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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  January 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we have winners. >> chino hills! chino hills! >> at least three winning powerball tickets in three states including right here in florida, as well as tennessee and chino hill, california. >> chino hills! >> it's so exciting.
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don't even know who it is. >> so, have you checked your ticket yet? man, they are pumped in chino hills. powerball chaos. we are waking up with at least three winning tickets of the $1.5 billion jackpot. >> plenty of money to go around. one of those winners could be you. you want a third of that? good morning. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. it's an exciting morning as we wait to find out where the winning florida ticket was sold. get our your tickets. 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and powerball 10. >> all right. let's give you one more chance. i'll slow it down. 4. 8. 19. 27. 34. and that powerball, 10. check your tickets. if you won, congratulations to you. give us a call. we just want to say hi. right? >> or hit you up. we are all over this big breaking story today.
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hughes live at the winn-dixie in tampa that sold the $1 million winning ticket last weekend. and ryan, we are still waiting to find out exactly where the winning jackpot was sold this go around. >> reporter: exactly. good morning to both of you. i just got an email within the last 10 minutes from the director of communications for the florida lottery up in tallahassee. and she told me at this point they have not confirmed where the winning powerball ticket was sold here in florida. she said check back around 7:30 and hopefully at that time, the winning information will be released. but in california right now, there's jubilation after one ticket was sold there at a 7- eleven. listen to a couple people from this morning. >> i'm very happy and excited and very proud we sell the ticket. >> i'm out here because it's exciting to know that somebody from our little city won. it's so exciting. i'm excited for them, and i
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>> reporter: listen to this. statistics show there were 37 people nationwide who won a million dollars or more from last night's drawing. and now take a look at this cool information. in addition to a jackpot winner, there were 11 $1 million winners here in florida. and one $2 million winner. that means 13 people in the state or who simply bought tickets here in florida are waking up millionaires. and as i mentioned, we are waiting for information. the director of communications said we should get the information around 7:30 this morning. powerball tells us more than 26 million people nationwide won something from a few bucks to millions of dollars in last night's jackpot drawing. gene and gayle, some good news for a lot of people this morning. back to you. >> i'm just hoping one was sold at the winn-dixie on racetrack road. all right. thanks, ryan. >> i wonder who bought the ticket there. we do have more breaking
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a deadly explosions rocking jakarta, indonesia. one blast happening near a starbucks in a busy shopping area known for having western brands. >> yeah, news channel 8's adrienne pedersen is joining us live from the tampa news center. do we -- news channel 8's lindsey mastis is joining us live from the tampa news center. >> reporter: roisters is reporting that -- roisterers is reporting that isis is responsible for the attack. as a precaution, starbucks is closing all of its doors in jakarta until further notice. there were two explosions caught on camera. and then people run. a gun battle raged on for two hours. witnesses report seeing suicide bombers blow themselves up. the associated press is reporting that two victims are dead, one may be a police officer, five attackers are dead and it's unclear right now whether any of those attackers escaped. indonesia has been on alert because police were warning
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and now police are searching nearby buildings and similarly to the paris attacks, these gunmen attacked multiple location at the same time. and on social media, prayforjakarta is friending and so is safetycheckjkt. -- is trending on twitter and so is safetycheckjkt. we will let you know as soon as there's any updates onair and online. >> we will check back. thanks. more breaking news. seven people are in police custody right now linked to the deadly bombings in istanbul this week. that's according to turkey's superior minister. the blast killed 10 german tourists. right now, students are getting ready to head back to school after a traumatizing bus ride. everybody is okay. but there are questions this morning about the hillsborough school bus driver. news channel 8's adrienne pedersen is live from summerfield crossings elementary school this morning.
