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tv   News Ch8 Sunday Morning at 9AM  NBC  January 17, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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damages happen but just stay away from the waters as well. it will be quite french rouse with the strong winds -- treacherous with the strong winds. the winds are howling in. right now in tampa a 24 miles an hour wind from the northwest, an indication that this cold front passed through. notice further to the south. the winds are out of the southwest. now those winds are coming out of the northwest. an hour. brooksville at 23, brooksville, you're gusting up to 38 miles an hour so what is a wind speed we take on an average of wind speeds overtime and that is where we get the sustained like 23 miles an hour in brooksville. we have analyze that and find the strongest gust in it and that is where you're getting the smaller blue numbers, the 38 miles an hour gust. the 37 miles an hour gust in tampa, the 32 miles an hour gust in clear water and these winds will stay strong through the rest of the day ushering in the
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to the 40s tonight and then stay cool for mlk and tuesday. we are continuing to cover unfortunate news out of sarasota and manatee counties this morning with the tornados. we'll be back with more pictures for you. wow. the internet is crazy fast here. it's so nice to have everyone over. hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away.
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. this generosity.
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>> as you look down the way, kind of describe the scene a little bit for me. >> it is just tragic. just totally tramgic. can't be rebuilt. lives can't be rebuilt. a home can be re. >> people in duette, the small rural community coming to grips with what happened there overnight. >> what happened was an ef-two tornado touched down in the small, small community which is in the north eastern quadrant of manatee county causing death and destruction. that one man says he doesn't see how the little town will be rebuilt and as steve andrews is on the ground right now, talking to folks all morning long and looking behind you, it looks like a war zone. >> yeah, it does, gayle.
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office has allowed us to get a little bit closer to the wreckage here of what is left if you want to call it, what is left of the home on this road. you can see neighbors and friends of the people who lived here are picking through, looking for personalized by the items or anything of value i suppose that they might be able to pass on to surviving family members. if you pan to the left a little bit, let's show you where the house was. it was where the cement blocks just dwloond black pick-up truck, and it was -- just beyond the black pick-up truck and it was hit by the tornado at 4:00 a.m.. it was thrown across the street through the field. that is an outer wall of the
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we saw a fridge thrown past this field into an orchard. it looks like aluminum hanging in citrus trees and what we do know is that two people lost their lives, apparently a father with four children were visiting you will. the grandfather died here during the storm apparently the grandmother, we're told, died to the way to the hospital. with me now is dan noah of the national weather service. dan, thanks for being with us. tell me about the tornado. i'm hearing winds up to 125 miles an hour. coming? any kind of warning that went >> there was. we're tracking the storm off shore and as it came on siesta key. we put out a tornado warning and we had about 18 minutes of heads up for this area. unfortunately, if you don't have
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to get the warning. you won't wake up and take protective actions. >> tell me about the strength of the tornado exactly. you say it hit in siesta key. what kind of path of destruction are we talking about? >> the manatee sheriff's office. the helicopter, has documented the path. it is about seven miles long winds up to 125 miles an hour which makes it an ef-two tornado. a violent tornado. >> what is the rest of the day looking like here? >> the weather will be fine however, the next three months like april. we'll have more events like this. where are you going to shelter in your home? answer that question before you have to make that decision. >> you say we're expecting more of these through the next several months. why? >> el nino. the warming of the tropical
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thunderstorms in the different location in the pacific than normal. that protects the fast moving jet stream. the jet stream energizes the storms in a different way and gives us oklahoma like tornados here in fl. >> thank you for being with us today. much appreciated. one more thing. you told me about damage over here to the structure behind, what do you know about that. i haven't seen it. >> there is another manufactured home behind that you say escaped pretty much unharmed but the 2,000-foot quanset was destroyed. violent tornados will take them down. >> this house was over, beyond where the cement blocks were. it is strewn across the road and into this field. tell me about it. does this surprise you? >> it does not surprise me. we see this time and time again. it is likely that this home rolled and tumbled.
