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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  January 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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eye community cysts through the aftermath of some strong storms. >> a new head coach. >> and skimmers seem to turn up every week. but there are calms for the secret service to step in to try to help. >> thank you for joining us. strong storms ripped the roof off of a strip mall in venice. you can see where the high winds peeled that metal roof right off. >> and we have team coverage of the storm damage for you tonight. steve andrews is live on the ground with an upclose look at all of the damage. >> we start with chief meteorologist steve. >> a strong line of thunderstorms coming off the gulf of mexico. particularly during an el nio phase, it's something we watch
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tornadoes to form very fast. frenchy's and clearwater beach there, temperatures are not gonna cool down. the thunderstorms continue well to the east of us. and today we saw the movement of these showers. that line early this morning, 9:00, 10:00, passed across the area. we did have a tornado watch briefly in effect for extreme southern portions of desoto county, and is all of south florida. you can see how fast that pushed through the area. flooding in portions of the yea bay area. maybe an inch or higher amounts. a tornado report around the cape coral area just a week after the tornado damage down there. and more tornadoes as well over on florida's east coast.
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during these el nio phases of severe weather events. we'll likely get more. including potentially this weekend another round of thunderstorms early sunday. we'll talk about that later. >> thank you, steve. people working in a building say it was over by the time they realized that anything had happened. >> fire rescue had no idea what they'd find when they searched the building and buried vehicles. thankfully no one was hurt. steve andrews joins us live on the ground with the latest. >> reporter: good evening. the latest from here is that contractors already gathering up for removal pieces of the roof. according to an inspector, this building is in remarkably good shape after flirting with disaster this morning. just after 11:00 am, the wind sheered this aluminum roof cap
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venice. yummy's doughnuts owner said it came and went quickly. >> like a straight line wind came through, lost our power, heard a big kaboom, looked out the backdoor, and the roof was off the building. >> reporter: all of this was caused by a microburst of wind gusting up to 45 miles an hour. >> i had heard what i thought was thunder. and is the whole roof came off. >> reporter: the roof landed behind the shopping center on employees' cars. >> we looked out the backdoor, and it was nothing but aluminum roofing everywhere. one of our employees' cars got impaled by two by fours. >> reporter: nicole's mini-van sat beneath the pile of aluminum. employees exited the building. there were are 20 dogs being groomed in the salon. owner bobby gable gave a big thumbs up to fire rescue. >> they were great. they ran in, helped us leash the dogs and bring them out and get them all to safety. and we were blessed.
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owner allen tine says he and his employees just huddled and prayed. >> my heart is still racing. >> we're all very blessed that we all got out and we're okay. >> reporter: and that's what's important here. everyone is okay. sarasota emergency management told me earlier today that they along with the national weather service were watching our reports from gale 8. and the video from our cameras is what convinced them that this was not a tornado. >> i guess they could see from the air and help explain it all. it came and went really quickly. and i guess it happened in seconds? >> reporter: it did. a couple of people that i spoke to who work in here told me that they absolutely heard nothing. they had no idea that anything was going on until people
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building saying the voof gone! quite a surprise. >> thank you. and if you want to see more pictures of the damage or catch up with your weather in between newscasts, our web team is constantly updating the information on the bucks have a neurohead coach! dirk cutter is the name, and heel be at the helm next season. he was previously the bucks' offensive coordinator. >> he got pretty emotional over the new job. dan lucas and is paul ryan have team coverage. >> reporter: he mentioned his parents in idaho probably watching on the website. [ laughter ] >> reporter: one thing about this hire, those who are in favor of dirk koetter taking over on this team, it's very conferring to see a guy who's
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you're not thinking much change at all. but he does have some work to do. >> reporter: it was the most efficient offensive season in the history of the tampa bay buccaneers. and he said as soon as he got the job, the first guy he called was jameis winston. and they were both happy about this hire. dirk an offensive genius. but he does have to reassemble a defensive staff. smith and frasier being gone, there's a lot of gaps. he talked about that today, and broke the news to us that he had already made a hire at defensive coordinator. >> the majority of the offensive staff will be returning. there will be some changes. some rule changes. the defensive staff is taking shape very quickly. and i'm really happy to announce that we've come to terms with our defensive coordinator, mike smith.
