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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  January 31, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. a tampa police officer injured during a police chase with three carjacking suspects. the men were on the run. it is now or never for presidential candidates working to get supporters in iowa. news channel 8 is the there in the final moments leading up to monday's caucuses. i'm candace mccowan. thank you for getting to us in just a second. let's start by checking on our forecast with meteorologist mark douglas. >> good morning, candace. we're off to a pretty good start outside this morning.
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over the next couple of days later in the week, yes, but we'll focus on the temperatures. still on the cool side looking at 54in clear water. 56 in tampa you get into the northern zones, you get into the mid 40-degree readings still, the temperatures a couple degrees warmer than yesterday and when we wake up, we'll see high clouds. it looks like a cloudy, overcast day but these are way up in the sky. a swift jet stream is blowing over is and i don't think you'll see a drop of rain here today. we'll keep the temperatures over the next couple of hours in the mid-50's with mostly cloudy skies. definitely on the cool side as you head out the door but folks, we're looking at a warmer day today. we'll see the temperatures climb into the low 70's and still warmer as we start the work week. i'll tell you about the rest of the forecast. stick around. i'll be back in just a bit. stick around. the pirates of gasparilla have left tampa but the clean up
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volunteers will be out picking up any trash that clean up crews may have missed. mary mcguire joins us live from bay shore boulevard. how many people are expected to volunteer out there ? >>reporter: good morning to you, candace. when i got out here this morning i was surprised by how big of a mess is still out here. there is still a lot of styrofoam and cans and beads left to be cleaned up. these 100 volunteers certainly have their work cut out for them this morning. now, gasparilla is, of course, a fun and exciting event in tampa but all of the pirates can leave behind a pretty big mess. folks from the florida aquarium keep tampa beautiful and they have partnered together in this clean up effort. they'll be given a designated area to clean up and this effort is important to aquarium since bay shore is so close to the water.
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folks are meeting up at 9:00 a.m. this morning at the tampa garden club located at 2629 right off of bay shore boulevard and once you check in, you'll be given all of the supplies you need, gloves and bags to clean up this mess still here on bay shore boulevard after the fun gasparilla celebration. >> mary mcguire live in tampa thank you very much. and gasparilla ended without any major hitches. tampa police confirms they made 23 arrests including two felonies. there was only one open container citation issued and one person was arrested for punching a police horse. final count will be released tomorrow. and if you want to relive gasparilla all over again, the party continues online. our web staff have been working hard gathering photos from the event and you'll find it all on the home page and breaking news app.
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in a crash after an officer carjacking. suspects. take a look at the scene at east lake avenue and central avenue saturday night. an officer spotted the car and began to pursue it when the into the power pole. the officer had minor injuries and suspects bailed out of the car and escaped. the officer is expected to be okay, but this morning, the suspects who are also wanted in connection with three robberies, they are still on the run. if you have any information on the case you're asked to call tampa police. 22-month old boy has died after being shot while inside a car in jacksonville. the boy was hit once in the shoulder and a couple of times in the stomach. he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition but did not make it. deputies believe the drive by shooting was gang related. he is the only person hit by bullets.
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is unknown how many suspects were involved. one bay area school can marching to the beat a different drum. students, parents, law enforcement and anyone else who wanted to take a stand against bullying played the drums at the bullies event. the resource deputy came up with the idea to accepted a powerful message about standing up for yourself. >> you don't get tired when you're doing something that you got passion for, when you care about kids and want to help them understand that you don't have to sit back and let people bully you. you don't get tired. >> they beat the drums for 12 hours straight from seven in the morning to 7:00 at night. now to 8 on your side's vote coverage from the iowa caucuses. there is one day left before the caucuses. candidates are putting campaigns into high gear. keith cate is at the capitol in des moines with the latest poll numbers out of iowa. >>reporter: good morning candace. we're in the home stretch.