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parents and students alike must be so shaken but also what's next for this driver? >> reporter: good morning, gene. that's exactly the question as the kids head back here to school today. we want to know that and we will be asking the district. and now in the meantime, i am sifting through the bus driver's record and i found two different things, speeding and careless driving dating back to 2007 and 2008 here in hillsborough county. we will get back to that in a second but first, let's listen to a student describe this scary experience. >> we just felt a huge push forward. and our face got on the seat. >> oh, my god, i hope everybody is okay. and where is my kid at? >> reporter: you just heard a student and parent there. and now let's take a look at some exclusive cellphone video showing the chaos moments after the crash. fhp tells us with 32 students onboard, the bus driver marilyn kay ray was making a left-hand turn off u.s. 301 on to cowley
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the path of a blue suv. those two collided. the driver is now cited with failure to yield. the two students who went to the hospital are now out this morning, again, a lot of questions today. i'll be trying to track down some surveillance video and i also want to know what will happen to this driver, will she still be driving your kids to and from school? as soon as i get more, gene, i'll let you know. >> i'm sure parents want answers from administrators. thank you. and more breaking news. backstreet boy nick carter is arrested in florida again. here's a look at the mug shot from the monroe county website. she is facing a battery charge after being taken into custody at hogs breath saloon on duval street. in 2002, he was arrested after an incident in a tampa nightclub. charges were dropped in that case as part of a plea deal. the city of st. petersburg may move forward on a deal with
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city council will vote on the measure. the rays would have to pay the city a $5 million fee if they leave pinellas county altogether. and they would have to pay $2.5 million if they stay in pinellas county but outside of the st. pete city limits. and if they find a new spot within st. pete, they don't have to pay anything. the first republican presidential debate of the new year. the candidates will face off in charleston, south carolina tonight. fox business network is hosting the debate. seven leading candidates will grace the stage for the main debate. four candidates were invited to the undercard debate. rand paul is boycotting explaining he would only tis pate in the top tier debate. texas senator ted cruz is under scrutiny this morning. he failed to disclose a loan used to finance his 2012 campaign. that's a possible violation of federal election rules.
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chilly temperatures. >> yes, it is cool once again. however, temperatures right now close to what we expect or what is average for mid-january. so let's take you through the rest of the day hour-by-hour. i don't think we're going to see a lot of sunshine. could you see a few breaks in the clouds? yes but generally cloudy. in the 50s until about 11:00 this morning and then climb slowly into the mid- to upper 60s for the afternoon. and tech anily that's warmer than yesterday but still below average. and notice i did put in a 10% rain chance during the even, only a stray chance. so if you are training for the gasparilla distance classic like me, get out this morning and enjoy the cool run and you don't have to worry about the stray shower this afternoon. no and now the increasing rain chances, starts tonight with the strongest storms possible in the morning and with that you could see the threat of heavy downpour, strong winds, damaging winds a pole. and even the isolated chance of seeing a tornado.
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another system comes through on sunday. and let's check on traffic on the 8s. the road. yep, more vehicles on the roadway but still a good drive. not seeing any slow downs. of course that is going to change further into rush hour. but checking out the travel times at this point through plant city, to park road on i- 4, only seven minutes. and nine minutes here through new tampa. and looks good from bruce b downs down to i-4. port richey, this accident is still out there. and we have activity around it because injuries involved. it's tying up one westbound lane at ridge road at congress street. that's a look at eight. a back to gene and gayle. >> all right. thank you. high school students and their parents are worried about changes to a college entrance exam. >> yeah, coming up, 8 is on your side with a look at the changes and how parent cans help high school students prepare for them. but first, here's another look at the winning powerball numbers. get your tickets out and take a
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exam many high school students. the s.a.t. is changing in a big way. there will be more evidence- based reading, no penalty for wrong answers and overall more general, less specific concepts. that raises questions about how we prepare our children for the tests. we sent news channel 8's adrienne pedersen to find out ways students can prepare for the new s.a.t. >> it's a number but it's a number that really defines where you get to be and where you get to go in future. >> reporter: sarah say junior at robinson high school. she knows how crucial test scores are for getting college scholarships and that's why knowing he's in the new class for the new s.a.t. scared her a little. >> it's stressful not knowing what the results will be and the curve is going to be and a lot of information that came at us suddenly. >> reporter: a tutor believes the changes were meant to dumb down the test. but really just made it more complicated.
