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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  February 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning and thank you for watching news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. an alert for parent, an audit finds dozens of local school employees responsible for our kids missed background checks. >> it's our children. so we need it done. >> 8 on your side uncovered the results of the report and took our questions to the sarasota county school district. a convicted cop killer's
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supreme court the this morning for an appeal hearing. dontae morris is on death row for three of four murders. two of those murders are the shooting deaths of tampa police officers david curtis and jeffrey kocab in 2010. today morris' attorney will argue that florida's death penalty sentencing system is unconstitutional. and this morning, the midwest is getting hammered by a massive winter storm. check out the video. blizzard warnings are in place for minnesota. officials are warning drivers there to stay off the roads. as much as 10 inches of snow are expected to fall. and we want to get a check on our weather with meteorologist leigh spann. getting warm here. >> it is. even when you walk out the door right now, it's going to feel much more spring-like. 72 plant city. 70 in clearwater. 71 sarasota. and 70 in lakeland. but the big thing, look at the difference between yesterday and today. lakeland is 13 degrees warmer than just at 6:00 yesterday morning. brooksville, you're 11 degrees
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tampa is seven degrees warmer. here's the good thing though, we're not dealing with the thick fog that we dealt with. i'm looking at the fog forecast. and what we're seeing is a layer of low clouds. haven't settled to the ground though so the visibility is fine. we will keep the low clouds around through sunrise and then break them up. but notice sea fog may hang around again all day just offshore. today expecting 80 and that's obviously above the average of 71. in weather and traffic on the 8s at 6:08, i take you hour-by- hour through today and then walk you through the rain for tomorrow. but leslee is here with the roads right now. looks better construction- wise but we have big issues. sarasota, as i mentioned, university is back open at i- 75. that construction is cleared up. but you still have lanes blocked on the interstate but any minute, that should clear up here on 75 in sarasota. and let's move into bradenton,
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bradenton, step away from the microwave and check out what's going on here. we have 31 blocked both directions at 63rd avenue east. meliek on the street is live. and looks like we have a tow truck onscene. this is good news here. hopefully it will wrap up soon. right now, the investigation still going on. so 15th street is the alternate instead of 301. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you, leslee. 8 on your side is revealing a frightening report about the people who take care of our children at school. a state report found dozens of educator ins sarasota county did not undergo background checks as required by law. >> our ryan hughes joins us live at the sarasota county school head quarters. the state randomly picked 80 workers and found more than half never under we want the rescreenings. >> reporter: gene, good morning to you. the report shows that the
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here in sarasota randomly and discovered that more than half did not undergo the background check. a glaring report found that dozens of workers employed by the sarasota school district never had background rechecks which is required by law. school workers must undergo the fingerprint checks every five years but in a random sample of 80, 45 staffer, some who work with kids every day, never underwent the screening. >> they should find the time. i mean, it's our children. so we need it done. >> reporter: the report shows that district officials told the state they didn't have the personnel to resubmit fingerprints to the fbi or florida department of law enforcement to recheck the backgrounds of the employees. some of the employees were last checked in 2002, prompting the state to suggest that the district take immediate action to identify staff members who haven't obtained the required screenings. >> everybody should be checked
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to do their jobs appropriate yachtly. >> reporter: and there's no tell -- appropriately. >> reporter: and there's telling how many employees are included. we will keep you posted on this one. back to you. >> i can't help but to wonder if it's happening in other counties that don't have the resources. thanks, ryan. an 8 on your side investigation is prompting action. it's all in connection to a danger lurking beneath a tampa apartment complex. city attorney and engineers will inspect billings at the french quarter apartments on armenia avenue. 8 on your side exposed a massive 100-foot deep sink home underneath the complex. today the team will look for visible damage. and the group will consider moving residents from some of the apartments and possibly demolish part of the complex.
