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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  January 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:33pm EST

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how millions are preparing. >> and botox band it busted. nurses who helped cops catch her tell her story. >> burglars target a little league ballpark. how the team is trying to get back on its feet. cities down south like charlotte, north carolina are bracing for ice and freezing rain. looks almost nice. not for long. airports are already dealing with thousands of travel delays and cancellations. 10s of millions of people are in the massive storm's path, and they are bracing for it. >> they have to be. forecasters showing a lot to
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dan is kicking off our team coverage with a look at how everyone seems to be preparing for this. >> a massive nor'easter is building set to slam into the eastern seaboard. forecasters say it could dump 2 feet of snow on the nation's capital. >> we're preparing for a blizzard. i don't know that i have lived through a forecast like this. >> road crews are already working around the clock. >> it's a lot of salt, a lot of hours. >> brining and salting roads to try to get a jump on mother nature. >> we don't noway mother nature is going to give us. >> several states are under a state of emergency. more than a thousand flights have already been canceled. in charlotte, freezing rain and ice is in the forecast. american airlines has already canceled all friday flights into and out of charlotte- douglas international airport.
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and ice and freezing rain do not mix well with airplanes. supplies. shelves are empty as residents for the worst. >> and the bay area will feel the effects of this storm system as well. and rain. coverage. >> that wind and rain continues the possibility of seeing isolated severe weather including the possibility of a quick tornado. that's a possibility with this type of setup we have in an el nino year. some snow on the north west side in arkin and north west louisiana. that air that's coming down is cold. we have a tornado watch that goes to our west. we are not under a watch. farther to the north, that pink area, those are all winter weather advisories as well as winter storm warnings.
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washington, d.c. this is how it will play out. farther to the west, we'll watch this track of low pressure. across the state, that will bring showers and thunderstorms before noon tomorrow. this is where it starts to mess up later on saturday up into the northeast. locally the possibility of seeing some lightning but mostly rain, wind, and the outside chance at seeing some tornadoes as well. we're always on guard for any severe weather warning. we'll pass them on to you. you can always download our app as well. a slight risk of severe weather. the south. northern chances have a better chance of seeing more intense weather. we'll talk more about this later on. >> thank you, steve. we'll see you in 15 with your complete weather report. download our free news channel 8 app for the latest weather. she filled up on botox and
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was time to pay and police say it's not the first time nicole brown stiffed doctors for a payment. really interesting story here. >> reporter: very interesting. nicole brown may have been a beauty, but her inner beast was not nice at all. brown was on a roll and they caught up to her just in time before she went to another doctor's office where she had already booked another appoint. a few jerks of botox will have bucks. it was this customer who shortchanged several doctors in st. petersburg. >> she says i have to run to my car and get my credit card. we went along with our business and 15-20 minutes went by and we're like, she left. >> reporter: she received botox almost $900 worth. >> we went outside to look for
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we immediately called law enforcement. >> reporter: brown also stuck dr. lawrence cause with her bill back in september. she paid a $900 tab with a worthless check. fortunately, police cuffed brown yesterday as she was about to strike again. >> she also made an appointment yesterday at another local plastic surgeon's office, friend of ours. at that location, she didn't show up for the appointment otherwise she would have been arrested there. >> reporter: staff believe her crew said for beauty was leading to another problem. >> she was not even a month out and was trying to get more botox. we know she has a problem. we hope she gets the help she needs now. >> reporter: coincidentally, we went to a random hair salon, a beauty salon in the area just to get reaction about this story. the staff there at this beauty salon, they knew brown. they gave her a nice hairdo,
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that service. >> what charges is brown facing at this point, and do you have any idea if the doctors will be able to get their money back? >> reporter: that is unclear at this moment if they will get their money back, but i can tell you they are warning other doctors in the area to be on the lookout. brown is charged with grand theft. >> live in st. petersburg... thank you. burglars broke in stealing personal information. 8 on your side joining us live from town and country with that story. paul? >> reporter: yeah, that is the big question here at north west little league tonight. you know, just two days to go before opening day and organizers here are scrambling plan. a perfect night to play ball, perfect opportunity.
