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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and the property is right beside a major road and an elementary school. >> we have an engineer who demolished. can you tell me why you haven't done anything about it? >> i don't know! >> are you putting people in danger by having people live next to this massive hole? >> reporter: a void at least 100 feet deep lurks beneath this building at the french quarter apartments on armenia avenue. the property owner found out seven years ago yet did nothing to fix this sinkhole activity. the property owner did move a few residents out of one building in 2008. right after an engineer hired by citizens property insurance wrote "any attempt to grout or underpin could trigger a massive collapse of the material above the void with
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the engineer went on to say the dangerous sinkhole activity should not be remediated, and one building abandoned and not built on again." >> we don't want the building collapsing with people inside. >> reporter: yet we found tampa code enforcement was never notified. >> all i can tell you is that i wish we knew eight years ago what we know about it now. so we'll take care of it. i wanted to know how close the sinkhole activity is from the busy road. >> 55 feet. >> reporter: you heard me right. just 55 feet. after meeting with 8 on your side, code enforcement sent an inspector out within the hour to document cracks. particularly troubling, the engineer called these two buildings next door unsafe and recommended the residents move. seven years later, we found residents clueless.
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>> somebody should be able to help us move before anything bad happens. >> i reached an attorney for the property owner and she says there have been no repairs because this case is in litigation with the insurance company. she said that safety is a top priority, and the onsite maintenance workers keeps an eye on the building. code enforcement tells me that is not enough and they have asked the state to step in. >> it's almost unbelievable, seven years. that's how long ago this report was done. is there a need to do another one? have things gotten worse? >> the city code enforcement certainly wants to see a new one. everybody we talk to says these sinkholes only get worse! see sew it's definitely gonna be -- so it's definitely gonna be like this, and it could be spreading. >> thank you, shannon. he shot a man and lied about it.
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sheriff is saying about a former deputy facing an attempted manslaughter charge. >> reporter: he's supposed to uphold the law but former deputy timothy berden is off the smith and may go to jail. he made up a wild story that didn't stand up to true > . after stopping a car for a suspected drunk driver, dylan thompkins holmes started mouthing off. you can see the two deputies escort holmes with his pants falling down to a sheriff's car. while the shooting is offcamera, you can hear what happened next. [ yelling ] [ gunfire ] >> reporter: after the shooting, the sheriff defendant the his guy claiming thompkins holmes grabbed deputy berden's gun, forcing him to shoot him. happen that way. >> in order for this to have happened, he has to have taken
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this, been able to while handcuffed do this, do this, do this, and then get the gun out. didn't happen. >> reporter: and the sheriff is offering to pay all of dylan thochl kins holmes -- thompkins holmes' medical bills. he was in the hospital for two weeks and is recovering. keith cate in iowa tonight, joining us live from des moines. >> reporter: doing great, rod. thank you very much. and it is a mad dash across the state of iowa tonight. candidates doing everything they can. they're gonna be splashing those numbers up there on monday night. we'll know the winner of iowa on monday.
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and go everywhere you can as a candidate. hillary clinton was doing one of these get out the caucus rallies and trying to convince some young aisle voters to go out and caucus for her. >> i [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: hillary clinton looked and sounded as strong as ever as she gave her closing argument to a crowd of several hundred inside this gymnasium friday. >> i am for a woman's right to make her own healthcare decisions, and i will defendant [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: she hit all the key talking points with fiery passion. and showed her determination to keep fighting as president. >> if you stand up for me monday night, i will stand up and fight for you as hard as i can. [ cheering and applause ] >> thank you all so much! [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: the young iowa bernie sanders.
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their head over their heart felt emotions. >> a lot of young people are going with bernie sanders. >> yeah, i think there's a lot of accelerates between the two. but i think the biggest is just the healthcare. bernie wants to start over, hillary wants to build on what we already have, which i think is a smarter plan. it's so hard to rebuild something that's already in place. >> reporter: after getting a picture with the former first lady, shelly i told us why she's all in. >> what did she say that inspired you so much? >> everything. she's very down to earth, she understands the problems in the world, he's got ideas. >> are you gonna caucus for her? >> absolutely. >> reporter: when it comes to the head-to-head match-up in the general election, many want to see a battle between clinton and donald trump. >> why? >> because i think that it's exciting, first of all. we love to see a good fight. and i would love to see trump lose to her. >> it'd be interesting to see her against donald trump.