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four employees at the falkenburg academy are off the job after the escape of 18-year- old anthony bays and 17-year- old anthony cook. they're still on the loose this morning after disappearing through a hole in a fence. it took employees more than 90 minutes to discover the teens were even missing. and now officials are questioning if four employees followed procedures. and just take a look at the sweet faces here. eight puppies left to die on the side of a tampa road. they are now recovering though. they are at the humane society of tampa bay and their story is getting a lot of attention from you all on this morning. the pups were discovered in a box near 22nd street and bush boulevard. they were in such bad shape from a bad mange infection and other issue, vets can't even tell what breed these puppies are. and now the rescued pups are being evaluated and treated to be put up for adoption. >> we want to get them in a home as soon as possible. so if somebody loves them and
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>> we wish them well. recovery could take about four to six weeks. in your morning alert, look at this monster tornado as it rips through alabama causing damage and minor injuries. and now this same storm system is headed in our direction. news channel 8's lindsey mastis is live from the tampa news center. so should we be worried? >> reporter: gayle, good morning. our meteorologists are tracking the storm and by the time it gets here tomorrow, it's expected to be weaker and likely won't bring a tornado outbreak here. but so many others are dealing with its wrath right now. in mississippi, the national weather service confirms four tornadoes touching down. trees fell on roads, homes and even a school. one tornado was caught on video in alabama. it touched down in pickens county, knocking out power and tearing through mobile homes. there are reports of minor injuries. the people that livid here are
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here are thankful they're alive. >> i saw everything around, i got nervous then but i was grateful to god because he brought us through it. >> reporter: some in alabama are still on alert this morning for more tornadoes. storm team 8 including meteorologist leigh spann continues to keep an eye on the storm. we will have updates on-air and on our storm team weather max app. >> thank you so much. well speaking of leigh spann, she is on stand-by right now. and we don't need to worry too much about it. >> right. it certainly will not bring the same effects as it did back in alabama. but during an el nio year, we always watch the storms closely off the gulf of mexico. this is what it looks like right now. still dealing with rain and strong thunderstorms in alabama and pushing into the atlanta metro area. it won't affect us today because it's such a slow mover. 70 degrees at 9:00 a.m., partly
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clouds is possible through the morning hours. and break that up at noon, 76 degrees. 80 at 3:00 p.m. yeah, 80 degrees today. only a 10% rain chance. if you can training for the gasparilla distance classic, get the run out of the way this morning. that's where i'm putting my shoe of approval. the storm system arrives tomorrow, slowly pushing from north to south which keeps us with off on rain all day and -- off and on rain all day. let's check on traffic on the 8s because we have several incidents. you talk about 80 degrees, unbelievable. we have about 80 miles per hour on i-75 through sarasota. construction is clearing up. so that's good news. here we go, folks. we will look at the northbound, all this construction has cleared from the roadway. i mentioned university parkway, it was closed. that has opened up. the only thing we have is one left lane blocked southbound. and that's going to clear up as well. and let's talk about the
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now as we continue to follow this breaking traffic here. fatal crash, double fatality, both lanes, both directions of u.s. 301 blocked at 63rd avenue east. and let's go to ma reek on street -- meliek on the street, he is live out there. we have a lot less activity here than we did just 15 minutes ago. and you can see that we've got that tow truck still onscene. it hasn't taken off with the crashed up vehicle. and this involves an old dominion truck. a double fatality has both lanes blocked of 301 at 63rd. instead. the 8s. and now back to gene and gayle. >> all right. thank you so much, leslee. happening today, it is national signing day. high school football players across the nation and in the bay area will announce their team of choice. one player is tampa catholic wide receiver nate craig-myers. he will announce his decision
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he is cut down the list to auburn, ole miss and north carolina. news channel 8's sports team is all over signing day so tune in this afternoon beginning at 4:00 p.m. to find out where bay area players are going. i just have one thing to say, war eagle! >> oh, boy, i knew that was coming. congratulations to them. a great day for family and friends. >> a great experience. guns and college ahead. the legislation that could allow guns on college campuses without students knowing. and the changes that may take place with the draft. who some top military brass want to sign up. and family friendly, what united airlines is doing to make traveling with small children easier. you're watching news channel 8 today. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot