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it is just a terrible, terrible tragedy. >> just awful. again, thank you, dan noah with the national weather service. as soon as the sheriff is available we'll bring him live to you. what we do know, again two people killed here as a result of a tornado that struck here about 4:00 a.m.. another adult male, very seriously injured we understand taken to the hospital along with his four children. as we get more updated information, we'll be sure to let you know. back to you. >> all right. steve coming to us from duette in the north east county of manatee. violent tornados. comparing them to the types that >> yeah. oklahoma, like tornados is what dan noah from the national as. winds up to 125 miles an hour. telling that you say mobile home or area that home most likely tumbled and rolled and
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>> we're looking at scenes from paul lamison, the photo journalist on the ground in siesta key where there was widespread damage. he has been bringing us pictures all morning long and it is just devastating for the beach community there. >> this is the area of ocean drive. if you're familiar with siesta key and ocean drive curves into midnight pass. a lot of beach front condos and we've been seeing a lot of damage in the condos, the excelsier condo is one of them. another one is walking through residents. many of them, even though dan heads up. this is coming, a lot of people may not have known it or may have been sleeping when this happened. we heard from leigh about 3:00 a.m. then closer toa.m. when it hit manatee county. >> they were tracking this storm off of the coast and it moved up on sarasota county, caused all
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path tore through with an 18-minute warning for the folks in manatee county and folks don't have weather laidos. we're used to -- radios we're used to warnings. people stirring up. people have time to get ready. these tornados, paul, we're not used to this kind of weather. >> we made its way to south florida. we learned from the miami herald reporting. however, the tornado warning has been lifted in south florida so it seems like it is pretty clear now throughout south florida as well. but paul lamison shooting the photo or sharing the photos, you've been getting the first person account of all of this. right now it looks like it is a clean up effort. >> yeah, gene, it is. take a look. this car, one of many with the windows smashed out. we saw the gentleman come out to the bmw and he looked through and every window in his car is
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trying to take the cars away. now i'll talk to somebody who was actually in the storm and rode it out up above. what was it like during the snow storm. >> very scary. first we heard an shrill whistle and it hit full force. >> what was it like when it hit? >> whoa. i can't even explain it. like a train. like they sach. like a train coming through and it didn't last long but stuff was flying. it sucked the drapes out of the bedroom window. >> you were telling me how strong the wind was by what you. >> oh, the stove is clear across the room and there is grit and sand on it that evidently came through the vent. >> how scareway it when it came through. did you realize what was happening? >> i did. i didn't know what to do. we were six floors up and it was very scary. >> you're okay and the people with you are okay. >> my friend is with me and we're fine.
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and good luck the rest of the day getting your rental car returned. >> thank you. gene, those are some of the people confers seeing. they're here trying to figure out what happened. and every person tells me the same story. how fast it went through, and even though they had a warning. they were sound asleep in most cases when it happened. so they were taken by surprise, woken up out a sound sleep to a storm. >> hey, paul, real quick -- >> let me show you right here. sorry. >> this is gayle here. i wanted to ask you. you were familiar with the you and i have been working here for decades at news channel 8. can you describe to us how widespread this really is? i mean, we were told in manatee county it was a seven-mile stretch that the tornado ripped through. can you put things in perspective f? >> yeah, what i can tell you is from the beach, the storm came in. once it hit land, right here on
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probably about, four properties wide. all the way across the street. across the inner coastal where i started near the house that mary mcguire is at and it continues and the damage gets less but then it picks up again further down so the damage is really widespread. >> and that is a small, for folks not familiar with siesta key, that is a small beach community, famous worldwide for the white sands and beautiful, you know, community that you can shop, eat, and dine in. it is just a great, great town. >> a lot of people now waking up without roofs like we saw there. the roof completely blown out. paul lamiston bringing us the eyewitness results acc people saying it was fast and furious. mary mcguire has been there all morning long. they had to do a dramatic rescue. this is a picture of the house from the second story. a bedroom there, a person sleeping, and the roof collapses
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eventually they had to use these, what they're describing as air bags to lift the roof and bring this person out. >> unbelievable. we have team coverage for you here at news channel 8. we have both paul lamison and mary mcguire on the ground in siesta key. we have steve andrews in the north eastern section of manatee county, a small town of duette was devastated as well. we'll continue to bring you live coverage but right now, you are looking at aerial eagle eight views just what happened overnight in both sarasota and manatee counties.
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. we continue to follow breaking news this morning. death and destruction affecting two parts of the bay area, sarasota county, as well as manatee county. we'll have more pictures from, here we have an aerial view here of duette and that is the rural community of manatee county where grandparents, a female and male, died overnight in an ef-two tornado. winds up to 125 miles an hour. >> a grandfather took his four children and with no warning, their whole lives were destroyed the grandfather died at scene.
