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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  February 3, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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ba da ba ba ba 5:30 on this wednesday morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo.
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demolition team is jumping into action today. it's all linked to an 8 on your side investigation that revealed a sinkhole danger under a tampa apartment complex. today the crews will accompany the city attorney and engineers to inspect the french quarter apartments on armenia avenue. and they must decide if and how to move residents if they're found to be in danger. and the red cross is helping a family forced out of their home overnight by a fire. firefighters tell us that the flames sparked in the rear of the home. it took them 35 minutes to put out the fire. all three people inside got out safely. and the cause of the fire is under investigation. and the people of alabama are waking up to massive destruction this morning in the wake of one monster tornado. just look at the twister that hit pickens county. it left behind a path of destruction. and residents will just start to clean up today. luckily only minor injuries are reported.
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because that system is headed our way but it should weaken. >> and for the folks in alabama, the system is slow- moving so the rain is still coming down which will hinder the clean-up effects and now this is pushing into georgia and the panhandle of florida. and we are ahead of it and that's where it's warm and humid. 70 in lakeland and auburndale and polk county. 72 arcadia. look at the difference between this morning and yesterday morning. you are 11 degrees warmer in lakeland, plant city and brandon. 10 degrees warmer than yesterday in brooksville. we don't have the thick fog this morning but we may see low clouds, dreary skies between now and 7:00 this morning. and once the sun comes up, we clear out onland but we may see the sea fog continue for most of the day today as the rest of us hit 80 degrees. in weather and traffic on the 8s at 5:38, i have an eight-day temperature trend. so stay tuned but leslee has issues as well.
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we don't have congestion but we have issues going on. the roadways in tampa, i want you to look at -- i take back that we don't have congestion, i'm seeing it building on fowler avenue, folks. this is eastbound slow and go approaching nebraska. it's all because you can't turn on nebraska so fowler is getting bogged down. both northbound and southbound lanes on nebraska are blocked at fowler. take central. and you can take fletcher instead of fouler and. let's talk about bradenton. big issue going on in the sun coast area for those of you who live down here, 301 is blocked both directions at 63rd avenue east. and take 15th street instead. street. he has a live view of the double fatal crash that has both lanes take anway at 301. again, it's 63rd. and you can activity out there, doesn't look like it's going to be clearing any time soon. i will keep an eye on it for you throughout the morning commute. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. now back to gene and gayle. 8 on your side is revealing
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parents uncomfortable this morning. we dug up a state audit that found glaring errors involving the very people who work with our children. the report shows dozens of educators in sarasota county did not undergo background checks as required by law. 8 on your side's ryan hughs is live at the sarasota school board this morning. and ryan, the state randomly picked 80 workers and found that more than half never underwent the screenings. >> reporter: exactly, gayle. good morning. that's right. by law, these employees must undergo rescreenings every five years but according to the state auditor general, it checked records here in sarasota county, 80 people just as a random sample and discovered 45 did not have the required background checks. when the auditor general looked into the staffers, it learned the district never resubmitted the fingerprints of those 45 employees to the fbi or the florida department of law enforcement for a criminal history records check as it's called. district officials told the
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resubmitted because they did not have the staff to do it. a spokesman said they're addressing the issue. he tells us that the initial fingerprints remain on file with the florida department of law enforcement so if a staffer is arrested in the state, the district would learn that. those we talked with think the ball. >> the background checks should be done by law. especially with the things that are going on in this world today, it's a little crazy. >> there's been a lot of that lately with inappropriate behavior between teachers and epidemic. >> reporter: now there are thousands of employees at the school district so there's no way to the tell at this point exactly how many have not had background rechex. and you can count on 8 on your side to continue to look into the information and we will pass along new information. back to you for now. >> gosh, ryan, it makes you wonder as a parent if other shortage.
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well right now a harm is -- a -- now alarm is growing as the zika virus continues to spread including here in hillsborough county. there are now two cases in the tampa bay area and nine across the state. >> yeah, it's alarming. in pregnant women, the virus causes birth defects. and now we're learning it's not just mosquitoes that can spread the disease. lindsey mastis is following the story for us. do we know of any of the cases in our area involving pregnant women? >> reporter: none of the cases in our area involve pregnant women. but we have two cases in hillsborough county, the others are in miami-dade, lee and santa rosa county, nine cases altogether. and the red cross wants people that travel to areas experiencing outbreaks to refrain from giving blood for at least 28 days. outbreak areas include mexico, the caribbean and parts of central and south america. zika is linked to a birth
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being born with smaller heads because their brains won't develop fully. according to the centers for disease control, common symptoms include fever, rash and joint paint and red eyes. and it could take up to a week for symptoms to appear. and in texas, something new, the first confirmed case of zika spread through sexual transmission. >> with zika, we don't know how long someone can remain infectious but in this case, someone had just gotten sick with zika and that individual's sexual partner developed zika without a travel history. >> reporter: according to the cdc, the virus can be found in blood. right now, there are no vaccinations or medications to prevent or treat zika so those with the virus are urged to rest, drink fluids and they can take some medicines for fever and pain. health officials believe all nine cases here in florida were contracted outside the state. the world health organization expects at least 3 million
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this is one of the top stories on we're going to stay on top of this and let you know about any new cases. >> thank you. you can follow the morning alerts each day on facebook and twitter. just search the #8alert. in the vote this morning, presidential candidates are making a full court press in new hampshire for next week's primary in that state. and our senator marco rubio is hoping for another big win there. senator rubio is starting strong after a third place victory in iowa. this morning, he is emerging as the first viable gop alternative to cruz and trump. and he scored a key endorsement from south carolina senator tim scott. democratic candidates hillary rodham clinton and senator bernie sanders are also crisscrossing the granite state. senator sanders has a double digit lead in the state. former president bill clinton is expected to campaign heavily for his wife.