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today in florida, the state's 60 day legislative session heads into day 23. news channel 8's matt galka is in tallahassee with a look at what's on today's agenda. >> reporter: good morning everyone. i'm matt galka. controversial bills will rule the day as the florida households a house session. bills alouing concealed carry on -- allowing concealed carry on college campus, open carry throughout the state and a bill cracking down on undocumented
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up for a vote and are all expected to pass. a senate bill that would allow computer coding as a foreign language credit faces the last committee stop. and don't space out, florida's space day will be celebrated at the florida capitol. as always, truly out of this i'm matt galka. >> thank you so much. people dealing with the water emergency in flint, michigan may get help paying their water bills. the governor is proposing $30 million in state funding. it would cover a portion of utility bills for lead-laced water that was or will be used for drinking, cooking, bathing and washing hands. the move comes as the city deals with the lead- contaminated water supply. president barack obama is taking on the nation's heroin addiction epidemic. he is asking for a billion dollars to pay for drug treatment for people addicted to heroin. the extra money is part of the 2017 budget request. today a first for president
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he will visit an american mosque as president. he will stop by the islamic society of baltimore for a round table. the president has visited mosques overseas but never one here in the united states during his presidency. top military leaders want women to step up to plate. it's part of a move the to fully integrate women into the military. they believe every citizen should register including women. and yahoo employees are waking up on thin ice this morning. their reported earnings didn't cut it so the company is cutting 15% of the work force in part of a $400 million cost cut. 1500 employees are expected to be laid off. and offices in dubai, mexico city, and madrid are set to close. it's 6:16. an old policy is back this morning. good news for many parents out there. >> you will love this.
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back preboarding for families with young children. so starting the 15th of this month, families with children under age 2 can preboard united flights. it will follow passengers with disabilities and active duty personnel in uniform. the policy was dropped in 2012. an email to customers says they hope to relieve passenger stress. >> get them in and settle them down. >> it. is exactly. abuse -- >> it. is exactly. abusing the system or -- it is. exactly. the system used to bring emotional support system aboard planes is investigated. how did he do it? one of his producer, yep, registered a pig and it worked. had to take a flight with the squealing in your ear. the producer was able to do it online. there's jeff with the cute puppy as well. be sure to keep it here on news
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you can see the full report on the "today" show. hah is cute. the pig is cute too. >> if it wasn't for the rules, i would be taking mine everywhere with me. i got to get her a before it's too late. >> you need emotional supporter? >> yes, i do. >> she calms you down? all that anxiety. >> exactly. 6:18 on the nose. let's turn things over to leigh spann for weather and traffic on the 8s. >> if you go to walk your emotional support pet this morning, it's already warm, 68 degrees, got a layer of low clouds out there. not a pretty morning but we don't have the fog. so there's that. and 76 degrees at noon. 80 degrees at 3:00 p.m. and obviously above average. but just that 10% chance of the stray shower. all right, you step out the door right now to 72 degrees in tampa. 72 in plant city. and that's warmer than our average high temperature for early february. so yes, it's a warm day. 71 bradenton. 70 in clearwater. and i checked in with my
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crystal beach who says it's 72 degrees. but man, what a system. this brought the strong tornadoes across alabama and now it's making its way through northern georgia and still bringing rain unfortunately to alabama. what will it do fors? today, it's going to bring winds from the south -- do for us? today it's going to bring winds. humid, high near 80 and 10% rain chance today. and tomorrow morning, we will start to see the rain push from north to south, bringing a 70% rain chance. another storm system comes through saturday night. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? well, as i continue to follow the breaking traffic news with the double fatality in bradenton, what you're looking at right now of course is an active scene where they are trying to clear the roadway here. this is u.s. 301 at 63rd avenue east. look at the smashed up car there.
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truck as well and two people were killed. 301 remains blocked. let's go ahead and go to the maps. let me tell you how to get around this. 301 remains blocked at 63rd avenue east. take highway 70 or whitfield avenue to 15th street. and that's a good alternate to 301 at this time. and a good drive-thru ybor, no delays yet on the veterans expressway. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back the to gene and gayle. >> all right, thank you so much, leslee. well the count down is on for super bowl 50. and while the broncos and panthers are the main attraction, others are more intrigued by the entertainment. >> yeah, straight ahead, who will perform the national anthem at the big game. and the popularity of a bay area race, well, why you will want to register soon because you might be too late. it's 6:20.