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opinionated and so set in his ways that it would just be -- >> you'd like to see that match-up? >> i'd like to see them duke it out, definitely. >> reporter: clinton still has to get by bernie sanders in iowa and new hampshire where he's polling well. moels also show -- polls also show clinton leading nationwide. if it comes down to a political cage match, hillary told us she is ready for that fight. >> i am ready! >> she is ready. we shall see. there is a bit of controversy with hillary clinton. something about those e-mails being brought up again on the private server she used at the state department. some are being call called top secret, won't be released, someone in a campaign saying this is just overblown and overdone. you'll hear more about that on abc nightly news. we're going
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fresh and new for 11:00 what i mean weicate on the caucuses -- we wait on the caucuses across iowa to come across this board. >> keith, thank you very much. >> keep will continue to bring us reports from iowa for the next few days. he's gonna show us how these tight races are playing outer in the republican and the democratic fields and is what that means for us in florida and the races. a snake by the could lead to a lawsuit. >> why a family that visited disney's animal kingdom is planning sue the park. >> hundreds heading here for gasparilla. >> nice weather for it too. 65 today. we'll see a few high clouds tomorrow. start out cool.
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a deadly crash under county. here's a look at that scene from eagle 8 hd. we know one person was killed and seven others hurt. three vehicles involved. tampa police arrested a man on a whopping 106 burglary
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he is accused of breaking into cars all over tampa, hillsboro county. in some cases they were unlocked, some others the windows were broken. a family from alabama threatening to sue the animal kingdom after a bizarre incident at the park involving a snake. the family claims a snake fell out of a tree onto an 8-year- old and bit him. it was not poisonous, but the boy's great grandmother was so upset, she had what she thought was a panic attack. she actually had a heart attack and is died two days later. attorneys believe she died as a result of what she suffered at the park. >> if you witness a startling event, you're an elderly person, and you begin to immediately have symptoms associated with a heart attack, it makes sense to me that the startling event was the cause of the cardiac arrest as
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>> a spokesperson says the snake was wild and not part of an animal kingdom exhibit. and police are making last- minute preparations ahead of gasparilla. >> law enforcement offices are watching what tampa police are
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gasparilla is upon us! [ laughter ] >> and police are actually taking some steps to make sure everyone can celebrate and do so safely. safely. what they're doing is grabbing the attention of law enforcement all around the country. about rod. [ laughter ] >> reporter: there's gonna be 2 hist,000 to 300,000 people out here in the parade tomorrow. law enforcement agencies are committed to keeping everyone safe. crowd noise ] biggest party. but for some, the parade and puking pirate wanna bees are a problem.
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>> reporter: this will be his first gasparilla as police chief. he's been involved with parade planning for years. what's your biggest concern? >> always the safety of the public. >> reporter: ward's officers and those from 20 rlth agencies will be looking out for underaged drinking and other problems and using new tools to help. >> we have cameras along the route. >> reporter: chiefs from several agencies all over the country are in tampa to see how for the big event. >> you can never anticipate everything that will happen. >> reporter: anthony campos is the chief of police in newark, new jersey, and believes the knowledge. >> why not go throughout the country and see what everyone else is doing? take a little here, take a just sharpen your sword. >> reporter: this year police have a new concern. which is drone video from last
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that circulated widely on youtube. this year, police are telling people to leave the drones at home. >> no. 1, it's illegal. we're near an airport. and no. 2, we're don't need that cluttering of the skies. >> reporter: the keys to success, leave the drone at home, don't drink off of the parade route, don't even think about parking in an area that has a no-parking sign. time. >> in that order. question for uthere's also a concert downtown tomorrow. are police concerned about that as well? >> reporter: absolutely. they know that there's a lot of events going on downtown. the best advice is give yourself plenty of time to get around because many streets are blocked. can i hear that pirate accent again? >> you absolutely cannot! [ laughter ]
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[ laughter ] the best seat in the house for the parade is right there at home! watch the festivities alive on news channel 8. good luck! nice looking sunset despite the clouds. bring a jacket if you're gonna be out this evening. kind of cool. our weekend weather, kind of chilly. a few clouds as the day goes along, 69. 73 on sunday. a few high clouds. comfortable temperatures. if you look at our averages, as for the gasparilla pirate fest itself, 63 degrees at 11:30 for the invasion.
