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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  February 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning and thank you for watching news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. our top story this tuesday morning, breaking results from the iowa caucuses. a winner finally declared on the democratic side. you're looking at her, just about an hour ago, a couple hours ago now. nbc news gave the victory to hillary rodham clinton by just four tenth of a point over bernie sanders -- four tenths of a point over bernie sanders. >> it looks like we will have
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delegates. >> for republicans, texas this morning. came in second. and then marco rubio, our senator from florida, came in third place. and now the candidates turn their focus to new hampshire and its primary that happens next week. other other big story -- our other big story this morning, the fog. it looks like pea soup in areas. in fact, a dense fog advisory is in effect for the entire bay area until 10:00 this morning. so let's check in with meteorologist leigh spann this morning. leigh, this could be a big issue for people as they head out the door this morning. >> and more and more people now that we're in the 56k. time frame are -- the 6:00 a.m. time frame are hitting the roads. the dense fog advisory officially goes until 10:00 a.m. for all areas over land. once you head right along the coast and out into the gulf of mexico, the sea fog could last all day. and i'll talk about a blanket
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area with good visibility. where this is showing you is how far you can see into the fog and it's all less than a half mile, most places less than a quarter of a mile meaning you won't be able to see the street sign down the street. that's why we ask you to be careful. watch the fog forecast. this shows you the visibility, next to nothing for the next 9:00. at 10:00, we just start to break the fog up. except along the coast. 80 degrees for a high temperature, even with the sun and clouds and certainly feeling like an early spring even though we will check in with punxsutawney phil at 7:00 this morning. i'll tell you what, use caution, folks. but fortunately traffic is still moving at good speeds despite the issues with the visibility.
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himes avenue at el prado blocked until 5:00. they are doing road work. let's talk about 75, southbound, some cones in the roadway so use caution passing through. and look at the howard franklin bridge, only six minutes to cross it but visibility is a little bit thick so use caution. back the to gene and gayle. >> thank you. in your vote, the results of the first real test of the 2016 presidential race are in this morning. and breaking in just the last hour and 15 minute, the democrats now have a winner. >> yeah, there are several big winners this morning and others are taking their losses and throwing in the towel. on the republican side, texas senator ted cruz came out on top. he beat out donald trump with 28%. and coming in third, it's our own florida senator marco rubio. and on the democratic side, nbc news at about 4:00 a.m. this morning declared hillary rodham clinton the winner there
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raceway to the bitter end between her and of course bernie sanders who did very well himself. lindsey mastis is on top of the results this morning joining us now from the tampa news center. the results on the democratic side just shockingly close. >> reporter: absolutely. you know, even though the results are in, there's not of a gap between clinton -- there's not much of a gap between clinton and sanders. it's been close all night. some precincts had an odd number of delegates but equal support for the candidates so in those cases, they broke the tie with a coin toss. well hillary rodham clinton's team is calling the race for her. >> i will keep doing what i have done my entire life. i will keep standing up for you. i will keep fighting for you. i will always work to achieve the america that i believe in. >> reporter: and what is significant is that senator sanders is pulling a lot more support than the polls showed leading up to the caucus.
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senator ted cruz is on top this morning. his strategy included visiting all 99 counties in iowa. he got a record 51,000 votes. that's the most ever for a republican in the iowa caucus. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> reporter: there are some casualties in iowa. on the democratic side, former maryland governor martin o'malley is out. and so is mike huckabee on the republican side. we will monitor the results and in 30 minute, i will show you where the florida candidates stand and why senator marco rubio is making headlines this morning. gene -- >> we will check back. thank you. new this morning, we are working to gather more information on a crash that killed a motorcyclist in tampa. police tell us that the collision on king boulevard near albany avenue involved two vehicles and the motorcycle.