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the act but presented in a way that's more confusing to read. and the reason to change it to that is not a good one. >> reporter: starting many march, students have no choice but to take the new format. the former teacher recommends students put most effort to the act and then study with the new materials a little for the s.a.t. in tampa, adrienne pedersen, news channel 8. >> well we did hear back from the college board, the group that runs the s.a.t. a spokesperson maintains the redesigned exam test the few things that matter most for college and career readiness. hear more from the college board tonight on news channel 8. >> i remember those days. time now 6:15. some security changes we want to tell you about at two central florida theme parks. we are talking about disney and universal studios. both now hiring more security guards. both companies placed ads looking for the additional manpower. and the theme parks wouldn't
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experts explain it involves the world landscape including those terror attacks in paris and the mass shooting in california. >> because incidents like that happen all over the world and customers are concerned and so is management. so they have to do something about it to prevent and also to assure the customers that security and safety is not only being done but is visible. >> just last month, disney, universal and seaworld started using metal detecting wands and disney no longer allows guests under the age of 14 to wear costumes and they stopped selling toy guns and does not allow them on the property. in an 8 on your side consumer alert this morning after more than 100 incident reports and 27 injury, pier one imports is recalling hundreds of thousands of hanging chairs. the recall comes after reports of the suspension hardware
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the store is asking customers to stop using the swing chair immediately. you can contact pier one for a free repair kit or just return the chair for a full refun. listen up, new information from chipotle this morning. the ceo is confidant the cdc will delair the outbreak over soon. it began back in october affecting dozens of people across nine states of the win back customer, the fast casual restaurant chain is launching a new marketing campaign that includes tv commercial, direct mail and newspaper ads. well the time has come, the golden globes are over and everyone is waiting this morning for those oscar nominations. the announcements coming soon. >> we will learn who is up for an award at 8:30 right here on news channel 8 but there are already some predictions in place. on the list, the martian, brooklyn, straight out of
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of course, and creed. you can watch at 8:30. the 88th oscars will be held on sunday, february 28th. >> you know martian just hit ondemand. soy got to catch up on that. but oscar night, it's like the prom for hollywood. >> it is. >> they work all year for this moment. >> and there are a lot of great movies out there. >> it was a good year. >> it really was. all right, i want to see creed still. i haven't seen that. it's almost 6:18. and it's still chilly out there, leigh. >> it is. jackets. temperatures where they were yesterday which is close to what we expect for mid-january, upper 40s and low 50s when the sun comes up. speaking of the sun, not going to see it much. cloudy, 62 degrees at lunchtime. and 68 at 3:00 p.m. and maybe a few breaks in the clouds today but not many. and it will be a couple degrees warmer thanks to winds from the southeast. and temperaturing out the door
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zephyrhills. plant city, you're at 50. 50 in lakeland. and i checked in with my weather watcher in inverness and she's chilly at 41. today, clouds still around and maybe a touch more humidity, winds from the southeast but dry today. and tonight, things change and actually change pretty significantly. tomorrow morning, strong storms with the possibility of seeing heavy rain, gusty winds and isolated tornado not even out of the question before it's drier friday night and saturday. if you have weekend plan, saturday is the better day. sunday comes through, another batch of rain and then cooler air as we head into mlk day. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? well, we're moving at good speeds overall but we have a couple issues now. be on the lookout for these. in pasco county, port richey area, i mentioned this accident the before. there's an ambulance onscene and injuries involved. plus tying up one web lane on ridge road at congress street.
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truck that is there. so hopefully it will wrap up soon. and let's move across the skyway bridge which is a great drive. and now in bradenton. 59th avenue at 5th street, a collision. so look for that. and sun coast area looks great. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> all right. thank you so much. one thief got more than bargained for. >> ahead, what the clerk did that made the robber leave the store empty handed. and this may look like trucks filled with fresh carrots. what's up, doc? well, we'll tell you. what u.s. border agents found in the carrots that sent the driver to jail. and let's take a look at the winning powerball numbers. 4, 1, 19, 27, 34 and powerball 10. we did find out where the winning ticket was bought.