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69 degrees at 2:00 pm. smooth conditions on the bay, high pressure right over us. high pressure winds, variable at 5 nauts. the temperature is dropping here this evening. variable. thin high clouds, stream coming in from the west. a long way away. at 9:00 pm, 46 degrees. 3:00 pm 69 degrees. temperatures will be chill tow start the day. if you're out early, bring a jacket. 59 degrees now, tampa international. 60 in downtown st. petersburg. these other clouds we're senior not rain-makers. there's more dry air colored in red across the northern part of the state. we have seen at times? very blue sky, and at times milkier looking skies. a big area.
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that's what will be moving over us for tomorrow. the flow around that high pressure from the north. as it gets over us, we just see basically light winds. the big old h here taking over the map for the gasparilla pirate fest. going out early, grab a jacket in. the afternoon, some clouds will build in. near average high temperatures low 60s upper 70s. sunday the high will shift to the east. the flow around that high will send in more of a southeasterly flow. just a milder feel to the air. a bit more moisture in the atmosphere. the warming trend will carry into monday where we're looking at thiechls in the upper 70s, and it'll carry into tuesday as well. for tonight, chilly, 49 degrees, clearwater. 47 tarpin springs. these temperatures slightly below normal. inverness, 40. sebring 72 tomorrow. 69 sarasota. and highs low 70s in some of the inland spots.
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locations. 57 degrees for the evening! jacket probably if you're gonna be out. 69 degrees for saturday. cool start to the day. saturday and sunday, sunday is gorgeous, 73 degrees. temperatures upper 70s into next week, and the usual rain chance routine into wednesday, thursday timeframe. it'll cool down after that. >> and not raining tomorrow. thank you, sir. making noise in music city, getting ready for all- star weekend.
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if fans need a jolt of reassurance, they need look nothing further than sunday's pro bowl. five buccaneers are in hawaii, the largest tampa bay contingent since 2002. light woushlths and practices through -- workouts and practices through saturday. doug martin, gerald mccoy will suit up for jerry rice's team. our friends at had a chance to check in with the pro bowl bucs. >> time that i can have with veteran guy guys, i'm gonna talk to them and is try to get some wisdom from them. >> i've been vacationing.
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see the family and friends. >> it's a privilege to come out here. be with some of the best in the league. and it's a great moment. and is i'm just embracing it. two members of the lightning are making noise in music city. stamkos and bishop are representing in nashville, all set to participate in the hardest shot event. stamkos will shoot one-timers in the relay. bishop will take part in the goals portion, trying to put the puck into the opposing net from his own goal line. he is new to this experience. both seem to be enjoying the break from the regular season. >> when you come into the league as a young guy, you never know how many of these you're gonna get to play in. and i've been honored, this is my fourth one. just enjoying it. >> it should be a fun experience.
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to be a part of it, and always be known as an stahl tar at one point in your career, it's pretty cool. looking forward to the whole experience getting a chance to meet some of the guys and watch. >> the game itself is a new format. tree 3 on three the whole -- three-on-three the whole time. >> it'll be fun to watch. >> it should be. a lot of goals. >> thank you very much. this little piggy had a desire to learn, apparently! a pet pig showed up at the front door of northeast high school this morning. [ laughter ] >> a resource officer had to stop traffic to get it off campus. the officer escorted the little escape artist back to his backyard. >> we will not insert any jokes there. >> nary a joke. [ laughter ] >> and coming up in 30 minutes, jennifer will be here
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