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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  February 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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at 11:00. >> talk about power problems, how far this guy goes with fuses not realizing it's all caught on camera. >> what investigators are saying on the eve of the big bay area visit by donald trump. >> and homeowners of kv homes has to fork over millions, how an 8 on your side led to the settlement. good evening. i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm keith cate. thanks for joining us tonight. we hear a lot about those mobile applications. tonight we have a warning about an app called kik. a 25-year-old man used kik to threaten an 11-year-old polk county girl telling him to send her naked pictures of herself or else. we'll hear now what happened and first of all, this man has been caught. he is locked up. >> reporter: he is locked up. he is behind bars. keith, i'll tell you this is a popular app with young kids and
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anybody can anonymously sign up and target your children. it's one of the most popular apps out there, kik, but it's also said to be one of the most dangerous. anyone can be lurking on it from teens to predators. >> and i said hey, if there's going to be a group chat, you need to know all these people. you don't, exit the chat. >> reporter: iya jasmine said her daughter has the app, but she monitors who is in the group. >> when she signed on, she'd get entered into these group chats and if that group chat there was somebody she didn't know but it was an outside friend, they could be into that group chat. so there were a lot of other additions to it that i wasn't comfortable with. >> this is a disturbing example of how suspects can prey upon your kids right in your own home. >> reporter: like lucas bales who tried to ex court nude pics from an 11-year-old and said he would send strangers to rape and hurt her if she didn't obey him.
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name of your child, fine out where they go to school, where they live and use that information to hurt your child. >> reporter: again detectives believe that they learned through this investigation that he tried to extort nude pics from another young victim. fortunately none of these young girls gave in, but they do believe there are more victims out there. >> when you have young children, you have to be extra, extra children, thank you. well, this next story brings new meaning to the phrase blowing a fuse. a man accused of stealing fuses from the business right next- door after the power goes out, the stunt cost the business next-door 1,000 bucks, left them in the dark and had employees shaking their heads asking why. >> paul mueller joining us now live in largo. all right, paul, why didn't this guy just do the obvious and buy new fuses? >> reporter: yeah. you know what, keith and jen, when the power went out here, you would think this guy would just go ahead and go to the
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some new fuses, but instead no bright ideas. he decided to steal from his neighbor. caught on camera, you might call it a fuse fiasco. cops say that's 29-year-old don pham replacing his fuses with his neighbor's after power problems at sunshine nail and spa in the dark, a little meltdown that's cost pham big time. you remember? >> yes. >> reporter: pham's co-workers remember how the lights went out and then suddenly -- >> he told me that he fixed the power and then it turned on. >> reporter: he told you he fixed the power and then it turned back on. and all at the expense of the real estate office right next- door. >> they were just gone. they don't jump out of the fuse box by themselves. >> reporter: she said she had a pretty good idea who did it. when you confronted them, did they say yes, i did it? >> absolutely not. they denied, denied. >> reporter: all this cost the realtors about 1,000 bucks. as for pham, he didn't return our call, but we showed his
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>> oh, my god. that's him, yeah. >> reporter: and now that the realtors are back in business, they're even more leery of their nail salon neighbors. can you believe this actually happened? >> it doesn't surprise me. people do some pretty shady things nowadays. >> reporter: so a rep for the realtor tells me pham offered them 50 bucks, just a few bucks less than if this guy had actually went to the hardware store and bought some legally. felony charge not included. live in pinellas county tonight in largo i'm paul mueller, news channel 8. tampa police want to speak to a person of interest seen on video last weekend around the time of a deadly shooting at club rayne. if you recognize this fellow, call tampa police. two people were killed and six others wounded saturday during a shooting at the strip club on nebraska avenue. check out these flames. firefighters in new jersey spent hours battling a huge
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industrial park in hillsborough. strong winds made it difficult to put out the flames and there is still no information what caused the fire or if anyone was injured. it's officially over, the last four occupiers of the national wildlife refuge in oregon surrendered today. the armed protesters were demanding the government turn over the land to locals and release two ranchers imprisoned for arson. the fbi convinced them to finally leave. at least 12 occupiers were arrested last week including leader ammon bundy. hillary clinton and bernie sanders taking part in another debate tonight, topics including the size of government, taxation, healthcare and race relations. both say they want to reform the criminal justice system. sanders would decriminalize marijuana and demilitarize and diversify local police departments. earlier today clinton won a key endorsement from the political arm of the congressional black caucus. bernie sanders, of course, the big winner in new hampshire and so was the republican candidate donald trump. you'll get your chance to
