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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  January 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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a horrible crash on interstate 275. we are trying to get you a live picture here of a fiery accident involving a van and a tractor-trailer. you can see it right there. that the hour, the interstate is closed in both directions. our ryan hughs is on the scene. good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. we will get back to that breaking news in a matter of moments but first, our other top the stories this morning. police are investigating an accident on 66th street in largo. two pedestrians were hit.
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the intersection has since reopened. two former disney world employees are suing the the company. the two say they were among 250 tech workers illegally layed off and later replaced with cheaper immigrant workers. disney is calling the lawsuit an unsustainable legal theory and a misrepresentation of the facts. and this morning, residents in the northeast are still digging out from the weekend's blizzard. federal offices in washington, d.c. will remain closed today. the deadly storm left more than 2 inches of snow in the area. feet, feet. >> yeah, significantly -- >> when i read that, no, that's got to be -- >> no, two feet. in fact, some places got more than two feet of snow. so you see why multiple days off from scheme.
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it's still cool, 4545 in inverness -- 45 in inverness. 52 in bartow. perspectiving for, anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees warmer than you were this time yesterday. lakeland, 14 degrees warmer. so an afternoon high of 73. yes, it's going to be warm. and yes there will be more clouds and we are starting to see the clouds spreading in. and ahead of this cold front, so coming up in weather and traffic on the 8s at 4:38, i'm going to tell you how much rainfall we could see over the next 36 hours, guys. >> all right. thank you. right now. we have been telling you that two lanes on 275 are closed in both directions. you're looking at pictureover a fiery accident involving a van and a tractor-trailer. at this hour, the interstate is closed in both directions. >> we have team coverage of the accident. our ryan hughs is live at the scene with the details and leslee lacey is tracking the delays and has alternate routes
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we will start with leslee and the impact to our traffic. >> fortunately traffic is not heavy because there aren't that many people on the roads right now. but nonetheless, it will take you 20, 25 minutes out of the way. it's north of bearss, south of the northern apex. on i-75, you have to continue on 75. you can't go on to 275. and you can come down on bruce b downs, and it will take you over to bearss and then you can hop back on the interstate and head south. the same for the other direction, bruce b downs will get you back on the interstate. all of that will take 25 extra minutes. very nasty crash. and i want to go to ryan hughes live on the scene and he can give us more about exactly what happened. >> reporter: leslee, good morning to you. a lot of activity out here right now in the northbound lanes of i-275. i will show you, you can see the semi-truck is on the back
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it was the hooked up probably within the last 20 minutes or so. we have some video of the wreck to show you. we're told by the florida highway patrol that this happened around 11:45 last night. we're told a van, a passenger van was stalled in the center lane of southbound i-275 with its lights off. perhaps the driver just stopped there or the van broke down in this lane. and all of a sudden, a semi- truck came barreling down the highway in the same lane and slammed into the van. we're told the van burst into flames and the driver was pronounced dead at the scene according to the florida highway patrol. and then the truck came to rest in the northbound lanes of i- 275. and if we could come back live right now, again you can see another live look at the scene where fhp is hoping to get things moving within the next hour or two but we're told there's a lot of debris here so the investigation and the clean-
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back to you for now though. >> that's going to snarl the morning commute. >> download our breaking news app so you can stay on top of breaking news no matter where you are any time of the day. the commute for thousands of people who travel between downtown st. pete and downtown tampa is a step closer to easing up a bit. commissioners are expected to pass a resolution that would allocate $350,000 toward a high- speed ferry between the two cities. this will allow those runs to start on october 15th of this year. the program's impact and success will then be evaluated for about six months. this morning, we have an update on the deadly fire we told you about sunday. we now know that smoking caused the deadly fire that killed a man. three others were hurt. the building did not have a sprinkler system because it was built before florida fire code required them. seven pinellas county
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of a job this morning after cheating on agency exams. according to the sheriff, the recruits cheated on the field training program written and oral board exams and they lied about it. the supervisor suspected they cheated when they received perfect scores on if first phase of the exams. the sheriff believes honesty is a prerequisite for deputies. >> you can't having people do it that don't respect the rules. >> nine others took the exams without getting the exams in advance. hector the stolen cockatoo back to his home at petland but the suspected thief who stuffed hector into his backpack caught the attention of a woman who ended up pet sitting the $2,100 bird. she called the sheriff's office and before long, hector was
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detectives are trying to locate the man who stole hector. and now an 8 on your side safety alert, robbers are targeting victims through popular dating apps. >> so far, four people have been targeted in bartow. news channel 8's lindsey mastis has the morning alert. how can people protect themselves? >> yeah, in this case, the victim thought he was doing everything he could, even meeting up at a mutual location but he learned it was all a set- up. >> then he yelled get on the ground, face down and gun in the back of my head. >> my son could be dead for something as petty as a car. i can't replace him. speaking out because they believe the robbers will continue to target people until they are stopped. well the robbers took his car, cellphone and wallet.
