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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  February 8, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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it's 7:00 o'clock, and the station that's on your side is on youour schedule, 8 at 7:00 begins now. good evening, we begin with breaking developmpments in the frightening case of a 16-year- old attacked in a mall bath room, but the man charged as a very big story. mary mcguire, good to hear that's an argue. >> reporter: yes -- arrest. >> reporter: yes, we've been showing you the surveillance photos from inside the mall all weekend long, and clearwater
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the photo that is led them m to the man, 18-year-old ricky blake thompson. right now herere's on his way to the pinellas county jail, set to be charged with battery. he told detectives he was there friday night to pick up his young son from his estranged wife, , and mistakenly went into the womans restroom, a 16--year- old girl saw him and started screaming, and d he papanicked and put hihis hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming. do you believe him? that's a pretty ridiculous story. >> ththe police seem to believe him. he was already in in, and when he goes to exit shshe comes in, she screamed, he panics, reacts in a tremendously bad way, and that's what transpired. >> reporter: now the clearwater police are continuing to
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could be mar charges, but that's all up -- more charges, but that's up to the statate attorneys office, and i'm also told the girl and her father has been informed this man is behind bars now. back to you. >> all right,t, mary mcguire, reporting live, thank you. tonight we're getting a look at new video that may help catch a hit and run driver that killed a cyclist, check out the video, it comes from a red light camera system. you can see a metallic gray toyota turning at the intersection, and it has damage to the right headlight and d missing the front right fender. this crash happened january 231st between 6th and -- 21st between 6ths and 8th streets. the e cyclist died from the injuries. anybody with information should department. a strip club shooting broadcast live on camera. tampa police are now closely looking at the video to try and catch the killer.
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his own murder. >> reporter: the music is pulsing, the lights are flashing, and a dancer inside club rain comes off the stage to tell a man to quit fighting. as this is happening g inside the club, another woman is driving up outside of the club, also on periscope. >> everybody is running out y'all. >> reporter: because shots are being fired inside the club. not just one or two, but shot after shot after shot. in all, eight people suffered gunshot wounds. one man, marvin lancaster the third died at the scene. >> we have a lot of leads to follow up on. >> reporter: the victims were sent to local hospitals, but now detectives are looking at all of the videos for clues about the shooter or who the shooters may be. >> with i look at every -- we look at every bit of evidence we can. >> reporter: there have been
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her before, bubut never -- here before, but never anything like that. jeff patterson. expect a detour on interstate 275 starting in about three hours. road crews will be working on a spot that's been giving drivers headaches for a few weeks. north bound traffic will detour off at lois avenue, and get back on at armenia. the detour runs until 5:30 tomorrow morning, but once it's done hopefully the 4t4th lane will be open. st. . petersburg police are trying to track down a stolen piece of art. it looks like sosomeone snatched this one of a kind glass and sculpture worth thousands of dollars. now police are checking the surveillance videos. now, 8 onon your side's your vote coverage.
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with candace mccowan -- primaries with candace mccowan live from new hampshire. it's the final push for votes ahead of tomorrow's primarary. candace mccowan is live from manchester, new hampshire, where things continue to be busy there. >> reporter: good evening, we're here in the middle of a trump rally. donald trump is set to take the stage in just a few minutes here. i have my finger up to my ear because it's very loud. it's almost full of people, look at the crowd, to see donald trump. if you look in the stands, the seats are almost full. this is about half an arena he's trying to fill here this evening. it's critical timing for donald trump and the other candidates in the last few hours to sway the undecided voters before heading to the polls tomorrow for the first primary of the election season, and i've talked to several people on the floor in the past few minutes that told me they're still undecided. they don't know what way they're going to go.
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donald trump, and he doesn't know if he'd vote for donald trump, but says he's making quite a bit of money as a donald trump impersonator, so time is of the essence. we caught up with jeb bush and marco rubio today on the campaign trail. it's snowing hard outside, but that didn't stop them from getting to the voters, and they're hoping that won't stop the voters from getting to the polls tomorrow, they've even had people on stage telling them i know you're here to support trump, but it doesn't matter unless you show up at the polls tomorrow. >> candace mccowan, live for us with an audience it looks like there in manchester, new hampshire, we appreciate it. and the new hampshire primary race coverage will continue through tomorrow night when new hampshire casts their votes. this year's air fest at mcdirl is just over a month away, bubut with planes flying fast there's always the risk of danger.