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trump will hold a rally on the usf campus tomorrow in tampa. most of donald trump's rallies are packed with supporters and this one at the sun dome is expected to be no different, but not everyone in the bay area is excited to see him. >> no. lots of locals lost big bucks when the highly anticipated trump tower failed. melanie michael joins us now live in tampa and this was touted as living in luxury, mel. >> reporter: it certainly was. good evening, jen and keith. you know what? we are standing right now right here where trump tower was supposed to be tampa's taj mahal. a local investor tells me trump didn't keep his promise. >> it's like the pied piper. we're all going this is great, this is great. if he's got his name on it, it must be a safe investment. >> reporter: marianne stiles feels tricked by trump. >> you would not want to film what i say. you would not want to film what i have to say. >> very colorful. >> reporter: the tampa native
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near her roots. trump tower she tells us looked perfect. >> donald trump flies in with his spouse. he tells us this great story and i'm watching on television and i see it again. we're going to make everything perfect. you're going to love. this. >> reporter: the lifelong attorney believed him and bought a piece of paradise never knowing it would be lost. you know, this was supposed to be a dream location. marianne was so excited about her 10th floor view, but she never made it off the ground and she wasn't the on one thrilled to see the new skyline. as a matter of fact, check out across the street. we on have seen it from our news center. -- would have seen it from our news center. turns out in the end the skyline stays the same, but marianne's finances had big changes. she lost $200,000 telling trump to stay in his new york tower. >> he's an entertainer. he's not what i'm ready to be as my president. i just don't have that
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i think i have more confidence in his young son being president. i'm serious. >> reporter: while marianne may not care for trump, we know a lot of people do. tomorrow's rally is expected to be packed. lots and lots and lots of people will crowd in there and wait to see him and shake his hand. >> melanie michael reporting live for us in tampa tonight, thank you. again donald trump is speaking at the university of south florida sun dome tomorrow. tickets to this rally are sold out. if you're going, the doors open at 5:00 and the event begins at 7 p.m. thanks to an 8 on your side investigation kb home is forced to pay up. we revealed construction by kb so poorly done entire balconies were falling off buildings. 8 on your side pushed for more than three years and now there's finally some relief for homeowners. here's investigator shannon behnken. >> reporter: can you imagine buying a kb home and it looking
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this was happening all over the state, but we the company after the builder, county inspectors and the state until something was done and today finally results. first 8 on your side uncovered moldy balconies falling off condominiums in bradenton. dozens of homeowners turned to us when kb homes ignored their construction complaints or did band-aid repairs that did nothing. >> if this was a car, this would go under the lemon law. >> reporter: then our investigation peeled back the layers of bad construction and took you within the walls of a condominium that didn't even have enough screws to hold the walls together. >> all the 2 by 4's top and bottom are supposed to have a strap in here, a hurricane strap, especially at this elevation. this is the third floor. >> reporter: we discovered building codes weren't followed. at the time the official in charge of the building
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so how is it possible, then, that these things were missed? >> i don't know that anything was missed by inspections. nothing has been verified that anything was missed by an inspector. >> reporter: but after our insistence even county officials realized that there were catastrophic problems and major safety issues. >> we don't know where that's coming from, but same thing that appears to have happened in the back where water has gotten in and deteriorated the decking. >> reporter: and so did attorney general pam bondy who launched her own investigation. now three years later kb home is paying a big price. we did over 40 story over 3 1/2 years. it's really simple. we were not going to give up until the right thing was done for these homeowners and that's what happened today. they finally got the justice that they deserve. shannon behnken, 8 on your side. >> so the a.g. settlement requires kb to
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years old, but kb has to fork over $6.5 million in fines, many of which will go to homeowners. keep in mind our 8 on your side investigation already led kb home to spend about $71 million to fix homes. if your home was built by kb and is in need of repair, inspection. the phone number there on your screen, 813-387, 9600. we are also posting this information at still to come business opportunities with cuba. >> coming up 8 on your side's jeff patterson is in havana tonight to show us the changes and how they impact you. >> plus brazil considered ground zero for the zika virus, coming up how that's having an impact on the travel industry. >> a bit more sunshine today helped lift our high temperature to 66 degrees, very nice day, even warmer tomorrow. nice weekend forecast, a few more clouds, but i think you'll like it.