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that happened in the past month in bartow. right now, investigators are looking for leads. they're warning people to take extra precautions. and in addition to meeting in public, they recommend bringing along a friend and letting a loved one know exactly where you plan to be. >> so maybe the first date should be an online double date just to be the safe. >> absolutely. double date. and make sure you pick a public place and there's a lot of people around. >> so sad. thank you so much. well right now the time is 4:38. let's turn things over to leigh spann. it's going to warm up nicely. >> it's not as chilly as it was this time yesterday here at 4:38. and let me take you hour-by- hour and show you just how quickly it warms up. we're already starting in the 50s which is an improvement over yesterday. and then up from there, 62 at 10:00 a.m. 37 at 3:00 p.m. now also notice each hour the clouds get a little bit thicker and that's going to keep us warmer during the evening.
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and the clouds ahead of a big slow-moving storm system. an 80% rain chance tomorrow. pretty much all day. and through at least the first half of thursday before we dry the out for the weekend. and we are talking about heavy rainfall totals. i started this tonight and gone through about this time tomorrow, 6:30 a.m. when we could see anywhere from .25 of rain to .50 of rain around the area. and then the heavy downpours continue. by wednesday evening, we could be picking up -- see that purple area? that's a widespread 1.5 inches. and by the time you head into thursday, widespread 2 inches of rainfall. so get ready for a wet couple of days after today. so the good news, it's dry now but unfortunately, other issues on the roads. yeah, two big issues. two large issues. not only a portion under neither the veterans expressway due to overnight construction at ehrlich, we have other issues. here's the overnight construction. you need to take gunn highway instead because ehrlich won't
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over to 275, we have been talking about this all morning, huge closure, both directions here, north of bearss and south get by. how do you get around it. what you have to do is take i- 75. bruce b downs southbound is getting busy. and bearss avenue, this will here. and this is a good 25 minutes off of your drive time. so keep that in mind. and a live look here, ryan hughs is down on the ground and he's got a look to see what this is like. you can see the big tractor- trailer there. the semi-truck ran into a van that was stalled out in the mid to feel road. it exploded, one person was clean-up. both direction 275 north of >> thank you. a health care provider is offering three lead testing for families in flint. and a police-involved
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how this video can help in the investigation of the events. plus, some exciting news for parents. how would you like a smart stroll senator check the video out. wow, -- stroller? check the video out. you don't want to miss the details. you're watching news channel 8
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a police pursuit escalated into a fiery mission after two radar went off. a man pulled up asking for help looking for his dog. called 911. police tried to pull him over but he sped off and then an engine fire. police had to pull the suspect from his fiery van. luckily no one was hurt. happening today, a health care provider is offering free lead testing for families in flint, michigan concerned about their children's health. they are hosting the event late they are afternoon for children up to six years old. additional free testing has been scheduled for the first week of february. the national guard has been in
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fresh bottled water. city officials will be an emergency meeting in atlantic city this afternoon to discuss filing for bankruptcy. the mayor claims without the state's help, all options must be considered. he also noted that governors and presidential candidate chris christie recently vetoed ai bill that would have provided financial assistance. today in florida, orlando police release dramatic video of an officer-involved shooting that started with a minor traffic violation. police say it started with a seat belt violation. the report states the driver kept moving back and forth in a stolen car. and two officers then tried to stop him. [ gunshots ] >> put your hands up! do it now! police! >> impressive video. we're told the driver was shot in the shoulder and then kept driving. the officers caught up with the suspect and took him to the
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the officer is now on paid administrative leave. today could be a big day for animal lovers and advocates. legislation born from a dog bite could move forward in the florida house. under house bill 91, the current law to euthanize dogs after a bite could be reprieved. the law would allow dog owners an appeal when their dog bites someone. the dog made national news when she bit a child the who cornered her. florida fish and wildlife officials are trying to solve an environmental mystery. take a look at the images. residents found thousands of star fish wash add shore. researchers say environmental factors such as temperature change or the case of red tide could have caused the star fish to wash ashore. a new suffer way on over the counter medications is delivering -- a new survey on over the counter medications is
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the results show many people could be putting themselves at risk for an overdose because they're ignoring labels on medications. 4 3% of pain sufferers report taking more than the recommended dose. and a new study from the uk on breast cancer treatments. treatments could lead patients vulnerable to in -- patients vulnerable to infections. researchers monitored their white blood cell counts and their cells were lower nine months after chemo leaving them pneumonia. you've got to watch this. parents listen up, here's routine easier. it's called the smart bee. designers are building it to be self-propelled. yep, an electric engine will make uphill walking easier. and it features a bolt warmer, music and rocker as well as cameras and three canopies.
