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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the attorney general's office reached a multimillion dollars settlement. >> and 8 on your side investigator shannon behnken uncovered all of this in 2012. she pushed the state for action and today, finally, resolution. shannon joins us now. it certainly took long enough, but your persistence paid off. >> reporter: it did. better late than never. we were the first to expose the crumbling walls, the falling balconies and the missing screws. could you imagine buying a new home and have it look like this a couple of years later? this was going on all over the state, but we kept on them until something was done. and today, finally, answers. first, 8 on your side uncovered moldly balconies falling off the condominiums in bradenton. dozens of homeowners turned to us when their builder, kb home, ignored their construction complaints or did band aid
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>> this was a car. law. >> reporter: then our investigation peeled back the layers of bad construction and took you within the walls of a condominium that didn't even walls together. >> all the two by fours are here. especially at this elevation. this is the third floor. >> reporter: we discovered followed. at the time, the official in charge of the building inspectors in manatee county didn't seem concerned. >> so how is it possible these things were missed? ingly don't know that anything was missed by inspections. >> reporter: after our persistence, even county officials realized there were catastrophic problems and major safety issues. >> we don't know where that is coming from. but, the same thing that appears to have happened in the
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>> reporter: and so did attorney general pam bondi who launched her own investigation. now, three years later, kb is paying a big price. >> just looking at that video, it is absolutely outrageous. so here is the deal. the settlement requires kb homes to fix homes up to ten years old and they must fork over $6.5 million in fines. much of which will go to homeowners. keep in mind, our investigation had already led them to spend about $71 million to fix houses. >> it is really a victory for the little guy. makes you wonder what would have happened if we had not gotten involved. >> that's right. and i ask what will keep this happening again? part of the settlement requires a third party inspector to come
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florida from now on if they want to continue to build here in our state. >> thank you shannon. if your home was build by kb home and is in need of prepare, here is what you should do. contact them to arrange the inspection. call (813)387-9600. you can also e-mail tonight, an 18-year-old student is locked up behind bars after another student saw him loading another gun on a school bus. the question is what was his intention and what can be done to prevent another student from doing the same thing? rod carter joins us live hopefully with some answers to those questions. hi rod. >> reporter: hey. two very good questions. the first we question, we don't really know exactly what his intention was.
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we know he had a gun and a ski mask. to do. the second question, i put that question to the school board jamarcus simms. >> reporter: we got our first look at simms, the 18-year-old school bus. >> you have three charges. school property. >> reporter: he was on his way to brandon alternative school when another student spotted what he was doing and called a relative who called 911. in court, the judge had tough words for simms. >> obviously, there is no place for guns on school property or school bus. >> reporter: so the question becomes what is being done to prevent this happening again? i put that question to school officials. >> what is the school district doing about that? >> we do a lot of behind the scenes things. we have a lot of great partnerships with our local law enforcement.
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we are also monitoring social media. in an area not specific student accounts but when it relates to schools or things like that. we also do that as well. >> reporter: and they urge students if you see something, say something. that is what happened wednesday thanks to an alert student. whatever simms was planning never happened. and i just checked online. as far as i can tell, simms is still behind bars. >> brad, what about school? as he been expelled from school? >> reporter: another good question. unfortunately because he is a juvenile, they can't tell us is. we knew he was at an alternative school and they have measures when things happen to students. but right now, they are letting him work his way through the court system. he will probably share that with us a little bit later. we are trying to get our hands on the school bus video of what happened inside the bus yesterday when he had that gun on the bus.
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we get that as well. >> rod carter live in tampa. thank you. now an 8 on your side consumer alert. more credit card skimmers found at gas pumps. sarasota police relieved this skimmer from an exon on tamiami trail. they stress the importance of checking your bank statements and try your best to examine the gas pump you use because it is getting harder to detect these skimmers. >> the latest technology is actually blue tooth so they don't have to return to the scene of the crime to retrieve their device that contains the data they stole from you. >> florida lawmakers are pushing bills to toughen the penalties for these thieves but it is important for you to be vigilant. in a unanimous vote today, padi's law has been approved.