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so those of you with plans for the gasparilla distance classic might not want to wait to get registered. all four popular road races are close to selling out. a total of 27,855 runners are signed up for the 5k, the 8k or the half-marathon. we have included more information under the don't miss it section of this morning we know who is singing the national anthem at super bowl 50. ready? lady gaga. that's right, the golden globes winner will sing the star spangled banner at sunday's big game in california. it's and then of course, -- california. and then of course you have the big half-time performance. they'll deliver this year, ready? cold play and queen b, beyonce.
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you're giving before announcing lady gaga. >> did i do that well? >> yeah, poker face, get it? >> it was a terrible joke, i didn't think i would laugh. sometimes you miss, gayle. sometimes you just miss. weather and traffic on the 8s is three minutes away. nice try though. >> that was a dud. in the next half hour, blown apart in mid-air. >> the horrifying pictures of an explosion on a passenger plane. and then a toddler at a courthouse. the surprising person who stepped in to help a dad in need. it's 6:25.
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you may feel like emoji man today, another warm day. in fact when the kids go to the 68 degrees.
6:23 am
they come home. but things change tomorrow. i will run down the rain chances. looking at this folk, this is a fatal accident, a double fatality. 301 in bradenton is blocked completely both directions right at 63rd. take 15th street instead.
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6:38 on this wednesday morning. good morning to you. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. in our top story, a demolition team is jumping into action today. this is linked to an 8 on your side investigation that revealed a sinkhole danger under a tampa apartment complex. today the crews will accompany the city attorney and the engineers to inspect the apartments on armenia avenue. and they must decide if and how to move residents if they are found to be in eminent danger.
6:25 am
helping a family forced out of their home overnight by fire. firefighters tell us that the flames sparking the rear of the home on dolphin drive took about 30 minutes to put the fire out. the cause of the fire is under investigation. and the people of alabama are waking up to massive destruction this morning. n the wake of one -- morning in the wake of one monster tornado. look at the twister that hit pickens county. residents will start to clean up today. only minor injuries are reported. and the same system is moving to our area but it should weaken, right? >> and it will take almost 24 hours to get here. look at this, it is still bringing the threat for strong storms in alabama and through the metro portions of alabama. and we are in the warm sector ahead of it. man, 72 in plant city. 70 in clearwater. 70 bradenton. and warmer than yesterday morning and yesterday felt warm.
6:26 am
tampa than yesterday. and 11 degrees warmer in brandon and brooksville. thankfully we don't have the thick fog but there's a hear of clouds off the surface. not a pretty morning but at least the visibility will be good through the morning. and notice during the afternoon, yeah, sunshine for us and the sea fog may hang around for most of the day, just like yesterday. we will hit 80 today, mostly dry ahead of the storm system tomorrow. and 6:38, an eight-day temperature trend and show you how we go up and down over the next several days. and leslee is here to help you through the morning commute. starting to get busy in the typical areas and big issues. first of all in bradenton, fatal accident has both lanes in both directions of 301 blocked at 63rd avenue east. what i want you to do is take whitfield to 15th street or state road 70 to 15th street. that's the alternate. and meliek on the street there, the investigation continues, the tow trucks onscene and this involved an old dominion truck.