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>> what? >> but i don't know, it's kind of like -- >> you had me until $3,000. to your arm. >> i hope it has a good stop function too. if you're a homeowner, this is a sight you do not want to cliff. this morning residents of one california apartment complex beds. they have been ordered to get out due to fears the structure pacific ocean. the apartments are near cliffs that are crumbling, in part due to the current el nio winter. >> global warmer, icebergs are melting, the ocean levels are rise, the high tides are higher and the storms are taking more of the -- excavating more of the cliffs. >> the police chief says officials have reached a point where no one can live inside the threatened apartment building. but some residents say they
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wow. taking a big risk there. it's 4:48. you know california's pricy. >> my goodness, yes, that's scary to look at for sure. and now we have nice weather today. you're going to notice a huge difference when you walkout side this morning. 59 degrees, milder for sure. and then warming up from there. 67, a few more clouds at noon. and then up to 73 at 3:00 p.m., despite some extra clouds coming in. so 45 in zephyrhills, yes, that's cool and probably need a light jacket, just won't need it for long. 46 in crystal river. and i checked in with bob in venice who says it's 47. winds from the southeast, already warmer than yesterday and then the clouds spreading in. but above average temperatures. all right, so that's today. tomorrow, things detailsly worsen. even this time tomorrow, we could be seeing pockets of rain off the gulf of mexico. off and on downpours possible
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by the time it's all said and done through thursday, we could be seeing 2 to 3 inches of rain. but the pirates, going to be nice and comfortable on saturday. >> looking forward to that saturday but not the current ride, folks. we have a couple issues going on. first of all, ehrlich road, construction. now this will clear up but right now, you can't pass expressway on ehrlich, you have to come down to gunn highway. and that's going to put about 15 minutes on the commute but it's not as bad as the situation on 275. we have a fatal accident here, an investigation on both directions are completely blocked north of bearss. region. take i-75 and route yourself around it. come over on bruce b downs and take 75 south and then come back to get around on bearss. and now i'm told by fhp that opening soon.
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of the activity out there on the roadway. they have shovels out there and trying to do clean-up. a semi-truck hit a stalled out van that was in the road and the person inside the van was killed. again, the southbound lanes opening soon but both directions remain closed. i-735 is the alternate. back the to gene -- i-75 is the alternate. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. she spent 20 years looking for him. >> that's right, a decades-long search. find out how one woman reunited with her bilogical father. it's 4:51. you're watching news channel 8
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a father and daughter have lots to catch up on this morning after an unexpected are you union. >> they -- unexpected reunion. >> they hadn't seen each other in 20 years. he walked in and asked her to check the balance on the food stamp card. when she read the name on the card, they both had the emotional shock of their lives. >> i hit my knees and i said, you're my bilogical father, i've been searching for you for over 20 years. >> i didn't want to cry. >> reporter: did you miss her? >> a lot. >> al show he is homeless, she plans to keep him in her life and if all goes well, invite him to live with her. >> what a way to find each other like that. >> yeah. weather and traffic on the 8s is three minutes away.
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morning. a fiery crash we're following. >> yeah, this is happening on interstate 275. it's closed at this hour. the latest on the congestion this is creating. plus some routes that you can
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time for weather and traffic on the 8s. first thing you're going to it's warmer. 44 in zephyrhills. yesterday, we were below improvement. 55 sarasota. and even with increasing clouds, we will hit 73 today and overnight tonight, a few rain chances tomorrow. roadway. and a big update. reporting this all morning, fatal crash has had lanes
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just got an update that the southbound lanes have been reopened but northbound is still blocked. so coming northbound on 275, take bearss to bruce b downs. 75 will get you up there. and a quick live look you can and you can see what's going on. southbound lanes on 275
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