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tv   News CH8 Super Sports Sunday  NBC  January 17, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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. your winning lotto numbers, cash 3, 1-4-3. and play 4, 2-0- 4-5. and a final look at the weather from steve. >> cool this week. these are current temperatures at this hour. upper 40s in some of the northern areas, so temps dropping potentially in the upper 30s in some of those regions. next couple of mornings, really tuesday and wednesday morning, temps near freezing in some of these areas. lots of sunshine, though. nice, quiet weather. i think we need that for a couple of days just to kind of get us back to normal. >> for sure.
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clean up a bit and have a break. >> agreed. >> thank you, steve. thank you for joining us this sunday. >> don't go anywhere. dan and paul are taking over. coming up, they will show you if the lightning were able to put the division-leading panthers on ice. supersports sunday, coming up next.
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. tonight on supersports sunday. >> couldn't get started well and carolina took advantage. >> we need a little bit more execution in the second half. >> we did the things we were supposed to do and won a football game. the first half of this game, paul, was art. the second half, a pepcid ac commercial. carolina panthers are headed to the nfc championship game for the first time since 2005. and welcome to supersports sunday. dan lucas, paul ryan. we're going to take you to the stroke of midnight. you know, the carolina panthers, they did it again. they nearly blew a huge lead. >> this close. 31-0, man.
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week 15, except this time the stakes are higher in the title game. >> looking for one more step to a super bowl. remember, they beat seattle earlier out west. that was a close game. this one, jonathan stewart who had a 59-yard run on the first play, caps the opening drive with a score to make it 7-0. now the seahawks take over. russell wilson eludes the rush. what is he looking at? he's looking at luke kuechly for a pick six. >> not on his team! >> 14-0, 7 1/2 minutes into the game. second quarter, 24-0, cam newton to greg olson. 31-0 panthers at the half. oh, boy, what a different game we had in the third quarter. 31-7. quick score, nice job, seahawks. now it's 31-14. getting a little nervous. wilson eluding the rush again, 31-21. tune in! breaking news! seahawks cut the deficit to
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>> nope. >> thomas davis saves the day for carolina and the panthers are headed to the nfc championship game with a 31-24 win. >> it was like i was playing with a butts tight, coaches playing with their butts tight. at one point, fans and myself, butt tight, too. the first half. if we could have skipped over half time and kept playing, i think we might have been in much better shape. okay. next sunday, it's going to be the late game here, 6:40 start. panthers host the arizona cardinals in the nfc championship game. vegas has spoken. panthers begin the week as the 3-point favorite. >> i'll take the panthers minus 3. got $5? >> no, i don't actually. smart man. broncos and steelers. this game is full of aging score first.
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7-6, steelers in the first. broncos pinned deep right before half time. this will help. c.j. anderson for 34 yards leading to a field goal. pittsburgh still leading 13-12 in the fourth. broncos recover. peyton manning leads denver on a 13-play, 65-yard drive, chewing up almost 7 minutes of clock. anderson caps it off. mr. anderson. broncos hold on to win, 23-16. >> take the blue pill. >> it's playoff football. even the game this morning between seattle and carolina ended up being a one-score game, right? very rarely are there huge blowouts in a playoff game. you know it's going to be a close game. you know it's going to be a grind down to the wire. that's certainly what it was tonight. so the final four is set. check out another fancy full screen graphic. cardinals-panthers in the nfc. patriots-broncos in the afc. tom brady versus peyton manning
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could be the last time. the winner goes to the super bowl. that game set next sunday, 3:00. you know, nine days ago, the lightning limped into edmondton. thought this could kick start a run. >> poor oil years. [ laughter ] >> homecoming opponent. >> i like that. bolts haven't lost since that night, winners of four straight with the panthers. john cooper and company hoping to ride the streak. kids. 1-0, tampa bay. later in the period, lightning buzzing. andre schuster! >> lucky bounce off the end wall. i was in at the right spot at the right time, able to put it m.
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also better to be scoring than being punched in the face. rare fight for the lightning. >> two-point reversal. >> lightning win 3-1, their fifth straight victory. . >> we knew it was a big game. obviously we kind of owed them. had our number the last couple of games where they were close to winning. definitely nice to beat these guys. playing a few more times this year. >> i think we have a good thing going. we want to make sure we pay attention to detail and stay on top of things that make us better. >> when you start strig a few together, all of a sudden your confidence starts going. and i don't care what team you're in the league, you win a win every game. bench. 19th ranked usf women up the road hosting east carolina. close game early. williams, a three-pointer there. bulls had a two-point lead at
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we go to the third, welcome to hot hand land. stringfield, the open three, she had a career high 22 points. usf keeps on winning, 75-54. >> send some of that mojo to the men's team. 13th ranked virginia visiting florida state. noles get a big bucket at the buzzer, down just three at half time. then in the second, beasley ties it up, 39-39, scored 17. fast forward to the final minutes, fsu up a few. devin booker, ball game. oh, a few more. florida state upsets virginia, 69-62, the final. supersports sunday just getting warmed up. when we come back, nux bucs new man. >> what it's like for players when a new coach takes over.