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the hospital where she lost her life. you can see from the widespread damage in the area, being compared to oklahoma type twisters, they're hospitalized this these. emergency medical is on the scene. let's check on that with meteorologist mark capitolips clear skies over the gulf of mexico. then the storm developed area late last night and pumping out of the tornados. winds picking up now that the front moved by. that can complicate things if you're headed out and about. winds are have been gusting as high and 30 and 40 miles an hour in the off shore waters. some of the gusts will affect traffic. in fact, d.o.t. is in the
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we're getting the winds around the 40 miles an hour threshold when you look at the gusts here. that will channel down the cold. as the colder air moves in. the air mass. all of the severe weather is gone it is a wind event here. looking at high surf along the beaches. camera. rough waves here. that is the last of the rain. the showers moving into southern sarasota county and north port we have several days of dry weather. what we'll look at is the skies gradually clearing. you should start to see clear skies here as we head towards the 3:00 timeframe. temperatures hovering in the mid-60's here this afternoon. colder air will continue to funnel in, so don't expect much more of a warm up. more than 65 degrees and tonight, the chill will be here.
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you through the evening. stepping you throughout next couple of days. the cold nighttime temperatures in the 40s. parade looks good for mlk day and on tuesday we're looking at a high temperature around thursday. so this event came in late last night, cleared on out. and gene and gayle, weather is back to you. >> thank you. we'll turn things over to steve andrews there, is a news conference going on with sheriff brad s. >> he just started a briefing. let me go live to him now. >> we filmed behind me where the trailer was lifted off of the concrete block foundation. the trailer began to roll and as you already filmed here in the middle of the street is what
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steve and b wilson january 14th, 1958, was killed. his seeven steven m wilson, born 5/10/1977 was crawled out of the debris behind us and shepherded some of his children to a barn that is located behind me where i'm standing and took off down the road a little ways to seek help from his neighbor. also deceased is, appeared i'm just going to use the initial -- and i'm just going to use the initial k because we're having difficulty identifying the correct first name but same last night of wilson is also deceased. that would be the wife of steven b. so it was the grandmother that was also residing in the home. she was okay initially but then was put into an ambulance and suffered a fatal heart attack we're told.
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10 involved in the house and steve and dad and the four children at the area hospitals. >> are you amazed to see the kids got out of this alive. >> i'm amazed anyone got out of this alive. this is just complete devastation for the. >> there is not much more to say here, folks. you understand what took place. our helicopter was up earlier, we're trying to get an indication of the path of the tornado and perhaps with the damage that we can see, and obviously in the area, there are other metal sheds and storage units taken down. and then of course, i believe in the lakewood ranch area. there are pool screens damaged but that is all i know at this point. >> any suggestions what folks might do to prevent this from happening to them like a weather radio. >> this morning, i want to say
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and wife's i will went off with the notification that something was going off. we looked at iphone and then looked at bay news nine and some of the other area stations and they were telling folks where the tornado was located and the direction it was going and yes to seek cover thank y' all. >> do you know the condition of the kids and fathers. >> the kids? >> not life threatening injuries? >> what we do know is the 58-year-old man who lived here lost his life. his wife, katie wilson, suffered a fatal heart attack on the way to the hospital. his son, steven wilson's son was in the mobile home when it was hit by the tornado and over
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at the destruction that just took this mobile home from one side of the road to the other. steven wilson some how managed to survive, crawl out of this debris, gather his children, and then run down the road for help. it looks like more storms are blowing up here off to the, what is that, the west of this area. and again, brad saying steven wilson was killed at the scene. his wife katie apparently got out of the wreckage, was fine and then when she was put in the ambulance, suffered a fatal hospital. brad stuebe indicated he got warning and i spoke with dan noah of the national weather service earlier and he was
9:23 am
this area had about 18 minutes notice but if they didn't have weather radio or the iphone tuned in, then they would be caught by surprise. that is what we have at the moment and we'll throw it back to you as the weather is taking a turn here. >> all right. be careful out. there steve andrews reporting live in duette. the details are heartbreaking to think that mrs. wilson. her heart just couldn't take it. >> she was alive, died en route to the hospital. her son, as the sheriff described had to take his kids ages six to 10. had to take them to a barn. there was widespread devastation here.
