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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> that would be a great emotional companion right there. three winning tickets for the biggest power ball jackpot in history and one is sold in florida. we're live outside that winning publik's store. an uber driver fired after a puke dispute. eight on your side reveals what actually happened. a homeless couple gets ready for their dream wedding. good evening i'm keith cate. >> and i'm jennifer leigh. three big winners shared the largest jackpot in history. >> and one of the winners bought their ticket in florida. >> it's more than a half million dollars. won? >> reporter: we wish, the winner has not come forward just yet. everyone is coming to this question.
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this person has a lot of time. they have 180 days to claim their prize. but if they want that lump sum they're going to have to come forward within 60 days. >> it's wonderful. >> it's not just long time shoppers wanting to share in the glory. >> i'm getting phone calls from friends, text messages, e-mails you know everybody sees melbourne beach and -- >> they want to know if you won. >> yeah exactly and if they can share it with me. >> reporter: customers insist all the talk is about the big win. >> they're excited. oh they are so excited. spokesperson daniel stevens knows everyone simply wants to know who bought the winning ticket. >> it could be an employee. >> who knows. >> anybody call in sick today? everybody is here. that was $4. >> reporter: that's pretty good.
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>> reporter: she and others are double checking and buying more tickets. a lot of residents think they will figure out who won because it's a small community made of mainly beach. >> reporter: customers are so proud of their store. and it's like publik's won because they're going to be getting a check and theirs comes in about a week. >> what happens if the winner doesn't come forward. >> reporter: well, the store
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who wouldn't come forward. one ticket was sold in florida, another in california. the store will get 1 million- dollar bonus. and the third winning ticket was sold in munford tennessee. this is a store where we believe it was purchased. again the three winners will share that world record $1.6 billion jackpot. just incredible. we're getting a lot of questions on social media on how to figure out if you won any money. a lot of people won smaller amounts and we have everything you need to know on wfl the story is right there on our home page. >> now uber puke dispute. yesterday we helped a woman wrongly fined for throwing up in a car get her money back. tonight we learned the driver has been fired and he also had a similar incident like this in the past we've also figured out. one man saw a report and called 8 on your side and told me that
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he too had been charged for that word puke that was not his. kind of a gross story to talk at any hour but here we are because it's happened more than once. >> reporter: i feel i'm telling you the same story i told you yesterday and i pretty much am. there's another uber customer who took a $5 ride and was charged 26 times as much. >> we actually had a good conversation with the driver and gave him a five star rating as soon as i got out. >> reporter: his uber ride seemed perfectly normal. >> and in the morning i got a e- mail that said your fare has been adjusted and to clean up the mess that you created we're
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>> reporter: and then he got a picture of the mess he had made. >> i quickly let them know it was a mistake. >> reporter: alex' friend saw that story. >> he texted me saying, hey alex you have to check out this report. >> reporter: after calling me we figured out the same driver who claimed cody had left the mess was the same exact driver making the same allegations about alex. alex wrote uber telling them that he knew about our story, hours later, uber refunded his money. and that driver -- >> i want to let you know we have rejected this driver from our platform. >> reporter: uber telling alex this was embarrassing asking for a second chance. >> i'm glad i saw the report. >> reporter: yeah, alex is saying he thinks uber needs to change their policy. they need to do more than just take the driver at their word. do some investigating.
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people out here that this might have happened to and they may have just given up and never got their money back. >> reporter: candace have you heard from the driver? >> we reached out to him. we gave him a call. we have not heard back from them. and uber says he's investigating that order. >> i guess he issued his own gag order. >> reporter: oh? >> i know, i know. two men have been arrested for a triple murder. they're giving a conference right now. >> it was our belief at that time and our preliminary information substantuate that this was a hit. that they did not intend to leave anyone in the house alive. here's what we know.
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at 6:48 on the sixth. these suspects, the two of which we're about to talk of, two of at least four were at the residence. or either orchestrated the event. they went in, it was conversation. it went from conversation to one of our victims saying, but i paid uncle, i paid him. to we heard a beating and a fight then gunshots. now you would think at the end of the gunshots, that the people would run out and take off. not these folks. they were obviously experienced. they spent another 10 or 15 minutes in the house rummaging around after they shot and killed. absolutely slaughtered and executed our three victims. our detectives immediately
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we found initially from a business in the close vicinity a video clip of a van leaving. it looked like a work van. the detectives worked with that information, they found out that in fact, it was a uhaul rental unit. this uhaul rental unit, came from miami, florida. at 5341 northwest seventh street. the vehicle was located by the miami dade police department for us and i can't say enough good things about the miami dade police department. the miami police department and the florida highway patrol they worked tireless with us during these last days. once we had the vehicle, we began to work on, well, who rented the vehicle. and we determined the apparent
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point in the investigation the apparent master mind is andrew joseph. on the tenth of january, we were able to put enough information together to get warrants for his arrest and a search warrant for his residence. we arrested him at home the following day on the 11th of january and we executed a search warrant there. and low and behold among a lot of evidence we seized from his house, was a traffic citation made out to jonathan alsegueri. a black male, 26 years of age. our investigators along with the detectives from the miami dade police department worked in gathering more evidence tied him to the crime.
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we're confident that jonathan alsegueri was one of the three people that actually entered the residence when the murders took place. consequent to putting that evidence together we were able to obtain warrants for three counts of murder, home invasion, robbery among other charges for him as well. wouldn't you know it, when we got to his residence at 220 northeast 44th street in miami, he was in a chair having his dread locks cut off. for some reason he decided all of a sudden, he needed a haircut. jonathan by the way and andrew are half brothers. they're both arrested and charged with three counts of first degree murder. we know now that we're looking for at least two additional suspects.
