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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  January 21, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios. a massive fire at a tampa condo complex. good morning and welcome to news channel 8. i'm adrienne pedersen in for gayle. >> and i am gene ramirez. take a look here. right now, fire crews are on this scene. this say two-alarm fire and this is video that one of our
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>> the fire is near i-275 just south of bush boulevard. news channel 8's ryan hughs is joining us live. definitely a scary way for people to wake up. but nobody was hurt. >> reporter: good morning to you once again. a very scary wake-up call for people here this morning. since the first live report at 4:00 this morning, we have gotten much closer. and let me show you a live picture to paint the scene. you can see fire crews are picking up equipment right now. and look behind them, you can see the condo building. the fire spread essentially from one side, this is the left side, all the way down the mid toll the right side. so the extent of damage is very significant here. we're told this is a second alarm fire that broke out around 2:00 a.m. and more than 40 firefighters rushed here to fight this thing. we have video of the fire when it was at the most intense point. the flames shot roughly 20 feet into the air.
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destroyed and 14 residents are displaced. no one was injured. and everyone got out safely because police officers and residents went from door to door banging on the doors, warning people about the fire. and now not too long ago, we spoke to a man who said he was at work when he got the call that there was a fire here. he rushed back and found his two stepsons outside. they were able to escape. >> i can't tell you because i never experienced this before. it's just a total shock to me right now. it's a shock. i mean, i don't know where to go, what's going to happen, you know. all my valuables in there. all our valuables in there. >> reporter: and when we talked to him around 4:15 this morning, hi said he is hoping to get assistance from the american red cross which is normally something that happens after a fire like this one. another live look as they pick up the equipment here at the scene this morning. at this point, fire crews are
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looking for a cause. so we will remain out here and keep you posted on the very latest from this intense scene. back to you for now though. >> that has to be crushing but we can be thankful that his kids as long as with everybody else, they're all okay. thank you, ryan. a busy morning here. we have more breaking news. a man is many police custody after firing a shot near an officer in an unmarked vehicle. the 25-year-old nicholas caldwell admits firing that shot but claims he thought the officer was someone else. this all happened during a traffic stop in the soho area specifically on south new jersey avenue. he now faces a misdemeanor charge of discharging a firearm in a residential area. his rifle was seized and the officer was not hit. to follow these and all of our breaking news stories, download our news channel 8 news app. let's get a check on weather with leigh spann.
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>> it's chilly but not frigid like yesterday. we have some 30s, 36 inverness and 36 crystal river. but polk county, mid-40s. and 55 in st. pete. so anywhere from five up to 15 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. and just some high thin clouds out there. and we warm up quickly. tall way to 72, above average, this afternoon with an overnight low of 59. in weather and traffic on the 8s at 5:08, just a little bit from now, an hour-by-hour look at the day. it's a good drive. we do have some issues but congested. overnight construction. still lingering out there, northbound i-75 right at the exit to university parkway. a lane or two blocked there. and you can get by but a little bit of construction. and great drive in between university and clark, that only takes six minutes. and bradenton is up to speed as well as the tamiami trail. martin luther king at 116th
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dichobunoidea lays. good drive across -- in a ditch. but no delays. and an accident trying to wrap up, this is not tying up lanes anymore. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. and now back to you. >> thanks. right now, a big winter storm developing and moving toward the eastern seaboard. crews from tampa electrickic are preparing to head north to help out and help restore power once the storm hits. news channel 8's lindsey mastis joins us now live from tampa. how long will the crews be gone? >> reporter: the crews are prepared to stay for up to two weeks. 250 crews are going to be going. and if you notice, they have got all of the trucks lined up and ready to go this morning. and they'll be leaving in an hour and a half. and now some areas in north carolina are already seeing ice and snow but the big storm, it's expected tonight. and it's going to hit the eastern seaboard.