6:27 am
vehicle on the back of the tow truck. 301 still blocked here. let's go back to the maps now. and we have got an issue going on, folks, as i move towards, not quite plant city but not too far away, mango road at i- 4, the traffic light isn't working. treat it as a four-way stop. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you, leslee. 8 on your side is revealing some information that might make parents uncomfortable. we dug up a state audit that found glaring errors involving the very people who work with our children. the report shows dozens of educators in sarasota county did not undergo background checks as required by law. 8 on your side's ryan hughs is live at the sarasota school board this morning. and ryan, the state randomly picked 80 workers and found more than half never underwent the screenings. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. and by law, they must undergo screenings every five years. the state looked at records here at the sarasota school
6:28 am
and found 45 did not have the required background checks. when the auditor general looked into the staffers, it learned the district never resubmitted the fingerprints to the fbi or the florida department of law enforcement for a criminal history records check. district officials told the state the fingerprints weren't resubmitted because they did not have the staff to do it. 8 on your side emailed the district spoke man who tells us that the fingerprints on file with the fdle and if a worker is arrested, they would likely learn that. >> the background checks should be done by law. especially with the things that are going on in this world today, it's crazy. >> there's been a lot of that lately with inappropriate behavior between teachers and children and it's becoming an epidemic. >> reporter: now the state asked the school district how
6:29 am
have not had rescreenings within the past five years or more. and you can count on 8 on your side to continue to check with the state and the school district to get the very latest on this situation. gayle, back to you for you now. >> and i know parents are probably wonder in other counties if there's a similar problem going on and it would take an audit to reveal it. all right, thanks, ryan. happening today, a convicted cop killer will get his first appeal in florida supreme court. right now dontae morris is facing the death penalty. morris is on death row for three of four murders he is convicted of committing. he was found guilty of shooting and killing tampa police officers david curtis and jeffrey kocab during a traffic stop back in 2010. his attorney will try to save his life by bringing up a recent case that found florida's death penalty send temperaturessing statute
6:30 am
sentencing statute unconstitutional. ken o'neal, the man who found pipe bombs, assault weapons and grenades is speak out this morning only to news channel 8. they were partners in a business that sold body armor. >> i had to make a really tough choice here. and there's people that hate me for it and there's people that thank me for it. >> agents found eight homemade pipe bombs, an ak-47, a hand gun, tear gas and smoke grenades in his home. after the arrest, the atf claims michael ramos voiced anti-government sentiments. right now, alarm is growing as the zika virus continues to spread including here in hillsborough county. there are now two cases in the tampa bay area and nine today throughout the state of florida. >> yeah, and pregnant women, the virus causes birth defects. lindsey mastis is following the story this morning. so do we know if any of the
6:31 am
>> reporter: gayle, good morning. none of the cases here in florida involve pregnant women but take a look at this, we have two cases here in hillsborough county. the others are in miami-dade, lee county and santa rosa county. nine cases all together. and now the american red cross wants people that travel to areas experiencing outbreaks to refrain from giving blood for at least 28 days. outbreak areas include mexico, the caribbean and part of central and south america. zika is linked to a birth defect that leads to babies being born with smaller heads because their brains won't develop fully. according to the centers for disease control common symptoms include fever, rash, joint pain and red eyes. and it could take as much as a week for symptoms to appear. and now in texas, something new, the first confirmed case of zika spread through sexual transmission. >> with zika, we don't know how long someone can remain
6:32 am
we understand it, someone had just gotten sick with zika and that individual's sexual partner developed zika without a travel history. >> reporter: according to the cdc, the virus can be found in blood. right now there are no vaccinations or medications to prevent or treat see chasm those are the virus are urged to rest and drink fluids. now health officials believe all nine cases in florida were contracted outside of the state. the world health organization expects at least 3 million infections over the next year. this is one of the top stories on we're going to stay on top of the story and let you know about any new cases. gayle -- >> yeah, so frightening for women carrying children. thanks. you can follow the morning alerts each day on facebook and twitter. just search the #8alert. it's 6:38 on this wednesday morning and leigh has weather and traffic on the 8s. >> it's going to be a warm one. watch the hour-by-hour forecast. first of all, we start near 70
6:33 am
there is a layer of low clouds but not a lot of fog which is good news. temperatures go up to 76 degrees by noon. at 2:00 p.m., 79. by 3:00 p.m., 80. only a 10% rain chance through the afternoon. and evening. that starts to go up tonight. leading to a 70% rain chance off and on all day for us tomorrow. cooler and drier for friday and guess what, another storm system comes through late saturday and into sunday. so watch the eight-day temperature trend. it goes up today at 80 and down tomorrow to 75. and even 64 on friday. and back up to 70 saturday. and after that second cold front, that's the one that's going to keep us cool for the week next week. and leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? well, we have a big issue working in bradenton. i've been continuing to follow this breaking traffic. due to a fatal accident, 310 blocked both directions. right now, at last check, it was still blocked. 15th street is the alternate
6:34 am
will get you there. slowing down on 70 as people head there for the alternate. and let's go to meliek on the street. and you can see they still have the tow truck and there's the old dominion truck involved in the crash. two people were killed in the accident. and that car up on the tow truck completely smashed up. they have to get that out of there. the investigation going on as well, 15th street is the alternate. and back to the maps now, and i want to talk about slow traffic now. ybor city 301 to 275, eight minutes. and the vets starting to get southbound, ehrlich to 275, a 12 minute commute. and this is i-4 starting to hit the brakes heading into downtown. back to gene and gayle. terror in the air. >> coming up, what happened when an airliner filled with passengers that forced it to make an emergency landing. and what to do with a wild child in a courthouse. oh, boy. wait till you see who stepped in to baby it is.