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they are back open. it's 6:05 on this tuesday morning. a big deadline looming in an 8 on your side investigation. a tampa city council man is calling for immediate action to keep residents at the french quarter apartments safe. 8 on your side's ryan hughs is live at this building. how big is the problem? >> reporter: good evening, good morning to you as well. the void is under neither the complex behind me, a hundred feet deep we're told. state officials found cracked window, lose railing, all signs that point to a sinkhole. this councilman thinks action needs to be taken right now. city council man charlie miranda wants to see moving trucks here today. the city has a noon deadline to decide what to do next. the state of florida claims officials need to see clear signs of a sinkhole first. but our 8 on your side investigator dug up an
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them to leave because of a void at least a hundred feet deep armenia avenue. residents. thank you. this morning, a tampa man is facing charges in connection to the disturbing discovery of eight pipe bombs. federal agents found the explosives side the lincoln avenue home of michael ramos. and they found a rifle, a pistol and a large amount of ammunition. investigators explain ramos had expressed anti-government sentiment in the past. a neighborhood on the lookout for that, an owl. residents of the holly lake subdivision are concerned about the creature. it's a barn owl and it's terrorizing residents. >> knocked it off me, jumped on my daughter.
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it flew to the top of the golf at us. >> he charged at me and he grabbed me by the hair like that. and i ran towards my garage and he chased me into the garage. >> that could be scary there. and those neighbors are describing their encounter with the owl. they believe he may be proteching a nest of babies. don't step between a momma owl and her babies. it is a protected species so there's nothing neighbors can do right now. longer. they might want to keep their it's foggy out there. nowhere. so maybe a lot of things may come out of the fog almost immediately. we have that very dense fog advisory until 10:00 a.m. sea fog could last for most of the day. but on land, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 this morning, we will still be of fog.
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clouds and warm and humid, 78 at 1:00 this afternoon. 80 at 3:00 p.m. and still mid-70s through the evening. and only a 10% rain chance for today. so really the biggest headlines, the near 80-degree temperatures today and tomorrow. the sea fog is going to hang around through the day tomorrow. so going to last almost 48 hours. we could see morning fog tomorrow and a cold front will come in late wednesday through early friday, bringing us the best chance for showers and thunderstorms on thursday. and slightly cooler behind it, back into the 60s. and let's check on traffic on the 8s because we know the thick fog is everywhere and hopefully there are no accidents. people are definitely using caution because we are not seeing accidents pop up here and there. we've had a couple little issues but nothing severe. let's look right now. you can see some of the fog, this is right on the howard franklin bridge. and more traffic coming into tampa so starting to get busier out there.
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this is of course over in there. and just looking at travel times for you, i-4 six minutes 301 to 275. and that known sacrifice five minutes. >> thank you. a new chapter today in the bill cosby sex assault case. >> straight ahead, the reason the troubled comedian is headed to court. and an 8 on your side health alert this morning, a new warning from the health officials about the future of the zika virus epidemic. and celebrating his retirement. >> okay. >> how one deputy busted some fancy moves in an elevator. >> that's the way to do it.
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ba da ba ba ba getting a firsthand look at the iowa caucuses is our own keith cate. he is in iowa this morning after spending several days chris crossing the state. he shows us how the caucus system works. >> reporter: good morning. what a shocker it was last night in des moines, iowa. donald trump did not win here as many had predicted. he was so far ahead in the polls. it was ted cruz who came out the victor but the big story may be in the days to come
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the florida senator did extremely well, finishing less than 1% behind donald trump. and the caucus process is interesting to behold, i have never witnessed one myself. i did for the first time last night. the it's fun to watch. here's what it looks like up close. >> aye. >> reporter: it took about two hours to go through the process. a few were allowed to speak on behalf of the candidate of their choice. >> marco rubio has lived the american dream. >> reporter: and then it was time to vote. this is where the governor of iowa caucuses. he didn't want to say who he voted for. it is afterall a secret ballot. >> i trust the voters of iowa that they'll make a thoughtful, intelligent decision and i think we will see where it goes. >> reporter: kelly told us yesterday she was going to be here. and she was true to her word. you said you were probably going to go with marco rubio. >> yep, stuck to my word. went with marco. >> reporter: when all was said and done, the handwritten votes
