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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  February 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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now four headlines at 4:00. no. 1, brace yourself for even cooler temperatures. we're going to show you what you can expect overnight >> no. 2, mcdill drill, see how the air force plans to handle problems at its upcoming air stuff. >> no. 3, baby black swans. we're going to check in these newborns and see why the >> here's no. 4. >> the snow could be a huge hampshire primary. coming up, we have a look at the republican field. good afternoon, everyone,
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>> and i'm stacie schaible. this is first at four. >> we are looking a the that cool stretch and it's not going anywhere any time soon. we're looking at the chilly temperatures continuing for almost a week it looks like. currently, dealing with clouds around but peeks of sunshine throughout the day and really not bad in the sun this afternoon. sitting in the mid-60s out at the lake club and lakewood ranch with our winds fairly lights out of the southwest. it's 65 in odessa, 62 in clarewater beach, 65 in new port richey and most places, mid to upper 60s across the board. winds coming in out of the west at around 10 to 15 miles per hour, some places even windier. tampa currently dealing with a west wind at 23 miles per hour, so it's breezy and the breeze is what's making it feel cooler this afternoon. a mix of sun and clouds currently across the area. as we take a step back, you can
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there's the front just off to our north now. behind it, we are tracking some showers and even flurries in places like tennessee, so this front expected to move through our area tonight and this is what's going to make it feel even cooler over the next several days. for this evening, you'll want a light jacket, a few light sprinkles, light shower is possible in the overnight hours. tonight, we'll only fall back to around 50 but throughout the day tomorrow, we won't warm up much. we'll have a full look at your forecast coming up in a few minutes. now we have new information on first at four and a warning for parents. police are looking for a man who attacked a 6-year-old little girl in a bathroom stall at the country side mall macy's store. >> it happened in the lower level restroom. take a look at this picture. this is after the attack friday night. camera also shows pictures of two women who may have spoken with the man. right now, police want to speak to all three but they're having
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officers are reminding parents to accompany small children into restrooms. a strip club shooting caught on camera, now the focus of a tampa police investigation. one person is dead. seven others were shot at club rayne on nebraska avenue at 2:00 saturday morning. it appears the victim may have sent his own murder live over internet via the periscope app though police have not yet confirmed that. >> we've had a lot of leads to follow up on. we asked the public for help to identify some of the people that were in the club and if they knew who did the shooting. we received a lot of leads. we need to narrow those down. to. >> police tell us one of the seriously injured. others were not hurt nearly as bad i there. police are trying to figure out how much shooters were involved in that incident. the air fest at mcdill air force base attracts thousands of
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be there again this year to see the aircraft and high-flying stunts. but what would happen if there was an accident? 8 on your side's josh thomas went to find out. >> reporter: the air fest draws thousands of people here and they have to be prepared in case there's an emergency. in the simulated scenario, an air show performer crashes a jet in front of the crowd leaving make-believe spectators injured and dead on the tarmac. the key to this training, to allow first responders to practice what they need to do to save lives. >> they'll take the check lists and they'll say, okay, did we do everything we were supposed to do by the book. what went right, what went wrong. and if something didn't go as expected, what can we do to correct that before the air show. >> reporter: with 100,000 people expected on the base for each day of the air show, they would rather make their mistakes here than when it really counts.
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from today's exercise so that if there's an emergency here, they'll be prepared. in tampa, josh thomas, news channel 8. and now to new hampshire running out. presidential candidates only have until tomorrow to plead their cases to voters before they cast their votes. >> that's right. 8 on your side candace campbell is in nashua. >> reporter: good afternoon, stacy, josh. it's do or die time for these candidates and they have one opponent to deal with that they can't control, that's the snow. voting starts tomorrow morning and starting tonight, the snow is expected to begin falling. not flurries, but snow showers, and that will surely make a difference. >> it can affect turnout by a couple of points, and so you know, when a race is this close, on the republican side,
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candidates that are kind of bunched together in the polls, and, you know, one of them just hoping to break out. >> reporter: of those bunched together, the governors like former florida governor jeb bush. he along with others have been touting their experience over senators like marco rubio. >> these three governors seem to be going after the same moderate voters who tend to go more with establishment candidates, so there's a lot up in the air right now. >> reporter: we asked governor bush about marco rubio. his answer? take a look at the support he gets from florida. >> i'm aproven leader. that's why all the speakers before me, before marco, and those after him, all of them but one are supporting me. the three statewide elected officials are supporting me. >> reporter: now it's all about the ground game. getting to voters and volunteers can't let the snow stop them.
