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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  January 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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it's been nearly six weeks since a tornado struck the area. but not much has changed. the town is rural and it's going to take time for residents to rebuild.
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hand. >> reporter: you can still see some of the impact. there are large sheets of metal wrapped around those trees. >> reporter: when the tornado struck nearly two weeks ago, it severely damaged his property neighbors. about it. >> i'm sorry. >> good friends. both of them good friends of ours. >> reporter: focus here like carlton have a lot they're dealing with. so these volunteers thought they could help. they're employees from mosaic. they volunteered to come out
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>> when something like that doesn't happen to you, it's incumbent upon you to help the people going through some of this stuff. >> reporter: this isn't just a good deed. these folks work here in the duet area. isaac carlton knows some of these people on a first name basis. >> unless you come out and help them in their time of need, there's no better way to demonstrate being a good neighbor. >> reporter: even though tornadoes tore the area apart, it brought these folks closer together. >> good to have friends and good neighbors. >> reporter: neighbors indeed. that is owned by mosaic. over there. focus. they wanted to come a lot sooner but the weather did not allow them to do so. they're happy to do it today. and mr. carlton was as well. it saved him a lot of time and money. >> nice to see people helping each other out. john rogers, live for us,
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when a tornado swept through south florida yesterday, a group of church workers had a close encounter with this storm and it was caught on surveillance video. >> i really truly believe that the lord was with us and we're just okay, you know? >> portions of the driveway, big palm trees fell, others snapped. >> about six trees were destroyed. some tiles missing from the church's roof as well. no one was hurt. an update for you on yesterday's amber alert. the mother who took her kids
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madison county jail. the man travelling with them has not been charged. >> now the cruise to nowhere. a cruise ship that was supposed to head to cozumel will now cruise for three days but to nowhere. >> reporter: it all started yesterday when a ship had to detain because of heavy fog. today things were back to normal normal. at the port today, the hustle and bustle of people rushing to relax. >> from new york and new jersey. >> reporter: they're ready to board the carnival paradise after fog forced an unexpected day-long delay in tampa. >> very disappointing, but
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about it. >> reporter: the paradise was supposed to dock thursday morning letting passengers off but had to be delayed. that means people today were getting off the ship, and others getting o. >> what can you do? it's the weather. >> reporter: now instead of the original planned cruise to cozumel, they'll cruise to nowhere. >> it was a christmas gift for all these guys. all the family came. we made the best of it and merry christmas. >> reporter: crash val gave 50% off the cruise, and 50% off a future cruise. gun laws aren't affecting businesses bringing jobs to florida.
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holders to openly carry their weapons around the state. although it's a hot button issue, it doesn't impact economic growth. pay raise discussions will heat up in the legislature. a bill that will raise saleasier 3% gets a hearing on tuesday. the pastor protection account could be ready for a full vote next week. it is stirring up questions. >> reporter: gay marriage has complicated life for some pastors. they want protection from the state if a gay couple asks to be married. >> if a gay couple came in and said marry us, what would you say? >> i would say no.
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waited three hours to testify on pastor protection legislation this week only to have the committee run out of time. >> it's an assurance that we won't be sued, we won't be intimidated to do same-sex marriages if we don't want to, and i think it's a right furs to have it. >> reporter: an online petition supporting pastors' rights to say no has garnered more than 24,000 signatures. the legislation not only protects a church or pastor from civil and criminal proceedings, it protects the church's tax exempt status. equality florida argues the legislation is vague and could be misused. >> religious exemptions have always been ripe for abuse and create loopholes for people to use religion to discriminate against others to impose their beliefs onto others and sometimes to harm people. >> reporter: pastor reese was clear, he would say no to a gay couple wanting to be married,
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pregnant out of wed lock came to him wanting to marry? >> i always ask, have you asked god for forgiveness? >> reporter: pastor protection is already cleared one senate committee. >> the legislation is likely to come out of committee next week. living the life of a pirate sometimes means waking up before the sun. >> what it takes for the pirates to get ready to invade. >> and he's an olympic gold medallist and a good heckler. >> cool if you're gonna be out this evening. bring a jacket. a breeze around too from the
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a week away from super bowl 50. and preparations lawyer underway for the game between the broncos and panthers. crews are preparing levi stadium in santa clara for that big game, and officials are expecting about 70,000 fans to attend. thunder 2, the broncos' pure- bred arabian mascot began a road trip to the bay area. >> like having a child with a playpen and everything. you need everything for him! >> we're gonna give you guys everything that we have to make sure that we bring that championship back to charlotte!
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>> thousands of panther fans gave their team a super bowl sendoff in downtown charlotte today. the denver broncos had a similar rally on sunday. the crew preparing the field for the super bowl made a big oops this week! both end zones were painted for the broncos! no worries, panther fans, your end zone is corrected to show the proper black and blue. >> wow. some new additions to legoland florida. lego movie 4d a new adventure opened today. it will be shown several times a day. there are new fan favorite characters roaming around the park for you to meet and greet. and rounding things out is a revamped fireworks display. kristen bell and zach sheppard are proving they are
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>> they created a tribute video to toto's africa. they took the safari as a last hurrah before becoming parents. mission accomplished. the first group of presenters and entertainers for the oscars have been announced. the names include whoopi goldberg, tina fey and kevin hart. artists performing during the show include lady gaga and sam smith. the 88th academy awards will be hosted by chris rock and handed out on february 28th. michael phelps almost as good as heckling college students as he is at winning gold. the infamous curtain of distraction was in action. he jumped out, ripping off his clothes, and it worked.
