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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  January 25, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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is broadcast is real time captioned by carrie o'brien. well, good morning. welcome to news channel 8. morning. a historic blizzard dumped record snowfall on parts of the east coast. take a look. at these 30 people died in this. now the storm is over. however the travel nightmare continues today. over the weekend nearly 12,000 flicks were canceled. seven people are hurt when
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experienced turbulence forcing the plane to land. the plane was in route from florida to italy and landed in new finland. they made arrangements to put the passengers in hotels overnight. return to grocery store aisles, blue bell makes it back. this follow has nationwide recall linked to listeria. that's more. first a check on this cold morning. >> it certainly is. acold day yesterday as well. we have a freeze warning until 9:00 this morning. so there may be temperatures below freezing. look at this, now the frost advisory. a lot more of you today may wake up with frost on your windshield, basically areas away from the coastline. look at this, 30, below
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and even 36 degrees right now in lakeland in polk county. so it is cold. just about freezing and i expect to see widespread frost. and even colder than yesterday morning. two to 10 degrees colder. here is good news. it will warmup very quickly. 67 this afternoon. more than 10 degrees warmer than yesterday not as cold tonight at 53. so weather and traffic on the 8s. 4:08. a big problem already on the courtney cambell causeway westbound.
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is a live look. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to you. >> thank you. right now the search is on to find the crook who stole a bird worth thousands of dollars. largo. chip shows us the surveillance video that the pet store culprit. >> reporter: here is a flyer with the picture of the bird taken from this store. it is valued at $2,000. the store's owner is hoping that surveillance video will be key. the surveillance video captures a man walking through the store with the bird in question named hector, on his shoulder.
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reappears and the bird is gone. he is wearing a backpack and two parents of glasses. authorities are not naming him a self, the store's owner believes that this man knows something. >> very suspicious was wearing two sets of glasses. had a hat on. we've been told by one of our customers he's seen the gentleman at mcdonald's. >> reporter: earlier this month, largo police put the cuffs on the man who stole a puppy at all about puppies, down the road from petland. wayne traded the puppy for cash and cocaine can. in this case the dog was owners. kennedy is hopeful for the similar outcome and right now well-being. >> we hand feed all of our baby cockatoos here in the store. our biggest concern right now is baby cockatoos are not like
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throw down any kind of dry dog food and eat it. the sheriff's office and deputies are investigating. before the man leaves he does a bit of a dance for the camera. surveillance video -- doesn't get much better than that. anyone with any information on hector's wear abilities is earned to give -- whereabouts is urge today give the sheriff's office a call. >> yeah. that victory dance could get him caught. the person who swiped the pet could face a grand theft charge. >> and the charge for the detectives need your help on who shot and killed a man. take a look at the surveillance of the suspects. 31-year-old charles a little bitter got into a fight walking through the parking lot of grievely. labor was then shot.
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black shirt and red baseball flames breakout. burning building. this morning officials are deadly fire started. at the bella vista manor that is in lakeland. firefighters are saying wednesday person died and two others taken to the hospital for smoke installation. a major concern here, this building does not have a sprinkler system because it was build before they were a requirement. today the mayor will join the women league of voters to talk about open carry laws. we expect to hear from the afternoon. right now the blizzard blanketing the eastern united states is affecting flights in our area this morning. >> many airlines are resuming service today, but things are just yet.
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so how many flights are effected in our area. >> reporter: well, i checked with tampa international airport this morning. better than over the weekend. right now i'm seeing cancellations including new york, baltimore and the washington, d.c. areas, altogether, 20,000 flights were canceled over the weekend. crews plowed runways and deicing planes to get people to their destinations. even airwise minimal snow like boston are experiencing a lot of chance lyings and delays simply because of flights coming in from cities that are affected by the snow. but a lot of people have been waiting for days to get on planes. it will be busy today. if you're planning to travel this morning check with your airline to see whether your flight is effected and another thing that you can do is find out where your plane is coming from before it reaches you. so if it is flying in an area affected by snow you can still experience a delay our cancellation. i also checked with st. pete
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time. i'm going put links out this morning so you can check and see exactly which flights are affected. >> that >> that is good to know. the snow has settled in places like staten island. look at this drone video, it is cool. snow is blanketed homes, yards and the beach. and the sunshine state, check this out, the snowed in parts of northern florida. you can see the snowflakes falling north of gainesville and it forced shelters to open in the state. it is 4:08 on this monday morning. when will if warm -- it warmup. >> during the day today. not before a cold warning. we have freeze warnings and
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a frost advisory. so you may have to scrape the windshield today. each how we go up four to five degrees. so 54 at 11:00 and then 67 at 3:00. that is more than 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. not as breezy. we don't cooldown as quickly. 7:00p.m. still 60 degrees. so the temperatures climb fasted to. the storms do reenter the forecast wednesday and last through thursday. it should be more comfortable for the weekend. here is a look at the temperatures. 67 today and up the 73 tomorrow and 71 on wednesday. dry for friday, and cooler, 65. now, traffic on the 8s. you have one big problem. i certainly do.