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. it's my distinct pleasure to introduce the new head coach of the tampa bay buccaneers, dirk koetter. [ applause ] >> dirk koetter hopping on stage, barely a week removed from hip surgery. >> i mean, people have hip surgery, they don't move around. >> big step. also ready to tackle the job, making the bucs a playoff team. if you missed our bucs bonus show last night, you're in luck. >> you're in luck because you're going for see it again tonight. >> starting now. we're going to switch suits. trust me. we did this. it was the dirk koetter show last night. former bucs player ian beckles had interesting thoughts on what lies ahead for the new coach. here's my chat with beckles on cutter and also the hiring process in the nfl. >> ian beckles joins me now, former buccaneer. a, were you surprised by the hiring?
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>> and b, this is a short honeymoon for dirk koetter. what faces this coach in the coming weeks? and obviously, getting ready for the 2016 season? >> well, it didn't shock me because the way things happen with lovie smith, if dirk koetter wasn't the man, they made a mistake, okay? i think it was about dirk that relationship. so what's going to happen with dirk koetter, he has to learn a the next little while. you'll hear a lot of first time head coaches. they end up being shocked at accomplished. there's a lot that's going to be on his plate. you have to hire your staff. you have to make sure you have the right systems. >> have you been a player on offense. offensively on this team, you would think some things would be status quo. he said friday, i'm going to continue calling the plays. is that comforting to hear as a player? >> he has to call the plays, because that's what jameis winston is accustomed to. that's what he's comfortable with, okay. >> what about everybody else? the linemen? running -- everyone.
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the linemen, you call a play, we block a certain scheme. lot of times, it's not about calling plays. calling plays is easy. teaching offense is hard. i think that's what dirk koetter does very well. >> you're an opinionated fellow. >> i try. i try. >> that's what you're known for in the bay area. i want to talk about harold goodwin, one of the coaches that brought in, the rooney rule, in place, and it has affected head coaching hires. >> mm-hmm. >> bringing in a harold goodwin, what was your opinion of that interview? is he on the map now or was it a waste of his time if dirk the guy? >> i'm kind of on the fence with the rooney rule. i understand why it's there, okay, because there was a lot of black coaches that were being overlooked. dungy. maybe he doesn't get that interview when you don't see how great he is and mike tomlin. i don't know if it's effective, okay, because i think a lot of people are bringing these coaches in just because it's -- it's the rule. >> like checking a box.
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but i understand why it was implemented. i really do. i just don't know if it's effective. >> if harold goodwin is now on the map and maybe next year becomes a candidate, did the bucs do him a favor? >> well, i don't know if it's going to put him on the map. he has to be good at what he does and you should be on a short list anyway. maybe did him a favor. maybe not. sometimes it takes two or three, four, five interviews before you finally get that job. >> good stuff from ian beckles last night. liked the lid as well. >> the suit coat was velvet. >> yeah, you know, it was great. classy guy. washing machine. we had another guest on the show last night who had interesting thoughts. >> a veteran, roy cummings, friend of the show comes back. we're talking about the value
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experience not only as a defensive coordinator, as a teacher, as a head coach, but as a man, as the right kind of guy we want in front of our players every day, i couldn't be happier. mike smith wanted his guy, dirk koetter, with him in atlanta. now he's returning the favor. >> like old pals. the two enjoyed a playoff experience together in jacksonville, of all places, with david garrard as their quarterback. i talked to roy cummings yesterday about this dream combo on the bucs bonus show. >> roy, let's get to it. what do you think of the smith hiring? >> i love it. i would have interviewed mike smith for head coaches position, to be honest with you, just as the new york giants did, just as the miami dolphins did, and rightfully so. this is a guy that's been around, i think when he was fired in atlanta, a lot of people were surprised by it. i was certainly surprised by it. i think he was the best head
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all the candidates available. i think the bucs got a bit of a coup here. >> he was out of coaching last year. is there any rust that he needs to shape off, or does he jump right in? >> i think he can shake it off. it's going to be a 4-3 scheme. it will be a one-gap scheme, much like what the players play now, not that different. he's a guy that jumps very well. adjustments. he's never been fooled before. so he's been at this a while. he knows what he's doing. i think it's a really, really good hire. >> four other coaching changes confirmed so far. let's throw up the full screen. nick kaiser, mark duffner, jay hays, and jon hoke leading the