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this morning, drug smugglers busted for trying to hide more than a ton of marijuana in trucks filled with carrots. take a close look. yeah, the smugglers were crossing the u.s. mexico border when they failed to pass the sniff test. a k-9 team discovered the pot hidden beneath fresh carrot, real ones but agents found more than 2,000 packages of marijuana like the ones here, brand into carrot shape with orange plastic. >> those are some big railroad rots. >> not the kind you eat. the kind you smoke. >> oh. >> busted. well an indiana store clerk is lucky to be alive after he gave a robber an earful. >> and he was being held up at gun point. the armed robber walked in and demanded money. and the clerk scolded the robber, pointing his finger and explaining how wrong he was and he convinced the robber to put his gun away. after the lecture, the criminal
6:21 am
he was able to run away with a couple of dollars. all right. hold it right there everybody, did you check those winning lottery numbers? did you play the powerball? we know now where the winning florida jackpot ticket was purchased. it happened in melbourne beach. >> boo. >> but it's close to enough to drive over there. maybe you drove over and bought the ticket. we will tell you the exact store where it was purchased coming up. weather and traffic on the 8s also coming up in three minutes. plus, bucs buzz. a flurry of speculation about a new head coach for the team. new in the next half hour,er what is driving new talk about the search. and then a crack party busted. coming up, the reason this round-up brought neighbors out of their homes cheering.
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i expect it to be a cloudy day again for today but quite cool when the kids go the bus stop this morning. most in the upper 40s to low 50s. and warmer in the afternoon at 68. how about traffic? well we have a good drive on i-4. hopping through the plant city area, folks, to park road, seven miles per hours. and look at this, nine minutes in new tampa, bruce b downs to i-4 on i-75. we have a couple accidents.
6:26 am
powerball fever hits record heights overnight. >> chino hills! >> at least three winners in three states including florida as well as tennessee and california. >> i'm very app pinellas county and excited and very proud. >> a small town store ambushed by excited powerball players overnight on the west coast.
6:27 am
>> so have you checked your ticket? >> oh, check those tickets. we have some breaking news right now. we know where that winning jackpot ticket in florida was sold. drum roll, please, you want to do the honors? >> melbourne beach. and i'm sure it's not going to be a mad house like over in california. >> yeah. good morning to you all. i'm gene ramirez. don't be discouraged, you may have drink out there. >> might. or might have won a smaller prize. i'm gayle guyardo. you can look at the madness overnight in california. this is the scene outside of the chino hills 7-eleven where someone bought a winning powerball ticket. >> well remember, we have a winner right here in florida. perhaps you drove out to melbourne beach. did you? check that ticket. here are the winning number, 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and the powerball 10. and now i told you, i was going
6:28 am
location where the ticket was purchased in case you did drive out there or know somebody out there. ready? publix supermarkets. here's the address, 3830 highway a1a. was it you? 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and the powerball is 10. congratulations if you're the big winner. if you purchased the ticket in melbourne beach, maybe you can buy a house out there now with all your millions. >> or maybe you won a smaller prize. we are all over this big coverage of the breaking story. ryan hughes has everything that we need to know about the winners right now. and lindsey mastis is tracking how things are playing out online. good morning, guys. >> we will check fhp a little bit with more details about the other millionaires in florida but let's see if we're lucky in the weather department. i have specific numbers as well. it's still cool, 43 in zephyrhills. 55 st. pete.
6:29 am
and we never saw the sunshine yesterday. we are seeing another cloudy start to the day as well. maybe just a couple breaks possible in the clouds today but generally, another cloudy day. and watch the forecast, now all the way through until 6:30. and you saw the streaming clouds. rain chances will start around 6:30 and continue overnight, about 1:30 tomorrow morning. and after midnight, through the morning hours through your commute tomorrow morning, we could see some pretty strong thunderstorms coming in off the gulf of mexico. but for today, staying cloudy, high of 68. so in weather and traffic on the 8s at 6:38, i'll talk about the rare january subtropical storm in the atlantic. leslee, what's going on on the roads? nothing rare here. just little accidents here and there. typical traffic for your morning commute. still looking good. starting to get busier but overall, a good drive. in port richey, we have a collision. we have injuries involved and at last check, it was tying up
6:30 am
road and congress street but not seeing any delays. and let's hop to the sun coast area, 55th avenue at 5th street, we have a collision. and i just got word from fhp, southbound i-75 near brandon boulevard, a collision in two left lanes. now back to gene and gayle. >> all right. thank you. we want to get back to the breaking news. the big story everybody will be talking about for sure this morning. at least three people are waking up winners of their share of $1.5 billion. the florida winner is now, we know, out in melbourne beach. news channel 8's ryan hughs in live in tampa at the winn-dixie on palm river road, that's where they had a $1 million ticket this past week. and maybe the winner just bought it out there and the winner lives here. >> reporter: exactly. the winner could be from anywhere for that matter. i was emailing with the director of communications for
6:31 am
the last 20 minute, she said that winner, the winning ticket was sold at the public on highway a1a in melbourne beach so good news for someone out there. perhaps we will find out the identity eventually. but this store behind me, the winn-dixie here in tampa sold a $1 million ticket over the weekend. and in southern california, there's celebration at a store where one of the winning jackpot tickets was also sold. listen here. >> chino hills! chino hills! >> reporter: a huge and excited crowd gathered at the 7-eleven store in chino hills, california where one of the three winning tickets was sold. you could hear them chanting. some very proud people this morning. early this morning, lottery officials announced that two other states sold the winning tickets, florida one of them. and take a look at this cool information. in addition to a jackpot winner, there were 11 $1 million winner here in florida and one $2 million winner.