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>> reporter: mike smith is a guy he worked with in atlanta. >> reporter: very familiar with each other and this offense. dirk koetter said not much is gonna change. a few tweaks here and there. but everybody who liked this combination between the coach and quarterback jameis winston, you're in luck! you're gonna get it again this year! >> i will continue to be the play-caller for the bucks. there's a lot of hard work that goes into football. one of my favorite parts of football is the strategy and the game management part, the play-calling part. i think i'd be foolish to give that up. with that said, that's gonna cause some juggles and some reorganization within the staff. >> reporter: foolish to give up the play-calling. unfortunately he's gonna have to give up his great 1-liners in the press conferences! gotta tone it down a little bitter, he said -- bit, he said. >> reporter: but the water
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>> reporter: the more things same. we're just getting started with our coverage out here. at 6:00, you're gonna hear when dirk's family thinks about the new head coach. down! we need some personality coming out of that locker room! [ laughter ] >> maybe he can make a stand! be a big personality on the grand stage. >> the emotion he showed today makes me think he's gonna be a very compelling character. we'll check back with you at 6:00. and we'll have continuing coverage into loeven clock. >> -- 11:00. a consumer alert: we've been telling you about the problems of skimmers at gas bumps in the bay area. now the popular gas price website, is asking if the secret service can get involved to investigate this crime. jeff patterson joins us live in
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>> reporter: we've been getting a lot of calls and e- mails to our 8 on your side help line about the problem of fraud and skimming devices on gas pumps. wants more to be done to protect consumers. >> reporter: they're small, about the size of a deck of cards. and is once hidden, inside a gas pump, you'd never know your credit card info has been stolen. >> this is happening in every state in the country. >> reporter: the senior analyst with has noticed a pattern in skimming incidents in florida. >> the majority of those instances have occurred in orlando and tampa. they have been elsewhere throughout the state. but there's a heavy concentration. last year that's where the greatest concentration occurred. >> reporter: the state department of agriculture is in charge of inspecting the pumps for skimming devices. we found an inspector in tampa examining the pumps.
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state department of agriculture for more information on the skimming problem. they believe the secret service should look into the problem in the bay area because credit card fraud is involved. >> my credit card has been stolen six times. >> reporter: a number of consumers told us their credit cards have been compromised. >> two days later, we found some fraudulent charges. >> reporter: the analyst believes consumers have an obligation to report fraudulent charges to more than just their credit card companies. he urges them to report the crime to local law enforcement. >> you can't just leave it at that. you still need to report the problem to the local police. so they can really document the number of incidents and then address that problem accordingly. >> reporter: the sheriff's office is urging people not to use their debit cards at their pump.
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the sheriff's office says the thieves won't have direct access to your bank account. >> we do have story all the time. do we have any idea how many skimming incidents have been reported in tampa bay? >> reporter: the sheriff's office believes this is a very underreported crime. people are telling their credit card companies and not making an official law enforcement report. still ahead, an old grudge ends with a beloved softball coach gunned down in his driveway. >> there has been an arrest in this case. deputies put the cuffs on a man described as evil in the flesh. >> chipotle restaurants in your neighborhood will all close their doors for a day.
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polk county sheriff grady jive tells us the killer of a popular coach is now under arrest. this marks the second time in two days polk detectives have solved a notorious murder case. mark douglas joins us live from the courthouse. >> reporter: good evening. the halls of justice behind me, a very busy place today. two arrests in a triple murder case. and today the sheriff told us there's been an unrelated arrest in another murder. and this has disturbed quite a few people in this county. >> reporter: if you want to see evil in the flesh, there he simple >> reporter: alfred renard jenkins has a criminal record dating back decades for armed
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now he's facing a first degree murder charge for gunning down terry elvinton last august. >> he needs to die for killing terry. >> reporter: the murder has been a puzzle since the start. and this is why. he coached girls' softball for 35 years. was a highly respected community leader and is was loved by many. especially his wife tina. >> i lost my best friend that day and is my life will never be the same [ crying ] . >> reporter: he did have at least one enemy, alfred jenkins. six years ago, he caught jenkins stealing from the union fund where they both worked. jenkins lost his job, faced grand theft charges, and according to the judge is, eventually carried out the ultimate act of vengeance. >> he was each and he was mad and he was angry and he was used to in life doing whatever he wanted. whether it comported with the law or not. >> for the record.