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roy, i know you don't know a lot about the coordinators, you see the guys, sitting in the booth. but this group of guys, what does that say about the bucs personnel next season? >> obviously these guys will sit down and look at tape. the interesting one is jon hoke. you're looking at a secondary that might need to be shaken up a bit. this guy knows a lot of the players that are part of the secondary because a lot of them were formerly with the bears when jon hoke was with the bears. this is probably a smart move. he knows what they can and can't get out of the guys here and knows what needs to be changed. >> when we were talking yesterday, we're thinking 4-3 still as the base defense? >> yeah. >> how does that affect the draft? where do they go? >> well, i don't think it affects the draft much at all. i still think what you're doing is you're looking for a defensive end. you're looking for cornerbacks. that's the way it was going into the off season, even before lovie smith was fired. i think we knew exactly what the bucs had to look for in the early rounds, defensive end, both sides, left and right and cornerbacks, beth sides, left
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i don't think that changes. who they end up picking? we'll wait until may to find out. >> are you looking for more bucs? >> oh, we got plenty more. >> don't change the channel. >> more to come on this edition of supersports sunday. we'll talk to the man himself next. >> that's right, dirk koetter joined us right after his press conference friday for an exclusive sit-down interview. i'll ask the coach about fixing
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wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away.
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. there's already a model that exists in the nfl for the head coach as a play caller, and i will continue to be the play caller for the bucs. >> those are comforting words for bucs fans who grew to love that tandem dirk koetter-jameis winston. >> and the media that enjoyed the dirk koetter wednesday press conferences. now the coach takes on more responsibilities, in addition
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here now is our exclusive sit- down chat with dirk koetter. >> coach, how overwhelming has this past week been, not just when you heard the news about lovie, it was probably a sad time. then it set off a whirlwind of events in your life. >> yeah, i would be lying if i didn't say i was, i was disappointed and hurt when i heard that coach smith wasn't going to be brought back. it did set off an incredible chain of events, with multiple teams for me. but this is always where i wanted to be because i have faith in our young players that we have. i have faith in jason licht. i wouldn't say overwhelming. i don't like that word, overwhelming. you definitely run the gamut of emotions. it's been an interesting week, but i'm a big believer, you end up where you're supposed to be. i'm supposed to be here. >> what did you learn from your previous head coaching experience? i know arizona state didn't end
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there has to be a bit of you that goes back 10 years now thinking, well, i've got to make things right. >> sure. well, mainly, i learned don't compromise your standards. i think that's one thing as i look back on that time in my coaching career that we might have lowered our standards. when you look back, you go -- you've got a plan. stick to your plan. work your plan. trust your gut. and don't look back. >> we've talked about the relationship between you and jameis winston. it was a lot of fun to watch nourture itself last year. do we realize what we have here? >> first of all, jameis, as an individual player, i think jameis has huge upside. jameis came a long way in a short period of time. if you ask any of the top quarterbacks in this league, i was fortunate enough to work with matt ryan in atlanta, matt would tell you i'm a way better player in year five than i was in year one.
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has a lot more in him. then when we talk about our offensive football team, the pieces we have around jameis at every position, we have a lot of young talent on offense, but we also do on defense, too. we've got really good pieces to build our defense around and i'm excited to get to know those guys as well. >> now we get to harp on you a defense. what in your mind, big picture, how does this get fixed where it's a complete football team here going into 2016? >> well, you just said it. a complete football team. in the nfl, you, you've got to win in all three phases. you've got to win on defense, special teams. you got to win on offense. how do you fix it? it's a process. if there was one easy thing to come in and stick a key in the hole and turn it, anybody could do it. i mean, it's not going to be that easy. it's going to take a lot of work by a lot of people. it's going to take -- got to have a little luck along the way. we got to have another tremendous draft, like jason
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we got to add some right pieces through free agency and then we've got to stay the course, be consistent, and elevate our standards and i think we can get there. >> and finally, all the college all-star games, they kick off now, coming up here. how active are you in that process? or have you been in the past? do you enjoy that part of the job leading up to the draft? >> well, you know, this league, again, the nfl, it's so popular. they have made the draft a made- for-tv event. they have got all of these things starting with the college all-star games, the reality shows, the training sessions leading up to the draft. so, yeah, it's a big deal. the coaching staffs are involved. jason has a plan, in fact, in place for how the coaches will be involved with the scouts and how we prepare for the draft. and it's part of the process. i love the entire process, but part. and when supersports sunday
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