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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  February 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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good tuesday morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. we have an important traffic alert for you at this hour. right now, live pictures of i- 275 are coming in in tampa. the northbound lanes are now back open after a closure from lois to armenia avenue overnight. >> yeah, there was a lot of construction overnight and this spot has been giving drivers headaches for week now. and we have team coverage. we will start with leslee lacey. how do we get around this now? i guess now we can breeze right there.
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and hats off to the florida department of transportation for getting it opened early. because it wasn't supposed to open until an hour from now but already they're reopened northbound at 275. now at last check, we had the dale mabry highway off-ramp that was still blocked. so ryan hughs is live. there? >> reporter: well, leslee, good morning to you. as you mentioned, this was supposed to open up around 5:30. we got out here around 4:00 and the roadway is already open. it was under a detour. so the department of transportation could tweak the roadway. we have video that we shot from eagle 8 hd last night that showed the back-up because of the detour. apparently the department of transportation came in here and tweaked the roadway, they changed some things around. after that new alignment caused a lot of back-ups within the last four to six weeks.
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is reopened and the realignment that happened overnight is supposed to help alleviate traffic. we will be here throughout the morning continuing to look at the situation, specifically around 6:30 or so when traffic tends to pick up more. we will monitor things and bring you the latest throughout the morning. leslee, back to you for now. >> thank you, ryan. and looks like the dale mabry highway off-ramp was closed still. the realignment takes a little getting used to. >> and very strong winds, we talked about the high wind advisory over the sunshine skyway bridge. the wind speeds are howling out of the northwest. 17 miles per hour tampa. 18 miles per hour in lakeland. and now that's a sustained wind. there are individual stronger gusts where you have to hold the steering wheel. nearly 30 miles per hour in a lot of spaces. and that wind is coming off the
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so look at this forecast at 7:00 this morning. there could be some lingering cloud, even sprinkles that get pulled in off the gulf of mexico. i only expect it through about lunchtime and then clearing out. but the other thing is, i don't expect us to warm up much. right now, we're in the low to mid-50s and that's where we will be this afternoon with a high of 58. in weather and traffic on the 8s at 4:38, i have the wind speed forecasting for, gayle. >> thank you so much, leigh. right st. pete police are looking through surveillance video trying to find an art thief. a $25,000 piece of art is gone and right now, still no answers in this case. news channel 8's adrienne pedersen is live from the collection in downtown the st. petersburg where the crime took place. and i know there were a lot of cameras rolling. any update of whether they have been able to catch the crook? >> reporter: good morning, gayle.
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far, there are about 30 cameras running 24/7 here at the collection. and now the it's going to take police a lot of time to go the through all of the footage but when they do, they hope to have a sketch of the crook. we will release that to you as soon as possible. in the meantime though, we talked to the executive director about the heist. >> i would more or less say i'm heart broken. i was completely shocked. >> reporter: so here you see detectives collecting evidence, looking through everything in the spot where the piece of art used to sit. police believe someone snatched it on sunday between noon and 5:00. and let's pull up a picture of the art. you see it on the screen right now. we're only talking about 8 inches but get this, worth $25,000. so of course i'll continue checking with police this morning and let you know as soon as they get the sketch so i can share it with you and you can share with your social media community and hopefully get the word out and catch this person. >> yeah, let's hope so because
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collection right here in our backyard. thanks. new overnight, the man accused of attack a 6-year-old girl in a mall bathroom bonded out of jail. 18-year-old rickey thompson is now facing a battery charge. he told police the whole thing was an accident. explained he was there to pick up his young son and he accidentally went into the women's bathroom. thompson is charged with battery. and happening today, crime stoppers of tampa bay will announce a new reward program to fight gun violence in hillsborough county. it includes tampa, plant city and temple terrace. in 2015, the hillsborough sheriff's office investigated 687 criminal offenses involving a firearm. and today, st. petersburg is waving the green flag to grand prix event organizers. construction of the course around downtown is scheduled to begin later today. the mayor and the 2015 winner
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first block along bay shore drive. grand prix starts march 11th. here's something you may want to keep in mind before getting in the water, shark attacks are on the rise. according to data just released by the florida museum of natural history, 2015 set a new record for shark attacks. 98 of them were reported worldwide, 30 of those attacks were right here in florida. that's almost one-third of the total amount of shark attacks. now according to the scientist, the previous record was 88 attacks back in the year 2000. a gas station owner has a lot to clean up this morning. take a look at what high winds did to this canopy, it collapsed. inspectors will be back this morning in california to try to determine what caused the collapse. there was a car at the pump when the metal roof came down. the car was crushed but thankfully, no one was injured.