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before a judge as an accused killer. his >> i would like the same thing done to him that he did to my husband. >> reporter: this case was a real puzzler when it happened last august. sheriff judd assigned 40 homicide detectives to it. they pieced it together using evidence, surveillance video that showed jenkins' suv in the area and information from an informant and evidence used through search warrants. pretty good police work to bring this case to a close. >> still wondering, is there any indication that they had some sort of ongoing feud or anything that led up to the shooting? >> reporter: none whatsoever.
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holding a grudge until he showed up last august and killed the victim, if the state can prove that. >> mark douglas, live for us tonight. another bad day on wall street. u.s. stocks plunging again, finishing out the worst two- week start to a year ever. lower oil prices rattling the market and slamming the energy companies. the price of oil sinking below $30 a barrel today. the dow falling 390 at one point. the trading was down by more than 500. one of the record powerball jackpot winners has come forward. the robinson family from munford, tennessee, appeared live today on the today show. three winning tickets were sold. the second one in california, a third in melbourne beach,
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>> talk about controlling it yourself instead of running and hiding and hoping no one finds out who you are. >> the weekended differently than it started. [ laughter ] >> she said she's going back to work on monday. >> give me her number! [ laughter ] we had some rough weather. >> we talk about this last night, the possibility. it's always a possibility. we'll remain aware throughout the winter with these types of storms. our south. happen here. 72 degrees at the freedom plaza, sun city center. nice view, few high clouds. 70 degrees with a northwest wind at five miles per hour. a nice afternoon in most locations here. along 19 traffic doesn't look too bad. 69 degrees. over a half inch of rain at this location. decent amounts falling around the bay area today as a result
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thunderstorms rolling in. 75 degrees on saturday. should be nice and pleasant. later in the day, overnight into sunday morning is where we see the possibility of showers and possibly some strong thunderstorms. also the possibility of seeing some fog here on saturday morning especially. for saturday, still a warm day. then we start to drop off again with another cold front pushing through. this will add should impact in terms of temperatures dropping them back into the upper 50s, near 60 degrees on tuesday.y, moji guy is a little cool here. cooler week overall. 66 at 7:00 pm. temperatures mostly in the 60s through this period. still some humidity in the atmosphere despite this weak
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sun city center, lakeland. north port arcadia, 74. and the winds are strong, primarily coming in from the west at this point. the front has swept on through. when we talk about fronts this time of year, you expect a big temperature change. not so much with this one. sayre not coming from the arctic. more from the pacific. low pressure continues to the north. clear behind the front. and it continues to cause some showers and thunderstorms as we saw a couple of minutes ago on the radar. that is racing off south florida. out of our area. we did have a tornado watch. no longer in effect. our visibility, the fog forecast fairly low. this tends to overdo it a little bit. by noon things should clear out. visibility much better. sunshine mixed in here. tropical storm alex still out there.
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it is a rather large system temps mild throughout this fog. nice day tomorrow. day. that's where we watch the approach of this area sunday. 5:10 in the morning. while you sleep till 10:00 am. then it all races through. the jet stream carrying the systems through fast. 68 degrees for sunday, rain chance 50 -- 60%, we actually upped that to 60% the early part of the day. and next week, that's when the cooler temperatures roll on through. remain weather aware as you go to bed saturday night. i think it'll be out of here by noon. and we'll start to cool down. >> thank you very much. a popular restaurant under fire for health problems is planning close all of its locations across america. >> when chipotles in your neighborhood will close and
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plus with a 2-year agreement, fios gives you $400 back, and all of the premium movie channels for a year. this is your last chance. offer ends january 16th. get out of the past. get fios. chipotle will close its restaurants for one day next month the company is holding staff meetings to discuss food safety. chipotle has been in the hotseat since the company was tied to a series of outbreaks including e. coli, salmonella, and norovirus. walmart is closing hundreds of stores. 260 worldwide will close. 154 of them are in the u.s. 16,000 employees will be affected. walmart hopes to place most of those employees at nearby stores. no stores closing in the bay area by the way. if you have a family
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know how scary it can be if they go missing. >> how four lawmakers may start tracking people with the disease. >> also a warning about a
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