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come in third or higher and determine whether they continue on to south carolina. coming up at 5:00, we're going to ask senator marco rubio about the support that jeb bush claims he has. meanwhile, news channel 8's candace mccown will provide coverage of the nation's first presidential primary. she'll have reports at 5, 6 and 11:00 tonight. ticket scalping. right now, florida lawmakers are looking at opening up the resale of tickets to sporting events and concerts. we're going to find out how that might affect you next. >> then, do you remember rufus, the bay area dog who just couldn't get adopted? hey, we have some good news to share with you when first at 4 continues.
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many of us have been there. you decide last minute to head to a game and try to get some something comes up and you have to try to sell your tickets. >> today, a bill moving through the legislature would make sure the fans still have the ability punished. matt gel ka has that story from our capital bureau today. >> reporter: some florida lawmakers want to make sure no fan is shut out of a game or an event and they are pushing for a bill to open up the secondary market. a bill is moving through the capital that would ban teams and venues from punishing their ticket holders. tampa bay buccaneers season ticketer holder tim center said he has every right to resell his tickets if he can't attend a game.
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ticket to somebody else is a need. i have to recoup that money because it's expensive. >> reporter: last year a bill that banned robots from going online and scooping up a bunch of tickets only to be sold for much higher prices failed to become a law. reporting in tallahassee, i'm matt gelka. it is three weeks before the oscars and top honors are >> that's true. david daniel has that today and minute ". >> best picture at the oscars is officially a horse race. "the revenant" director took top of america awards. "spotlight" took the top prize. we'll see which way the academy
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>> what did they say? >> sorry, sir, no one is listening. >> reporter: there's less suspense about the oscar for best animated feature after "inside out" won several awards. >> paparazzi. >> reporter: how do you send a new song straight to the top of billboard and twitter's top 140 chart? drop a new single the same time you're performing a halftime show. beyonci's latest track contains commentary. for "hollywood minute,"i'm david daniel. your first at four weather and that rufus update we promised coming up next. .
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welcome back. you may remember meeting rufus on first at four. he's a shelter dog who waited six years to be adopted. >> this story touched so many people and thanks to our story, right now he's with a wonderful new family in a loving home. they adopted him after seeing our story about staff at the bishop animal shelter recently uncovering a heartbreaking letter from rufus' original owner. karen duffy in port richey said she was touched by the story so she called the story and adopted rufus. >> he's 10-1/2. and, you know, for people that
4:18 pm
years, maybe longer, but i have enough time to offer him really some good quality of life. >> rufus is fitting in nicely at the duffy home. he has a yard to play in, a large bed to sleep in and the duffy family says he's adjusting well. it looks like it. >> he's earned it. >> yeah, he sure has. well, joining us now for another look at your first at four weather, here's julie. wait, i apologize. that. we're going to tell you about new black swans being hand-raised by city workers until they're old enough to be with their parents. >> they are hatched in an incubator. we'll tell you how this came together for another wonderful story. check it out. [ peeping ] >> we've been taking care of the swans for six years.
