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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  January 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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>> and the happiest place on earth slapped with a lawsuit. why some workers claim they're being treated unfairly. >> and thieves slip out of victoria's secret with thousands of dollars in merchandise. what's being done to stop the stealing. good evening. >> thank you for joining us tonight. we begin with an 8 on your side warning. a lake wells man nearly killed execution style after showing up for a night out. we are live in polk county tonight. this was supposed to be a romantic rendevous but turned into a nightmare. >> reporter: ask anybody and they'll tell you this is the key to romance, modern romance -- online dating. but four attacks in four weeks here in the city of bartow, people being attacked while they're trying to get romance. this man's mother is begging for help. scarlet hangs his head and the
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he came so close to dying on a date. he felt the barrel of a gun on the back of his skull. like so many people, royshawn wanted romance so he turned to technology using online dating apps like kick and hi-fi. he found a friend, or so he thought. >> they almost took my son's life, which is like taking my life. >> reporter: looking back, royshawn thought he did everything right. he didn't drive with his date. meeting place. when he got there, the person he planned to meet instead had plans for him. >> he got the gun and told me to get on the ground. >> reporter: his date and two other men attacked royshawn. they ordered him to lie face down on the ground. they took his wallet, his cell phone, and his car. >> my son could be dead for
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>> reporter: royshawn's mom is making a public plea to the sheriff to find the men who did this to her son. i believe in you! >> reporter: and royshawn's mother is afraid these attackers will hurt other people in polk county. the sheriff tonight. they continue to investigate this very scary case here in the city. >> a lot to think about. thank you. an armed robber is on the run tonight. so far, detectives think he could be connected to as many as six hold ups. take a look at the action at the sunoco station. with a hoody over his head and a bandana over his face, he demands cash and cigarettes. at one point, he even tries to gun.
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a terrified clerk gave him what he wanted. >> it's actually pretty scary to be honest. you don't know what he's going to do. you don't know his intentions. you're just here taking care of the store, taking care of the customers, and your life becomes in jeopardy. florida state has agreed to a large settlement with the woman who claims she was raped by jamis winson. she claims the school did not investigate her claim. fsu will pay her $250,000. her attorneys will receive $700,000. a cheating scandal rocks the pinellas county sheriff's office. one instructor resigns and seven recruits are fired. tonight we're seeing how it all began to unfold. we're joined live with that story. paul?
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here it is right here between that deputy instructor and one of the deputy recruits. he gave a copy of the exam to. the facebook messages detailing everything, right there in black andrea white. the training rigorous, not just hands on but in the classroom too. cook thought he found a way around it getting answers. the two exchanging messages on facebook. biddell saying do not share the testing stuff. cook saying send it to the e- mail. i'll get rid of it. i sent the e-mail to your wife with all the material. please don't open it on an agency laptop or view on an agency e-mail. he had no idea cook was giving the answers to other recruits,
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>> all seven admitted to having obtained the actual exams, used them to their advantage, about it. >> reporter: here they teach the nuts and bolts of law enforcement, being honest a prerequisite. >> the fact that you need to be truthful at all times, that you need to make sure that you're doing the right thing no matter what. >> reporter: a similar sentiment from the sheriff. >> that's what we do is make sure the rules are followed. you can't have people doing it that don't respect the rules. tonight. nine other recruits took the exam without any answers in advance. how difficult were these exams? tonight the sheriff telling me they weren't very hard at all. >> what happens to these recruits and the deputy who resigned today, paul? >> reporter: yeah, of course this will get reported. it will get documented.
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the sheriff saying the future here at this sheriff's office not guaranteed, not going to happen at all. >> standing up for what's right. thank you. paul live in pinellas county. isis has released a propaganda video that claims to show nine of the men behind the terrorist attacks in paris. the disturbing roughly 18- minute video shows the attackers' so-called final messages. the paris attacks left 130 people dead. a man hunt under way in california for three inmates who escaped an orange county jail. one inmate accused of murder, another accused of torture. the escapees cut through a quarter inch plate then crawled to the roof. they had to repel four to five stories down using sheets. a lawsuit tonight. two former disney employees
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replaced by foreign workers. >> reporter: the two cast members worked it jobs at walt disney world before being laid off last year. they were given 90 days to train their foreign replacements. in their suit filed in tampa alleged if they didn't train their replacements, they would not receive payments or severance. this lawsuit contends disney and two global consulting firms illegally replaced u.s. workers with foreigners on high-skill visas. disney says these lawsuits are based on an unsustainable legal theory. the company says it hired back more than 100 people for other roles. >> thank you, josh. residents in the northeast are cleaning up after a historic winter blast.