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win we are 63 votes. in the same school, democrats were holding their own caucus. here they needed a microphone. after supporters spoke on their candidate's behalf, they moved around the room into group, one for hillary rodham clinton and another for bernie sanders. and there was a small group for martin o'malley but after the first vote, it was clear he had too few supporters. >> are you going to go with hillary or bernie? >> well i'm torn but probably hillary. >> reporter: proving the polls right, this democratic race is neck and neck. tim and his wife sarah remains split. >> you have to pull some o'malley people over. >> i got to work on my wife and daughter first i think. >> reporter: what? oh, yeah, she's -- >> yeah, for clinton. >> reporter: that's right. it took longer than the republicans after but confusing math, this democratic caucus location sided with hillary rodham clinton. within two to three hour, it was all over, 2016 in the books
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breaker when it comes to turnout. >> everything that i can see is, it's going to be a record turnout. i have never seen as many candidates nor as big of crowds. >> reporter: and that is saying a lot, the governor of iowa actually saying that this is something like he's never seen before. ted cruz the winner. donald trump fighting to go forward. some of the players already knocked out, mick huckabee is gone and martin o'malley on the democratic side is gone. and we wonder about jeb bush. he did not fair well in iowa. we will see how he does in new hampshire and eventually how he does in the great sunshine state of florida. i'm keith cate reporting from des moines, iowa, back to you. >> thank you. very interesting. thank you. happening today, bill cosby is due in court. the troubled comedian and his attorneys are trying to get a criminal sex assault case against him. the defense claims cosby had a non-prosecution deal with the
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in december, he admitted to engaging in sex acts and giving women pills which authorities used to file charges. the non-prosecution deal was never put in writing though. in an 8 on your side health alert this morn, the world health organization is calling the zika outbreak an international emergency. the group predicts as many as 4 peel people could be infected with zika over the next year. the mosquito-borne virus is being blamed for birth defects in children born to infected mothers. and now it's 6:17. stop what you're doing and look here. this is video going viral this morning. it's from inside an elevator and the guy doing his best madonna impersonation is a retiring sheriff's depp thety. he is actually doing the whip nae nae. yeah, you know it. look at that finesse. look at that style right there. he's got the moves.
6:17 am
for the el paso sheriff's office in colorado. that's fast mode there. it's no wonder he is busting out serious footwork after putting in all those years. the ranking officer shows up there and joins him with the whip nae nae. just too contagious the to not celebrate with. >> i was doing the whip nae nae this weekend at adrienne pedersen's wedding. >> i got the whip part. still working on the nae nae. the stanky leg i got though. >> you did? how did i miss that? >> i'm doing it right now. >> all right. it's 6:18. >> i'm real good at breaking my leg. isn't that the next line, break your legs? yeah, i'm good at that. dense fog advisory until 10:00 a.m. celebrating treatmently thick layer of fog. and keep in mind, if you're going near the coast or taking the boat out, the sea fog could last almost all day long today. and now the visibility, this shows you how far you can see into the fog.
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only about a quarter mile in most places. just barely down the street, you may not be able to see the street sign, may not be able to see a pedestrian in the crosswalk. so you will want to leave yourself plenty of distance between you and the car in front of and you drive carefully this morning. it's a foggy start, higher humidity all day. 76 at noon and 80 at 3:00 p.m. a warm start to february. 60 in bartow right now. 65 in tampa. 67 bradenton. and i checked in with my weather watcher in inverness, she's at 61 and she says, yes, it's foggy. we are getting warm air from the south ahead of this big storm system bringing snow and storms to the northwest today. and as the system pushes eastward, we will increase our moisture levels. so more clouds, more fog again tomorrow. late wednesday and through thursday, that's when the storms push south through tampa. and we do cool down a bit.
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it is very foggy out there but fortunately people, it seems at least the drivers are pay ago tension. we don't have major issues that are -- paying attention. we don't have major issues. we had a broken water main. they repaired the main but still got to work on the roadways. himes avenue is closed for the morning commute at el prado and it should wrap up at 5:00 p.m. this afternoon. for the morning drive, take dale mabry or mcdill instead. and then also we have a new crash here in pinellas county, southbound greenbriar. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. a popular household product is soon disappearing. >> the lightbulb you may soon have a hard time finding. and a new twist on ride sharing services. how this new option could help busy parents.