4:19 pm
this is our first babies that hatched. we were able to collect some eggs, put them into the incubator and the incubation period is considered between 40 and 45 days. we were able to go ahead and keep them in there and on that saturday morning, we faithfully came in and were checking the incubator and we had baby swans. we have been giving them water, getting them in there letting them swim. they drink quite a bit of water from swimming in the water. we make sure they're eating. the last one that we had hatch was a smaller baby. it's been a little bit weaker and it's gradually been coming along, so we're pleased it's doing well. >> this is your little brother. >> they're going from here in the next week to the nursery at the city -- the city of lakeland has a nursery set up and they are going back with a pair of swans. we're going to let them go with
4:20 pm
them to learn to be birds, not people. i've learned a lot. >> okay, now it's time for the weather. joining us for a look at this chilly stuff, it's julie again. >> we were testing you to see if you were ready. >> i wasn't. >> she was running around. >> swans first, julie second. >> i'm the bearer of, i don't know, you have to take it as you like. >> you're saying colder? >> yeah. >> this is tampa. >> pretty cool stretch. >> slow down a little bit. >> we're getting a little taste of winter all year. a lot of you wait for this all year, so enjoy it while it does last. highs only in the 50s the next couple days. all the way into this weekend, temperatures for us are staying below average. average for right now, 72. we're really not going to be close to that for at least a week or so. for this evening, at 9 p.m., we're looking at the chance to see a very light shower possible. the reason being we're tracking a cold front that's set to move through tonight and that will
4:21 pm
as you wake up tomorrow morning, not necessarily super chilly to start the day, though it will be cool and breezy, which will make it feel even colder. we'll be near 50 degrees but by the afternoon hours we don't really warm up with the northwest winds quite breezy, we'll only make it into the hours. so there's the front we're watching. southern georgia. some light showers, even some of us. we're dealing with some cloud cover but as this front moves through tonight, we could see a few light showers generated. this evening, we'll keep the chance to see light rain in the forecast as the front moves in. through the overnight hours, the same thing and maybe there will even be a few sprinkles around tomorrow morning but shouldn't be a major deal. it will be windy. while temperatures will be near 50 degrees, when you factor in the strong winds, we're looking at temperatures that feel like the 40s. the kids definitely need a jacket heading out in the morning. by the afternoon, the clouds
4:22 pm
it will be windy with below-average temperatures. as we head into tomorrow evening, partly to mostly cloudy skies. it will stay breezy and chilly. and then by the time you wake up wednesday morning, we're talking about temperatures in the mid-40s. could even see some 30s on the maps. and then it's going to still be breezy. you'll definitely want the winter jackets wednesday morning. windy into wednesday afternoon. more sunshine but temperatures still only in the upper 50s. wednesday evening, clear skies, lighter winds. thursday, it will be a slow warm-up for us and even into this weekend, we're falling back into the 50s with another cold front. guys. your health. a new recommendation from the centers for disease control is being met with a little backlash. it recommends that young women avoid alcohol unless they use contraception. today we're going to take a look at the intended message and how it's being received.
4:23 pm
permanently harm a developing baby before a woman even knows she's pregnant. that's why the centers for disease control issued what's turning out to be a controversial new recommendation. >> if you're thinking about drinking alcohol, you should protect yourself by using birth control. remember, approximately six months ago, the american academy of pediatrics came out and said no amount of alcohol is safe during pregnancy and i think this kind of goes along with this. >> reporter: on the "today" show backlash. some find the recommendation condescending. >> they want fewer babies with fetal alcohol syndrome. to tell all young woman as a potential baby vessel, here's a new recommendation. that's where it gets a little bit muddied. >>reporter: the cdc goes on to say about half of all pregnancies in the u.s. are unplanned and even if planned, most women won't know they're pregnant for the first month or so when they might still be drinking. >> the point is, you never know and so because of that, protect yourself, if you're going to
4:24 pm
sure you're protected so that you don't have that whoops moment. >> reporter: the doctor advises her patients who are thinking about getting pregnant to avoid alcohol altogether but she understands why the message ibbing some of the wrong way. >> i think the cdc recommendation is very responsible. i'm not 100% certain on the practicality, but it should make you think if i'm going to be drinking alcohol, am i protected so that i don't have one of those moments. >> reporter: now, according to the cdc report 3 million women who drink are sexually active but not on birth control. bottom line, there is no known amount of alcohol that is safe to consume while pregnant. speaking of alcohol, you may have watched last night's game and may have had a few. but you may have also miss id the small business commercial winner this year. this company beat out 15,000 others for a 30 -second super
4:25 pm
>> the day of reckoning is upon us! my brothers, what is life if not to die, a glorious death! fear not, tonight we drink in the halls of valhalla! welcome! >> death wish coffee. fiercely caffeinated. >> yes, all that for coffee. the company is a start-up, 11 employees. >> 11? >> double the caffeine of a normal cup. >> they're soon to have more than 11. >> with a $5 million ad. >> that commercial is better than weiner dogs? >> or puppy happy baby? >> the best small business. >> small business commercial. hey, 25,000 weiner dogs running towards heinz ketchup. >> that was pretty good. >> so was the defensive super bowl if you're into that kind of thing.