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the candidates to go across the state of iowa and do their best to win over the supporters. done the work. it comes down to tomorrow night. 7:00 p.m., all of the good folks in iowa have to go to precincts across the state and convince one another that their person is the next to be the president of the united states. what a whirlwind trip it has been. we arrived here thursday and immediately started covering the gop debate. donald trump. he didn't want to appear but others had the chance to shine. we went to a hillary clinton campaign. donald trump is trying to rally support among his troops to caucus last night. look what he did last night. >> donald trump entered the clinton middle school gymnasium
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people loved it. >> it is crunch time, folks. >> after opening with his catch great. and going after isis. the last people loved it. >> when is the last time we won. isis. we will knock their -- off. >> he promised to build a wall and a better america by making better deals and relationships. >> donald trump knows how to draw a crowd. we've seen him do so including in the tampa bay area we're in clinton, iowa, this is a population of 27,000 tops. you look around this gym, 10% of the population is here. the big question for donald trump is can he get all of these people and others in iowa get to caucus for him monday night. >> trump knows this better than
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they caucus. larry schmitt won't let trump down. >> what is so appealing. >> his attitude. he will make it right. >> angela gable got trump to sign her christmas card. >> do you believe he will do all do. >> i don't know. >> angela's husband jessie disagrees. it scares him to think of him dealing with leader s. it is marco rubio first you will cancel each other's vote. >> are you willing to caucus? >> we'll be there. >> trump's star power lured her to the rally. she got trump to sign her hats and her baby. approval. >> that does not necessarily mean she will vote for trump.
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>> i like marco rubio. >> gym filled rallies mean little. the only thing what happens is -- only thing that matters is what happens monday night. >> we're joined by usf political analyst dr. susan mcmanus. the des moines register came out. donald trump is leading. he has 28%. 25 for ted cruz. 15% for marco rubio. it is anyone's game. hillary clinton virtually neck and neck with bernie sanders. this is a race that everybody is watching. >> sunday morning, we have a lot more coming up later today. we'll keep you posted on what is happening on the campaign trail and we'll monitor what happens on monday. but reporting from des moines, iowa, keith cate along with dr. susan mcmanus. back to you. thank you. and your vote coverage continues throughout the iowa caucuses. keith cate will continue to bring us live reports from iowa through the caucuses tomorrow.
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i'll be travelling to new hampshire to bring you the latest from the primary in that state. stay with news channel 8 for the very latest on the race to the white house. new this morning, ammon bundy's attorney released a video of ammon bundy's voice on speaker phone to his wife which contained a statement to the four hold outs at the refuge. >> all right. to those at the refuge, please stand down. this was never meant to be an armed stand off. we only came to expose abuse and educate people about their rights protected by the constitution of the united states. please, do not make this something it was never meant to be. go home to your families. >> bundy and seven other people who supported him were arrested last week and during the arrest one of bundy's support years was shoot and killed by an officer. the body of a missing
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been found. nicole levels body was found off of highway 89 near the virginia border. she was reported missing on tuesday. 18-year-old david eisenhower faces abduction and murder charges. he is from maryland and is a student at virginia tech. coming up after the break, another big star stepped up for flint. how snoop dog is helping people suffering from the water crisis in michigan. time is 6:11.
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. rapper and actor snool dog is one of many -- snoop dog is one of many celebrities who visited flint, michigan to see how they can be involved with the water emergency. kelly taylor has met with the star and has more. >>reporter: flint lives matter to rap legend snoop dog. >> i chose to be here today. and this is about choices. >> the entertainer stopped in flint saturday to meet mayor karen weaver to find out how he could get involved. he is one of many celebrities to visit to learn more about the city's problems with lead in the water supply. jessie smolette toured three locations and talked with residents about the struggle. >> to see with the people and be with the people and hear the stories first hand it further enramed me and further appalled me.
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>> while the mayor continues to push for more action from the government. she appreciates the from celebrities. >> we felt like we were alone in this. people are stepping up and they're praying for us and thinking about us and sending things here and coming to help. >> john connor, the flint native signed to dr. dre's record label is touched by the support. >> everybody should have the same sentiment. before they were entertainerers, they were -- entertainers, they were humans growing up in the community. >> the two plan to be part of the solution. >> i have a lot of information to bring back to my celebrity fans and people around the world that want to help. we would like the governor to step up and do what is necessary to make sure that flint is taken care of. >> this last week, they partnered with united way in pasco county to send 350 gallons of water to flint.