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those free throws. [ laughter ] >> a big distracting. gasparilla weekend is finally here. but some people can't wait until tomorrow. >> lindsey woke up some pirates at the break of dawn so we could get the party started early. >> reporter: bay shore gonna be bumping. for a lot of people, the party has already begun. parade. not to mention the invasion. i got into eagle 8 to give you a glimpse of the pirate ship. to invade. i woke up a few pirates at 4:00 am so they could share their parade day strategies. >> we look for the kids, and the way. they have a basket and hide the nothing. [ laughter ]
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absolutely. >> there is nothing like it. it's amazing. you've got swarms of people just clamoring for beads and treated and all kinds of stuff. and kids just want to take your picture. it's just amazing. >> do you have any idea how many beads you'll give out? >> i bought two boxes. [ laughter ] >> into the thousands! >> reporter: it'll be kay on theic, but worth it. we have information about road closures and where the parade will be all on our website, >> the fun will start at 11:30 am with the gasparilla invasion in the bay. at 1:00 pm, the pirates dock at the tampa convention center. at 2:00 pm, the parade of pirates on bay shore boulevard will get underway. >> and you can watch tomorrow's parade live on news channel 8. josh and i will cohost our coverage.
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coverage begins at 2:30. the high clouds continue to stream in from the west and southwest. 60 degrees right now. not perfectly clear skies by any means this evening. tell be cooler if you're headed out this evening. at frenchy's, 59 degrees with a west wind at eight miles per hour. just a gorgeous sunset there on the horizon. even with those clouds. 63% relative humidity. range as we all know of late has been impressive. over 6 inches at the airport. many other spots have seen much more than that. average 2.23 inches so far. the wettest january on record is 8 inches of rain. so we're not too far away from that. lots of boats on the bay for saturday morning. so we do expect very good boating conditions, essentially smooth conditions here.
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tampa bay at 12:04. forecast at a lot am, chilly start to the day, 65 degrees at noon. 69 degrees, cloudses over the day, very nice. artsy shot, gorgeous. 60 degrees current temp in odessa. 59 palm harbor. 60 newspaper ritchie. seminole 58. 61 in riverview. 63 lakeland. frost dollars berg, sebring, 58. and 61 around wesley chapel. a good parade of clouds from west to east across the area. mostly clear skies. very dry air aloft remains in north that flachlt these are not rain-making clouds. they're made of ice crystals. providing more of a northerly pressure.
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tomorrow it'll basically be over us. that will provide us for wind conditions we were talking about for the boaters. tomorrow morning, jacket, good idea, especially early in the day. spots are in the 40s here. and the area of high pressure will shift tomorrow afternoon. and clouds, not rain-makers, but just to obscure the blue sky that we're expecting for the area. the weekend for sunday, 1:35, area of high pressure shifts east. the flow around that high gives flow. so the warping trend will begin. and -- warming trend will begin. overall temperatures jumping right back into mid and upper 70s into monday and tuesday. again temperatures will be warmer eventually. for tonight, even with those high clouds, kind of cool. 40 degrees inverness, 41 in sebring. highs mostly in the 70s. inland areas closer to the 60s around the bay. we will see some high clouds
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79 for tuesday. rain chance about 10% tuesday. thunderstorm chances for wednesday into thursday. still work out the timing on that. and eventually we'll see some cooler temperatures as we get into the end of next week. three inmates who escaped from a maximum security prison in california did not do it alone. >> two federal investigators
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a jail employee may have helped three inmates escape from an orange county jail in california. the english teacher had a relationship with one of the inmates. the trio cut through steel and is repelled off the jail roof using bedsheets. investigators claim the teacher gave them google maps that showed the roof. she has denied giving them any power tools. the fbi released unediteded ed video of a deadly confrontation in the wildlife refuge in oregon. fin duck got out -- finicum got out with his hands in the air but reached for his jacket
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and killed. there was a semiautomatic handgun in his pocket. a landslide that started over a month ago continues to threaten homes in oregon. the slide is a threat to residents of two apartment complexes, and the residents have been blocked from going home. last week a chunk of the hillside about the size of a bus came down, and there are expanding cracks in the pavement. more than 50 families are out of their homes. >> about 2.5 hours just to pack everything. and go. >> either complex has applied for permits to fix the problem. a benefit concert is set for this weekend to raise money for the victims. they say your eyes are a window to the soul. what an arizona mother noticed is the sign of a much greater health issue. she takes a lot of pictures of her son, and she noticed a recurring glow in his left eye. he has down syndrome and cataracts are common. the diagnosis was cancer.
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reflecting off of a tumor. and her advice to all parent, use that flash! >> it looks almost like a flashlight in his eye. >> >> if you see it once, take more. >> he is now receiving chemo treatments in new york. rod and jen are here. >> the bay air deputy who schott a suspect is now facing charges. >> and the sheriff who defended him at first is calling him a liar now. >> and keith cate live tonight for the iowa caucuses. >> dangerous sinkhole activity underneath a tampa apartment complex. >> you better leave your drone
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danger lurks beneath: major sinkhole activity underneath a tampa apartment building near one of the busiest roadways in the city. we got our hands on a very disturbing report and took that straight to city officials. >> they found it so alarming, they took immediate action. shannon bankon joins us live in the studio! scary. >> it is. i would call it terrifying. engineers have never seen
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