6:32 am
state are waking up millionaires this morning. i spoke to the director of communications within the last five minutes and she said she does not have location information on the other winners in florida. she hopes to get that to us sometime soon. and lindsey mastis is joining us live. and the florida lottery website has been down for quite some time because of all the people going to look at the winning numbers. >> reporter: yeah, so many people are checking their numbers online that it crashed their website. they were able to put one page up to show you what the numbers were. and luckily they tweeted it as well, posting the numbers on social media. of course, powerball is trending on twitter right now. and here's the official number, $1,586,400,000, my gosh, it's hard to say. a lot of people have been celebrating. you saw the celebration in california. people are very happy for whoever the winner is but these people seem to be in the minority.
6:33 am
they did not win. this person wants to use his tickets at the shooting range. can you blame him? >> let's get a party going at the publix in melbourne beach. if you did not go to that public, don't throw out the tickets. check the number, you might have won a smaller prize and by smaller i mean a million dollars. 4, 18, 19, 27, 34, powerball is 10. good luck. the time right now is 6:37. elementary school students are getting ready to go back to school after a terrifying bus crash. it happened at u.s. 301 and cowley road in riverview. news channel 8's adrienne pedersen is live at summerfield crossings elementary school this morning. now that we know everyone is okay, we have questions about why this happened in the fist place. >> reporter: -- in the first place. >> reporter: that's right. and in just about an hour, parents will get ready to send
6:34 am
and i am sifting through the bus driver's record. and i found two things you should know about, speeding as well as careless driving. and both of those happened years ago, 2007 and 2008. back to that in a second. but first, let's hear from someone describe the scary accident. >> there was people screaming and crying. and i was wondering if we were going to get out safe. >> reporter: that was sean, a poor guy there, a student describing the scary scene. and we have exclusive cellphone video showing the moments after the crash. fhp tells us with 32 students onboard, the bus driver marilyn kay ray was making a left-hand turn off u.s. 301 to cowley road when she went into the path of a blue suv. they collided. both kids who went to the hospital are now out this morning and people in the suv are also okay. the bus driver now has a ticket
6:35 am
today i will try to track down some surveillance video. also, the main question here, of course, will this bus driver still be driving your kids to and from school? we will be talking to the district today and we will let you know as soon as we get anymore information but i'm sure a lot of parents wondering. >> i can imagine. thank you so much. well the time right now is 6:38 on this thursday morning and the cold weather is still gripping us. >> it is still quite co. -- quite cool. what we don't expect is to have a tropical system. a rare january subtropical storm formed yesterday. alex, the first name of the 2016 list, now strengthened to 70 miles per hour winds but obviously not a threat to anyone. look at the green line though. that shows the history. it's the same low that brought us rain last week, interestingly enough. and now today, cloudy sky, cool this morning. and we slowly warm up again without much sunshine. 64 around 1:00 p.m. 68 at 3:00. and rain chances hold off until tonight.