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water were delivered to the food bank of eastern michigan. mark capitol yunins has the full forecast. and an update to the an 8 on your side investigation.
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. this morning run away and abandoned pets are rejected by hillsborough county pet resources. complaints continue to roll in about the pet resource center. first they heard a veterinarian say to release animals abandoned on her door step. some suspect it the county is making it difficult to turn in animals to make their own numbers look b. >> 4th of july fireworks make for spectacular displays and scare animals causing them to flee. on july 5th when a dog with no tags wandered into adrienne's cul du sac, she called resources. >> they stated this is not the normal intake hours, bring it in
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>> adrienne works she manages the pet hospital and resort in pet city. she has three dogs at home and told the county she can't keep a stray. there was no compassion, no empathy, no solutions -- if she couldn't bring the dog to the shelter, she told them she would be forced to release it onto the street. >> it was just, do what you need to do. >> this woman got a similar story after getting an abandoned cat at her animal hospital. >> they told me to just let it out. >> it is harder to surrender animals here. some believe the county is doing it to improve the numbers. adrienne contends they're more concerned about raising the live release rate than caring for animals. it is limited to times. eight to noon, monday through friday when the public can surrender animals. as a result, rescues are taking in more strays.
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out of space. you run out of resources. >> it is her belief more animals are left on the street. >> how many more animals are out there suffering, starving to death. hit by cars, injured that wouldn't have been had they been brought to the shelter and had a safe place to go. >> steve andrews, new 8. good morning, everyone, weather is shaping up to be very nice over the next several days. today we have cloud cover and cool out this morning but warming up here right on through wednesday. and i think we'll have some rain coming in wednesday night and into thursday night so until then, weather looks pretty dry. getting outdoors today to enjoy yourself it will be very comfortable. temperatures warming up by the end of the week. significantly cooler especially as we head into the day on
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temperatures will be tumbling. temperatures will be at 56 in tampa 53 in ruskin. you're looking a 50-degree readings. most of the southeast dealing with mild temperatures. in fact, there you see in tennessee it is warmer than we are right now. reason being, the cold air blocked to the north by the subtropical jet stream. that is funneling a lot of upper level moisture. you'll see it once the sun comes up. the high clouds over us. but it is so hot that no rain drops coming down at the surface. we have high pressure, easterly flow. pleasant temperatures, average 71 this time of the year. we'll be close to that. maybe evening plans going out the door around 7, 8:00, temperatures cooling down into the mid-60's. perhaps you'll have the light jacket this morning. you'll bring it back on here as we head into the evening tonight but during the day, comfortable
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now, as we start the day tomorrow, 62, we'll be warmer than where we're at right now. this warm up trend will continue through the middle part of the week until we get this cold front coming in and that should pass us on thursday. if you're doing boating today, winds will be on the southeast, fairly light. speeds around five to 10 knots coming up here on the high tide shortly and water flowing out during the course of the afternoon. this afternoon, 73, not much rain in the forecast. just some of the filtered sunshine with the high clouds streaming through. the temperature trend will continue upwards as we head through tuesday and clouds will be increasing through the day. wednesday, the timing of the rain right now looks towards the evening and i think as we head into the overnight timeframe wednesday night and through thursday, thursday looks like on and off rain through the day with the heaviest coming through thursday evening. we have seen a very wet january for us and it looks like as we head into thursday it will be
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>> i'm appreciating a little bit of a warm up. >> it is headed our way. >> thank you so much. >> okay. local stars shine and steven stamkos takes center stage in the skills competition. we'll show you if he has the hardest shot in the league.
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hershey' s miniatures. we pour ' em! we pass ' em! we pick ' em! delicious fun for everyone. hershey' s miniatures are
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. the nhl all star break is designed to give players a needed rest from the grind of the regular season. because the world is a cruel and unforgiving place. those who do their job best don't get time off. steven stamkos and ben bishop, i'm sorry about your luck. both participating in the skills competition. stamer having trouble with the bad angle one timer and the relay event. he eventually got it. bishop as accurate 200 feet away sticking a couple in the opposite net before larkin comes by to lend a hand. if these two teams meet in the playoffs again, this conversation will be different.