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the today including a live interview with senator sanders. it's 5:38 on this wednesday morning. how it is looking out there? >> you know, it's already quite warm. in fact, we are warmer right now than our typical high temperatures for early february. so yeah, it's going to be above all average all day today. and we will be well into the mid-70s by the time you're out and about for lunch, partly cloudy. 80 degrees at 3:00 p.m. and i did add in a 10% chance of a stray shower but i think most of us will stay dry today. and boy does that change tonight with an approaching slow-moving storm system, up to a 70% rain chance thursday. and dry for friday and saturday morning. and look at this, saturday night into sunday morning, another rain chance which also means our temperatures go up and down. we are obviously up today. the transition day is tomorrow. cool friday. warm again saturday. and then cool on sunday. in fact, cool for most of next week. let's check on traffic on the
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>> can we call that like, bipolar, biwinter, something? >> up and down for sure. we have the hot spots out there. overall, a good drive. but i want to talk about here in tampa what could slow you down. right here on fowler avenue, look at the westbound traffic bogging up by nebraska. because you can't turn on nebraska. both directions are blocked due to overnight construction. you can take fletcher. and instead of taking nebraska, take central. it should clear in about 20 minutes. and so should this, university is blocked at i-75. take fruitville instead. and that's due the to overnight construction. the biggest issue is the double fatal accident, folks, tying up lane, 301 at 63rd avenue east. street. he has a live view of this. and you can see it's jammed packed with emergency vehicles. again, this is 01 at 63rd avenue east. you will need to either direction whitfield or state road 70 over to 15th street and
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i will keep an eye on this for you throughout the morning. especially closer to 301. that's a look at weather and traffic. forget rum and cigar, the new business looking to put roots in cuba. and the pesky bed bugs are getting more stubborn. the reason you may want to rethink which products to use when trying to get rid of them. and what's app, the milestone this app is
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bill cosby is expected back in a pennsylvania court today and the judge could rule on the dismissal of the sexual assault case against him. tuesday's hearing was the first to determine if the criminal sexual charges against cosby in the case will ever go to trial. the former district attorney who declined to bring sex crime
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decade ago testified tuesday that the decision was intended to forever close the door on prosecuting the comedian. is there a palette for wine in cuba? this morning, many winemakers are eyeing the island nation as the next place to set up shop. winemakers are in cuba this morning weighing the potential to become the newest market. they are attending the california wine symposium in havana. and other countries already sell their wine in cuba. today in florida, a convicted cop killer will get his first appeal in the florida supreme court. right now dontae morris is facing the death penalty. he is on death row for three of four murders he is convicted of killing. he was found guilty of shooting and killing tampa police officer david cur the tis and officer jeffrey cobabies during a traffic stop in 2010. his attorney will try to save his life by bringing up a case that found florida's death penalty statute
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man caught on camera trying to rob a military vet. look at this video. this happened at a gas station in brevard county where the vet works as a clerk. when the man walked in i did manning money, well the worker jumped into action. the gunman did get away. >> wow. coming up on 5:45 on this wednesday. new data this morning shows more than one in 20 children have dizziness or balance problems. it can limit their ability to crawl, walk, run or play. all important motor skills in normal child development. researchers suggest treatment for children with vertigo, free falls or fainting. dizziness could be caused by underlying neurological problems. and this next story might make you jump out of bed this morning. yeah, bed bugs. shield your eyes. a new study suggest the nasty critters are getting harder to get rid of it.