6:36 am
is when i'm expecting the worst of the weather. rite now, a 60% chance before another system on sunday. tomorrow morning's rain will be accompanied with lightning, downpours. i don't expect hail much with this system but strong gusty winds and even an isolated tornado is possible. let's check on traffic on the 8s because this morning it's dry. it is dry. and we are starting to see a slow down into downtown, despite the dry roads. we're pushing into rush hour. and we have a couple issues, folks. see this, turning from green to orange here. i'm going to zoom in. this isway out of pasco county on 275, right past the northern apex, we have a collision here and you're backed up. okay, not backed up quite to i- 75 but it's slow. it's in lanes and down to 35 miles per hour. and off u.s. 41,er right by the interstate at nebraska avenue, we have another accident as well. and starting to get slow 275 into downtown. and still working here but
6:37 am
that collision taking up a lane westbound ridge road at congress street. and a crash in brandon on i-75 but not seeing delays yet. that's southbound. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. today we could hear some big news out of one buc place. news channel 8's sports anchor dan lucas is keeping a close eye on this. the team could name dirk koetter head coach. koetter is reportedly speaking potential assistant coaches. this is standard procedure for a head coach candidate for any team. so stay tuned for more on the bucs. more women are deciding to wait to become moms. and hear how this florida man protected his mom during last weekend's tornado down in cape coral. what he did to save her life. but first, a look at those winning powerball numbers. the big ticket was not sold in tampa bay but you could still be the winner of a smaller
6:38 am
they are 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and powerball 10. it's 6:41.
6:39 am
we're back now. the carnival cruiseship that picked up eight cuban migrants at sea returns to tampa this morning. a passenger on the ship shared this video and pictures of the sunday rescue exclusively with news channel 8. now you can see the raft in these pictures. it was described by the passenger as a homemade vessel made of styrofoam. and we are working to confirm where the cuban migrants are right now. and by the way, i will speak with the passenger who took the images later today. you don't want to miss that this evening right here on news channel 8. a st. petersburg neighborhood is safer this morning following a big drug bust that put 14 people behind bars.
6:40 am
called crack party inside a small house near the corner of 5th avenue north and 7th street. neighbors claim this house has been a problem for a longtime. and neighbors applaud when had the cops went in. the chief of police tells us that the bust comes after getting good tips from people. largo police hope new surveillance video may lead them to a missing puppy. take a close look. you can see the guy in 2 blue sweater. largo police want to talk to him -- guy in the blue sweater. largo police want to talk to him. at this point, he is not suspected of a crime but he was the last person seen with the now-missing pup. this morning the owner of a day care center is defending his business as one of his teachers faces child abuse charges. police arrested tiffany littlepage. they accuse her of throwing waterer in the face of a 3-year- old boy with orphism who can't speak.
6:41 am
nest day school on state road 54. the owner tells 8 on your side little jimmy john's page passed the local and state background check hads she was a well qualified teacher with no indication in the background of something like this. >> investigators telled a side another teacher witnessed the incident and told school officials. when confronted, littlepage admitted it. and this morning, 8 on your side has learned that the food and supplies confiscated in a massive food stamp fraud case we first told you about tuesday night could be going to charity. the owner of several convenience stores is accused of using food stamps to create this stock pile. police hope to donate what you see here to shelters. behind bars. an 89-year-old cape coral woman is alive after a tornado
6:42 am
has her son to thank -- and she has her son to thank. the tornado was right there with the two of them. he used his body to shield his mother while the storm ripped their belongings and their home to shreds. >> i pulled her out of her chair and i layed over top of her. and about the time i got over top of her, things just started exploding and glass started flying. >> the winds were so powerful, the truck in their driveway was launched straight through the roof. he and his mom lost everything but he is grateful for community reaching out to help them recover. >> impress i images. new -- impressive images. data shows american women are having babies at a later age. in 20 the average age for first- time moms was 24. and now it's 26. the decrease in teen births had the largest impact on the change. asian-americans had the largest
6:43 am
and american indians and alaska natives have the youngest. before you head out the door, what you need to know about the weather. >> good morning. the sun is kind of coming up over the horizon, you just can't see it. make out the clouds there and it is still cool. aabout what we would expect for mid-january, upper 40s near 50 at 7:00 this morning. and with this stubborn clouds, it's going to be tough to warm up. still 59 degrees at 11:00 a.m. watch the weather wheel here and up to about 68 degrees which is warmer than yesterday but it's still below average. things start to change tonight, even here in the last bit of the weather wheel, 5:00, we start to add in rain chances this evening with better rain chances overnight. it's cool, like i said, 39 inverness, and 51 st. pete. 50 in plant city. and i checked with my weather watcher patty in new port richey and she says it's 48. still a cool morning. a little bit warmer this afternoon with late day rain chances.