6:23 am
98.5. 98.5. next attempt. 103.9. that is really, really good. his top mark only stands for a matter of seconds. the next shooter is shea weber. the first crack was 105.3. how about this? 108.1 miles an hour. that is fast. weber winds hardest shot fort second straight year. stamkos technically finished second but not in his mind. >> i actually won because he will win every year regardless. especially if big z is not here. so, you see his mechanics, the size of him. it doesn't surprise us any more how hard he shoots that thing. >> nothing to be embarrassed about. the big 12 scc challenge, the first time these have met for years doesn't mean they like each other.
6:24 am
game high 21 points for him. chris giaza to john ebudu. the gaters never trail in an upset victory over west virginia 88 over 716789 florida state and clemson locked in a big one until the nols blow it open. beasley nothing accidently about the oops. 16 points on the day for him but is any breakfast food will attest, nothing is good as bacon. he puts 21 in the score leading fsu against clemson. the senior bowl. last chance to shine for the top prospects before the combine. forget about shining. aaron greed is throwing shade. the tcu running back, 24 yards untouched for a touchdown. nicholas from delray beach says who is your daddy into the hands
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that is it for sports. i'm paul ryan. thanks, paul. coming up, gas costs just $0.99 at a tampa gas station. who is behind the cheap gas. all three california escapees behind bars. we'll have more on how they were captured. those stories and more coming up in the next half hour. we'll be right back. pepper discovers jimmy dean delights, made with real egg whites, lean cut meats, and whole grains. an excellent source of protein, it fuels her up with energy to help power through her morning. with jimmy dean delights, good mornings lead to great days. having lots of devices in your home can really slow your internet down. so keep things moving with 100%r fiber optic fios. p the fastest internet and wi-fi p available, with speeds from 50 t
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. good morning. i'm candace mccowan. thank you for joining us this sunday. it is time to check in with meteorologist mark collins for a look at what we can expect weather wise. good morning, mark! >>reporter: the weather looks good outside. temperatures on the cool side but the trend over the next couple of days will be for milder temperatures and we're already seeing that here early on with temperatures a couple degrees warmer than yesterday. 566 in tampa 52 in brandon, plant city and bartow along the coastal spots, st. pete, warmer at 60 degrees and even upstate, we're still seeing temperatures, which are fairly mild. pensacola, 59 degrees. what we're dealing with is the southeasterly flow that will tend to boost temperatures over the next couple of days. we'll start off around 73, close to where we should be this time of the year and over the next couple of days, upper 70s. the forecast for today, pleasant, yeah it is cool out there this morning but we'll
6:28 am
conducive for boating with light sees we have high clouds around filtering the sunshine. we're not complaining here, at least we're not dealing with rain this afternoon. >> thank you very much. in our top stories, a tampa police officer continues to recover after he crashed his car during a police pursuit saturday. the officer spotted three men in a car stolen during a carjacking. the men are also suspects in three robberies. the men took off after the chase and remain on the run this morning. the clock is ticking in iowa. tomorrow is caucus day and presidential candidates are pounding the pavement to get more support. on the republican side, donald trump remains in the lead in the latest polls with ted cruz and marco rubio behind him. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck in the latest polls. the drive is to get supporters out to caucus monday night. tampa's pirate invasion is now in the books. gasparilla drew big crowds to
6:29 am
this morning. major problems. tampa police did make 23 arrests including two felonies, only one open container citation was issued. right now the gasparilla pirate invasion is an incredibly fun and exciting time to be in tampa but hundreds of thousands mess. dozens of volunteers will be out along bay shore boulevard trying to catch all of the trash that clean up crews may have missed. mary mcguire joins us live in tampa to explain why this clean up effort is important. good morning, mary. >> good morning to you candace, we are here on bay shore boulevard which is really the epicenter of all of the gasparilla madness and all of the crowds can leave behind quite a mess. we've seen a lot of trash out here this morning. trash and cans.
