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tv   News Ch8 Sunday Morning at 9AM  NBC  February 14, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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next. you are watching new channel 8. good morning. tampa bay. a gorgeous valentine's day. you are looking at downtown tampa. this sunday morning. >> thank you for joining us. let's check on our forecast with brian bennett. is it a hot day for lovers? >> candice, how do i respond to that? >> it is going to be a lovely day today. hot for lovers, i presume. temperature. 55 degrees right now. looking good. 52 degrees right now in tampa. head to polk county in the 50s and pinellas lower 50s and citrus a tad cooler in the 40s. looks good. lots of sunshine. this morning and you'll need that jacket.
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lovely afternoon for lovers. this afternoon. honey moon island around 70, kissimmee around 68. up in romeo 68 and in lover's key 71 degrees. looks like a nice looking candice. you are track the weather using our storm team max weather app. download it and brian may have some more lines for you there. in our top stories. the country is mourning the loss of a member of the supreme court. antonin scalia died at a ranch in southern texas. knowns influential conservative and the most provocative member of the supreme court. he died at 79. the gop debate in south carolina began with a moment of silence for antonin scalia and then the insults flew. donald trump at the center of it. this is the 9th republican
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later this month in houston. and again new channel 8 wants to wish you a happy valentine's day. sweethearts are expected to spend over 19 billion this year. the cities for best and worse on this valentine's day. orlando is the number 4 spot and hialeah florida took last place. well, new this morning. police are investigating a fatal accident in polk county. investigators are trying to determine what caused a driver to lose control in mulberry, the vehicle overturned and one person died and not known if there was any others in that vehicle. u.s. 19 is back open after a large brushfire in northern hernando county. firefighters worked hours to contain the fire. the fire jumped several roads and a couple of homeowners voluntarily evacuated but no
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there is a house down here the end of the and i contacted them and someone else alerted them out of the house. no reports of injuries. this morning police in saint petersburg need your help identifying the man in these surveillance photos. they believe the men might be beyond burglaries at the end of last month. they could be driving a 2009 silver four door toyota camera, u about 333ty florida tag. if you have information call st. pete police. three college students in daytona beach behind bars. lamont, jr. turned himself in. one bethune-cookman university was killed in that shooting and two others injured including one in critical condition.
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them after a fight at a party. there is attempted murder charges. two new cases of the zika virus was reported. the total is at 20 and three are here in the bay area. this weekend tampa city leaders took steps to eliminate mosquitoes by disposing of old tires. they collect standing water. here is what you need to do if you wanted to help. tampa residents can drop off old tires from now until next saturday and residents can take energy facility. valentine's day and thousands are working around the clock to make sure that flower arrangements get to loved ones on time today. love. today marks valentine's day and couples across the bay area are
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mary mcguire joins us live friend dat's bakery. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, candice and happy valentine's day. i must have pulled the short straw. not surrounded by anything did delicious. i'm just kidding, if you want something seat, you need to come to dat's dough. what am i looking at here. >> these are are valentine's day special at the. velvet cake and some of are donuts are in heart shapes and berries and creams and candy and gifts and these are the williams b chocolates here. he was name top ten chocolate
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>> so many goodies, how can you choose? you were mentions this is a good spot for a day date. have you a liquor license so people can come in and have aling cocktail starting at 11. >> absolutely. we have boozey milk shakes that are fun for a day date, shots in coffee, a lot of the ice creams are like fire ball whiskey glitter vodka. even if you don't have a valentine come out here, they are opened until 3. mary, bring some of those back for us. live in tampa. thank you. a lot of restaurants and businesses are offering specials. we have these specials on and we have offerings on things to do with your valentine and pet deals about your valentine where you will find it in the don't miss it section.
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atlantic ocean is back on the seas. also ahead a group from tampa is making a difference in a town going through a health crisis. how the fraternity waters brought water to flint, michigan.