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someone should not receive an automatic death sentence. it was prompted by a dog who bit a child at a vet's office. the child was provoking the dog at the time. 8 on your side is headed to cuba once again as the u.s. considers lifting the cuban embargo. congresswoman kathy castor is leading this delegation to havana and 8 on your side is the only local station covering this trip. they will meet with officials about business opportunities in cuba. she is interested to meet with small business owners to see how changes between the countries are impanting them. jeff patterson arrived in cuba a short time ago. you can watch his report at 11:00 on newschannel8. the look of downtown tampa starting to change once again. >> coming up, we will show you the new tower that builders broke ground on. >> plus, are you looking for a good travel deal? we will show you where to find
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the zika virus. >> 66 degrees. lifted by sunshine around the bay area. but a cold start to the day. 42 degrees our low. a warming trend though. another cold front for the weekend. we will look at valentine's day coming up. >> we will have that and more coming up. you're watching newschannel8. the station that is always on
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>> part of tampa international airport looks different. look at all the solar panels covering the economy parking garage. they partnered with tia to build the solar panels. enough energy to power 250 homes. this is tico's first foray into large scale solar power. >> the price of the technology that produces solar power has come down to a point that is making it more reasonable for folks to invest in it. not only homeowners but utilities as well. >> and, one other added benefit is the solar panels add a cover for the cars parking on the top floor of the parking garage. in manatee county, florida power and light announced it
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installing 1 million solar panels. one in the parish area. the other two in de soto and charlotte countiesful it will bring 2 250 jobs to west florida. >> doing it at this scale makes a big difference. we are able to buy enough panels and able to build it in a way that really drives the cost down. that makes it affordable. >> according to florida power and light, if you lay all of these panels end to end, they would stretch from manatee county all the way to chicago. another new apartment high- rise is going up in downtown tampa. the builders and city leaders broke ground on the tower this morning. it will house 362 apartment units and the ground level will be filled with shops and restaurants. the mayor is excited for more people to live in downtown tampa. >> we have now become as money magazine has said, the best place in the southeast united
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but we are not satisfied. i promise you this. five years from now, you will not recognize this place. this block will be done. that block will be done. that block will be done and that block will be done. >> the apartment tower is expected to be completed later next year. >> things are changing. >> is it just me or is mayor buckhorn a little intense? a little feisty? it's all good. the spread of the zika virus has a lot of people concerned. >> but if you aren't, you could save big time. coming up next, we will show you the travel discounts that are available. >> those stories plus your storm team 8 forecast and sports with paul ryan coming up on newschannel8.
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>> if the mosquito spread zika virus doesn't scare you, there could be some big travel discounts for you. we have some inside information. peter bernard has more. >> reporter: good evening. so far, there are no travel restrictions because of the zika virus here or at tampa international airport. that means you can scoop up a bargain and save some money. the effects of the zika virus are devastating. doctors believe there is a
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and mothers giving birth to babies with small heads and brains. the disease is spread by mosquitoes and is spreading rapidly. here is a map showing where it has been reported in the united states. another map showing internationally where the virus is prevalent. travel to a place like this and you could score a bargain. >> you could find deals to brazil, the caribbean. >> reporter: zika combined with terrorism and the plunging stock market is forcing travel prices down. travelers are being cautious. >> we are seeing some people who are concerned or thinking about altering their itinerary. very few cancellations. we have a couple of women who are pregnant. just more concerned and they want to ere on the side of caution. >> reporter: puerto rico bound passengers are aware the island is a hot bed of zika trouble. >> we did the research. it is light clothing. making sure you have the bug spray and leave your windows closed.