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it is westbound and all lanes are blocked. so again, what you want to do is you want to take the howard franklin bridge. traffic is light overall, but you can't get by. weather and traffic on the 8s. >> thank you. a week away from the iowa
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it is your vote. aweek before the iowa caucuses the democratic presidential
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for their last forum. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley will come together for a town hall in des moines. they will answer questions individually. the hawaii caucus is february 1st. well, marco rubio's campaign has a new endorsement. with the iowa caucus around the corner is there enough time to bounce back. this weekend, the des moines register newspaper endorsed the senator. he is tied for third place with ben carson, 12% support. and florida is a major target for senator rubio. >> you know the campaign announced chairs in all 50 states. the only campaign in florida. >> the des moines called the g.o.p.'s best hope. a big endorsement for hillary clinton from the
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they believe that hillary clinton would make a better hillary clinton is more seasoned than 2008. the paper is popular in new hampshire, which is where the be held. and right now, sanders is polls. rumors are spreading that president barack obama will tackle one legacy of the c.i.a. script before his term is up. the president is expected to announce an initiative to clear unexploded u.s. bombs in luce. luce was targeted by the u.s. during the war. the bombs continue to kill people there when they are set off. president barack obama has been working to improve relations with southeast asia. 4:15 on this monday morning. and new information is out on the terrorist that attacked paris and killing 135 people. new information about released
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they were shown beheading prisoners and shooting a captive. attacks in paris. three dangerous inmates escape a maximum security jail in southern california. this morning authorities are on the hunt to get them back behind bars. the men got a hold of tools and cut thou a metal screen. got to the roof and repelled four stories. authorities are offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to their capture. a massive earthquake rocks alaska, but residents are walking -- waking up this morning thankful. the 7.1 earthquake struck southwest of anchorage. four homes were destroy. and natural gassance plosion -- explosions. and workers at a bowling alley in virginia are picking up pieces after the roof collapsed.
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for 30 years. the roof buckled after the snow. the building is condemned. no one was hurt. in your morning alert, also this monday morning. the broncos and the panthers will face-off in super bowl l. both teams are elated and of course the fans can't wait. the super bowl , the players is trending on social media right now. so let's take a look with lindsey. >> that's right. good morning. people are really excited, of course, as long as you are a fan. 49-15. and the broncos beat the patriots, 20-18. by the way, this is super bowl number four for manning. social media today. apanthers fan tries the high five the player and falls out of the stands. not sure if he is hurt, but his ego is probably bruised. i have to say, his ego might be
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your team is going to the super bowl. you have to love twitter post from the panthers by the way. by the way, the denver police department posted nis tweet. posted-- this tweet. and a lot of players are on social media as well. back to you. >> oh, thanks, lindsey. nice sense of humor from the police department. a check on the weather, 4:18. >> it is a cold start to your monday. freeze warnings for citrus, hernandez and sumter.
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away from a body of water. a lot of you will scrape ice -- off of your windshield. it is chilly, but a fast warmup, 60 at lunchtime and sunny skies and a comfortable afternoon, 87. it is not so comfortable right now, 29 right now. polk county you just dropped to 32 degrees. i checked in with my weather watcher bob in venice, 38 degrees this morning. so here is the long-range forecast. yes a quick warmup throughout the day today. tomorrow more clouds, but actually even warmer out ahead of this -- cold front. it will warm up on wednesday and thursday and be fantastic the end of the week. traffic on the 8s.
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i tell you what, bay area bridges look good, the skyway bridge, howard franklin bridge up to speed after a big closure on the courtney cambell. we we have a hit-and-run folks. that's look at weather and traffic. back to you. so we hope you have your pired light costume pick -- pirate costume picked out. the parade kicks off in a few days. it starts at 2:30. and we will stream it live on
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our web team is busy compiling everything that you want to know. so, look for our section at coming up -- a new warning this morning from the inspector
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so just in time for tax season the inspector general for the i.r.s. is warning taxpayers of a new scam that is targeting more people. criminals are calling pretending to be i.r.s. agents and then demanding back taxes. they threaten to call the police. so hang up. >> i feel angry that these criminals are using the i.r.s. as a means to scare people into paying them money. >> five new videos have been released letting people know that the i.r.s. will not call you out of the blue. when you get a funny phone call just hang up. >> all right.
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