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8 on your side's jeff patterson is once again in cuba as the u.s. considers lifting the cuba embargo. congresswoman kelly caster is week. 8 on your side is the only station covering this trip and jeff patterson is showing us the plans now for this very >> honking ] >> reporter: here i am back on the streets of havana, cuba. it's been one year since i was last here, one year since sweeping change between this country and the united states.
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on her way here to see what impact those changes are having on the average cuban. the last time i was here i spoke to 1 man who wants to have a business helping tourists. the biggest change to that he's seen? americans have arrived. >> everybody wants to see what's happening right now with americans coming here and so far, so good. everybody is happy with it. >> reporter: when you meet americans, what do they tell you they want to see? what are they interested in doing when they come to havana? >> well, they want to see the architecture. they go like wow with the buildings that we have here -- wild with the buildings that we have here. they want to share with the cubans. >> reporter: they want to ride in the old cars. >> they want to ride in the beautiful cars. >> reporter: there's other change in cuba. construction is underway. they're putting in electric lines. we're seeing more people on telephones in the street, more people on the internet taking advantage of wi-fi.
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that congresswoman kathy caster and the delegation of u.s. congressional representatives will see when they arrive. patterson, news channel 8. >> again jeff patterson will be in cuba for the next week. you can watch his live reports and continuing coverage only right here on news channel 8. concerns about the zika virus spreading coupled with worries about the stock market and terrorism are driving down the price of travel. places where the zika virus is most prevelant like south and central america could be a real travel bargain if you do some homework. a spokesman for aaa travel tells us deals could improve as the zika virus becomes more of a concern. >> we are seeing some people who are either concerned or thinking about altering their itinerary or pushing back their dates, very few cancellations. we have had a couple pregnant women who are just more concerned and they want to err on the side of caution. >> travel deals are possible for destinations like the caribbean and brazil.
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ones or credits for on board purchases made on cruise ships. as i mentioned the weekend coming up and actually looking pretty good. we're going to add a few clouds way cold front saturday, maybe a few clouds later on sunday, but overall temps very near 67 degrees, a weak front pushing through the area there. you see that weekend, tomorrow near 69 degrees. inland areas could reach low 70s, monday 73 degrees, starting a warming trend that could lift us into mid-70s eight days out. temps will definitely jump above the normal line long term. nice shot from tony in lakeland, gorgeous shot, got many nice sunset shot -- shots tonight. highs will lift to the upper 60s after today's high of 66 degrees, could be near 70 as i mentioned in some inland areas.
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view compared to seminole, largo, clearwater beach, 49 new port richey, 47 brooksville, 51 sebring, 46 in north port. this shower activity will kick back in in the forecast later monday. this is the big picture stuff. we'll see when it will actually warm up when we have look at the upper level pattern for that, cool air still dipping in as we get into monday. as we head behind late next week, a ridge of high pressure building in from the west. that will start the warming trend i was talking about seven, eight days out. that's the answer when it will get warmer in the bay area. cold front north of us, area of low pressure near the boundary will continue to travel east, eventually drag that weak front across the area saturday, just add a few clouds into the forecast, but now you can see mostly clear skies continue across the peninsula. we did have quite a few clouds across the southern sections of south florida today, places like the keys, but that started to clear up, too in the evening hours. high pressure has been our main feature and will continue in
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kind of a cool start to the day. dress in layers,en as cold as this morning -- layers, not as cold as this morning. patchy frost probably isn't impossible in some areas. saturday a few clouds, not expecting precipitation, just reinforce the cooler air in place, hold the high of 67 degrees through sunday. the front is long gone to the south by the afternoon saturday, stays breezy sunday and there are a few clouds i was mentioning that could creep in for later on sunday. forecast lows for tonight are chilly certainly, below normal for this time of year, 50 clearwater, plant city 43, brooksville 44 lakeland, for 4 crystal river and 46 in sarasota. highs tomorrow low 70s arcade, why sebring, winter haven, upper 60s like -- arcadia, sebring, winter haven, upper 60s elsewhere.