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day 29 of the 60 day legislative session. news channel 8's gal -- news channel 8's matt galka has what is on tap. >> reporter: a senate panel will hear a version of a bill that puts an end to permanent alimony. the same bill cleared the house last week. and a big bowl will be cook and all are welcomed to sample as part of the festival for miami- dade county days at the capitol. i guess i know what i will be doing for lunch. reporting in tallahassee, matt cal -- matt galka. a terrifying ordeal. the little girl was her mother's car when a car jacker stole it in fort lauderdale. police issued a state-wide amber alert. the child and the stolen car were found not long after that. police are still searching for the car jacker. well the time right now is seconds away from 4:38 on this
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and grab your coats. >> yes. temperature wise, we're not that bad but the winds make it uncomfortable and the winds will keep it from warming up. watch the hour-by-hour forecast, it's nearly a straight line through the day. 51 degrees at 8:00. 58 at 3:00 p.m. that's as high as we muster before we go back down this evening. again, the winds are off the gulf of mexico. just a bad day to be on the water. gale warning offshore, high surf advisory, low tide now and the tide will be coming in through the afternoon. but lake wind advisory no matter where you go, the winds will be strong. watch the forecast for them, out of the northwest right now and you can find your city on the map, anywhere from 10 to 2520 miles per hour this morning -- -- 10 to 20 miles per hour this morning. and by the afternoon when the kids are coming home, about 3:30, they may not want to play outside, 20 to 25 miles per hour wind, till breezy through
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and it will be 58 today and tomorrow. bundle up. we do see a little bit of warm- up friday and saturday and then cool again on valentine's. windy, especially on the skyway bridge. it is open but gusty. if you have an suv and a miat, take the miata. all right, let's take a look at what's going on traffic-wise, northbound 275, the exit to dale mabry highway is still blocked. so you can take lois or even howard armenia and then head down. downtown tampa looks very good at this point. and i want to move over and look at i-4 at the polk parkway, no delays. in fact, if you live in lakeland and work in tampa, it's a great drive on i-4 all the way in to downtown. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you.
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coming up, how a simple flashlight can help. plus, celebrating the championship. the city of denver is getting ready to party again today. how they're preparing for another round of festivities just ahead. coming up, i'm going to show you what's being done in
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8 on your side this morning staying on top of the spread of the zika virus in our communities. we are now getting weekly updates and these are the latest numbers. we don't have the map for you but these are the numbers. 16 cases in florida including three cases in hillsborough county. and now to aid in the fight against the spread of zika, president barack obama is asking congress for $1.8 billion. >> yeah, that's for a nationwide effort but there's a lot being done here in the bay area. and lindsey mastis is joining us instudio. what's being done to protect people? >> reporter: today in pinellas county, 8 on your side is meeting with the mosquito control as well as the health department and they're going to
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doing to help prevent the zika virus from spreading. in hillsborough county, they are setting more ground traps because the type of mosquito that carry zika likes to go after targets that are about waist down. and right now there are about 65 traps in hillsborough county but the weather is affecting how many are being captured. >> the weather conditions are not favorable for trapping or anything the mosquitoes that are outside. when it's too cold, when it's windy, when it's raining. >> reporter: hillsborough county is spraying in areas where there are confirmed cases. and now right now, everyone in florida with zika got it somewhere else. none of the confirmed cases include pregnant women. the goal is to keep it that way. 8 on your side will have new information about what pinellas county is doing. look for updates on our wfla news app and first at 4:00. >> thank you. and 8 on your side has you covered on the zika virus with more information on
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the virus and how to pretent it. this morning. the broncos are now back in day. the super bowl champions arrived in denver with big bumping and everything. the team was getting off the plane with the trophy inhand. fans will line the streets of denver later today to show their mile high pride. last minute preps for today's big parade are underway. live music begins at 10:00. afternoon. man, an suv takes a nose divinity pool. this happened in college station, tex -- nose dive into a pool. this happened in college station, texas. the 69-year-old man lost control of his chevy tahoe and drove over a curb, through a metal fence and right into the backyard pool.
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grocery hit him while he was driving. it took the tow truck more than an hour to get the partially submerged suv out of the pool. happening today, president barack obama will release his final fiscal year budget proposal. the president is facing many challenges. he is facing stiff opposition from the republican-lead house. homeownership is on a downward slide. a new report from shows 40% of middle-aged americans don't own a home. the problem, they're not able to afford a down payment and many have bad credit. a new 8 on your side health alert for parents. there's a virus going around and it's mostly affecting children. doctors claim croup spreads.