9:24 am
mcguire to turn things from her vantage point. all i is destruction,. >> yeah, there is just debris everywhere and the winds have started to pick up once again off of siesta key so that is causing a lot of the debris that was strewn about to russell around. we heard shingles shattering on the windows up here. this i is the scene behind me. the roof collapsed on a woman sleeping around 3:00 a.m. this morning. she had to be extricated. thank goodness she is okay. she was transported to the hospital. with minor injuries, and i've been surveying the neighborhood. going around trying to talk to residents to see how they're dealing with it. this home is draektly across from that home -- directly across from that home. i knocked on the door and spoke with the home owner and i asked what this used to be i said. was this a structure or a shed that you had on your property. he said no, that was actually, that is a piece of that home
9:25 am
so that tells you just how widespread this debris has been strewn. these are shingles from the neighbor's home that have come off of this roof right here. i just spoke with sarasota county officials and they say that 50 to 100 fire crews are across the county responding to scenes. if you have any debris in the road or if you have any property damage. they did give me a number that you can call to report. that that number is 941-861-5000. again, 941-861-5000. so i'll stay on scene here and try to gather more information but for now, i'll send it back to you. >> okay. thank you, we'll go off to a break. we'll come back with more information. before we go to break. a quick update. sky way bridge, we're learning is now closed . we'll have a lot more after the break. >> and storm team 8 is telling us the gale force winds will stay into effect until 1 o'clock this afternoon.
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and much, much more as we continue the team coverage of destruction. tornado destruction in both
9:27 am
the sky way brimg. that is what is happening.
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a secondary cold front is coming through as we speak. we're listening steve andrews, the weather is taking a turn for the worst in manatee county. we're greting the wind shift happening -- getting the wind shifts happening right now. a good breeze to quickly coming out of the north at nearly 30 miles an hour so you get a quick switch in the winds and it gets cold very quickly. a 36 miles an hour gust in st. 37 in tam pand they will bring in the cold conditions. a 30 miles an hour gust in brooksville and plant city at this point. bad day to be out on the water. we have the gale warnings in effect until 1itittl more.
9:29 am
anybody with water will be more what is happening now? there goes the storm system well off of the coast of florida. that wind shift that steve andrews called it, the weather going a little bit down hill. it is pushing through manatee county. we get light drizzles happening down here in hardy, deso yoet and sarasota counties. clearing skies. at times there will be clouds around but that will only be through the first half of the day. i believe after about 3:00 p.m., the strong winds will really start to usher in not only cooler but also drier conditions. notice our temperatures here, mid-60's from noon to 3:00 p.m.. those temperatures are going to drop very quickly through the overnight hours. so today, 65 degrees. the bigger story will be the winds, northwest 20 to 25. down into the 40s the a quick dip in the temperatures. cool and sunny for most of the week with the next rain chance coming on thursday.
9:30 am
we're glad that the storms are over for the time being. >> all right. with the winds out there. it is important to remember there is debris on the roads. it could cause more damage. >> if you are waking up, two tornados touched down overnight in sarasota county and then swept this way into manatee county. we'll go to siesta key where paul lamiston has been bringing us live coverage all morning long. steve? >> take a look at this. i'm on the 5th floor of the penthouse condo out here in siesta key. if i pull out wide, take a look. here is what the wind did. this is a sliding glass door. it tore off of the tracks. no glass in the win here. it split out and i'm up stairs and will talk to the man here when it happened and he is fresh here from nashville. what was it like when the storm
9:31 am
>> something woke me up and i sdaded it was raining, i just kind of came in and turned on the television. first thing i saw was a circle showing the storm and the center was here and i thought oh my gosh. and i got up from the chair and i got just to this doorway here and everything started blowing out. so i went and woke up my wife, went and knocked on the door to my sister and brother-in-law and then i dlefrly -- cleverly went to the door thinking we would go down stairs. i went by the door, i locked the door again and we gathered in this inner area here. but that analogy about the freight train, absolutely true. this whole place was just, it was devin taking was so loud. >> what -- deafening because it was so loud. >> what happened with the windows? >> it was at my back at the time and it was just, like, boom, i
9:32 am
anything. i thought for sure someone would hit me, but even the windows that didn't blow out, the force of the wind pushed the rain underneath and around the windows so the force was pretty great. >> it was scary. it was absolutely scary. >> and how long did it last? was it a fast thing? >> it was fast. i mean, the whole thing couldn't have been more than three minutes i would say. it is hard to judge, but yeah, and it wasn't like 20 minutes sitting here. it went through pretty quick and just gradually got calmer and calmer and we sat around in the dark thinking we're pretty lucky. we're pretty lucky. >> have you seen the damage outside? what do you think about that? >> we waited until it got light and in fact, the -- the cart to take the suitcases up and down. i looked it was out in this field covered in bushes so i
9:33 am
all of the bushes off. >> we're about to go to a break and i want to show you one more time. this is what we're looking at. the windows blown out. we're in the 5th floor and i'll throw it back to you in the studio. gene. >> this is paul lamiston coming to you live. >> more damage out in duette. a small community in manatee county. we're learning more about the victims who didn't make it. grandparents + and mrs. wilson. steve and -- mr. and mrs. wilson. steve is out there and he has a picture of mr. and mrs. wilson. >> i'm in duette which is in the north east section of manatee county. steven wilson, age 57 i believe and his wife, katie, died as a result of this tornado today. let me show you a little bit about what happened here. this is what is left of the mobile home.