6:44 am
time tomorrow, so less than 24 hours from now, strong storms may be a possibility. we're going to track that closely. stay weather aware tomorrow morning things quickly quiet down though for friday evening, saturday not bad. and sunday though, another system comes through. that one is not only going to bring rain but cooler air into mlk day on monday. let's check on traffic on the 8s. we have traffic that is definitely building on 275 basically due to rush hour away from bearss. but we have more problems as well. and not just typical congestion but we've got a few accidents to talk about. let's talk about this one, southbound 275 coming away from the northern apex, you are down to about 35 miles per hour there. and we have another crash, u.s. 41 right at nebraska avenue. and let's go ahead and take a look at this collision, you can see, looks like it's off to the left shoulder now. it's causing a little bit of a delay.
6:45 am
coming away from state road 56 on i-75 southbound right before the northern apex, a collision. and state road 56 connecting to 54 under i 5, heavy at this time. carson drive over here in the residential area, an accident but it's blocking lanes. and port richey, this cleared up, westbound ridge at congress street, you might still see activity out there. that's weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> all right. thank you. take a good look at this. a ship wreck was found in the indian ocean by crews searching for the missing malaysian airlines plane. this is the second old ship that search teams have found on the ocean floor. and now they believe this one is a steel or iron vessel dating from the turn of the 19th century. there's still no sign of missing flight mh 370. >> neat. >> isn't it? what you need to know before you walk out the door is next. >> including a backstreet boy busted.
6:46 am
the keys that landed him behind bars. and then powerball pandemonium. there are three win tickets this morning. one was sold right here in florida. stay tuned for the winning numbers and where the ticket in florida was sold.
6:47 am
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powerball chaos. there are three winning tickets, one of those right here in florida. >> we just learned the florida ticket was sold many melbourne beach. so let's take a good look at the numbers just in case you won a smaller prize. here they are, 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and powerball 10. now let's go to ryan hughes live in tampa with more on what we know about the winning tickets. >> reporter: lucky people this morning.
6:50 am
california, tennessee now specifically brevard county, florida, three winning tickets. one winning ticket was sold here but only for a million dollars, that was on saturday. more information coming up later today about other potential winners here in florida. and we have video from california to show you. powerball statistics show there were 73 people nationwide who won $1 million or more from last night's drawing. and in addition to the jackpot winners, there were 11 $1 million one $2 million winner. that means 13 people in florida are waking up millionaires this morning. live in tampa, ryan hugh, news channel 8. >> thanks, ryan. backstreet boy nick carter is arrested in florida again. here's a look at the mug shot from the monroe county website. he is facing a battery charge after being taken into custody at hogs breath saloon on duval street. well a school bus driver is being blamed in a crash that injured two elementary school
6:51 am
fhp tells us with 31 students onboard, bus driver marilyn kay ray made a left turn off u.s. 301 right on to cowley road when she collided with a blue suv. ray is now cited with failure to yield. seven people including five attackers are dead in bombings near a starbucks in jakarta. reuters reports isis is now taking responsibility for the deadly explosions. indonesia was already on high alert after police warned islamic militants were planning an attack. this morning, the oscar nominations are just around the corner. it will be revealed right here at 8:30 during the "today" show. the 8th academy awards are sunday, february 28th. it's cool northerning as you step out the door and cloudy again. 50 in lakeland. 51 in tampa. and 53 in bradenton. go ahead and download our free weather max. asearch for storm team 8 weather max in your app stores. and you will not only get a
6:52 am
is cloudy and cool and 52 at 8:00 a.m. and 63 degrees at 3:00 p.m., but also get the radar and track the thunderstorms that will be around this time tomorrow morning. some have the potential to be strong. and looking at traffic, heavy on the veterans expressway. ehrlich to 275, about 20 minutes there. and through ybor, nine minutes from 301 over to 275. let's check out 275 itself, it's fine from i i-4 to the howard franklin over to pinellas but busier as i speak, bearss avenue to i-4, about 20 minutes south 275. and then got a collision here, u.s. 41 right at the interstate as well as south 275 before bearss. >> so back when there was still hope at 11:00 last night, they made this graphic to show the jackpot numbers. it didn't happen here. melbourne beach.
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