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you know those curly but bs? they're going away for good -- curly lightbulbs? they're going away for good. clf bulbs suffered criticism for falling short on dim, brightness and they burned out too soon. ge is focusing instead on high efficientty l.e.d. lightbulbs. parents are now order a nanny through an app called zoom. nannies pick up your kids and drive them anywhere you need. it limits to you a max of six zoomers to your kids won't get a different person each time. and some people are worried about legislate a stranger drive their kids around but if they're like with aggressive background checking there, it
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>> what about like a camera in the car? maybe you can watch what's going on. >> yeah, some way to interact. i don't know. i feel like with four kid, it would help. >> i can see the convenience side but also the concerns as well. >> absolutely. weather and traffic on the 8s is three minutes away. plus in the next half hour, the deals you can get in the month of february. what the good items to are to buy at a discounts. i talk toy atrainer about
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prepare the kids for the bus stop. there's the dense fog, it will be hard for drivers to see them, 67 and muggy. when they come home from
6:24 am
how about traffic on the 8s? >> did you say something about fog? i think did you. here's a look at 301 by i-75, thick fog in the area. definitely want to use caution out here. here's 275 at 54th avenue north in pinellas county. use caution.
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6:30 on this tuesday morning. good morning to you. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. breaking in the last hour, we now have a winner by a thin, thin margin. hillary rodham clinton takes the win for the democrats in the iowa caucuses. nba called the race about two and a half hours ago with just one county still out in the state. senator bernie sanders is still getting a lot of attention for getting so close to beating clinton who was once considered
6:26 am
topping the news from iowa, our own florida senator marco rubio waking up a big winner. >> when i am the nominee, we will unite our party. we will grow our heart party. and we will de -- and our party. and we will defeat hillary rodham clinton or bernie sanders or whoever they nominate. >> senator marco rubio came in third place just behind senator ted cruz and donald trump who was second. we will have much more including the two candidates who have now dropped out of the race. and a dense fog advisory is in place across the area until 10:00 a.m. just take a look at the conditions early this morning in plant city. this could detailsly cause problems for you as you head out the -- could cause problems for you as we head out the door. let's turn things over to leigh spann. >> at this point, it's basically a blanket. there's not place getting any worse or any better. so just be prepared until 10:00 this morning for the dense fog advisory. but heads up for coastal areas
6:27 am
out into the water, the sea fog could hang around all day. this is what i'm talking about, when i look at the visibility map, i'm looking at how far i can see into the fog and basically everywhere is less than a half mile. and most places less than a quarter of a mile. it's very thick, watch the fog forecast. again, this is looking at the visibility, how far you're able to see, nearly zero visibility. through 7:00 a.m., through 8:00 a.m. by 10:00, when the dense fog advisory goes out of effect, we bit. by lunchtime. but again, look at anna maria island, you may be stuck in the sea fog all day today. today is groundhog day. we will check in with hour. but feels like early spring, high of 80 today and muggy. at 6:38 in weather and traffic on the 8s, i will have the eight-day temperature trend. traffic still moving at good speeds.
6:28 am
let's take a look at the fog that leigh is talking about. here is the howard franklin bridge and you can see the traffic coming towards tampa. still moving at good speeds, despite the low visibility. and let's move over now, excuse me, and take a look at 275 at martin luther king even heavier here. so use caution. this is hillsborough county. all right, south tampa area, heads up, we have got an issue on himes avenue blocked at el prado. so take dale mabry or mcdill instead. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. breaking news in your vote. nbc news now calling the iowa caucus for hillary rodham clinton on the democratic side. >> and also celebrating a win this morning for the republicans, senator ted cruz and now he is looking forward to new hampshire. >> we will continue to campaign the same way, sitting down
6:29 am
leader, vfw hall to dunkin' donut, returning to the great state of new hampshire. >> caucus goers in iowa said they favored cruz because they want a candidate who shares their values. bernie sanders seems pleased with the tight race. >> i think about what happened tonight. i think the people of iowa have sent a very profound message to the political establishment, to the economic establishment, and by the way, to the media establishment. [ applause ] >> results came in to our newsroom about an hour ago that clinton took the win. while she did not suffer a loss like eight years ago, the results mark a stunning turn around from the solid lead she held in the polls in iowa late last year.