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us. well some university of tampa
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difference during a toxic water crisis. they delivered nearly 30,000 bottles in flint, michigan and went door to door to give people much needed water in one neighborhood. and some went to a church. one member is from flint and wanted to help. days after rough seas forced the anthem of the seas cruise ship to end its trip early the liner has set sail. they received fixups and cleared by the royal caribbean and the coast guard. it left the new jersey port this weekend. three people are dead and dozens are injured after a 50 vehicle pileup in central pennsylvania. more than 50 vehicles were involved, leaving cars and tractor-trailers mangled three lanes of traffic. >> one was folded right in half. they huddled us -- another tractor-trailer driver did not
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and he says you can get in the back and keep warm. >> well investigators believe that the winter weather and snow covered roads played a role in causing the pileup. take a look at these images coming to us from new zealand. a magnitude earthquake hit and security cameras. no immediate reports of serious injuries or damage. several buildings in the city were evacuated as a precaution. five years ago this month a major quake in new zealand killed 200 people. well, a love story you have to hear on this valentine's day. coming up, we will introduce you to a couple they met years after dating.
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new channel
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you don't want to miss this. on this valentine's day we have a love story we have to share. ever met someone and feel like you have known them for a lifetime. adrian introduces us to a couple giving it a new meaning. >> reporter: amy and justin connected a lot of ways that couples do. >> he reached out. and then that was really history. that was it. >> reporter: they found each
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>> it was so intensity was just like i was talking to someone i knew my own life. >> reporter: this modern day romance is different. he goes i like your name because my first crush was back in preschool and he pointed out something and he said did i ever tell you how i got this scar that he proceeded to tell me about falling off the monkey bars at preschool and he said the famous words. skittles sunshine preschool. >> the same amy justin had his first crush on. his parents dug out an old picture and sure enough sitting next to each other. their story is inspiring so
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engaged on national tv. the positive feedback from all over the world. like japan, egypt, australia. >> i woke up and started a fairytale that i had no idea was going to unfold. it is something out of a book and i never seen this story. she hopes the story inspires others to try online dating and she calls people hopeful romantics instead of hopeless romantics. they plan to marry in downtown st. petersburg. a wild night in ibor city as thousands crowded to watch the night parade. floats and bands and beads and lots of cops. we are happy to report no major problems. the tampa police department did
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and here's a live view from clear water beach. morning. a little on the cool side but can't complain compared to how cold the temperatures are up valentine's day forecast. a lot of folks have love in their eyes on this day where cupid is aiming with that little arrow. sunshine wise a few afternoon clouds and any rain? nope. we are looking at a dry day. a cool morning but we are going to have a high temperature around 70 so a comfortable looking afternoon in store. right now we are in the lower 50s and it gets a tad cooler as we head north, as i mention, no complaints here because of this. right now it is three degrees in new york city, detroit is 6 degrees and factor the wind and chill. that's what it feels like right now in boston.
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a lot of cold chocolate on valentine's day in that area. and the cold air heading down no. nice weather. classic florida, 70s all week long and looking great for the next 8 days. satellite radar picture quiet, clear skies across the bay area, courtesy of the high we do have a little front that's getting its act together in the middle part of the country. that's going to bring us rain monday night. before it does though it will be bringing sleet and freezing rain right here to the northern carolinas and parts of virginia on monday morning. keep that in mind if your traveling to that region. and then the rain along this cold front is going to move in monday night and through early tuesday morning. and then clearing out and making way for a pretty nice second half for the second half of the week. here is a closer view, this morning, sunshine and cooler temperatures and this afternoon partly cloudy skies and
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high temperature of 70s and then tomorrow, a few more clouds, maybe a little rogue shower or two. then monday night while you're sleeping a few showers and maybe a storm possible that clears out on tuesday and makes way for a good looking wednesday, thursday and friday. this morning, sunny sunday, chilly temperatures for this day of love. we're looking at nice weather, two p.m. we hit the high temperature of 70s and a lot of sunshine. a few more clouds later this evening. headed out to dinner 65 degrees. at 6:00 p.m. and 60s at ten p.m. a good-looking day. president's day. a lot of folks have off. some people, i don't. but it will be a nice day. 75 degrees. a few more clouds, rain clears out tuesday afternoon. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday. sunshine galore. it will be great. >> we will take it. i was looking at a reporter in
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chocolate that turned into a block of ice. >> oh, my goodness. i move here from new york and went through many nor easters and perfectly fine here. a slam-dunk contest. what players put on a show during the all-star weekend. plus here is what you will see tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. watching every move. i'm gayle guyardo and i will tell you why dashcams are becoming more and more popular. >> it.