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warning travelers their flights could be affected. and in north carolina, road crews already started preparing. they are spraying brine on bridges and roads. they're also stocked up on sand and salt. crews are going to keep pretreating up until this storm hits. and now they are part of a group of electric companies that help each other out in emergencies and the utility company in north carolina will be paying for the crews. and now as i mentioned before, 250 people are getting ready to go. they are bringing a lot of equipment with them. and it's expected to take about there. so they'll be prepared as soon as that storm hits. and of course, we will keep an eye on the storm and let you know what happens when it does hit. gene -- >> yeah, sounds like they could thank you. it's 5:06. some good news. this morning, a stolen puppy is recovering after a week-long ordeal. the nine-week-old yorkie got
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the cup who will eventually bought the dog brought her to the vet because she was sick. the vet found the chip and found out that she was stole and. now the puppy is being treated for internal bleeding, a lung infection and parasites. >> immediate burden was lifted that she is safe. and we're going to nurse her back to health. >> so precious. store officials credit the microchip for finding the puppy. in the meantime, this guy, the suspect, accused of stealing the yorkie remains behind bars. detectives believe he traded the puppy for drugs. ever. >> we wish her a speedty -- drugs. >> we wish her a speedy recovery. the 21-year-old facing charges. -- the 21-year-old is facing charges. now hunt is on for three other car jackers. detectives however claim he is
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and new information this murders. investigators now believe the two murders are related. carl tuxford was found shot dead in a car this week. less than an hour later, this woman, jordan finland was found dead on the side of the road. they knew each other. 5:08 on this thursday morning. week. weather. >> and we are done with really cold air for about two days. this morning, you will need a light jacket but you won't need it for long. look how fast and steep the temperature climb is. 66 at noon. 72 at 3:00 p.m. and yeah, after the cold weather this week, that's definitely short sleeve type weather. and a few more clouds roll in during the evening as temperatures stay at about 65 degrees. so for those folks getting ready for the gasparilla distance classic like me, maybe get out for an early morning run today, 50 degrees this morning and it will be warmer this evening.
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go ahead and get out early. it's comfortable, mid-70s today. however, tomorrow strong storms could come as a cold front pushes through, especially the early afternoon. and then cold and windy for the weekend. and at 5:08, let's check on traffic on the 8s. you got to do jumping jacks in the house to get ready to go out for the run outside so you're warm because it's still so cold. >> it is for us, for sure. but you warm up quickly. you can warm your car up. as you head out, we have a good driving for, not perfect, overnight construction still here in sarasota. and this is northbound right at the exit to university parkway. keep that in mind. and i-75 looks great, six minutes between clark and university. tamiami trail is up to speed in the sun coast area. and we have an accident trying to work here, martin luther king at 116th avenue. and let's take a live look at 275 and bush boulevard. a nice drive into downtown the tampa. and here's i-75 at fowler avenue. when i come back, i will take a
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on on i-4 for those in the lakeland area. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene. >> thank you. it's your chance to win lion king tickets. we are giving away a family four-pack of disney's the lion king tickets. all you have to do is watch from 6:00 to 7:00 a.m.. once you see the announcement, be the eighth caller to win tickets to the broadway show disney's the lion king. good luck everybody. and i hear it's amazing. >> great show for families too. >> for sure. broadway. one online retailer is offering relief for families headaches. history-making hire. coming up, who they're adding to the staff and why it's nfl. and then a local sheriff's office is using facebook and other social media sites to boost morale.
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happening today, a blood drive in honor of two s t. petersburg employees. the water resources department
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the address is on your screen right there, 1650 3rd avenue north. the blood drive is in memory of an employee who unexpectedly passed away and another hurt in a pedestrian crash. a new proposal could change the state's open carry laws. the florida sheriff's association are working to protect concealed carry holders. they want assurances that law- abiding citizens won't be prosecuted for arrested for displaying a firearm. right now, permit holders face tough penalties. the future is looking bright for port tampa bay. it could get better with the new u.s. relationship with cuba. so here's what we know about this. in his state of the port address, paul anderson explained bulk shipping is up. and he also indicated there's still plenty of room for growth. and that could come from increased trade with cuba. right now, our democratic
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bill to lift the embargo. in an 8 on your side consumer alert this morning, the consumer product safety commission is commending for offering hoverboard refunds. and they are calling on other retailers to do the same thing. and amazon made that decision based on growing product safety and fire hazard concerns. the commission is investigating more than three dozen instances of the hoverboards overheating. developing this morning, the so-called affluenza teen who ran to mexico could return the to texas in a matter of weeks. ethan couch's attorney is trying to lift the injunction that's keeping him. the teen and his mom crossed into mexico in december while prosecutors investigated whether he violated probation. his lawyers argued he didn't know better when he was convicted of a drunk driving incident.