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people in queens are spinning their wheels, literally, trying to get out of the snow. some spots saw as much as 30 inches of snow. residents there are pretty upset since the mayor said roads should be cleared for this morning's commute. as you can see, not so much. the roads in many places still shut down. in washington, residents spent the day digging out of the snowstorm. this winter blast is blamed for more than three dozen deaths. the monetary toll expected to climb into the hundreds of millions of dollars. parts of new jersey were hit with rising flood water. in wildwood, more than two feet of flood water blanketed the ground over the weekend. heavy machinery has been brought in to help with the cleanup. with the iowa caucuses just
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made their final statements tonight. it's a dead heat between bernie sanders, clinton, and omarley. sanders referenced his opposition to the iraq war while mrs. clinton stressed her experience. >> it gives me no pleasure to tell you that much of what i feared, in fact, happened. hillary clinton voted for the war in iraq. >> i've been on the front lines of change and progress since i was your age. i have been fighting to give kids and women and the people who are left out and left behind a chance to make the most out of their own lives. >> omalley asked iowans to lift up a new leader. news channel 8 will be covering the caucuses live from iowa starting later this week. i'll be there to show you how these tight races are playing
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republican fields and explain what this means for florida and the races going forward. i turn to you on a near daily basis and say give me some perspective. you are following every single moment. >> it's rivetting. those who aren't into politics have to find at least the races entertaining. >> to say the least. we're looking forward to your coverage. brazen burglars strike in polk county. >> you'll be surprised at how much merchandise they made off with from this victoria's secret store. we're already tracking our next cold front moving toward the tampa bay area. that will bring us very high rain chances for the middle of this week. we'll talk about that and the
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mar than $3000 of merchandise swiped from victoria's secret. you can see the thieves trying to juggle the lingerie. they walked in and were out within seconds. >> they didn't get very far. we are joined live outside eagle ridge mall. i look at the video and i just shake my head. >> reporter: it happened within a matter of minutes. this is one of those styles of that victoria's secret sweatshirt taken by those women. one of the employees tells me off camera a similar incident happened just a week ago, this same mo.
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the security measures improve. >> it's like it doesn't make sense. why? >> reporter: frustrated classic home decor manager is outraged a band of thieves would be so bold. these four women robbed a victoria's secret inside the mall over the weekend. kay knows that feeling all too well as they've been robbed several times. >> what can be done about it? it takes a while to notice some of the smaller things that are gone. >> reporter: there was nothing small about what these women did. all four casually stroll in. moments later, they race out. more than $3000 worth of sweatshirts, tops, and leggings gone. the brazen bandits didn't go unnoticed. police finally catch up with all four at a nearby gas station and arrest them. staff say this is the second time they've been hit in a week. customers are shocked. >> that can happen anywhere.
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for 30 seconds and someone can swipe something. >> that's the second time this store's been hit in a week. >> reporter: kay agrees. >> is there a security system put in place? how many other people care that would like to see something done about it? >> reporter: the store employee telling me they have seen more mall security outside of the store since this incident. we have learned that all four area. whether they are connected to the previous theft is still being investigated. right now they are all facing felony retail theft. >> thank you. 8 on your side helped get hector back to his home at petland. it caught the attention oh you have a woman who unwittingly
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she contacted the sheriff's office and before long, hector was back home. >> this is amazing. can you say hello to the cameras? everyone was hoping you would have a safe recovery. >> the case is not over, however. sheriff's detectives are still trying to locate the man who stole hector. he faces arrest for grand theft. deputies are showing an act of kindness for a bay area family that lost everything in a fire. they escaped the fire but lost all of their belongings. deputies spent their own money to help them out. they bought the young boy new clothes, a backpack with school supplies, and even a bicycle. >> he wasn't upset anymore. he was smiling and kind of excited. it felt really good, just seeing the smile on his face when he was picking out some of the stuff he got. it felt really good.