4:26 pm
dominated by quarterbacks and passing attacks, the denver broncos showed us something, principle and a sports cliche, defense wins championships and as the bucs get ready to rework their defense for 2016, perhaps a blueprint emerged for them. remember, the bucs played the carolina panthers twice each season and they were no match for quarterback cam newton in 2015. the broncos did exactly what they wanted to do. make the game ugly by stuffing 9 panthers run. the defense sacked cam newton six times and demonstrated what an outside pass rush can accomplish when the interior lineman stopped the run and apply pressure. by the way, mccoy was just fine at doing that this year. but there are other elements as well. cornerbacks who bought time for that pass rush with excellent coverage, speedy linebackers
4:27 pm
have, this is now, four headlines at 4:30. a florida paratrooper had to be rescued today after this, pole. this is in deland. he was training at sky dive deland when he d drifted away from
4:28 pm
a trooper spotted him hangiging and called for help. check out the waves in south florida today. that is a lot. this is off the coast of palm beach. a front that pushed through over the weekend created those windy conditions and big swells. the water temperature in this video? about 73 degrees. >> surfers love that. chipotle has reopened its stores nationwide about ann hour ago. it closed its stores for two hours at lunch time to talk to employees about the food-borne illnesses. the chain employs about 50,000 people. no. 4, just a couple of hours ago, a cruise ship safely reached port on flolorida's east coast after a hurricane-like storm hit the ship off the coast of north carolina. passengers on the royal caribbean took video and picture during the storm and posted them on social media. we're told the weather was far worse than anyone expected.
4:29 pm
our first at four weather. here's storm team 8 meteorologist jujulie phillips. >> good afternoon, josh, and we're goingng to look a at chilly temperatures moving back through our area. 63 degrees outside at t the planation at chrisis cal river. wiwinds out of the southwest about 10 miles per hour. i want to show you that storm that's's producing the hurricane-force wind gusts. this is an area of low pressure that developed east of florida and brought us the rain on saturday. now it's moving up the east coast with veryy strong winds times. a large storm here. there's the cold front we w were watchingng and this is what's going toto move through our area tonight. going to keep winds strong as well. current winds 15 to 25 miles per hour at times. we're seeing gusts almost up to 30 miles per hour. the next couple of days it will continue to be breezy. waking up tomorrow morning, we're near 50 degrees. it will be breezy.
4:30 pm
that front moves south of us but most of the showers should be overnight if we see any att all. we'll top out near 57 tomomorrow, well below a average and below average temperatures, a thing we'll be talking about for a while. we'll have the details coming up in a few minutes. florida is one of only four states where birth cerertificates do in the reflect changes in modedern parenting. >> right now, legislation to modernize the wording is getting >> reporter: florida birth certificates list the husband since the advent of legalized the case. in florida by law, parents are still listed as the father a and mother on birth certificates. lesbian couples must petition a judge if they want to be listed as a mother or parent.
4:31 pm
same-sex marriage, florida birth certificates shohould reflect modern reaealities. >> parental assumption is one of the many rights afforded to marriage. if a same sex couple is marrieded, one of the rights they have is a right to accurate birth certificate. >> reporter: under current law, same sex couples c can go through a process to h have the birth certifificate changed to reflect whwho they are but the new legislation would do away with all of that and makee it automatic. >> the other states that do o not recognize more than a fatherr and mother are wisconsin, indianaa and arkansas. 8 is on your side with what you need to know to plan your morning commute. here's leslee lacey with a look at tomorrow's traffic today. >> hope you're enjoying your afternoon. i want to remind you about a big event. some of the road closures start
4:32 pm
4th street over through the water and 3rd avenue through 6th avenue sououth. they'll have closure n near the airport area. they're starting some construction, then over the next month, that's when you're going to s see more closures conontinue as they start t to build the track. so just keep in mind in this particicular area. you can also contact me, connect with me on facebook and follow me for your morning traffic commute on twitter. >> you can catch leslee lacey and leigh spann every morning with weather and traffic on the 8s starting at 4 a.m. how much money will you weekend? coming up, a look at the average joe and the amount of cash that he plans to part with. that number may surprise you. >> then you'll want to stick stories. neighborhood? i'll tell you why
4:33 pm
shelter that your tax dollars support. >> city officials insisted they knew nothing about a sink hole under a tampa apartment complex until i told them about it but somebody here knew seven years ago and now i have the documents to prove it. >> despite its reputation for being a distraction, cell phones can actually bring couples closer together.