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>> reporter: a heartless thief busting into the concession stand stealing close to a grand, equipment for kids who can't afford it, and personal information of players and their families. >> i feel really bad. my heart dropped to the ground. >> reporter: the league's president showing us the mess and asking who could be so cold to do this. >> we're talking about somebody stealing from kids. >> 4-year-olds, 5-year-olds, 6- year-olds. >> reporter: deputies trying to figure out who would steal from a not for profit, from people who volunteer their time and talents. >> we're trying to teach these kids life lessons, not only the game of baseball. >> reporter: out here they're not only working toward a perfect season but teaching that other game -- you know, the one called life. >> what do you teach your kids? >> just tell them there are bad
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>> it's a shame incidents like this happens. >> horrible lesson for the kids. >> we'll keep going. we'll keep moving, and we're going to have a season at the end of this day. >> reporter: back live in hillsboro county. the sheriff's department are working a few leads. did this. saturday, paul. what are they going to do to make up for all this loss? >> reporter: they are in a real pickle right now. they are counts on the you will. on our website. >> maybe some folks will see that and help out. more than a dozen people are are homeless tonight after a raging fire tore through a it happened early this morning. a resident of the west chester manor condominiums recorded this video on his cell phones. flames shooting up about 20 feet in the air.
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one bit of good news here is everyone got out safely. usf students short on time and in need of groceries got good news today. publix is building a new store on campus. the florida board of glover nors governors approved the project. it should open next fall. a convict in trouble for live streaming his stay behind bars. >> we'll have that story coming up. lasers lighting up a sheriff's helicopter. tonight, two brothers are facing charges for this. and caught on camera.
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a dangerous game and a serious crime. two brothers in sarasota are learning the hard way -- pointing a laser at an aircraft is illegal. especially when it's a sheriff's helicopter. >> reporter: both men arrested are in their 20s. sheriff's deputies believe old enough to know better. in this video provided by the sheriff's office, you can see the two men at this home on andancian lane in sarasota. when the men pointed the laser at the chopper, the screen goes dark. the camera was blinded, as were the pilots. pilot dave gufard was at the controls. >> imagine if you're driving a
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area and someone took a bright flashlight and shine it in your eyes for a second. it's hard to maintain the car. over larger distances. >> reporter: when you laser deputies, their recourse is to find out who's responsible, and that's just what they did. deputies tracked down 25-year- old gary beington and his younger brother matthew. why do citizens continue this type of behavior? >> people think it's a toy, and you get the type of person who doesn't understand it and they think it's a toy not realizing how dangerous it is. then you have another type of person who they're irritated by the aircraft noise so they think this is a way to get those people away or that aircraft away from them. >> reporter: the brothers are now free this evening.
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>> the final report on graves found in dozier was presented. the excavation found the remains of 51 boys. seven identified. 14 more could possibly be id'd. a group of 240 former inmates believe there are more bodies here, but researchers say they did everything they could to find them. >> there is a graveyard there that has more than 30 graves, and i ask that this does not stop. >> any information we had, we looked in those areas and haven't found any additional burials. >> pending legislation would provide for up to $5000 for each family whose loved one has been identified at dozier.
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from inside prison. devon williamson went live for several days on per scope. he managed to gather 3000 followers and asked viewers to account. his cell phone was confiscated. amused. >> if i ever see him on any type of media again, i'll call the department of corrections and let them know. you don't need to be down there having that type of fun. >> an investigation is under way to determine how he got the phone and who else was involved. floridaians know it's a good idea to check the water before you dive in. an owner found an 8-foot crocodile in his pool before he dove in. the croc climbed out of the pool and went back into the ocean all on his own. dramatic video of a baby
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it was recorded after sunday's tornado. the pup's mother died after trying to save her family from flood waters. two sets of baby raccoons also rescued today. the first two kept running into the road after their mom was hit by a car. about an hour later, a league employee found two more baby brighthouse field. tonight. the extravaganza coming up this saturday, big changes with the storm system coming through tomorrow. much breezier, much cooler, and well. if you are headed out, know
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we have great photos on our facebook and twitter account. andrea walker always takes great photos. 63 degrees at midnight. 2:00 a.m., 63 degrees as well. humidity has come back a little bit. a this was our high temperature, not even our high temperature. of course we'll had rain chances in. as we head throughout the period of noontime, 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. starts to taper off mid- afternoon. chances from west to east. if you are living inland, chances are that shower and thunderstorm activity could hang in there a bit longer. 61 in st. petersburg. 58 in sarasota. across the country, all these minus numbers if winnipeg, 20s through chicago, cincinnati, detroit, new york city 28 degrees. as you know, the freezing mark
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that's all you really need. it's cooler than that above the surface. we'll take that moisture and turn it into cold air. they'll get some serious amounts of snow. look at that, just north of nashville maybe 6 inches of rain, maybe up to a foot as we slide into kentucky, virginia, potentially all the way through charlotte, north carolina. that's washington, d.c. western suburbs could see a couple of feet of snow. this moves into new york as well south of the boston area. you get a good idea in terms of travel if you are headed this way. if you are traveling, do check with your airline or be careful if you're driving. just avoid that area now through saturday. there's that area of low pressure now. a squall line producing tornado watches that go into the florida panhandle.