6:30 am
a big bump in their campaign, that includes our own senator marco rubio. news channel 8's lindsey mastis is following this story for us from the morning alert center. the senator did well. >> reporter: that's right. senator marco rubio is getting a lot of play on social media right now for coming in third. and the reason is that he is only five points behind the leader, senator ted cruz and one point behind donald trump. >> when i am the nominee, will unite our party. we will grow our party. and we will defeat hillary rodham clinton or bernie sanders or whoever they nominate! >> [ applause ] >> reporter: senator rubio is at 23% and it drops off from there. ben carson is in fourth with just 9%. this morning, things are not looking good for florida former governor jeb bush. now he took sixth place with just 3% of the republican vote. mike huckabee came in last on the republican side so he is now dropping out of the race. and also out, former maryland governor martin o'malley on the
6:31 am
the iowa caucus is trending on social media. it's an exciting time in the world of politics this morning, gene sure is. and we will be watching to see if o'malley and huckabee have endorsements soon. you can follow the morning alert each day on facebook and twitter. just search the #58 all right. the candidates are now shifting focus to new hampshire. and following behind them is news channel 8 political reporter candace mccowan. happening today, a follow- investigation. a 100-foot deep sinkhole lurks complex. property owners have known about it for seven years. in just a few hour, the city may finally decide to take some action. 8 on your side's ryan hughs is lye in west tampa this morning. and ryan, i understand one tampa city councilman is irate. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. he tells 8 on your side that enough is enough.
6:32 am
complex are in jeopardy if the city doesn't step in and do something here fast. he wants the city to take action by noon today. >> if is not handled by tomorrow at noon, they're going to come in and take whatever action necessary to make sure the residents are safe. >> reporter: and again, he is talking about noon today. city councilman charlie miranda wants the residents gone. our investigative reporter dug up an engineer's report that urges them to leave because of a void at least a hundred feet deep under the buildings on armenia avenue. government red tape has their hands tied. the state regulates apartments and now miranda wants the city to take fire extinguisher the state doesn't -- take the -- to take action if the state doesn't. you can count on 8 on your side to be here and discuss this
6:33 am
gayle -- >> i know a lot of folks will be waiting to hear what they decide. thank you so much ryan. and now plant city police need your help to solve a murder. police responded to a disturbance call monday night at a home on west baker street. they discovered a man in the yard. he was taken to an area hospital and later died. anyone with information in this case is asked to call plant city police. it's 6:38 on this tuesday morning. a foggy start. might affect the commute. >> yeah, it will affect your commute. more and more people are hitting the road now that it's after 6:30. and the fog is not expected to lift until after 10:00 this morning. so about all of you are off to work and school. we keep the thick fog through 10:00 a.m. and it's muggy out there too with the moisture in the atmosphere. upper 60s this morning. we make it into the mid-70s with patchy clouds still around
6:34 am
and there's a 10% chance of a stray shower. and the main thing will be how warm and humid it will feel. i mentioned the 10% rain chance today. and that goes up to 20% late tomorrow ahead of a cold front that bring the 70% rain chance thursday. and notice we're warm today and tomorrow near 80. thursday is the wet day. and yes, it's cooler for friday and saturday. and already tracking another rainy day for sunday. let's check in on traffic on the 8s because more people are hitting the roads now. they are. it's still foggy. traffic is moving at decent speeds. it's starting to slow down as we press into rush hour. and keep the issue of visibility in mind too. through ybor city, 301 to 275, an eight minute commute. ehrlich to 275 on the veterans expressway, southbound is starting to get busy coming away if ehrlich. and down to the interstate roughly 13 minutes on your drive time. and again, in south tampa, keep
6:35 am
is blocked at el prado. should be be brand up later today and then re-opened. but right now, use mcdill or dale mabry instead. back to gene and gayle. a pizza burglar falls asleep on the job. >> ahead, the trail store workers followed to find the thief sleeping like a baby. and chipotle getting back its reputation this morning. what federal health officials are reporting about the e. coli outbreak. and then running at any age. we will hit the trail with a trainer with tip thes on how to get ready for the gasparilla old you are. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. of espresso, milk, uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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the chipotle outbreak sickened dozens across the country and now the cdc is giving the all clear.