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suspects are black males, we have every reason to believe they are known associates and are from the miami area. we know that one of the two is about 6'tall. he has long dreads, or at least he did unless he's had a haircut as well. the other one is about 5'8" to 5'10", a more heavy build. we believe they're haitian as far as the information we've been provided. there's a $10,000 reward just for information leading to the arrest. i point that out because the people who may want to cooperate from the miami area may go hey these are bad dudes and you will be right, they are. you don't have to get involved. you don't have to give us your name. call your local crime stoppers,
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stoppers number here. you will make $10,000 just for giving us a name that leads to the arrest of these vicious murderers. at least one of them has bragged they have done this before. on at least one other occasion when they hit the lick as they would say, they left no one alive in that home invasion- robbery either. that's them talking. ladies and gentlemen, it's important to understand they're violent, and they're dangerous. and if you're in the drug world or the drug trade in the miami area, you may be the next one they murder if we don't get them off of the streets.
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they brag of hitting drug houses. they brag of murder, and it's not just all brags because we have a whole lot of evidence to show that not only the two that we have charged are involved in this organized murder, but two others are still out there and they're ready to murder you for your drugs or your money if we don't get them in jail. we have substantial evidence ladies and gentlemen at this point. we have everything from bloody footprints to gloves to all kinds of records tieing these murderers together and tieing them to this scene here -- >> reporter: you've been listening live to polk county sheriff brady judd give information about a triple homicide that happened just outside of incorporated lakeland area. he tells us that two men from
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arrested and two other men are wanted, also from the miami area. there's a $10,000 cash reward up for information on this case. >> and we're going to hear more coming up at 6:00. in the meantime, we'll take a break and be back with more
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well look outside right now at freedom plaza. you can look at that first. we have an east wind at 3 miles per hour. 55% relative humidity. we're upping our rain chances for tomorrow starting tomorrow morning.
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tells us those increasing rain chances start to pop in there. there's some showers to the west of the gulf of mexico. stronger thunderstorms earlier in the day at 7:00 a.m. 60 degrees. starting any where up until 7:00 and up until noon the possibility of thunderstorms moving through. always including the possibility in an el nino year of developing tornadoes as well. 65degrees current temp. 66 seminole. 65 in temple terrace. you can see all the way up to invernus. temperatures mainly in the upper 60s. st.pete at 66 degrees. this is the forecast winds. we have a gail warning in effect through 7:00 p.m. tomorrow morning. strong southeasterly wind and turning westerly once this area of low pressure moving in from the west clearing the area. and we'll continue to call for higher winds. perhaps less so later in the day. and it's all about generating energy from this area of low pressure.
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that's back to the west of us. rain across the northern part of the gulf coast. warm front up ahead. we still have high pressure around helping to provide cooler temperatures but naturally starting to warm up. we have alex out there, 90 miles per hour. became a hurricane today. happen. a.m. this january hurricane. hurricane warnings in effect for the azors. no effect on florida or the u.s. on the rpm forecast model probably one of the most important graphics. our high risk model picks up on the possibility of some early morning rain. watching this squall line associated with this area of low pressure. you can see the timing on that up until about noontime. the threat for severe weather and pushes east.
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keep in mind the moisture is extremely fast, well over 100. the severe weather threat especially any time from 6:00 a.m. to noon looks to be the timing that can change but that's the best thinking here at the moment. nice day, temperatures back in the mid-70s. 63degrees, the possibility of seeing stronger thunderstorms. mostly the first half of the day for tomorrow. 75degrees for saturday, nice day. then another front starts to cool us down for sunday and, the additional energy we're talking about another area of low pressure passes on through will create 50% chance of showers as we get into monday, temperatures cool down then and cooler week next week. >> all right. thank you. still to come tonight, they were homeless and living together in the woods.
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planning their wedding. how a destination wedding venue is helping them plan their
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a tampa homeless couple is working on the wedding of their dreams. for three years years evelyn and rockie lived in the woods. word got out that the couple wanted to get married but they could not afford the license. so people stepped up to help out. >> reporter: it's cross creek ranch, they're out in dover and they wanted to help the couple who lives out in the woods here plan their perfect wedding. and i mean plan it, not just hand them a bunch of the things they chose.
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the couple went out to start making their selections, including the cake. >> reporter: we introduced you to evelyn and rocky and told you how they're getting the opportunity of a lifetime. their wedding. >> i want that, it's so pretty. >> reporter: today they chose the flowers they want. they tasted the food they're going to east. and of course picked out the cake. >> i believe it's possible for anybody. >> reporter: bonny mcsherry own cross creek. when she and her husband saw the story they were moved to help. >> i wanted to make a difference. >> reporter: the reason it has a place in her heart, bonny has been exactly where rocky and evelyn are. >> about 30 years ago i found
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myself in a situation, it was after a bad relationship and i pickup truck. i ended up going to a local hotel and asked them if i could take a shower and they charged me $30. >> and now she wants to pay it forward. >> gives them hope. you can come back from anything. you know, and i think everybody deserves to be a great life. >> reporter: you know, a lot of people have been asking the obvious question, why not use that money. whatever it would cost for that wedding to get them a home. well, we should point out these things are working out in tandem. the police officer that works with this homeless couple they are working on getting a home and they hope to have that pretty soon. all the things for this wedding donating. i know you've been asking me
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about the cake. they chose a carrot cake with cream cheese filling. >> you did your work mr. 8 on your side with all that information. and what about the family. >> i made sure i found out what kind of cake it was. people are helping people and that's what the folks out at cross creek wanted to do. >> thank you so much for that. and newschannel 8 at 5:30 is coming up next. stay right there, we'll be
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