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advisories and winter storm warnings. farther south, things have cleared up. a lot of clouds throughout the day pushing south. we see a bit of a clear patch here. 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. mostly likely around the lunch hour for most of us dealing with rain, wind, and potential areas of severe weather. here's the rpm forecast opinion. the showers approach the area around 10:30. here comes the cold front, and that's around 1:30. as we mentioned from west to east, this movement giving us this severe weather possibility. severe weather can occur very quickly. remain weather aware during this time period. later afternoon, things start to improve. saturday afternoon, partly to mostly cloudy skies.
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very cold. possibly clearing later on. 60 degrees, that's our morning forecast. 70 in the afternoon. it will start to cool down later in the day and make for a chilly saturday. 54 for a high. 57 degrees for sunday. a much nicer day, sunshine, chilly, but still nice balance with that sun out. 67 for monday, then temperatures up near normal. tuesday, 71 degrees. rain chances creep back for wednesday with a high of 70 degrees. a rain chance of 40%. i remain weather aware tomorrow morning and it should breeze quickly off to the east. coming up in sports, the tampa bay lightning snap the blackhawks winning streak and keep their own streak going strong. >> yes.
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the last time the chicago blackhawks skated off the ice here, they were headed home, one game away from clenching a stanley cup championship. one game. entering tonight's stanley cup final rematch, one game was supposed to serve as a caution. don't put too much emphasis on the results of one game. sometimes one game can make all the difference. the blackhawks hadn't lost an even dozen looking to make it a baker's tonight.
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their six-game winning streak. opening minute, ben bishop like a fish out of water and it's 1- 0. the lightning draw even. victor fires, and his defense partner fires it in. when they say the best offense is a good defense, i don't think that's what they mean. speaking of defense, crawford was fantastic tonight. j.t . brown here made 31 saves in all, but he needed 32. a power play goal late in the second, that proves to be the game winner. snapping chicago's 12-game winning streak and extending their own to lucky number seven. >> this might have been our best game all season. we played for 60 minutes. >> coming against a team like this, you know it's going to be an emotional game.
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it keeps us going here and it keeps our confidence going. >> it was fun to be in the building. it obviously brought back memories of last year and another 2-1 game. they're a really good team, and we had to play extremely well to beat them. >> we beat a very good opponent who's been red hot lately. it was game 47 and we have to look forward to game 48. >> as good as it feels to knock off the blackhawks, it's important to maintain perspective. cooper said he'd trade tonight any time for what the blackhawks took from them last year. the former lightning, now syracuse coach now suspended indefinitely.
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it's good to see the lightning on top. you feel that thundertastic momentum. >> we worked it in. >> i know. it's been a while. >> had to be done.
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many co-workers are trying to distract me from my job. >> having a little fun. we have to have fun while we can, see, because tomorrow will be stormy, you say. >> i don't think we're looking at the same kind of event we saw this late saturday night, sunday morning. there's always a possibility with this type of setup. our jet stream is 150 knots, and that's extremely fast. we look at this graphic but to get a better idea on the timing of this, that's around 10:30. this is all associated with a cold front. the same one that will dump the snow, we're on the southern side of that. 1:30 there in the afternoon and then behind that, it gets breezy from the west. a few clouds and maybe sprinkles coming along with that.
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it's just getting through that period of showers and thunderstorms. really any time starting 8:00 a.m. to 1:00. >> we are warned. the orange was not good in that graphic. that was bad. >> thanks for joining us. jimmy fallon is coming up next. >> we'll see you tomorrow.
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