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preparing for the worst. >> reporter: in this simulated scenario, a jet is crashed near the tarmac where thousands of spectators will gather for the air fest. mcdill and tampa first responsibilitiers jumped into action. >> -- responders jumped into action. >> we take the lessons we learned back, and capitalize on that, and be prepared for when an incident does happen, but ideally that won't happen. >> reporter: unfortunately accidents at air r shows do happen, like this one in nevada in 2011. that's why the firefighters and medical personnel want to be trained and ready if an air show disaster happens. >> it feels reallyly good knowing what we're doing is getting the guys ready for training in casing? actually happens -- in case something actually happens. chief meteorologist steve
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start to the day. super which you willly. >> and i think we have to get used to it because it's going to be chilly for awhile. > i'll try to find my good cold weather clothes. >> we'll be warn out by the end of the winter. hehere's the temperatures now. talking ability cool number, upper 50s already, near 60. the winds from the westst, they'll change tomorrow as a cold front moves through the area, more northwest memeaning cooler condition, and the winds are pretty strong. makes the atmosphere feel cooler. gust toss 16 materials in lake placid, but tomorrow we'll get cooler numbers, breezy condition, and it's going to stay that way. more in the seven-day forecast coming up. still ahead on 8 at 7:00. some new additions to lakeland's's most famous family, of course we mean the swans. why a couple of hatchlings are guaranteed to stand out. and later. >> reporter: city officials
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about a sink hole under a tampa complex until i told them about it, but somebody here new seveven years ago, and now i have toto documents to prove it. we'll saw that and more coming up -- have that and more coming up. news channel 8, the station
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breaking news in pasasco county, state road 2 is shut down in both direction, and one north bound lane on i-75 is shut down after a crane hit an overpass. no reports of injuries action and the extent of the damage to the overpass is still being assessed. in a city known for its swans, there are two definitely going to stand out.
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we talked to the excited folks responsible for their care. >> reporter: we've e been take -- >> we've been takaking care of the e swans for six years. i'm the owner at companion animal hospital. these are the two baby thatat is hahatched. we were e able to collect t some egeggs, put them into the incubator, and it's about 40 to 45 days, and we were able to go ahead and keep them in there and on that saturday morning we came in and were checking the incubator, and we had little baby swan, so that was awesome! we have been giving them water, letting them swim, they drink quite a bit of water from swimming in the water, so they need to do that, and we're making sure they're eating. the last one we had hatch was a smaller baby, it's been a little weaker, and it's gradually coming along, so we're e pleased it's doing well.
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in the next week to the nursery that the city has, the city of lakeland has a nursery set up, and they're going to go back with a pair of swan, so we're going to let them go with an adult set to learn to be birds. i've learned a lot about swans. it's been cool. >> very cool! well, there's something confused about the gear shifts in some chrysler calls. we'll have that story for you coming up. plus what did chipotle reveal in the lunchtime shut down today? it knows what and who to blame the record -- for sickening
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>> today the dow wawas down 177 points, the nasdaq down 79 points. >> >. prnd. you know what they meanan? but it looks lilike the gear shift on some chryslers are so confusing they're causing accidents. the confusing knobs are to be blamed for 100 crashes and 30 ininjuries. it coverered 2015 and 2015 jeep grand cherokokee, dodge charargers, and chryrysler 300s from 2012 toto 2014. apparently drivers can't tell
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out of the vehicle, while it's still in gear. and there in lies the problem. chipotle revealed new information about the sickness outbreaks today. during a nation-wide shut down, every chipotle restaurant was shut down for a few hours today 20 discuss food safety, and the company said it's blaming sick employees for two neurovirus outbreaks it believes tomatoes caused a salmonella is outbreak, and as for e coli, the sourcece of those outbreaks is still a mystery. if you want your smart phone battery to last longer, you mighght want to consider this fix. it's intereresting. sam ghououl gibbs uninstalled his facebookok lift, and saw his battery lifefe increase 15
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percent on an droid. he accessed facebook through safari, and freed up half a gig bite of storage on his phone, so heads up. city officials insisted they were never told about a dangerous sink hole under a tampa complex, and now shannon behnken has proof at least one peperson at tampa coat enforcement was notified. >> > -- code enforcement was notified. >> reporter: this engineer laura hall found a void at least 100 feet deep under buililding 6411 at the french quarter apartments. >> >. the code enforcement is saying they never heard about t it, and that's shocking to me. >> reporter: hall along with byron anderson warned the building should be abandoned and not built upon again, and they warned nearby buildings weren't safe either. >> it's not a matter of if the
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matter of when. >> reporter: but all these years later, r, an 8 on your side investigation found nothing was done to fix what's underneath this new vacant building. the property owner wants more insurance money to fix it, and continues to rent out apartments all around the underground void. city officials insisted no one told them. >> i mean, alls i can tell you is that i wish we knew eight years ago, but we know about it now, so we'll take cacare of it. >> reporter: : well get thisis, 8 on yoyour side discoverered this receipt showed a letter was sent to then code enforcement director jake slater. code officer hillman signed for it on november 20th, 2008. >> i want to set the record straight that this is not something that i ever would have ignored. >> reporter: at first slater did not want to talk on camera. >> why won't you talk to me on camera. >> i'll talk to you inside. i don't want to play games.