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chemicals should be considered when the bugs reappear on previously treated surfaces. advances in technology are making communication easier. and those advances are moving faster than we think. voice recognition apps and captioning services are providing eased assessability to deaf students. the captioning service can interpret entire lectures and scroll right before the eyes of the student in real time. >> it makes access easier to come by. in the olden days, you had to get an interpreter and bring the interpreter. and now you can do things as you see them. >> they have 130 interpreters on staff and more than 4,000 logged hours of interpreting per week. university leaders strongly support and encourage the ever changing technology advances and growth toward assessability. after those massive storms, industry analysts predicted
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but this morning, we know overall sales matched last january's numbers. suvs were leading purchases. and fiat chrysler and general motors saw increased sales but not all stood strong. ford saw a drop in sales and so did volkswagon with a tail spin drop of 14% following the emissions scandal. the what's app messaging app just reached a huge milestone. the messaging service just reached 1 billion active users. that's one in seven people all around the world. a majority of users are outside the u.s. though. it can make phone calls, texts, location shares and much more. and you can send pictures as well. facebook purchased the app in 2014 and it's sending and receiving a mind-blowing 42 billion messages a day. a great way to keep in touch with friends abroad. papping today, celebrity chef paula deen is in town. she will be signing her new cook book on north dale mabry highway. and she will be giving
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and we are seconds away from 4:48. what you cooking up in weather? >> well, another hot day, that's for sure. this morning, already 68 degrees at 8:00 a.m. and a layer of low clouds. at this point, it's not all the way to the ground meaning it's not fog but it's not going to be pretty either. despite that, a warm 76 at noon. 80 by 3:00 p.m. and a 10% chance of a stray shower. most stay dry. it's 72 right now in arcadia. it is 71 in brooksville. these are very warm temperatures for this time of the year, this time of the day. 71 bradenton and sarasota. i checked in with my weather watcher betty in plant city and she says it's degrees. wins are coming out of the southeast at about 5 to 10 miles per hour and it's the light breeze keeping us from seeing the fog. so thank goodness for that. and heavy downpours from north georgia through alabama where they had the terrible tornadoes yesterday. and we're spreading in again
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when you walk out the door this morning, not as foggy but very warm. winds from the south, back near 80 degrees today and only a 10% rain chance. and that changes tomorrow. front starts arriving early tomorrow morning in the northern areas. but it's going to be a slow- mover off and on rain most of the day, a 70% chance. and cooler and drier for friday and another system this weekend. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? well, moving at good speeds on the bay area interstates. good news first. but we have a couple issues out here, one in the heart of tampa. hopefully this construction is going to be brand up soon because look at fowler avenue westbound, it's stacked and packed because you can't turn on nebraska. nebraska both directions blocked here at fowler. take central or 275. instead, take fletcher instead of fowler. especially westbound because that's where most of the traffic lies. and we have this accident involving two fatalities that
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blocked at 63rd avenue east. seeing a delay here now. and let's take a live look. meliek is on the street out there. and you can see a lot of activity. nobody is getting by here on 301 at 63rd. what does that mean for you? well, take whitfield or state road 70 over to 15th street. and 15th street is to the west of 301. it doesn't look like it's wrapping up soon. double fatality and investigation taking place. i see a tow truck pulling up. so eventually this will clear up. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. the newest member of the greenville zoo takes its first step. the heart warming video is coming up. plus, you heard the saying when pigs fly. what if that was true on your next flight? would you squeal? how one woman was able to get a pig on a plane. you're watching news channel 8
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this morning, a baby giraffe is taking its first steps. take a look at the cute pictures. autumn gave birth tuesday morning in greenville, south carolina without complications. the new baby will have a physical exam to determine sex,
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you can suggest a name for the baby with a donation. the name will be chosen later this week. >> got to be tough with the long they have. abusing the system or a needed program? you decide. >> coming up on the "today" show, the system used to bring emotional support animal aboard planes. how did he do it? in true jeff style, he had a producer register a pig and it worked. yep. okay. that's a pig. not a problem. now the producer was able to do the whole thing online to register the pig online. so be sure to keep it here. after the newscast, you can see the follow report with the cute dog too. that's all coming up on the today show. >> i thought the pig was adorable and it seemed well behaved on the plane. >> it was squealing the whole way. >> no, it wasn't. i'm in support. >> little piggy. >> yeah. weather and traffic on the
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plus, today is national signing day. a look at some of the bay area students making decisions this morning. and a tornado outbreak. ahead, a look at the destruction the twisters caused and how the same storm system could impact us. it's 55:00 4 . you're watching news channel 8 today. -- it's 5:54.
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time for weather and traffic on the 8s. let me tell you, it's already warm outside. >> 72 degrees at tampa international airport. that's warmer than the average high temperature for today and it's muggy as well with the south to southeast wind at 6 miles per hour. during the afternoon, we hit 80. most of us staying dry today but as the front approaches, increasing clouds and rain chances with the low of 67. we will tell you when we have the best rain chance coming up.
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university parkway back open underneath i-75. no need to take fruitville. still a couple lanes blocked on 75. that should wrap up soon. and meanwhile, the big issue remains in bradenton, 301 blocked both directions at 63rd avenue east due to a double fatal accident. 15th street is the alternate to 301 at.
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