6:30 am
and harm the species. all of the thousands of crowds can leave behind a big mess. folks from the florida aquarium keep tampa bay beautiful and the support of tampa have partnered together in the clean up effort. they will be given a designated area of bay shore to clean up today. the effort is especially important to the florida aquarium since bay shore is located so close to the water and all of that mess can harm marine life. another big concern for officials is the amount of beads that can end up in the water because they're thrown off of the boats near the floatilla. florida fish and wildlife services monitorings that and if you're -- monitors that and if you're caught littering in state waters you can face citations up to a third degree felony. hopefully the volunteers will pick up lots of trash. last year they collected more
6:31 am
>> important work they're doing out. there mary mcguire live in tampa this morning, thank you. hundreds of drivers have a cheap, full tank of gas thanks to the helping hand of a local church. praise cathedral church wanted to give back the to the community so they r back the price of gas. crews washed windows while the gas was pumping. >> we heard everything from health issues to finance issues to i just lost my job and this is blessing me. it brings tears to your eyes. >> the deal lasted from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.. the church filled up more than 200. we're learning more details about how two inmates were caught after escaping from jail. a citizen led police to the two
6:32 am
a man flagged down officers when they spotted the stolen van near san francisco. a third escaped inmate turned himself in on friday. police tell us they don't know what caused a huge fight at a motorcycle expo in denver. four people were shot, killing one. another person was also stabbed. police have a person of interest in custody and they tell us right now they think there was only one shooter. all other events associated with the motorcycle expo have been cancelled. take a look at this massive fire. it destroyed a 70-year-old beef cattle auction business in lexington, kentucky. over 125 firefighters were needed to battle the blaze that burned through seven acres. fire officials say heavy winds made fighting the fire difficult and caused it to spread to nearby businesses. no one was injured but 20 cattle did not survive the fire. an avalanche that killed five snow mobilers in canada was triggered by people according to
6:33 am
150 snow mobilers were in the area at the time. many helped dig out the others until rescue crews arrived. this morning, the main syrian opposition delegation is in switzerland vowing not to participate in un sponsored peace talks unless the demands are met. opposition leaders want an end to the siege imposed on rebel held areas and an end to russian and syrian bombardment of the area that they control. the group plans to meet with the un mediator later today. yesterday was so beautiful. it was a great day to be outside enjoying gasparilla, our adrienne got married yesterday. >> that's right. >> couldn't have asked for a better day. >> the weather was perfect appeared gasparilla was like last year, the temperatures were nice. great sky cover. some of you were taking pictures of the sky and this one i actually took on my phone there. there is the australian pine on the beach and we have one cloud blocking the sunset but we'll
6:34 am
in don't look for any rape. just a little bit of a warm up. how warm? stick around. details in the forecast. here is what you'll see tomorrow at 6:00 a.m.. >> something to think about before your next mani/pedi. i'll show you some of the safest products to use.
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. today you and your children can enjoy a prehistoric
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get an education without realizing it. the dinosaurs invaded mosey but not for destruction or devastation. as jen holloway shows us, the big guys are all about education. >>reporter: ever wanted to wrangle with a t-rex and make him snap his jaws? or perhaps fenagle with the fins of a philiosaur. now you can it is most interactive dinosaur exhibit to be under way in tampa bay. >> the science, technology, arts and math. we're looking at steam because folks exposed to art whether it is music or visual art, succeed so much more in life. we're incorporating that in everything you do. you see arts here in addition to science and engineering by looking at the amazing sculptures. these were hand made over
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you can see the details. that art combines with science, technology, engineering and math to make steam education. touch the exhibits. we want you incredibly hands on. you use a big liver to move a t-rex. it gets more complex. you're using pulleys and gears. you're using a playstation video game controller and as you get more complex. you can actually see what is making the dinosaurs move. the pulleys, cables, the levers, by seeing, that yes, you're amazed by the huge dinosaurs but you're soaking in science. you see how things move and work. so we want you to come in and be amazed by the dinosaurs but see how they work, how they move and you leave with this extra knowledge of science and engineering that you wouldn't have picked up otherwise, and you never feel like you were taught everything. reporting. dinosaurs in motion will be on display through mother's day.
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general admission. take a look' a unique project around alexandria louisiana is helping keep the less fortunate warm. it is called i am not lost. tammy miles leaves blankets and jackets out so anyone can grab it if they're in need. william louis, who discovered one while out on patrol says amazes him. >> i noticed there with a note on one of the jackets and it says i am not lost, if you need me, take me. >> i didn't want someone to find an item and then not think it was something lost and walk by and leave it so i started pinning notes so people would know that if you need it, take it. >> very cool. miles says the experience teaches people understanding and tole. we're seeing temperatures this morning on the mild side. you'll still need the jacket but this afternoon, you won't need it.
