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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  January 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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your children. >> prayer prohibited, new controversy involving how christian students are allowed to pray. >> no more gop debates, why trump says he's finished with debates. >> thanks for joining us. a car hits and kills a woman, riding in her wheelchair. >> it is active scene on 26th 26th avenue south, in st. petersburg. we are live with the story. >> reporter: a very active and sad scene out here in st. petersburg, we will not zoom in or move the camera, because the deceased is still lying in the middle of the road, so we will keep the camera here, but what we can tell you, this area on 26th avenue south and 31st 31st street south remains closed do you understand while investigators are here trying to piece together what happened. what we know so far, which is little details, but what we do
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tonight in a motorized wheel chaired, a woman at the age of 43. her friends said they got a call on the phone that something happened to their friend, we're not sure if family had been notified so tissue, we don't know -- at this point, we don't know her name. it is under investigation, and we're working to get as many details as possible. this area will remain closed while the investigation is ongoing. >> woman in a wheelchair hit by a car and killed in st. petersburg. thank you. we also have more breaking news. shots fired in oregon, after several weeks of protests out of wildlife refuge, officials have made several arrests, and the leader of the group, ammon bundy, and up to 8 followers are in custody. one person is confirmed dead tonight, it is unclear who fired first in all of this.
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wildlife refuge since january 2, protesting federal land policies. neighbored are shocked a -- neighboreds -- neighbors are shocked over a home invade. two women suffered serious injuries. >> both are to be air lifted to area hospitals. paul is live in hernando county. paul? >> reporter: keith and jen, the two women in such bad shape, they had to be air limited out of here, out of their own neighborhood this afternoon, and tonight, we are learning that one of them is clinging to life. well air lifted from their own backyard. not long after, a neighbor makes a frantic 911 doll late this afternoon, hearing the horror
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>> we'll lived here for 15, 20 years, and nothing like this ever happened. >> reporter: the suspect breaking into the house, peopling the woman with some type of object, then taking off. >> within 20 minutes, we could catch the suspect after a short foot chase. >> reporter: a short foot chase that led them less than a mile away from the house, to the median of the sun coast parkway. investigators say it was not random, meaning the victims and suspect knew each other. >> can you believe it? >> in this day and age, yes. >> it's always been a safe community, we keep our doors unlocked. >> reporter: now a neighborhood left to wonder, how could this happen here? hoping the neighbors survive this outrageous ordeal. >> what are your thoughts for the two women? >> my prayers out to them. >> reporter: investigators say charges right now will most likely be aggravated battery, but depending on what happens to
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could upgraded. >> investigators say it was not a random act, and that usually means neighbored can breathe a little easier, but do we know why somebody would do this in the first place? >> reporter: that's the big question, jen. but we have to keep in mind, just three people knew what happened. the these people in that house at the time, jen. >> paul mueller, thank you. and now a 8 on your side health warnings, 8 students diagnosed with chickenpox at the same school. officials worry that that number could increase, especially if your child is not vaccinated. >> reporter: one school, eight students diagnosed with chickenpox. infected. >> it be an epidemic. >> reporter: howard is worried his grandson, could have come in contact with the virus. like this, year after year,
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it's like a big break-out. it's strange. what if something like polio broke out like that? instead of chickenpox? that would be worse. >> reporter: juan says he got a letter from school staff. >> all i can think about is please, please, let's be hopeful nobody gets it, and it doesn't spread, and parents give the children the shots or we be safe. >> reporter: so far, just eight children are confirmed to have the chickenpox, but the number could change. >> it's possible is may increase. we're asking apparents to seek medical attention. >> reporter: health department officials urge all parents to get the children vaccinated, even those who are opted tout because of medical or religious exemptions are asked to reconsider. >> it's an area of concern always, we know it's vaccine preventable, we can tell parents hey, that's a way to protect your children from this. >> reporter: the health department cannot confirm at this time whether all eight
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that is still under investigation. so what do you think about chicks pox vaccinations for children? you can share your thoughts on our facebook page. breaking news in tampa, police on the scene of a hit-and-run, all lanes of rome avenue north and sly avenue west were just reopened. tell the police that a red pickup truck struck a motorcyclist. if you information, call the tampa police. hours of terror followed by relief. a report of an active shooter at the naval mad california center in san diego was a falls alarm. someone saying they heard shots in the basement.