6:37 am
determine the source but suggest a link to common meal items like to the may toes. chipotle sales plummeted during this but the chain's stock jumped up 3.4% after the announcement. a bill inspired by a bradenton dog bite case is moving through the state legislature. padi's law will get a second reading and will be up for discussion. if approved, it would allow owners to appeal an automatic death sentence. it's named for a dog who bit a young child. a fight on a flight to jacksonville lands a virginia is man in handcuffs. investigators report the 36- year-old put a passenger a head lock and attack 2 flight attendants. the flight from washington, d.c. landed safely in florida. now he is facing a charge of assault or intimidation of a flight crew. well disturbing video this
6:38 am
it allegedly shows the director hitting and dropping a child. investigators say the woman in the cellphone video is kimberly reid. they claim she hit a 4-year-old boy several times. the video then shows the woman dropping the child face down on a mat from about three feet in the air. fortunately the child was not hurt. reid is charged with child abuse. it's 645:67: 6:45, after a mild winter, retailers are offering deep discounts. consumer reports claims it's the best time of year to buy indoor furniture and, yep, mattresses. reports advise watching for the president's day holiday sales and also check out clothing stores. they are overstocked with winter clothes and that could mean deep discounts, as deep as 60 to 70%. a man with high profile connections is in trouble the law this morning. he is accused of stealing pizza
6:39 am
police in pittsburgh were responding to a burglar alarm at a company. the company had held a pizza party on friday. the intruder who is actor tim allen's nephew, found the leftovers and treated himself to a snack and then took a nap. >> so the fridge was filled with left over pizza. and he came in, just dumped a whole bunch of stuff out, took pizzas out and there's trails of pizza leading to the back room and he was sleeping like a baby on the pile of pillows. >> the 26-year-old, a former professional baseball player is facing burglary charges. >> and he could have asked his uncle to buy him a pizza. >> sure. 8 is on your side with help preparing for the gasparilla distance classic. >> there will be everyone from young children to let's call them more experienced runners. leigh spann will be out there.
6:40 am
experienced, just moderately experienced runner. some really important stuff here, how to not get hurt. >> reporter: that's right. i started running when i was about 30 years old but i talked with a man whose been pounding the pavement much longer than me about safely running at any age. he knows something about a sound body, he is a neurosurgeon and he is running two races at this year's gasparilla distance classic. >> goes as fast as i can and see what happens. >> reporter: when i asked him how his running has changed in the 30-plus years he's been out there, he said -- >> it gets slower. >> reporter: a ymca trainer says listening to your body is most important at any age. >> being aware of your joints and aches and pains and making sure that you're not overstepping your boundaries and also if you start to feel like you're in pain after your run, you're probably pushing too much. >> reporter: include slow static stretches after your run to help with recovery. keeping your core and whole
6:41 am
it through the long runs and walks. >> it could be a half hour that you're standing so you want to be strong in your core. >> reporter: the doctor is easing back after back surgery but plans to run a marathon in the fall. he equates running to life. >> put one foot in front of another. going up a steep hill or down a steep hill or running flat, just keep going. >> reporter: and since the story is about running at any age, i asked about kids. and he says they tend to get overheated sooner than adults. so watch out for that today. and keep them hydrated. he says they have fewer sweat glands so the inner body temperature gets holter quicker. running. and i did not realize that. good to know. >> and really impressed, right out there. >> reporter: yeah, but just was. he knew he couldn't what he was doing before so everybody no
6:42 am
watch for how your body reacts to each run. >> you got watch for something else. maybe save the run for later in the day. >> that's right. in fact, i am putting my shoe of approval on an evening run. now it's going to be steamy this evening. but it won't be foggy. right now, it could be difficult for drivers to see you if you are out running. so be careful in the thick fog. 76 at noon, warm and muggy. 75 degrees after the sun sets this evening. the dense fog advisory for all counties goes until 10:00 this morning and it's a blanket. it's not patchy, it's everywhere. and the sea fog for areas along day today. and look at this, a quarter mile visibility in plant city. a quarter mile visibility in clearwater. which means again, you won't see a runner near the street. so just please be careful as you drive or walk this morning. temperatures this morning in the mid-60s in tampa.