6:39 am
you're training for the gasparilla. you have all month to do that and with temperatures right now at 56 degrees, a lot of runners like the cooler values. warmer in st. pete. we'll have sunshine today taking us into the low 70s. winds not too much of a factor so maybe you're headed off shore to do deep water, trying to find the blue water way, the seas will be flat more than 20 miles off of the coastline with the light winds out of the east at two miles an hour. we do have the canopy of clouds. see it filtering cross the area. these are all high clouds riding on fast winds up around 140 miles an hour, way up high in the sky. i put this one in here so you can see how far it is, low pressure starting to develop near denver and oklahoma and the timing of this front looks like wednesday in the panhandle. we can start to see scattered showers in the bay area, especially in the northern zones towards the late afternoon and evening.
6:40 am
day notice from the morning into the evening because the front doesn't come through until overnight into friday morning and then once that front passes by, the winds pick up friday and the temperatures will be cooling. that is a look ahead into next week. let's talk about the rest of the morning. we'll see the high clouds streaming in. we'll start off cool here. as we head through the afternoon, pretty pleasant. we'll have filtered sunshine. high temperatures in the low 70s and then tonight, once the sunsets, temperatures dropping back down into the 60s. we're looking at mid-60's here overnight. not quite chilly as we wake up tomorrow morning and then during the afternoon we'll see the upper 70s and we'll have to contend with fog though as we head into tuesday. temperatures will be pushing into the upper 70s. that combined with water temperatures in the 50s, a nice recipe for sea fog. this afternoon, looking at 73 in tampa, along the coast. temperatures around the 68-degree mark, trying to get
6:41 am
we'll easily get past that as we head through this week. the main weather feature as we go through the next couple of days will be wednesday evening into thursday. we'll have the rain come in and friday, temperatures will be cooling through the day so that is 65, early in the morning, friday. wind, very cool, not a great >> very different. >> next few days very nice. we're one week away from the biggest football game of the year. what it takes to prepare for the super bowl.
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you' re unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs. sure. (beep) hey... o.k. they' ll do. wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. the best part of wakin' up so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place. is folgers in your cup . time is 6:51. we're one week away from super bowl sunday and security is a
6:44 am
fans arriving can expect tight security at the super bowl village and during next sunday's game at levi stadium. the emergency center opens today and jeff bush has more on how the city is prep. >>reporter: cell phones and computers line the tables where members of the emergency operation center will be stationed throughout the super bowl week. representatives from local, state, and federal agencies will be working together to respond to every imaginable emergency in san francisco from terrorism to water main breaks, especially trained officials will be at the ready to respond. >> from the state we'll have the california national guard. we'll also have the state's office of emergency services here and from the federal government, we'll have fema and representatives from the department of defense. >> there are regular telephones, satellite telephones, and other forms of back up communication available for police and for fire officials to coordinate
6:45 am
that type of emergency. but there could also be a power outage or some other type of emergency from pg and e and other utilities like wireless carriers will be there on hand. >> if something comes up and there is a crowd control issue. the police department would be able to talk to the public safety officers and they would be able to get them to the right location if something else came up not related to super bowl city but a large fire somewhere in the city, other resources can be redirected from here. >> the fbi is holding a large scale training exercise at levi stadium today. that will involve air craft and more than 100 people from numerous law enforcement agencies. hollywood's biggest stars have new trophies to put on shelves today. who took home the most
6:46 am
. actors paid tribute to each other saturday night during the sag awards ceremony.
6:47 am
took home back actors. the sag awards honored the top actors on television and long time tv store carol burnett took home the life time achievement award. very cool for her. she has been on tv for quite some time. coming up this morning's top stories including the latest on an officer recovering from this morning after crashing his patrol car while chasing carjackers. also ahead, news channel 8's keith cate is in iowa where all eyes are on the race to the white house. how the candidates are trying to win votes ahead of the iowa caucus.
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