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found no evidence of a shooting. danging of molly have experts issuing strange warns for bay area residents. to people in largo are recovering. doctors had to put them on life support. the incident is renewing efforts to educate parents on the signs of molly usage, and dangers of that drug. >> they can become dehydrated hallucinate, and won't take care of themselves so they are not taking anything, including newer wave, so dehydration and kidney failure are the big problems. >> the doctor tells us molly can linger, and cause symptoms days after the last dose was taken. big news from donald trump, the gop presidential candidate says he will not part pay the in the next republican debate. trump making the announcement during a rally in iowa today. shortly afterwards, his campaign manager reiterated that he will debate. with the iowa caucuses less than
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think it will hurt hits chances. >> i see they picked me as number one, not only number up with, but number one by far, but probably i won't be doing the debate. >> he has women the fairness of the fox news moderator megan kelly. we will follow the ungoing news, and we will cover the caucuses live from iowa, i'll be in disease -- des moines on thursday. i didn't do it, the bird did. that's what the man that stole the cockatoo saided he said the bird climbed climbed into his bag, and closed the zip better with its beak. this happened while he was just shopping at a pet store in
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the story, the judge didn't either. he is charged with grand theft. people in south tampa are trying to get an eyesore removed. a billboard was erected along south howard in the popular bar district, some people in the neighborhood are just not happy about that, and they say it's justed as to add to the announces. >> it's a monstrosity, it's ugly, it's unsightly. >> there's no way anybody could look at that hand say it's an asset to the neighborhood. -- at that and say it's an asset. >> it isn't going anywhere soon. the owner of the bar tells news channel 8 it will be there for ten years. still to come, christian students are told to keep their prayers to themselves. >> a new controversy in the bay area, over praying at sporting events.
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inner pirate, the head of gasparilla, what the mayor offered up instead the keys to the city. >> and deeper moisture is moving in. we're seeing showers around, but the heavy rain and potential to see strong storms is due to this cold front, set to move through as early as your morning commute. we'll have the details coming up
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some athletes claim the civil rights are being violated. >> cambridge christian school is
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melanie is live from tampa, mel? evening. it's been a tradition around here since the 1960s to pray for taking the field, but recently, during a state championship, it was banned. so while the football fire storm, where it will end up? in federal court. it's tradition, before every game. >> our. >> reporter: a prayer for the football players at cambridge christian. so when the team made it all the way to the state championship game to them, it was a no brainer, they would start with the pregame prayer. but then faced a penalty before they ever took the field against university christian. >> i just assumed hey, two christian schedules want -- schools want to pray, that shouldn't be a problem. >> reporter: but this time, they
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association to not broadcast the prayer over the loud speaker. the reason? no religion allowed on government property. >> if the government can sensor speech, what speech is going to be safe? >> reporter: jeremy is the opportunity for cambridge christian. he tells us the school wants an apology from the athletic association, or a date in federal court. >> so they can apologize now, or perhaps later on to the judge. >> so at the end of this, the school has given the athletic association 30 days to respond, jen. we'll have to wait and hear what they have to say. >> have they made knit comment at all? >> reporter: our calls went unreturned and have not talked about the matter publicly on the record, so we will still have to wait and see what they have to say about this recent request for an apology. >> it will be interesting to see
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thank you. this proposal calls for increased security measures at self serve gas pumps the bill would classify gas pumps skimming as a more serious crime. officials hope a stiffer sentence will deaths courage thieves. and -- -- discourage thieves. part of a series of recalls concerning takata air backs, they can explode with too much forks and that would injury the driver. and tampa is ready for the gasparilla evasion! pirates coming into downtown tampa with the guns and cannons fires. >> part of the annual gasparilla invasion, as pirates demand the key to the city of tampa from
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if he refuses, the pirates promise to return on saturday, and invade the city. not surprising, the mayor proclaimed he would not give up without a fight. >> i'm not giving up the city! i'm telling you. fighting to the death. >> yeah, you heard that right much the mayor is willing up to given up jeff patterson, but refused to give up the chief to the city, so the invasion is on for saturday. news channel 8 will cover the gasparilla parade. we will co-host the coverage, jen holloway the reporter on the street, that stats at 2:30. -- starts at 2:30. before we can get to the