9:34 am
it lifted the mobile home off of the foundation which is across the street. jim is going to pan over and show you the destruction here. apparently what happened is steven wilson was killed when the tornado hit. his wife was pulled out of this debris and some how managed to escape injury but on the way to the hospital she suffered a fatal heart attack. the child, i should, the couple's son steven had brought his four children over to visit their grandparents for the evening and he was able to crawl out of this debris and then he was able to get his children over to a barn across the street. let's show you that barn over here across the road which was right next to where the house. was he put the children in this
9:35 am
road to notify emergency crews that this horrible situation had occurred. again, we have two people that are known dead and we have their son, steven wilson, in the hospital along with his four children, the national weather service indicates that the folks around here had about 18 minutes notice, but without a we radio, that really wouldn't give them much help. so terrible situation here, strewn about all over toys and helmets for kids on bikes, sneakers, it is just a mess. the strength of this tornado must have been awesome. apparently the national weather service says it was about 125 miles an hour. that is what we know at moment. we spoke to the sheriff just a little bit earlier. he confirmed the identities of steven wilson and his wife, right now, neighbors and friends
9:36 am
for personal effects. back to you. >> steve, to see something like this. people might think, what is it like to live it. all we have to do is think about mrs. wilson and the fact that she died of a heart attack after the fact being taken to the hospital. just couldn't take it. >> we'll continue with full team coverage here on news channel 8.
9:37 am
welcome back to team coverage. let's turn things to leigh spann to find out the very latest. >> good morning, guys, for people who may just be waking up and now, i mean, the skies cleared in a lot of spots. i want to take you back to what we here at storm team 8 dealt with and what people out there dealt with over the last several hours. taking you back here to 2:30. at 2:30 in the morning. the chief meteorologist steve jerve looking at one area of storms off of sarasota coastline. 2:30. keeping an eye on right here. we analyzed a lot of rotation and how fast this is moving towards the sarasota coastlines. we got on the air as the system got closer to the sarasota and unfortunately at this point
9:38 am
would be -- 2:45 we knew it got hit. that cell came on shore and unfortunately did do a lot of damage to the cute little area of siesta key. but this cell that we've been watching already at this point for more than a half hour held that is what is unusual about this. usually with florida tornados we fell out of the sky and came up. ground. this one did so it came on shore, just after 3:00 this morning. it pushed north into manatee county by about 3:30, 3:45 and unfortunately it held together find. this is the -- intensified. this is the storm that claimed the life of mr. and mrs. wilson county. we know before anybody was out on the ground to see it, this was a large tornado because with the new doppler radars, we can
9:39 am
what that means is, not only is the radar looking at the rain and the winds it can actually see that the debris is getting lifted off of the ground because of this tornado and when we can see, that we not only know the tornado is on the ground but we know it is a large tornado because we know it is able to pick that debris up and now, unfortunately we know it is a mobile home where the wilsons were sleeping last night. this is what happened between 3:30 and 4:00 and it pushed on out of the way and by 5:00, we were seeing mostly dry conditions and thankfully the tornado threat continued to get less and less. we had this one small area of rain that pushed through. you might have felt that because that is where the winds have shifted because as this cold front has come through. the winds very strong now out of the northwest. breezy. but a milder breeze. 13 miles an hour wind in winter
9:40 am
you haven't seen that wind shift yet as we were seeing in tampa brooksville. that is where we're seeing consistent winds out of the northwest at 20 to 25 miles an hour but gusting up to 31 miles an hour in tampa right now. 32 in clear water. 32 in brooksville. and it is going to remain very today. so no severe weather, but still a lot can happen with these strong winds. one of which could be that the debris that has come down in so many places could get moved around and terrible conditions on the water. that is a look back at what we've been dealing with after midnight tonight. >> thank you so much. >> we want to go back out to siesta key to where people are beginning to clean up and assessing the damage out there. mary mcguire is live out there now. i take it they're trying to clear some of the trees out of the way.