6:43 am
and rich in oldsmar says it's 67 and foggy there too. and it has to do with a blizzard system out to the north and west. it's going to push toward the east and as it does, it pulls the moisture northward. that's why today, warm and muggy, sea fog lingers. and we get more mugginess overnight. and we could see more fog tomorrow morning. but late tomorrow, that's when the cold front finally makes it to us and it will bring our best rain chance at 70% thursday. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? we've got an accident that's cleared. but still remnants on the right shoulder northbound, just a vehicle on the edge of the skyway bridge right before you go over the hump. and let's look at the howard franklin bridge. fog looks better now which is nice it's going to take about seven minutes. and now northbound 275 off the howard franklin into downtown, seven minutes.
6:44 am
to hit the brakes southbound, 22 minutes into downtown. and i-4 through ybor, slow. and ehrlich to 275, slowing down southbound on the veterans expressway. that will take about 17 minutes. here in south tampa, himes is blocked at el prado. take mcdill instead. and then over here, a crash folk, heads up, southbound greenbriar at belcher road. that's still working. and one on 92 in plant city. >> thank you. police in one small pennsylvania town are feeling humbled and honored this morning after getting a thank you letter in the mail. 8-year-old sebrina campbell had to write a thank you letter to a hero. the police department is now awe struck. >> and the genuine sincerity of it is something that -- it's why we do this. >> the police department gave sebrina an american flag patch
6:45 am
take home with her. and they arranged to honor the letter by framing and it putting it on display at the station. but they're really every day heros and a great thing for her to think of. >> yeah, really is. so sweet. all right, what you need to know before you walk out the door is next. >> including the iowa caucus results. where the candidates stand as they head into another crucial week of campaigning. and the danger beneath a tampa apartment building. up next, the deadline looming
6:46 am
i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping
6:47 am
a big deadline is hours away for the city of tampa. >> an 8 on your side investigation found a large sinkhole under a west tampa apartment building. news channel 8's ryan hughs is live from the french quarter apartments with what is expected to happen in just a few hours. >> reporter: well, good morning.
6:48 am
thinks the apartments behind me are unlivable because of a huge void underneath the complex. city councilman charlie miranda wants the residents gone. our 8 on your side investigator dug up an engineer's report that urges residents to leave. because of the void at least a hundred feet deep underneath the buildings. now government red tape has their hands tied. now miranda wants the city to take action if the state doesn't force the residents to leave here by lunchtime. we will have the latest later today. live in tampa, ryan hugh, news channel 8. democratic presidential candidate hillary rodham clinton pulls out a slim victory over bernie sanders in the iowa caucuses. nbc declared clinton the winner the wee hours of the morning. only four tenths of a point separate the two. on the republican side, texas senator ted cruz is tick investigator yows this morning.
6:49 am
points. and marco rubio came in third. and watch out, a dense fog advisory is in effect right now for the bay area. in some case places, visibility is down to just a quarter mile so you will want to make sure carefully. 10:00. and it is groundhog day. the day we all turn to punxsutawney phil for his prediction for wear. if the furry forecaster sees his shadow, it's six more weeks of winter. punxsutawney will make the prediction around 7:30 this morning. and no matter what he says, it's going to be a steamy foggy morning for you locally. we have the dense fog advisory for all of the area through 10:00 a.m. but the sea fog and areas right along the coast may be locked in with fog for most of the day today. once the fog does burn off for us, it's still high humidity.
6:50 am
sun and clouds and we hit 80 today so that's an early spring if you ask me. in fact, still near 80 tomorrow. and then a cold front on thursday which cools us down for friday and saturday. looking at traffic right now, starting to hit the brakings through ybor city, 301 to 275, 10 minutes. we have an accident on the shoulder. and 18 minutes on southbound -- oh, moved that up. ehrlich to 275 still 18 minutes but starting to slow down. it just turned red. and u.s. 92, we have a collision with injuries, south of i-75. getting busy. downtown tampa, it's okay. and then slow off the howard franklin bridge. >> thank you. be careful out there. getting through the fog this morning. and keep it here for more on the iowa results, more on the "today" show. >> and we will have the breaking news weather and
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