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days ahead in our forecast, especially for tomorrow. looking to be a wash-out, 80% chance of storms, rain chances do drop back on thursday, but still a decent rain chance before we see drying conditions into this weekend. so we've got your weather maxed out forecast. waking up tomorrow, temperatures will be fairly mild, we'll be in the mid-60s, but rain chances are high throughout the day, expect scattered showers and storms starting in the morning hours, continuing all the way into the afternoon. so temperatures only going to make it into the low 70s, and we're starting to see some showers now. you can see some pockets of moderate rainfall pushing into hardy county, towards way chyle, and showers offshore, no lightning wing these, but -- within these right now, but tracking moderate rainfall. as we see deeper moisture increasing, already dealing with the mostly cloudy skies, and expect that to continue over the next couple of days. but with the series of passing
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front to the west, we're going to see the honor and off showers and storms for the next 48 hours or so. as we see an unstable air mass over us. so there's the front, the best rain and storm chance is tomorrow as this front moves in. as we head throughout the day, rain continues, still the cloud cover and some light lingering showers on thursday. but wednesday is the stormy day, the tray air makes it -- dry air makes it in with cooler air on fridays. the showers and storms really starting to ramp up with heavier rain moving in. by around 8:00, 9:00. looking at the latest model, we could see this earlier during the morning commute, so wouldn't count that out. heading into the afternoon hours, the heavy showers and storms continue, and notice even into the evening, we may still see some lingering pockets of heavy rainfall, but thursday, things start to clear up. we'll still have lingering light showers around, not going to be
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steve the heavy rain probably and as many storms as we're going to see on wednesday. by friday, is when we see the dryer air move in with the dryer air, clouds clear out, and north winds keep temperatures fairly chilly, just reaching into the mid-60s friday afternoon. so as far as severe weather goes, the majority of the tampa bay area for tomorrow is in the marginal risk, to the north, just a general thunderstorm risk. so what this basically means is we could see some isolated severe storms. not expecting a widespread outbreak, but some damaging wind gusts are a definitely possibly for tomorrow. and as far as the timing, again, starting in the morning hours, continuing all the the way into the afternoon, pretty much everyone should expect to receive at least one inch of rain. many spots could see 2-3-inches, with which could cause some street flooding issues tomorrow. anagen, a few -- and again, a few may turn is severe weather veer. we'll watch the storm closely as
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the good nuts, if you're -- news, if you're going to gone. by the afternoon, we will top out in the upper 60s -- we should be looking at a great weekend over all, notice the warming trend continues as we head into sunday. we'll reach into the low 70s. but, the big thing for now is the high rain chances that we're watching for tomorrow. we don't put 80% on the map a lot, so that pretty much guarantees you'll see rain at your house for tomorrow, and maybe even stronger storms as well, which we've been seeing a few rounds of recently. >> better now than this weekend though, so let's just get it out of the way on wednesday. when most people are at work. >> we're not looking at any issues. still ahead, coming up in sports, the lightning have one more day before they begin the nhl all-star break. >> the bolts can thank this player for kickstarting a
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important game is coming up wednesday night, and we need to win that, we need to go into the break, you know, back in the wings, track. >> john cooper knows the lightning has a shot to get into the top 3 of the atlantic division going into the all star brake. while the bolts rise in the standing is a result of better team play. a big thank you, it was keuchrof. >> the forward is carrying a big weight these days, he is improving the game, his english, and a bigger role than he ever imagined. >> we talk about where he would be without -- we would be
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first half year, none where we would be without keuch. >> he has 20 goals, the 41 points lead the bolts and 120 the points in january has put this team back in the playoff hunt. his rides began about a season ago. remember the triplets? who was play defensively that allows the line to take the nhl by storm. he built the highest plus/minus rating in the league, that's hockey speak for good things happen when kuch is on the ice. >> short year and a half ago, just to watch his progression -- >> he's gotten better this year, which is hard to do after the season he had. >> one of the best in the league, and has a great shot,
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watch, and big reason why we've been successful. >> i still think i can be a better player. i don't think i'm playing the best i can, and hopefully in the future, i'll be better. >> glad to have him! double dip college hoops, florida state, boston college. smith, a beautiful gym. 72-62. the gators in vanderbilt, justin leon off the court a little woozy. what happened? the left elbow of the opponent. right off the cheek. that hurts! and gators down by 13. hill cuts it to 4, but vandy survived down the trench with foul shots -- stretch with foul shots. tough loss for the gators. >> only by one. >> his contract is up, kuch. >> i can't keep up! >> who is signing?
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lucky money: >> quick check on the morning weather? >> we're expecting showers and storms to already be rolling in tomorrow morning, so expect that. scattered storms throughing the day. -- during the day. severe storms are responsible. >> the delorean in back to the future, the company will build around 300 replica cars, the 1982 models in texas, refurbishing one will go for
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new ones about 100,000. >> 100,000? >> the flex capacitor is a premium! >> have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow.
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