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still chilly, but it is february. 69 degrees in the afternoon, lots of sunshine, maybe a few high clouds around especially northern areas later in the day. 67 for saturday, 67, partly cloudy skies both days on sunday and saturday, but with the front early in the day you may see a few extra clouds. weatherwise looks fantastic, guys. we've had a really long stretch of cooler weather for us, looks like we'll stay near or below normal for most of this period, but long term we'll jump back here as we get up to day eight or so probably back in the mid- 70s. >> it's been lovely i thought. >> i agree. coming up the lightning lose one of their best defensemen to injury. >> the lightning will be without jason garrison up to five weeks. how will the bolts replace him? paul ryan has the answer next in sports. >> we'll have that and more coming up. you're watching news channel 8, the station that's always on
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here's what's trending on gwen stefani and boyfriend shelton are teaming up on season 10 of the voice. she won't be leading her own
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listed as an advisor. the voice kicks off february 29th right here on news channel
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a blowout loss in ottawa, another defeat in montreal and now an injury to a top four defensemen, sounds like the tampa bay lightning have a case of the mondays that's lasting all week, but perhaps it's not all doom and gloom for jon cooper and company. maybe jason garrison's injury can be a blessing in disguise. >> he's been a rock for us back there, but we'll just have to adjust. somebody will have to fill in and take his minutes. >> reporter: jon cooper's size says it all. the lightning won't be the same without jason garrison who is expected to miss three to five weeks with a lower body injury sustained monday in canada's capital.
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and a guy that goes under the radar but for the right reasons. we've found ways to get through injuries this year and we'll have to deny continue to do that. >> reporter: 2012 pick slater cuvu has been called up to replace him, but perhaps the solution to tampa bay's problem lies outside the organization. according to multiple reports, the ottawa senators are interested in jonathan duran. could they now have depth to spare? maybe in the form of young talent cody cici? recall steve eiderman's position. >> if it's good for the tampa bay lightning. >> reporter: the deadline is february 29th. perhaps garrison's injury will
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late last month fsu has -- since late last month fsu has rattled off four straight victories. the seminoles battling syracuse, another bubble team tonight on espn. hey, that's not right, is it? nickel back really? fsu hanging tough in the 1st half. closing seconds devin booker does not believe in time look hootie and the blowfish. buzzer beater makes it a one possession game. the second stanza not as kind to the seminoles. syracuse scored the first eight points and rolled from then. the orange win 85-70. the lady noles had a bit better luck in duke, 69-53 behind a game high 14 points for shakayla thomas and the nor women kept it close against south carolina but eventually fell 86-71. tough one there. nobody is going to beat uconn or north carolina in the women's game. they're as good as it gets.
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i was going to make some basketball analogy or something? no. they're really good. we'll be back with your winning
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5, 7, play 4, 7, 8, 2, 7, fantasy 5, 17, 24, 33, 27 and 3. >> and in the morning steve jerve. not as cold as this morning because it was pretty chilly, down to 30 in brooksville, no freeze warnings or anything, but still below normal numbers, 49 degrees, lots of sun that will lift our temperatures to the upper 60s, probably some low 70s in the inland areas. going to be a gorgeous day, guys. don't forget, our next newscast starts at 4 a.m., you early birds. we'll have your weather and traffic on the 8's because this guy does not work 24/7. >> although i'd like to. >> i know you would. >> legally because there are labor laws to prevent that from happening. >> do you have something to offer? >> i've got a little night cap. four manatees rescued by seaworld orlando were set free today near the port st. john power plant in brevard county. it will provide them with a warm water site during the current cold snap. each manatee has been fitted
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the fwc to monitor them to make sure they're doing okay. >> there's been a lot of manatees in the shows lately. warm spots. >> that's your news for now. thanks for watching. next. you did say it was snuggle weather.


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