start when had a woman was seen driving recklessly. security footage caught the car eventually coming to a stop on the sidewalk. when police arrived, the woman tried to get back into her vehicle. officers surrounded the car and the woman was finally taken into custody. take a look at this ship wreck. it was found in the indian ocean by crews searching for the missing malaysia airlines plane. this is actually the second oldest ship that search teams have found on the ocean floor. they believe this one is a steel or iron vessel dating from the turn of the 19th century. there's still no sign of missing flight mh 370. and we do have some break florida news right now about a young woman killed in italy. a prosecutor now says ashley olsen died after she suffered two fractures to her skull and then strangled. and also dna ties her death a immigrant.
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near her home in st. augustine. one of her former teachers remembers olsen for her sense of humor and bright spirit. she was living in florence, italy where her father works. italian media report her boyfriend found her dead in the apartment. an 89-year-old cape coral woman is alive after a powerful tornado turned her home inside out and she has her son to think. david hawk suddenly noticed the walls shaking. in a matter of seconds, the tornado was right there with the two of them. he used his body to shield his mom while the storm ripped through their belongings and their home. >> i pulled her out of her chair and layed over top of her, and about the time i got top of her, things just started exploding and glass started flying. >> those winds were so powerful, the truck in 2 driveway was launched straight -- in the driveway was launched straight through the roof. hawk and his mom lost everything but they are
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reaching out to help them recover. it's 5:47. a new study from temple university reveals geography has a lot to do with hpv vaccination rates. girls in mostly hispanic communities are more likely to have gotten at least one dose of the vaccine. and then girls in predominantly white or african-american communities. >> regardless of race, economic factors are major indicater for vaccination rates. poorer areas have higher rates than wealthier areas. new numbers on birthrates. american women are having babies at a later age. in 2000, the average age for a first-time mom was 24. and now it's 26. experts report the decrease in teen births had the largest impact on the change. asian-americans had the highest average age for first-time births. american-indians and alaska natives had the youngest. it's 5:48. happening today, get ready tampa because monster jam is in
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monster trucks will be all over the bay area, ready for photos. this is all leading up to the first monster jam show on saturday. and a couple locations you can visit for pictures and autographs. they'll be at walmart on dale mabry from 12:00 until 4:00 today. all right. it's 5:48. what's the weather going to be like? well, not too bad for today. if you see some of those truck, kind of cloudy, a little on the cool side, 50 degrees at 7:00 a.m. watch the weather wheel as we go through, slowly climbing out of the 50s by lunchtime. and mostly cloudy. towards the end, a slim rain chance. outside right now, 50 in auburndale. 42 brooksville. 53 in bradenton. cool and cloudy, rich says it's about 50 at his house.
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little bit warmer later today, and also a small rain chance before sunset. but overnight tonight and into this time tomorrow, strong, possibly severe storm, will be with us. and then it quickly dries out for tomorrow afternoon. and in fact, it will be dry on saturday as well. and then sunday, another storm system that cools us off for next week. leslee, how about traffic on traffic on the 8s? well the bay area bridges look great. overall the traffic is a pretty good drive. but state road 54 looks good throughout new port richey. and u.s. 19 to the sun coast parkway, 16 minutes. and looking at about 13 minutes here on 19 through palm harbor from state road 54 over to tampa road. and lakeland downtown looks wonderful and so does the polk parkway. and on i-4, just an 11 minute commute. and a live look at where we did have overnight construction. looks like they have moved the camera here but i don't see any out there so it might have just cleared up here.
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have cones in the roadway here at 275 and 54th avenue south. that southern end of us in county but looks great -- end of of pinellas -- end of pinellas county. oscar nominations are coming up. some of the movies favored for
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man, there's not a whole lot of excite. in munford, tennessee. wake up, folks because somebody in your town bought one of the winning powerball tickets. >> you are taking a look at a live picture where one of the tickets were sold in tennessee. three jackpot winners won in california. one in tennessee. and yes, one right here in florida. who's the winner? is it you? grab the ticket and check. 4. 8. 19. 27. 34. and the powerball is 10. good luck. >> man, i feel like the crickets are having a good time but everybody else is sleeping. the time has come, the golden globes are over and everyone is waiting for this morning's oscar nominations announcement.
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the award right here at 8:30 on news channel 8. among the list of prediction, the martian, bridge of spy, straight out of compton, brooklyn, of course we knew this one next year, star wars the force awayens and then there's al creed which got a lot of buzz with the return of sylvester stallone. again, you can watch the big reveal during the "today" show at 8:30 this morning. sunday, february 28th. weather and traffic on the 8s is just three minutes away. plus, in the next half hour, an update on breaking news stories we have been following all morning. new information on a massive blast and gunfire that rocked jakarta while you were sleeping. also, the powerball winnings will be split between at least three winning tickets, one sold here in florida. you're watching news channel 8
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5:58. time for weather and traffic on the 8s. just a touch warmer at 68 degrees but overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning, strong storms. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? well we have a new problem in pasco down any the port chip which i area. we have a collision. it's westbound, ridge road and congress street and it does have injuries involved.
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