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this morning, investigators are trying to determine what blew a hole in a passenger airliner over africa. it's about the size of the door. just a few feet away from from that there. there's speculation that a bomb is to blame in this. it happened as the flight was 12,000 feet in the air. passengers heard a loud bang and then saw flames. the pilot made an emergency landing in somalia. this is the outside of the plane. officials believe one person was sucked out of the plane and died. initial tests found explosives reserve list due. bill cosby is expected back in a pennsylvania court today and the judge rule on the dismissal of the sexual assault case against him.
6:37 am
to determine if the corral sexual assault charges -- if the criminal sexual assault charges in this case will ever go to trial. the former district attorney who declined to bring charges against cosby a decade ago testified that the decision was intended to forever close the door on prosecuting the comedian. is there a palette for california wine in cuba? many winemakers are eyeing the nation as the next place to set up shop. winemakers are in cuba this morning weighing the potential to become the newest market. they are attending the california wine symposium in havana. other countries already sell their wine in cuba. a 78-year-old woman is recovering after this. take a look at the windshield here. this happened while she was driving down the road in vermont, aan ice missile smashed into her windshield. investigators believe a sheet of ice broke off the roof of the tractor-trailer. it flew at about 50 miles per hour into the woman's car.
6:38 am
face but is expected to be okay. the search continues for the man caught on camera trying to rob a military vet. take a look at this video. this all happened at a gas station in brevard county. that's where the vet works as a clerk. when the man walked in with a gun in his hand demanding money, well the worker jumped into action. the gunman did get away. a 68-year-old australia man is alive after making what aviations officials call a textbook landing. if you take a close look, you can see the front propellor was not moving. he was making his way to a honolulu runway when it malfunctioned. and now the perfect landing was met immediately with emergency crews and the pilot was the only one onboard. he was not hurt. looks like in good shape is there. >> yeah, thankful i'm sure. the 14-year-old california boy is closer to his neighbors after a house fire. >> yeah, christian beacher rescued his young special needs
6:39 am
elderly neighbor next door. the student was on his porch when he suddenly smelled gas, heard an explosion and saw flames shooting from the home. he ignored his asthma, hopped a fence and sprang into action. >> i always have my asthma but saving other people's lives is more important. >> we sure have good neighbors. yeah, now i know we have good neighbors. >> he is thankful because his special needs daughter can't walk well. christian earned himself the neighborhood title of hero next door. the video of a utah police officer on baby duty is going viral. >> surveillance video captured the officer keeping the busy bodied toddler occupied while her father went into traffic court. she was not allowed in the courtroom but sosa the officer took her little hand and spent
6:40 am
>> we're not just officers who are out there to arrest people. we are out there to make our community a better place. >> after a tiring walk to the water fountain and a nice cozy movie session with the 6'6" officer, the father walked out of the courtroom to find his daughter sound asleep. that's sweet. a pleasant surprise for the father. >> he told her to pipe down or he was going to put her in jail. >> yeah, when you're 6'6" like that -- >> he's got a way with kids. got to do what he's got to do. >> so cute. let's get a check on traffic and weather on the 8s. >> the days are getting longer. a thin layer of clouds but the things up. 71 degrees at that location. we will keep the low thin clouds around through the morning and really already warm at noon, 76. 80 by 3:00 p.m. and about a 10% rain chance.