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so we hope they are aware of what is going on. >> reporter: discount air fare, cruise credits, zika could be your ticket to a cheaper trip. >> go ahead and check it out. book. >> reporter: and aaa travel agents are warning customers if they are pregnant, they may want to know about the virus. >> peter bernard live tonight. thank you peter. clear skies lead to a great sunset. 61 degrees at freedom plaza. clear skies will mean cooling conditions. it will be chilly this evening but not as cold as last night. temperatures won't fall as fast as they did 24 hours ago. but still cool. lakewood ranch looks good. up in citrus county, plantation. 57 degrees. southwest winds at 6. winds are
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it was a windy day yesterday. but really fell off in the evening hours allowing the temperatures to fall to 30 in brooksville. 42 the official low. forecast to the state fair, fantastic. been nice all week. a little bit cool. but it gets near 70 degrees hark will be a nice afternoon. and the forecast to tampa international, 69. 67 saturday and sunday. a few extra clouds. we do take a bit of a jump long term. forecast, 9:00 p.m. 55 degrees with clear skies here this evening. sunny and chilly. if you are going to be out this evening or tomorrow morning to start the day, you will want a light jacket. temple terrace, 56. upper 50s largo, pinellas park. 60 in river view. 61 brooksville. venice, 59. very dry air aloft. the big reason why we saw the blue sky today. clear conditions we are expecting again, just a
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cold front eventually will swing on through here associated with that low. you can see the higher clouds down to the south. the keys look like the only place that were any kind of substantial clouds. no precipitation under high pressure which has dominated the area today. just a stable atmosphere. sinking air. dry air aloft just makes for this kind of day. certainly a cooler air mass in place. this evening more of the same as we head throughout the morning hours. dress in layers, jackets, probably not a bad idea. sunny skies. in the afternoon, a few clouds coming, in the morning hours, a few clouds with this front on saturday morning. by the afternoon, it will all push down to the south. a wit of a wind switch. temperatures won't change too much. 67 degrees for a high both days. a northeasterly breeze may pick up a few more clouds in the afternoon. but temperatures should be similar. upper 60s . temperature wise, not too bad. we could see a few clouds.
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again, not as cold as last night. no warnings in place. could be some patchy frost in some of the northern areas. low 40s potentially. then highs for tomorrow, low 70s . bartow. 62 around weeki wachee. pinellas park, 68. 57 degrees for the evening hours. nice night, but a jacket. 49 degrees for the morning hours. a lot of sunshine. 69 for a high tomorrow. 67 for saturday. same for sunday. when i add a few clouds in the afternoon sunday, near 73 for monday. next rain chance, area of low pressure comes monday into tuesday. we think it is a little heavier tuesday morning early. an then by wednesday, and thursday, you can see the temperatures about 70 degrees. nice forecast. eventual warmup long term. >> sounds good. bad news for the bolts. one of tampa bay's best defense men is out with an injury. >> find out how long jason
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lineup and what the bolts will do to replace him coming up
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>> you know the expression bad news comes in threes. they get blasted by ottawa. then montreal. now the bolts will be without jason garrison with a lower body injury. he left monday's game after just four minutes and 10 seconds of ice time. fellow defense man matt karl is expected to assume some of his minutes and they will call up
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the bolts may consider replacing his production from outside the organization. in the meantime, it is next man up. >> part of the game. guys will get hurt. gary has been a rock for us. but we will just have to adjust. you know. and somebody has to fill in and take his minutes. >> he is a guy that goes under the radar, but for the right minutes. it will be tough. but we can do it. we will have to continue to do it. >> the usf football team will be hopeless next season. cam down, not in the traditional sense. but without hope. danny hope is leaving the program to be closer to family.
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from 2009 to 2012. spent a few years away from the game before joining the south florida staff last season. he led the bulls to a record offensive output in 2015. the head coach will assume primary play calling duty and is expected to name the new offensive line coach before spring ball. it begins with usf's pro day monday. the spring game set for april 16. the sunshine state will be well represented. eight gators and six seminoles received invites today. among the noteworthy names, the top two corners in the draft. vernon hargrave service and jalen ramsey. both could be drafted if they are still available. the keyword being if. tampa bay is not the only team in the nfl with second tear troubles now. >> yeah, that is usually a thing. >> it is either that or the defensive line. >> thanks paul. finally, the tampa bay rays
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presented the keys for a new home to a needy bay area family. through habitat for humanity, they found and built this new home in south saint petersburg. 180 employees including the rays president volunteered 1,000 hours over the past five weeks to build this home. late today as you see, manager kevin cash presented the keys to lakiba wallace and her family. >> wow. >> with that much effort, how long would it take them to build a new stadium? >> just a couple of weeks right? >> habitat for humanity does tremendous work. >> congratulations for the rays. steve? >> upper 50s pretty quickly. it will be cool tonight. so bring a jacket. not as cold tomorrow morning but a lot of sunshine. >> beautiful out right now. it really is. thanks. don't go anywhere. nightly new is next. >> steve and jenn back at 7:00. we will see you back here at
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tonight, dramatic surrender after a 40-day siege, anti-government protesters in custody. it's getting perm. clinton and sanders battle for the black vote as the civil rights icon slams sanders. and a republican brawl takes shape in the south. the polar vortex, tens of millions bracing for the coldest air of the season. al roker is here warning of a dangerous freeze. u.s. olympic officials take action to calm fears over zika after a big star


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