9:41 am
just arrived on scene here and they're clearing that debris out of the road. i heard what leigh said about the winds picking up. that has been the case here on siesta key. a lot of the debris taken off of homes from the tornado has been moving around and been strewn about. you can see the crews here trying to move one of the big trees that has toppled over. this is the home that had the roof collapse on a woman. they're taking part of the roof off and make repairs. there we know the woman inside the room when the roof collapsed on her is okay. thankfully, and i've been chatting with residents and neighbors around here and i just spoke with a woman who lives about three blocks away from here. she said that she just found one
9:42 am
so you can see how much debris and winds have moved around. still an active scene. i just spoke with florida power and light fishs. they just came here -- officials they just came here. they're working on restoring power to this area. we know close to 17,000 homes were without power and close to 100 units of sarasota county, fire rescue crews were out responding to scenes throughout this morning. a lot of clean up efforts. i'm surprised that the clean up has started this quickly actually and that is a good thing for people in this neighborhood. 1-800-4outage. going to the number. 1-800-4outage. >> we want to give you perspective.
9:43 am
vantage point and you can see that roofs were completely torn off homes. debris is spread everywhere, people are describing this to be a war zone. when it moved through, even though it was a matter of minutes it sounded like a train or a bomb going off. >> this is precisely bay winds lane in siesta key where you can see here, garage doors blown out. the wooden tresses of the roofs blown out and blown away lawn furniture blown three blocks away. thankful layout of sarasota county as far as we kn thankfully out of sarasota county, as far as we know. no reports deaths or serious injuries. there was the one woman in the home in siesta key that had to be rescued and being taken care of at the hospital. >> we'll have continued coverage of this breaking news out of both sarasota and manatee counties.
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. we're back. 9:53 with continued coverage of the destruction that happened overnight. >> we were just showing you damage to single family homes affecting a lot of the beach front condos. our paul lamiston has been giving us a close look at damage here. what do you have now? >> hey, gene, i'm back up on
9:47 am
floor of the condos and if i push in, this is a condo, the crystal sands across the street. you can see the damage of the roof. you can see that throughout the area. this is all the way through, down through the plywood and exposed to the elements. if i pull back out wide. you can see the roofs have some kind of damage and i'm going to spin around here. looking at. these vehicles down here. all of the windows are smashed out. if i move up here, check this tree out. that tree was a huge tree and it snapped in half and the tree is just snapped off. if we go across the street. these are were the ones i was in in. it is a big mess here. it is an active scene. red cross is on scene. fire crews were on scene. they're trying to assess the damage and see what was going on
9:48 am
you can see red cross and fire crews, salvation army out there. they'll tend to the people and the people we talked to, they're trying to get by. no injuries here at this location so that is the good news and the sun is beginning to xhk come back out here. hopefully they'll stay dry and start getting clean up of these buildings. back to you guys in the studios. >> i wanted to you. over the hours we've been checking in with you. we've seen people curious, seeing what is going october check on the neighbors. it looked like most of the people are on the streets because they've been asked to go inside. that is what officials originally wanted. >> they are and if i zoom over here. you can still see, there are people out here congregating. taking a look. taking pictures. the traffic for the time being has sloan down. a little while ago. this was bumper to bumper with cars. they're trying to keep people off of the street but there are people out here sight seeing getting in the way of the people
9:49 am
if they're out and about, instead of sight seeing. give it a couple of days. let people get to work. there is a lot of work to be done out here in the siesta key area. >> and paul, you know this all too well. this is what tourism officials call the busy season along our beautiful beaches. folks, our friends from up north come down and all over the world because siesta key is world famous thanks to dr. beach dubbing it one of the most beautiful and best beaches in the . >> it definitely is and the people we talked to the man we talked to in the last segment. he was from nashville. they got down here last night. i talked to a person last night from new york who got here and they have stayed of a week down here at this condo. so with the condo without power, they're looking for other places to go and other places to stay because right now there are places with without power and a lot of the damage, you can't
9:50 am
>> especially the ones you showing us earlier with the roofs blown off of the buildings is as far as we know, no severe injuries there and definitely no deaths as well, correct? >> all right. thank you. >> that is what i know for here. everyone i talked to is fine. >> certainly good news out of there. if you're waking up. ef-two tornado ripping through sarasota and manatee county described as oklahoma-esque powerful tornado. >> with winds up to 125 miles an hour in the rural county of duette. lots of damage out in sarasota county and specifically in siesta key. what you're looking at here is a live aerial image of duette. we'll continue to have live updates during meet the press
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