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and good morning. nascar is doing things a little bit differently this year involving cautions at the end of the a race and green, white checker finish. there is this imaginary overtimeline that the leader must cross on the first try of a restart, that's the layman's term explanation. 25 drivers began the sprint unlimited and in daytona big ones like this one on lap 23. that's a hard hit by the 14 car driven by brian vicars filling in for the injured totally stewart. kevin harvick knocked out on that crash and this crash ends with the new overtime rule get past the line and a crash ends
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caution is denny hamlin. today is front row qualifying day at daytona. last night the nba slam-dunk contest defending champ zack levine of the timberwolves. hard to beat that. aaron gordon of the orlando magic did over and over stuff the magic dragon over the dragon and we just keep going. stuff is spinning on the hoverboard. gordon with a spin. gordon and levine going through two rounds after dunkoff after the final round. here is gordon behind his legs off of his head. and levine will win it. old school from the foul line under the leg. beautiful dunk. perfect score. levine. your winner again in the slam- dunk contest nba all-star game. college basketball, florida hosting alabama. gators with a 7 point lead at
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and allen with a steal and slam and gators on top by 3 and alabama strong second half surge asking in the second half of the season. jimmy tayler. a big slam down. tayler with another jam, led alabama and had 11 points. gators lose a close one 61-59. >> and the rowdies against dc united for major league soccer. check this out. lucia acosta grabs a player and ball out of foul, no whistle and acosta gets an easy goal. look at this replay. i'm not sure what the refs are watching. dc wins it 1-0. they play the union next saturday. a big one for the lightning
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atlantic division. that is a good news at sports. a paraplegic and his best friend. volusia county police reunited the two. kevin love lives in assisted facility with his dog poope and he left the pup with a friend and he escaped. word got out on facebook and alerted city employees to be on the lookout. he was found and reunited with young. mourning the loss of an influential supreme court justice. how the gop candidates are
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you're watching news channel 8 today. good morning. i'm candice mcgowan. thanks for joining us. covering the politics story. a live look from our nation's capital. the flags lowered to half-staff in honor of justice antonin scalia. dying of natural causes on a hunting trip in texas. flags are outside the court building.
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president ronald reagan. the first justice of italian heritage. now the debate is what is heating up in washington d.c. mark meredith has more. >> reporter: the news of justice antonin scalia death sending waves over the country. been there for 30 years and what is next for the nation's highest court as well as president obama as he intends to fill the vacant seat. a loss for the court in the country, the death of 79-year- old supreme court antonin scalia will have an impact on american live for generations to come. >> the influence to generations of judges, lawyers and students and profoundly shaped the legal landscape. >> i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> nominated and confirmed in
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court conservative 5-4 majority. within hours of his death candidates returned to defend his legacy. >> a brilliant man and faithful and he changed the arc of american legal history. >> the future of the court will be debated on the campaign trail it is president obama will define his legacy with a nominee for the court. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities time. and there will be plenty of time for me to do so and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing. >> but it won't be easy. already senate republicans that hold jurisdictions over confirming a nominee are asking the white house to wait until after election. mitch mcconnell saying the american people should have a voice in the next selection of the supreme court justice and this vacancy should not be fulfilled until we have a new president. the supreme court will continue its business.
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but not clear if the cases on the docket will be delayed. we will have to wait to find out. justice scalia leaves behind a wife and 9 children. reporting in washington, i'm mark meredith. thank you, mark. and we are hearing that governor rick scott has ordered flags half-staff in florida in remembrance of justice scalia in. >> republican candidate squared off saturday night and how the death of supreme court antonin scalia is affecting it. 6 remaining candidates in south carolina on the stage after learning of the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. happying praise on the long time justice. >> he will go down as one of the great justices. >> reporter: they are urging the senate to block president obama's next appointment.