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searching for earthquake victims. a 6-4 earthquake shook the region just -- a 6.4 earthquake shook the region just hours ago. 40 buildings are destroyed. at this time, there are no reported casualties. the buffalo bills are making history. the team hired the first full- time female member of an nfl coaching staff. kathryn smith there, she is. she sent last season working as an administrative assistant for the bills. in the new role, she will assist the assistant team coordinator. to keep morale up at the hillsborough county sheriff's office. your social media feedback is keeping this going. news channel 8's ryan hughes simple words can go a longwork way. >> reporter: as larry wades through the comments, he realizes the power of praise with each message. each word. >> we have to let our employees
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appreciates them so that we can all be winners in our single goal of fighting crime and live. >> reporter: bettering the community starts within the agency and that's why we began an internal email thread that's sent to every employee of the sheriff's office. it's called favorable friday. >> we feel it's vital to the overall emotional health of our agency. >> reporter: he surfs the agency's social media pages like facebook looking for positive comments to combat the negative perception of police in the u.s. these days. like this one, thank you for your service, everyone. he cuts and could have pirateses the text and puts in the body of the email. and each friday, he hits send and the message is delivered. >> nearly 4,000 employees will see the comments about how the public appreciates them. >> reporter: the hope is
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appreciated, they can craft a stronger relationship with the community. it's a relationship in the making one word at a time. >> and then when they go out on the streets, they are energized over that. >> the way we treat the public turns out better and really that at the end of the day, that's the bottom line. >> reporter: ryan hugh, news channel 8. >> encouragement goes a long way. >> that's for sure. and you always see the bad comments, it's nice to see the good ones. car crashes are traumatic and definitely scary, especially for kids involved. >> one bay area officer understands that the too well. you can see the sarasota police officer holding a boy involved in a serious crash. and the boy's mom and siblings were taken to the hospital. and the officer bundled that child up to keep him warm until his dad came and picked hick up. very nice. right now the northeast is bracing for a monster of a winter storm. this is what it looks like in washington, d.c. this morning. snow-covered roads creating
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as much as two feet of snow is expected in some areas. airlines are advising travelers the storms could disrupt flights so in preparation for canceled flights and delay, american airline, southwest and delta are all issuing travel waivers to customers. let's get a check on our weather at 5:19. >> a little cool this morning. certainly not as frigid as yesterday. 50 degrees at 8:00 a.m. going to warm up very quickly. short sleeves under the jacket because 72 is going to feel warm at 3:00 p.m. but it's chilly now. zephyrhills, 49. warmer farther to the south. and big monkey in crystal beach says 48 degrees. mostly sunny today. just high thin clouds and low 70s. tomorrow at this point though, tracking the strong cold front. we may see an isolated shower in the morning. the better rain chances come with the strong line of thunderstorms in the early
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and then it gets windy and chilly for saturday. north. and for overnight friday into saturday, 6-inches to 12 inches of snow fall in the western portions of kentucky and tennessee, but here's the bullseye, nearly two feet of snow possible in the washington, d.c. area. we will be cold but not that cold through the weekend. >> all right. looking at traffic right now on this cold morning drive. here's state road 54 at oakstead boulevard. an accident trying to wrap up. earlier it was tying up lanes and no delays anymore. and debris here u.s. 27 north of i-4. and let's talk about this other issue. i've been mentioning this all morning and i just got off the phone with the florida highway patrol, 50th street is closed in both directions. and now the roadway is clear at 17th street. what happened earlier is a vehicle hit a pole but wires are hanging low in the area. so take 78th instead of 50th until they can clear that up that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene. >> thank you.
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president barack obama is taking part credit for the reboundover the u.s. auto industry. the president claims general motors and chrysler would have gone out of business without the government bailout. his comments come after a visit to the north american
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and he responded to criticism emphasizing it wasn't a popularity move, just what needed to be done. the controversy with the oscars is getting more interesting this morning. actress jada pinkett smith claims her boycott isn't about the award show at all. instead, she is asking black people to take back their power. she thanked the academy president for responding to her outcry but i bet this isn't over. >> we will hear about this all the way up to the big night. weather and traffic on the 8s is three minutes away. >> plus, florida power crews hit the road to help out. where they're headed to beat a powerful winter storm. and car jackers caught on camera. look at this. wow. new in the next half hour, the way one driver turned the table
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it is 5:28. and as you get the kids trotted -- kids ready to go school jacket. bring the jacket home because they won't be wearing it later today when the bus drops them off. 27 degrees, even emoji man is giving this two thumbs up, sunshine and 27, yeah, i'll take it. however, it doesn't last long. tomorrow is still 70 but a rainy 70 before a cold saturday at 58 and windy. keep that in mind for the gasparilla children's parade. and we stay cool into next week. how about traffic on the 8s? it's going to be a decent drive. look at this though. we have a collision trying to
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at 116th avenue. a vehicle went into the ditch there. all but brand up, 54 at oakstead boulevard. debris on the roadway. u.s. 27 north of i-4. and still working here, all lanes are closed, 50th street at 17th avenue. take 78th instead. t oranges. to do that, we first had to find the best orange growers. we logged the miles, put in the hours, tasted a lot of fruit, and shook a lot of hands. but we did it for a reason. so that here you'll find the best oranges we've ever had. they're even backed by our 100 percent freshness guarantee. try them for yourself today at
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