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could have, maybe even sore throat and then the whole barking could have. >> that's right, barking. it sounds so sad when i hear a child with it. the doctor recommends keeping your child calm to avoid more inflammation in the airways and a cool mist humidifier might help too. the doctor could prescribe steroids. a new study may have found a remedy for jetlag. >> turns thought exposing sleeping travelers to short flashes of light helps. the method delayed the onset of sleepiness by almost two hours. just little shorts blips of light. the light can be used the night before traveling to trick the brain's li logical clock. >> i -- brain's bilogical clock. >> i feel like we're always
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seems like it would trigger a migraine. are we going to see the light of the sunshine today? >> we will. it may be a little cloudy in the morning along with maybe a sprinkle or two. not expecting much in the way of rain, a 10% chance. what's happening is the strong winds are coming off the gulf of mexico and that's bringing in the chance for a sprinkle this morning. 51 degrees at 8:00 a.m. please dress approximately dress appropriately. only 58 at 3:00 p.m. chilly and breezy all day. the colder air is spreading south. notice the difference, 50 degrees in crystal river. the northern spot. down to the i-4 corridor through polk county, 52. farther south, and we're in the upper 50s. not a good day on the water with a northwest 20 to 25 knots, a gale warning and a high surf advisory, it's all
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so the morning strong winds bringing that moisture off the gulf of mexico. by the afternoon, the only thing people are going to be talking about is how the cold wind continues. in fact, tomorrow, we're cooler but it's still breezy as chilly air continues to move through, so 58 today and tomorrow and a chilly 60 thursday. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? well, we're moving at good speeds out there. just a quick reminder again, the overnight construction that had lanes blocked on 275 has been cleared for the most part. the only thing that's still blocked is the dale mabry highway exit. so you will have to take lois or howard armenia. windy on the skyway bridge. leigh has been talking about it. use caution passing across it. still open but gusty in the area. a good drive on i-75 and look at bradenton on 75 between state road 64 and university parkway, roughly a nine minute commute. things look good in sarasota as well.
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the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> all right. thank you so much leslee. well, it was supposed to be a prank but now the jokester is facing serious charges. >> yeah, what went wrong when a man brought a gator to a drive- thru. this is one of those stories that seem to happen only in florida, right?
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a young florida prankster is facing serious charges this morning after he threw an alligator, that's right, he threw an alligator into a wendy's drive-thru window. his name is josh james. and he is facing some serious charges, assault with a deadly weapon, in fact. but his parents are pleading with people to understand, their son is just a young, silly joker and he knew the person he played the prank on. for now, he's stuck with the cop consequences. all right -- stuck with the consequences. this baby two-toed sloth is making his way to pittsburgh's national aviation. he is playing a role as an ambassador for the rain forest species. there. on friday. >> bags under his eyes. >> yeah. pete zoo lovers unite, it
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>> get on the phone and order one right now. plan your lunch or dinner wisely, pizza is a favorite for a lot of us and there's a poll to prove it. pizzas are the top comfort food according to the u.s. department of agriculture. one in eight americans consume pizza on any given day. today is the day. >> i was looking online and there's some give aways, like wait, it's called pilot flying day. it's a pizza chain. if you have a coupon, you can get a free slice. check it online. >> and make your own with the kid, put the toppings on it. >> yeah, that's good. weather and traffic on the 8s is three minutes away. plus, in the next half hour, the gasparilla distance classic about two weeks away. which local charities are benefiting from this year's race. it's 44:54. you're watching news channel 8 today. -- it's 4:54. you're watching news channel 8
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weather and traffic on the 8s and it is a windy day. wins howling out of the northwest, sustained at about 10 to 20 miles per hour. but see the blue numbers? those show you the strongest gusts in the sustained wind, 30 miles per hour in clearwater. 23 miles per hour in plant city. 22 miles per hour in bartow. and that wind is going to keep us from warming up. we're in the 50s now. afternoon high in the 50s. and then still breezy but cooler tonight at 45. the 8s. well, we have northbound 275 the exit to dale mabry highway, that's still blocked. we have a hit-and-run accident 275 in pinellas county by the gandy exit, folks. it's not tying up lanes. it. and gusty on the skyway bridge.
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and here's 275 and sly avenue. looking good. southbound traffic, not a lot of traffic.
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