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strong and say we are not going to give up the u.s. supreme court by allowing president obama to make one more liberal appointee. >> donald trump and ted cruz squaring off. trump and bush got in a heated debate. >> jeb is so wrong. he is absolutely wrong. just so you understand. you know who that is, that is jeb's special interests and lobbyists. >> vladimir putin is not going to be an alli of the united states. >> while donald trump was building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. >> the world trade center came down in your brother's reign. >> analysts saying marco rubio needed a bounce back performance after new hampshire debate but the florida senator disappeared from the discussion
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clashing with ted cruz. >> ted cruz supporting legalizing people in this country. and only now does he talk about it. >> the first of the south primary a week away, a chance for the front runners to solidify their positions and for those behind giving them a chance. as the republicans talk about who should choose the next president. the democrats backing president obama to make the selection. >> it appears that some of my republican colleagues in the senate have a very interesting view of the constitutional of the united states. and apparently they believe that the constitution does not allow a democratic president to bring more a nominee to replace justice scalia.
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hillary clinton called is outrageous that republicans want to block the appointment. >> now i'm sure we'll all have a lot more to say about this in the coming days. so let me just make one point. barack obama is president of the united states until january 20th, 2017. that is a fact my friends. whether the republicans like it or not. >> well, justice scalia was appoint by president ronald reagan in 1986 and has been a senior member for several years. supporters for bernie sanders will encourage a music festival to encourage to vote. supporters are encouraging voters to change party affiliations. florida's primary on march 15th, the deadline to register to vote or change your party
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we put everything you need to know about the primary on our web page, and keep it right here on news channel 8 from the latest from the campaign trail in just 30 minutes on meet the press. the candidates will discuss their strategies ahead of the south carolina primary. two gentlemen to break down the weeks. gordon olden and chris caneo. thank you so much for joining me. >> good morning, candice. the debate, senator rubio. we saw how much the debate could impact the election. he needed a strong performance, what do you think? >> i think it was done well, he didn't sound as robotic as last time. it is unfortunate in last
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well and then some of them dropped out of the election. >> what did you think? >> i think it is important that in this debate that any candidate has to set their self out apart and him coming out and swinging against rivals as jeb bush, he staked his claim. talking about governor bush that took on donald trump, do you think it is helping or hurting florida's former governor? >> i think it is actually -- it's hurting the governor because basically this negative dialogue amongst the candidates is exactly what the american people don't want to see. it goes back to the original narrative that they don't want dysfunction, they don't want argument, they want people to come together and get things done and name calling, going after family members, i don't think that is a positive thing that actually is going to work.
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family, especially in the south has a lot of support still. even george w. bush, so going after george w. and some of the other members of the bush family i don't think worked to donald trump's advantage. >> they have called this one ofs more contentious debates, chris, do you think seeing the republican candidates like this going back and forth and swinging hard at each other, do voters? >> well, the american people have been turned off with the discourse in our country for a long time, you know we were talking about how it's so simple for us to get together and have a conversation and that our political processes where the days that ted kennedy and his opponents get together over a bill you won't see this in this modern day we don't see it, the candidates are getting ugly and the most important thing is actual policy and americans want to see real change in their country. for candidates to go back and
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good reflection of what people are wanting. interesting. now the death of justice scalia that could be the political headline to eclipse the election this year. tell me, do you think that senate will actually block a nomination made by president obama, start with you, gordon. >> i think that justice scalia was the intellectual anchor fort conservative moment on the security. i think it's unfortunate that less than 24 hours after his death we are talking about a replacement rather than honoring a man that gave his life to the judiciary. i think there will be a fight. i think that this appointment will be a major feature of the presidential election on both sides and i think it could possibly polarize the electal and bring people out. >> there is 18 supreme court justices in the nation's history appointed in election years. this is important for swaying
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5-4 decisions like citizens united and you look at the health-care reform challenges. so it's very important that we do have a functioning justice. cases that need to be heard and it would be a shame for us to wait until next year. president obama said he will full his constitutional duties. i agree, we need to take the time to not politicize this and honor the man. our nation still has to function and doesn't stop with one person. that's why we have these things in place. i think it would do the american people a great disservice if the united states senate, if one party or another decided to block a nomination before the end of the year. we thank you for joining us on this valentine's day and gordon thanks for joining us, we barely got gordon on if he is expecting a baby. his wife is expecting a baby.
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wish my beautiful wife a happy i love you, babe. the house. >> congressman kathy castter where we are traveling with her and what is happening in travel there.
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will be right back.