4:34 pm
welcome back. now for a look at celebrity news, here are the hosts of "hollywood today live". >> this is the hdl rap. beyonci surprised the world by releasing the new single and video "formation." it tackles some issues like
4:35 pm
katrina and black power. >> all good things must comee to an end. that's right. the good wife is officially done after weeks of speculation, cbs confirmed that the current season would be the last for the hihit drama. the news came in an ad during the super bowl. there are nine episodedes are left. >> and finally, joy behar must be enjoying "the view" because she'ss sticking with it. she extended her contract for three more seasons. meanwhile, whoopi goldberg's four-year contract is officially returning. now, it is time for today's send it to s stacie. >> where we feature your pictures on tv and we're starting with this gorgeous
4:36 pm
this is her ralen loves to swim even though the pool water is 59 degreeees because it's florida, righght? babarbara said her pup, tuck, thinks he's a cat andnd loves laying on top of the sofa while looking out the window. >> you have to be on guard. >> sacked out. >> you have to know what's going on outside. >> finally, it is the season of love and stephanie says jackson wishes everybody a h happy valentine's day. tweet your pictures with the # sentittostacieorshareitonmy
4:37 pm
there were several ads during the super bowl to remind you of something coming up next sunday. >> chris clackum shows how americans are planning to celebrate love in 2016. >> reporter: sweet hearts worldwide have their special day this sunday.
4:38 pm
cecelebrated simply most places around the globe, americansns are expected to easily s spend in excessss of $20 billion on that special someone. a third of that online. >> i'm not expecting anything too extravagant. we'll probably just goo out to dinner. >> reporter: a third of those susurveyed said they'll go out to dinner. while giving flowers is thehe preferred gift by one in four, making it the busiest day of the year for the fresh flower business. even petets will get the love come sunday. >> did you ever purchase anything for your pet for vallen tine's i day -- valentine's day? >> toys. >> reporter: the fat wallet survey found one in five will buy a valentine present for their pet. would you like to have candy, flowers, jewelry, dinner or all of the above? >> i would love to have all of the above.
4:39 pm
>> i'll be honest. all of the above would be great. >> reporter: but probably greater than $150, which is what the average american will spend on valentinenes t this year. chris clackum, nbc news. during our morningng show all this week we have stories leading up to valentine's day. a lot more e exciting than that screen. we want to hear and shahare your love stories, , feel free to sesend them to us on social media using the # iheartwfla, you can spell out heart. >> julie votes for jewelry. >> julie's jewelry. >> if you to choose between all of those, jewely would last a while. >> no one special is watching? >> it's goioing to be low-key in our us ho. i'll make something very nice
4:40 pm
>> now that she knows, y you better be doing it. >> dinner is nice, espececially i if you cook. >> youou just need to stay warm right now. >> we're tracking another cold front. what reaeally a pattern we've seen over the last couple of weeks. this front going to move through tonight. notice w we are tracking some shshowers and even flurries to the northh behind it. so this front iss going to movove in tonight and we'll feel the effects by tomorrow afternoon. currently we're still in the mid to upper 60s. breezy, , not too bad but you likely still need a l light jacket. of 3 in brooksville and 68 -- 633 in brooksville and 68 in brandon. you can see the effects the front will have on us. we've fallen back to 36 in nashville, 322 in kansas city and really a large portion of the continental u.s. below freezing for tonight. thankfully, we'll be staying above freezing, near 50 degrees in tampa. winds will be up, so it will feelel even cooler. through this evening, a few light showers may develop as the
4:41 pm