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grandmother wal-mart and publix gift cards to help the family get back on their feet. it was a frosty morning for many across the tampa bay area. with a good amount of sunshine, we managed to make it up to 66 in tampa. it was a pretty afternoon. this is a photo taken from steve harp from north reddington beach. gorgeous photo there. if you have more photos you'd like to share with us, head to our facebook page. for tonight, it's not going to be as cold as last night. temperatures will snowily fall back into the low 50s. mid-40s in some of our northern counties around brooksville into the low 50s as we head into our more southern areas. it will be partly cloudy as you
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by noon, we're already into the upper 60s. with a southeasterly flow, we make it into the 70s. no rain expected tomorrow. enjoy it because it will be a brief warmup. we're already tracking the next cold front. it will bring us hefty rain chances as we head into the middle of this week. out. we'll have lingering showers around on thursday as well. you can see a few clouds across the region. the activity still off to our west. there's the front. you can see a lot of snow across places like wisconsin out near this area of low pressure. our area. currently, though, it's still quiet. there's the front. you can see it developing, showers and storms along the gulf coast. it stays mostly dry here. as we head into wednesday morning and this front sinks
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the activity pick up. here's a closer look. tomorrow morning a few clouds around. not as chilly, near 52 for the most part. the afternoon hours feel cooler in the mid-70s. it will still be pretty pleasant for us and by the morning hours as early as your morning commute we could be seeing showers and storms rolling on shore. we're expecting on and off rain throughout the day and the potential for strong to severe storms. a couple of isolated severe storms like we saw last friday not out of the question. we're looking at a widespread 1- 2 inches of rain. some places could see more in the heaviest amounts. keep an eye out for that as we head into the middle of the week. it definitely clears out by this weekend. for gasparilla on saturday, temperatures will be reaching into the low 60s. a little cool during the morning hours. if you're out early, dress in
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by the afternoon, we'll top out in the upper 60s. it's not going to be nearly as windy as the children's parade was this past weekend. conditions will have improved greatly. until then, we are tracking those changes with the cold front arriving wednesday and of course those very high storm chances. we don't always stick 80% on the map. you can see we're very confident we'll see a good amount of rain around on that day. friday, saturday, sunday just that slow warmup through the weekend. >> looks amazing. >> shaping up very nicely. >> perfect gasparilla weather. excited. >> throw all the beads you can find. >> hopefully there will be someone to deflect it from going in my face. the fifth member of the buccs is heading to the pro bowl, and this one may surprise you. >> hoping to begin his nfl career this year, but his path to the pros has not been an
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earlier today buccs linebacker added to the pro bowl roster. the total was not quite finished because tonight a fifth player got the call. quarterback winston heads to hawaii in the place of patriots quarterback tom brady. he's the first rookie quarterback in buccs history to make it to a pro bowl. the first rookie to go to one since 2012. the most buccs since 2002. the nfl college all-starar circuit continues this week with the senior bowl. one player from the bay area is on the scouting radar. wide receiver geronimo allison
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in high school. >> reporter: wide receiver allison is no different than stars. >> i love the game. i always wanted to play it. i knew i wanted to pursue a career in football. it's nothing i'm not used to. continue to impress. that's the big thing, going out here hard each and every rep. >> reporter: but his career almost never began. he was a stand-out athlete who did not play football until his senior year. >> he struggled from an academic perspective. he didn't struggle from an athletic perspective. >> reporter: the coach took an interest in allison that year, along with wife anne changed his course forever. >> once he focused and put the same amount of emphasis on the academics as he did the athletics, you know, he was okay. >> you can't play this game without academics.
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really focus and buckle down on. >> reporter: the reward was the tough road. his collegiate career began at iowa western, a junior college. illinois. for all the touchdown catches, accomplishment? years. in saturday's east-west shrine game, allison hauled in two touchdown grabs, and those scouts did open their eyes. now his goal draws near. the desire to thank family for caring and a mother who begged school. >> probably buy my mom a vehicle. she doesn't have a car right now. then it will be getting her out of our neighborhood. >> an example, if you're in high school now, get it done now.
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people to the top in sports. >> three years he graduated. >> good for him. >> thank you. thank you. we'll be right back with your
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in the morning? >> things looking pretty nice in the morning. they won't be as cold as last night was so you're not going to see the frost you saw this morning across most of the area. by tomorrow afternoon we're back into the 70s. that will be a nice warm up. another dry day. changes come on wednesday with that next run and much higher storm chances. >> time now for the night cap. a young senator's fan dogs a player. bobby dad said if you score, we get a puppy. he comes through scoring the first goal of the game, and that scores a puppy for the boy and the family. they said they'll get a pomski which is a cross between a pomeranian and a husky. this happened in columbus? >> a girl for her birthday got a dog because her player
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>> is that the new thing? >> i want to see one wednesday at the lightning game. >> i was gonna say, stamper, win me a puppy. jimmy fallon is coming up next. in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some publix. where shopping
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