6:41 am
in fact, right now, we are warmer than the average high temperature. and the sun is just peeking up over the horizon. 71 fish hawk. and 69 in bartow. and i checked in with my weather watcher in inverness. and it's usually a cool spot. she is at 70 degrees right now. and one of the reasons why we don't have the fog that we had yesterday, the winds are stronger coming out of the southeast. that's mixing things up. we will take it because we don't like the thick fog in the morning hours. still tracking the big storm is system from the western panhandle and montgomery and atlanta. yes, it's warm although not as foggy for us. all day today the cold front will get closer to us but really not having much of an effect. and this time tomorrow, the first few showers ahead of the front will start making it into the northern areas and we will see off and on rain all day with the slow-moving front, a 70% chance.
6:42 am
friday. how about traffic on the 8s? the biggest problem remains in bradenton. for those in the sun coast area, step away from the fridge, check this out. 301 still blocked both directions here at 63rd avenue east due to a double fatal crash. what you need to do is take whitfield or state road 70 and 15th street is the alternate. meliek on the street has a live look here. you can see the sun rising in the distance but the tow truck still onscene. two people were killed in the crash. and that has left 301 complete blocked at 63rd avenue east. and back to the maps now. and we want -- and i want to talk about other issues. we have an accident with injuries, 580 is busy near the safety harbor area. and that's weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you.
6:43 am
time to pop the big question. >> and just in time for holiday, there's a groupon to help you propose in a pricy style. it's a $30,000 proposal package. you better hope she says yes. >> yeah. >> it allows you to create an unforgettable way to ask the love of your life to get married in public in a big way. after designing your message, it will be broadcast on a 12 by 16 size l.e.d. screen in a public place of your choice. >> so you really want to make sure she says yes because you're out $30,000 everybody saw it. if that cost $30,000, how much does the wedding cost? >> they're loaded. what you need to know before you caulk out the door is up next. >> including, a discovery 8 on your side made about educators in one school district. and the creatures found on the side of a tampa road and the infection they are
6:44 am
8 on your side makes an unsettling discovery for parents of school children. >> a state audit found dozens of educator in sarasota county did not undergo background checks as required by law enforcement. >> reporter: good morning. the state randommingly checked 80 employees here at the school district and found more than background checks. when the auditor general looked into the staffer, it learned the district never resubmitted the fingerprints of the 45 employees to the fbi or the florida department of law history records check. years. district officials told the state the fingerprints were resubmitted because they did not have the staff to do it. 8 on your side emailed the district who said they're
6:45 am
live in sarasota county, ryan hughes, news channel 8. >> thank you. a demolition team is jumping into action today. it's all linked to an 8 on your side investigation that uncovered a large sinkhole under a tampa apartment complex. today crews will infect the apartment comet lex on armenia avenue. -- apartment complex on armenia avenue. there are now two cases of the mosquito-borne illness in hillsborough county and that means there's nine in the state of florida. the florida supreme court will hear a convicted cop killer's appeal this morning. dontae morris is on death row. had he is convicted of shooting and killing tampa police officer david curtis and jeffrey kocab in 2010. today morris' attorney will argue that florida's death penalty sentencing system is unconstitutional. eight puppies left to die
6:46 am
a good samaritan found them in a box near bush boulevard. they are suffering from many ailments including mange. the humane society of tampa bay are caring for them. they believe it will take four to six weeks to recover and be ready for adoption. people in several southeast states are assessing the damage after an outbreak of destructive tornadoes. one massive tornado touched down in pickens county, alabama. and this morning, it is warm and humid as the sun comes up across the tampa bay area. 72 in tampa and plant city. 70 in bradenton. and 70 in lakeland. through the day, we have these low clouds, thin layer of clouds this morning. feeling obviously warm at 76 degrees by your lunch break. 80 at 3:00 p.m. and 10% rain chance today. and overnight tonight and through day tomorrow, the same system that caused the tornadoes in alabama will come through here. and i don't think it will be as
6:47 am
cooler and drier for friday before another system saturday night into sunday. all right, looking at traffic right now, what you see is 301. and you don't see cars going by and that's because 301 is completely blocked at 63rd avenue east. tow trucks are onscene but we have a double fatal crash here. investigation still going on. and 301 not assessable at 63rd. look at the car on the tow truck. and let's go ahead and look at the maps now. you can see. what i want you to do is take 15th street as the alternate instead of 310. >> yeah, big scene out there. thank you for join ugh us on this wednesday morn -- joining us on this wednesday morning.
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