maybe a few sprinkles tomorrow morning but thehe big deal is going to be the wind. it will make it feel like the 40s. by tomorrow afternoon, the clouds will linger and temperatures in the upper 50s. partly to mostly cloudy skies, so it will be windy. when you factor in our strong winds from 15 to 25 miles per hour, it is going to be cold, needless to say, to start off your wednesday morning. strong winds will continue o out of the north through wednesday afternoon. more sunshine through the day but still with the strong north winds, we'll only make it into the upper 50s in the afternoon. that's well below average for this time of year. wednesday y evening, clear skies, lighter winds but really going to be a chihilly night. high pressure builds in and with the light winds around, some dry air. temperatures for a lot of the tampa bay area will be in the 30s asas you wake up thursday morning. but by thursday afternoon with
4:42 pm
we slowly start to warm up a bit. but the warmth is not going to last too long because by the time we head into valentine's day weekend, we're tracking another cold front. chilly again on valentine's day in the upper 50s0s. since we live in florida, it's hard to avoid the sun and we know about sun screens and hats b but there are some other things you can do it keep it from damaging your skin. 8 on your side has answers for you today. joining me is dr. adam shiner. perfect topic because you can't say it often enough in florida. it's chilly outside rigight now but that doesn't mean you shouldn't protect your skin, right? >> we don't think of the fact that we get casual exposure causes most of the damage we have in our lives. ultraviolet rays can affectes just walking to the mailbox..
4:43 pm
> yes. uv rays will penenetrate the clouds and we should wear sun screens. i likike these things called mechanical blocks. they can actually reflect ultraviolet rays. this he have zinc oxide. this is over the counter, this is available in a doctor's office. this is a stray form. >> you like the mechanical because right away itt reflects back the uv rays? >> and it works immediately. you have don't have to wait 20 minutes for it to, two. >> once the damage is done, can you reverse the damage? is that where yoyou come in? >> there are certain medicines and they can reverse a certain amount of damage. i use lasers and i can get underneath sun damage and remove the sun damage and the skin will grow back in a more attractive state.e. >> wear your sun screen. >> absolutely. protecting ourselves is the best thing we can do.
4:44 pm
also in h health news today, doctors think they know why asthma-related hospitalizations in kids tend to s spike after they go back to school. computer models suggests thahat common cold viruss could be to blame. when school children are on long vacations and breaks, their immunity may decrease and when they go back to school, they run into kids with cools which may trigger asthma. a healthy polar bear gets a new name. jeremy roth has today's "take a look at this". >> reporter: after an exhaustive social media campaign to name a baby polar bear, the votes have been tallied. meet nora. the fuzzy new addition to ohio's columbus zoo was the subject of an online campaign to name her. voters chimed in from 115 counties. what's in a name?
4:45 pm
of her parents' names,, nanooy and aurora. the huntsville couple was speeding to a hospital when the state trooper pulled them overr and took o over. instead of delelivering a speeding ticket, the trooper helped deliver thehe baby boy. >> this was the official birth certificate. that he was speeding and my wife had a beautiful baby boy. >> reporter: a harrowing story. a dog may have been trapped underground for three days. the german shepherd maverick was reported missing and then found trapped in a sink hole. the authorities were able to get the canine out. he's expected to be okay. take a look at this, i'm jeremy roth. >> coming up, starbucks has some new drinks o out just in timee for valentine's day.
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okay, this is trending on facebook now. starbucks has three new valentine's day drinks for chocolatee lovers. the company just unveiled i its molten chocolate latte, and thehe molten chocolate frappuccino. if you're drinking that, you
4:51 pm
the whipped cream is infused with mocha and espresso. >> may want to skipp a meal. that's got to be p pretty hefty on the calorie count? >> it's one of thohose don't ask. >> do you like chocolalate? >> i'd try it. i don't think i'd have the whole thing. >> that's a lot. >> see what's trending right now to get updates in between newscasts, you can head to our website at >> we have much more news coming your way. >> news channel 8 at 5 starts right nowow. >> a little girl violently attacked in a d department store bathroom. what she did to scare the man away. >> the first primary in the 2016 presidential race is just hours away. see what t the candidates are doing to get lasast-minute support.
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