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special coverage from cuba as the u.s. considers lifting the cuban embargo. kathy caster in cuba. jeff talked with congresswoman caster about what she and the other representatives hope to accomplish while they are there. >> reporter: in one year since i was in havana i am seeing construction under way. electric lines being laid here. a hotel under construction behind me. there are tourists everywhere in old havana and this is what the u.s. congressional delegation has come here to see and to find out how it is all impacting the average cuban. >> you are right, jeff, there is a lot of things happening. thousands of american tourists are here in addition to europeans and others and that is changing the face of old havana. i wonder what is happening further outside the city. >> congresswoman kathy caster
9:41 am
representatives to see what life is life in cuba. they will be seeing what the growing americans are seeing as they travel to cuba for the first time in decades. >> i would like to talk to the entrepreneurs about their hopes. >> reporter: caster will be talking to small business owners like gonzalez who we met in his private restaurant. tell me about your business. >> it is a new business. only three months i open this business. >> reporter: he has ten employees working here. something he wouldn't have dreamed of until recently. >> i always work for the government, you know. and now i have more work. it is more difficult, you know. >> reporter: more work and more opportunity. while they are here, kathy caster and the u.s. congressional delegation will talk about the beautiful cars to find out how they keep them
9:42 am
american tourists. 8 on your side is the television station bringing you reports from cuba on this trip. jeff patterson will continue to bring us stories from havana all week. president obama's final white house budget is out. the commander in chief is proposing a $4.1 trillion spending plan in the white house budget for 2017. his top priorities include fighting isis and tackling climbs change and helping the poor. donald trump's support is coming up.
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runner's rally in tampa.
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new channel 8 gene rameriz on your side. bought to you by the law office of catsania and cattania.
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debate in south carolina. the sun dome hit capacity in the arena with less than 11,000 people inside and donald trump pointed out there were others that wanted in. >> reporter: the second coming of the beattles. fans without shirts and donald trump in all of his glory. >> is that a protestor. get him the hell out of here. by the way, folks, how -- quiet, how stupid. you know he is my friend but a pain. quiet, quiet. >> no, jeb bush is not the only person donald trump talks to. >> jeb bush is a total stiff by the way, a total stiff. >> but in this undeniable huge crowd that filled the sun dome where some could be called unlikely supporters like immigrant jose fernandez. >> i did legally with my wife and daughter 18 years ago. we did the right thing and
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the way you are supposed to. >> >> reporter: those important undecided voters hoping to be won over. >> i'm hoping to come here tonight and see his ideas. i am taking him seriously. he is always joking around. >> i would like to know what he has to say about that in a serious manner. >> but trump proving when it comes to support he has it right here in tampa bay. are you ready? who is going to pay for the wall? who? well, not everybody wanted to see donald trump. protestors gathered outside the sun dome shouting dump trump. a major development in the u.s. senate race. harry read is calling on congressman allen graceman to drop out. senator reid says he has no moral compass in regards to an
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using his office for a hedge fund and he responded saying that it never interfering with his duties. president obama and the first lady are feeling the love. the commander in chief talking about his feelings. i obama care for you more than you know.
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even the president of the united states is getting mushy this valentine's day. exchanging love poems on national tv. somebody call the situation room because things are about to get hot. >> roses are red, violets are blue, you are the president and i am your boo. >> i have made a lot of great decisions as president, the best decision i ever made was choosing you. all right. president obama. even on the ellen degeneres show to express how much he loves the first lady. i am pretty sure he is describing love. you have a final look at our love forecast. >> the love doctor is now here. just kidding. even the graphic says it. it is going to be a nice valentine's day. 70s by two p.m.
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65 degrees at 6:00 p.m. ten p.m., 60 degrees. nice day today. tomorrow good looking day. and then tuesday, the rain will end. lots of sunshine. the rest of the week. so really nice looking seven- day forecast, got to say mary mcguire brought in some spread. right now. >> hoping he doesn't crash. he has a long day ahead of him. >> i'm here until midnight. >> maybe you will need that. >> chowing down on this. it is good stuff. thank you for joining us this morning. the next newscast at noon. see you then.
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new channel 8 jen leigh
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this sunday morning, the sudden death of justice antonin scalia and the rarest of events, a vacancy on the supreme court in the middle of a presidential election. how the fight over his replacement could paralyze the senate and all of washington. we'll hear from four republican presidential candidates, donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich. plus, that wild republican debate last night. >> you are a principle -- >> you are the single biggest liar. >> when you point to his own
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