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i'm trying to get answers. i don't understand why you won't talk on camera. >> because i don't want to. >> reporter: but he agreed to go upstairs and look over the proof in his office, and then he wanted to set the record straight too, and you might be surprise by his answer. have you ever seen this before? >> shannon, the first time i saw that was five or ten minutes ago when you first showed it to me. >> reporter: after the e investigation, the city jujumped in full force, but how different would this look if someone took action when the report was delivered seven years ago. >> we would have taken immediate action, the type of person i am i would have went to the scene directly, i would have wanted to see it myself firsthand. >> reporter: shannon behnken, 8 on our side. >> slater insists the report was never given to him, the officer that signed for it no longer works for the city, and they want the property owner to
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see if the voids have gotten worse. well, it's a miserable day in new england. check out the video from massachusetts today. blizzard conditions hit the area with as much as 18 inches of snow expected, and winds topping 65 miles per hour. candace mccowan too reporting in thatat wintry weather in the northeast covering the primary up there in new hampshire, but windy and wet, an ararea of low pressure, same one that helped cause showers across the bay area this weekend, and causing high winds and snow for that part of the world. 54 at 11:00 a.a.m., breezy and chchilly in the state fair forecast for tomorrow. 57 degrees at 3 3:00 p.m., 51 at 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon. it's now 61, not too bad. we have the southwest wind right now stilill, ahead of a cold front. once that front moves through tomorrow we'll have a northwest breeze, and d it will be a little
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63 in downtownwn st. petersburg, so hold on to the milder temperatures while we have them. very fast jet extreme. up to 200 knots to the e north of us. high pressure back to the wewest, that's the cold front moving through tomorrow, and there's a freeze watch just north of citrus county. but there's cool air, and winds up a little moving the atmosphere around a bit more. in the forecast fofor the rest of the evenening, the front rapidly moving across the area in the evening hour, and farther down to the south in the overnight, so tomorrow morning, maybe a few sprinkles associated with the stronger northwest wind. windy y tomorrow, and just a little cooler as we talked about. follow the lines of equal pressure here, and from the direction from the northwest to the southeast, some clouds linger mixed with clear sky action there. tomorrow evening, partlyly cloudy to mostly cloudy. chilly, and breezy. same into wednesday morning. left overclouds, and windy
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maybe a bit morere sunshine, but not warming up much. highs in the 50. 58 wednesday, 60 for thursday, not a great day for the boatsers, by the way. gail warnings in place tomorrow, wouldn't plan on that. friday 68; 69 for saturday, into sunday, valentine's day there, w we have some cool weather for us, but overall the temperatures well above, i mean below normal. december we had 80s on christmas. >> so this was the christmas weather. >> were finally here for valentine's day. >> merry christmas. we'll be right back, stay with us. plus lover is in the air, here's what you'll see tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. >> reporter: valentine's day is just around the corner, i'll tell you some of the most unusual and most romantic places for you to spend the day. >> >. love is in the air, all
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it turns out that making a murderer series rereally was based on real event, and they hahappened in springfield. >> the people that were close knew he was always happy,y, happy, happy. always amounted to make other people laugh. >> didn't dress that everybody else, didn't have education. >> her husband doesn't earn much, anand the family is a mess. >> the simple son family -- simpson fafamily didn't fit in. >> that's crazy. if you're a simpson's fan this is worth checking out. >> it's eerie, the parallels.s. >> once again i wantnt to know why we don't have that kind of free time, and other people seem to. >> and then they're millionaires.
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get us wrong.g. >> we'll see you baback here at this. beyonce, gaga, and coldplay moments after their super bowl show stoppers. >> we've got them backstage for their very first interviews, now on "extra." >> queen b's halftime takeover. >> how exciting was today? >> coming straight off the fieldld to a.j., her homage to michael jackson. little blue ivy getting a kiss from gwyneth. and the million-dollar question. >> you've got me stumped. i'm not really sure. >> a.j. and i are on the field with all the moments you didn't see. >> this is the super bowl, "extra" style. >> jay-z, chris martin, gaga, and her mom. >> i can't even say anything.
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>> then, taraji p. henson on her musical mix-up, mistaking coldplay for maroon 5. >> no more shots for me. plus, he set off a twitter storm. we've got the hot ref today. >> it's kind of crazy. >> and super bowl couples news. kate and nick. tim and nina? >> you heard it here first on "extra." >> then, mario's new a-list interview with michael douglas as he takes home a lifetime achievement honor tonight. >> is this the polite way of saying adult films? plus, ryan reynolds turns it into an a.j. roast. >> you have more lighting than barbara walters. now, on "extra," from entertainment studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hey, everyone. welcome to "extra."" i'm mario lopez. we have ever angle of super bowl 50 covered. coming up, what lady gaga's mom thought of her national anthem performance.
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